On January 28, 2012 John Robles sent McFaul this e-mail message:

     The "feud" between US "Color Revolution Specialist" Michael McFaul (CIA official cover) and myself began with the e-mail below, and one has to understand the context. This was after his arrival and his meeting and payouts to Russian "opposition" figures who were engaged in an attempt to railroad the Russian Presidential Elections. There were hundreds of media reports and witness statements of McFaul arriving and, before even unpacking his suitcases, meeting with opposition figures and giving instructions and payouts. This was direct and open interference into the internal affairs of the Russian Federation and thankfully he was stopped. I am a journalist with the Voice of Russia and the first American to have been granted political asylum in Russia after the United States revoked my passport, told me to close this site and I was told by Nancy Pelosi "You do not deserve US citizenship because you chose to become a part of Russian society." 

      Dear McFaul, Maybe you, unlike your right wing predecessor, will compensate me and my family for what the government has put us through, then perhaps you will have the moral right to talk about human rights and arrogantly prance around meeting the opposition proclaiming you are here to make Russians understand Americans. Then again of course that will never happen so all I can say is like my days are numbered so are yours here in Moscow. John Anthony Robles II 528-08-7283 PS No response expected. 01-28-2012

     Afterwards McFaul filed a complaint saying I threatened him and attempted to have me either deported to America or thrown in a Russian prison. When that did not work he filed a formal diplomatic complaint, throwing the entire force of the US Government against me saying I had "physically threatened him". This accusation of a physical threat and other threats were not backed up by any evidence and although it is no doubt a serious crime in America to "physically threaten a US Ambassador" there was no proof as there was in fact no threat. The "physical threat" charge is stunning as one would have to have physical contact to engage in such which of course I have never had.   


"I am angry at Russian media" – Michael McFaul      By John Bowers for jar2

The US Ambassador to the Russian Federation Michael McFaul, whose days in Moscow are rumored to be numbered after a meeting in the Kremlin, has been making some very loud statements in the Russian media in the last 24 hours, namely that he is “angry” at Russian media for reporting on his support of the Russian “opposition” and repeating that the US will act without the UN Security Council.  

Regarding a scandal that broke out within hours of his arrival in the Russian Federation when he met and reportedly paid leaders, organizers and members of the Russian opposition, he has stated that he is “angry with Russian mass media reports on U.S. sponsoring opposition in Russia. Which is a very bold and revealing statement in itself but carries further cause for concern due to the fact that this has never been denied nor even taken up.

This one statement is very troubling for many reasons. For one it is unheard of for a foreign diplomat to criticize the press in the country where he or she is stationed. Especially when that media is carrying out the true function of the fourth estate and reporting on nefarious activities and the illegality of the actions of officials, and in this case actions that until that point were unheard of anywhere in the world being carried out so openly and brazenly.

The reports by the media at that time had McFaul paying off, giving orders to and synchronizing with the Russian “Opposition”, in fact making them US funded and backed opposition. This was almost completely transparent attempt at staging and organizing the overthrowing of the government of President Putin which included an offer of $40 million to organize a military revolt in the country according to reports in Russian media.

These facts must not be forgotten and the bravery of the journalists and Russian media outlets who had the courage to report on these events must be applauded and remembered. Their efforts helped to stop such events from happening which would have sunk the country in chaos.  So of course the US was not happy, in the same way those pushing for were not happy about that the US was stopped from invading Syria.

Yes McFaul is angry, he was sent to Moscow to organize a color revolution, that is his true specialty and that was his mission, and the Russian media got in his way. Yes he is still angry and was angry then, and many journalists have no doubt felt the backlash, such as I did when McFaul attempted to say I physically threatened him and have me thrown into a Russian prison because I was very vocal about these attempts to subvert Russia. Due to the backlash that his own actions caused the owner of this wrote that “his days were numbered in Moscow if he continued to behave in such a manner” and as the US loves to do they took the words out of context and used the ones that suited their purpose and filed a formal diplomatic complaint saying the owner of this site John Robles “physically threatened” McFaul by saying “His days are numbered.”

This personal attack on Mr. Robles was an unheard of event and the accusations that Mr. Robles threatened McFaul were false and stated without a shred of evidence. The US Government long ago labeled Mr. Robles an enemy of the state for his outspoken criticism and publication of material showing US Government illegality, much of which is still on this site, and went so far as to revoke his citizenship and leave him stateless in Russia in an effort to shut down this site and to stop Mr. Robles from speaking out.

The egregious treatment of Mr. Robles by the US Government and such officials as McFaul who made an overt attempt to have Mr. Robles sent back to the United States or imprisoned by saying there was some false physical threat warrant an outcry but the media and human rights groups have been silent. Nancy Pelosi told Mr. Robles, an American Indian, that he “… did not deserve US citizenship because he had chosen to become a part of Russian society”, something unheard of.  

The fact that a US Ambassador would criticize the freedom of the press of a host country, as far as I know is unheard of, and goes to show how far the US has gone down the road of believing that they can manipulate and control the institutions of civil society, the governments and the media of every country around the world.

Of course McFaul is “angry” his plans were stopped thanks to the media and the Russian people need to be grateful to their media for remaining independent and not under the influence of America. This is a fact that many Americans know who come to the Voice of Russia and other Russian media outlets to seek the truth.

As a Russian journalist, and one who has been attacked personally by McFaul, I feel his comments to be personally offensive and an attack on myself and all of my colleagues who strive to publish the truth and be free from censorship and from outside influence. I also find it particularly offensive that McFaul, while openly admitting that he is here only to serve the interests of the US, something he said at a public gathering last night, would then at the same time criticize and attempt to control and influence the media by saying he is “angry”. Surely a veiled warning or threat to the media that they had better not speak out or dare to publish anything negative about him.

McFaul also brought to the forefront once again the concept of “American Exceptionalism” and the way that the US has been ignoring international law by saying: “It is a long standing American position when the vital international interests are at stake we would be prepared to act without Security Council blessing and the President said that exactly right.”

For a diplomat to admit that their country is prepared to act without the approval of the United Nations Security Council would be a cause for international scandal if it was said by any other country in the world other than the United States, but then again the United States continues to see itself above the law and continues to see itself as the sole dictator of what is right and what is wrong and even what the press in foreign countries can and can not print. 

McFaul also said Obama did not want to bomb Syria during his light banter session, which is also an affront to me personally and to all of my colleagues in the media (in Russia and around the world) and every expert and government official in Russia (including President Putin) and internationally who tried to and finally convinced Obama, the international community and even the American people not to invade Syria. Even for those with very short memories it is still very clear the weeks the world was living in suspense whether the US would unilaterally invade yet another sovereign nation. Obama stated he was prepared to go to war again unilaterally without the UN Security Council but it was the lack of support for his calls for war, not his own lack of desire that stopped him from invading Syria.

Those are the facts and that is the historical record and no one should be allowed to engage in historical revisionism without be called out on it.


December 16, 2012

         I have my own column on the Voice of Russia,  which you can find here: http://english.ruvr.ru/by_author/62493347/ and which the spooks at the embassy follow, I don't care but every now and again McFaul pops up on the Voice of Russia to make statements counter to things I write. Like today http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_12_17/Magnitsky-law-not-anti-Russian-Ambassador-McFaul/ he comes up claiming the Magnitsky act is not Anti-Russian, the whole world is clear on the fact that it is but McFaul, living in his detached reality thinks he can pop and change reality for the rest of the world. Not going to happen.

The S.O.B. tried to have me thrown in prison here. I am not going to forget that.


         My conflict with McFaul started right after he arrived, if you can called a one sided-harassment a conflict. He arrived in Moscow met with "opposition" and made pay-outs according to media reports, this was all before he unpacked his bags. I wrote that his days in Moscow would be numbered if he continued behaving in such a provocative manner. The next day the police came to my flat and said the US Embassy had filed a diplomatic complaint that I had threatened the son of a bitch. They said the US Embassy has not provided evidence but they claimed I made a physical threat against McFaul. Since I have never seen the worm in person that would be impossible. Now the US can throw me in prison for life for threatening a US Official. Bullshit America and bullshit fascists.

         Later I was called in again after the embassy filed another formal complaint (an official diplomatic complaint) saying I continued to harass the asshole because I posted on his Facebook page that he was a coward. Well he is. He thinks because he has diplomatic immunity he can do whatever he wants including making false statements to Russian officials and persecuting someone who already has political asylum. I am not going to be scared here and be censored by the corrupt spy boy.

         The US Embassy told me to close this site and left me and my family stateless in an attempt to get me to shut up. I will not be shut up.



I denounce the United States of America and the US Government and renounce any ties I may have with such, including citizenship or any future claims to such. It is an illegitimate "power" that is occupying my homeland and which is responsible for the genocide of my people. This declaration is directed at the current US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, who has repeatedly attempted to have me arrested by making false claims that I was "threatening him", for writing articles like the one below; I denounce him and his mission to subvert the government of the Russian Federation. This is an official public renunciation of citizenship in the United States of America, to go along with previous renunciations before US officials. (This renunciation comes after the US already stripped me of any rights I had a  citizen in said country on May 7th 2007 when they stripped me of my citizenship and left me and my family stateless.) John Anthony Robles II


The US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul attempted to have me thrown in prison for my views

Michael McFaul: Seditionist?   Originally on the VOR but they pulled it 

The latest escapade of US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, the “Ambassador Provocateur”, as some are calling him, seem to be that of an individual desperately trying to stay relevant and still seemingly unable to believe that there are in fact many countries, people and forces all over the world that do not love the United States of America and that can form opinions, choose governments and alliances without first getting the go-ahead from Washington.

On Friday, May 25th, in his arrogant, in-your-face, provocative style of “diplomacy” something that any true diplomat would say his arsenal is in reality lacking, McFaul addressed students at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and said, " I will not be diplomatic. Your country bribed Kyrgyzstan so they would throw the Americans out of Manas."

During his speech he also made a statement that, had it been made by any other diplomatic official from any other country, would have him or her packing their bags and heading home on the next flight out. McFaul admitted, openly and in a public forum that the U.S. Government had attempted to bribe the leadership of Kyrgyzstan but did not offer the specific names of the officials who the U.S. attempted to bribe. Apparently it is okay for a U.S. official to admit that the U.S. Government corrupts officials of other countries and uses bribery as one of its instruments overseas. Even if this was a well known fact, perhaps someone should tell McFaul it is not acceptable nor is it legal. Even for the U.S.

During the speech he also did not offer any proof or evidence to back up his claim against the Russian Federation or the Russian Government but his statements have once again made headlines and he has the media attention he so desperately seems to be craving. As with his meetings with the opposition and many of his previous statements, it seems the “ambassador” is desperately trying to tarnish the image of the credibility of the government of the Russian Federation; one of the precepts and key actions needed to bring about a “color” revolution. Color Revolutions are something the “ambassador” is an expert in and one reason he was chosen to be posted in Russia, this is also a very important fact no one should forget.       

According to the U.S. ambassador, the negotiations were going on with the former president of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev and he was the official that the U.S. had attempted to bribe. Due to the fact that he refused American advances a color revolution was arranged and Bakiev was ousted in April 2010. Sadly for McFaul, as he seems to be so concerned with the issue, the problem of Kyrgyzstan hosting a U.S. military base was still not solved and the military base at Manas Airport was changed into a Transit Center.

In February of this year, unfortunately for the U.S., President Atambaeva of Kyrgyzstan was also not able to be swayed and has officially stated that from June 2014 no U.S. soldiers would be stationed at Manas Airport.

Capitalizing on the international sympathy and openness that existed after the events of September 11, 2001 in New York, the U.S. Air Force Transfer Center at Bishkek’s Manas International Airport was established in December 2001as part of Operation "Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan. According to official figures more than 1,500 American military and civilian personnel are deployed at Manas.

The current agreement will be in effect until the fall of 2014 at which time, as Kyrgyz President Atambaev has repeatedly underlined, the base will be closed.

In a related story, in March, the U.S. ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Pamela Spratlen was forced to promise that the transit center would also not be involved in any possible U.S. military operation against Iran.

In case the ambassador does not know, Kyrgyzstan has long been a strategic partner to Russia and Russia also uses a number of military bases in Kyrgyzstan. It is more realistic to believe that it is in the interests of mutual security and diplomacy that the base at Manas is being closed, and not because of a bribe. Maybe the American should finally realize that not everyone can be bought or intimidated. The Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan even have an agreement on the presence of military aircraft in Kyrgyzstan for 49 years.

While the Ambassador is so openly admitting to the attempted bribing by the U.S. Government of the president of a sovereign nation, perhaps he can fill us in on the exact nature and amounts of the payments that the Russian “Opposition” received from the U.S. Embassy during their “secret, closed-door-meetings” before Russia’s last presidential elections in which he met with such people as deputies from the Just Russia Party Oksana Dmitrieva and Ilya Ponomarev, Vladimir Ryzhkov and Boris Nemtsov from the unregistered party PARNAS, and the Chairman of the Yabloko Party Sergei Mitrokhin.

If McFaul is really so worried about bribes and influence peddling perhaps he can give a talk on the U.S. buying of regimes worldwide and the arranging of color revolutions when they are not buyable and on the million other ways the U.S. influences and destroys the sovereignty of the world’s nations and peoples.

Maybe while he is being so open and honest he can tell us about how the US deals with people and organizations that it deems are working against the interests of the US, such as reporters, activists and protestors?

A key precept and condition for laying the foundation for a color revolution in any country, and McFaul knows this better than any of us, is placing ideas of doubt and/or the questionability of the legitimacy of the ruling government into the minds of the population. Once those seeds are planted they need to be nurtured and spread.

In my opinion, looking at his track record and everything that he has done so far, that is exactly what McFaul has been doing since he has been in Russia; planting seeds of doubt and attempting to sow instability, in other words “sedition”.

Have a nice day, wherever you may be. 

Information from ITAR-TASS, RIA-Novosti, VOR, Regnum, and RBC used in this piece


JANUARY 2012 Post

John has not been attacked by a certain ambassador lately which is cool. But that certain ambassador, who we are not allowed to name as he will call the police and say we are physically threatening him, continues to fund and promote provocations against the Russian Government. Since this is John's page we can say what we want about the opposition and frankly they are nothing but sell outs. Most of the Russian "opposition" go to rallies in their expensive cars, have no real idea what they are protesting other than Putin, have no alternative to offer and will do whatever the West tells them to. Frankly they should all be grateful and cheering President Putin, for he made it possible for them to live well, and be able to protest. The Russian "opposition" is not poor people, foreigners, minorities, workers, the elderly, students, or people who might be truly oppressed, the Russian "opposition" is rich people, people with their own homes and flats , people with too much time on their hands, people being paid by the ambassador whose name we can't say, and people whose political leaders or parties have failed, and they are disgruntled. Their only goal is to cause problems for President Putin, the general public, and the authorities. .... ADMIN


  The Opposition

 For the VOR http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_05_14/74677707/      

Many countries all over the world have serious social and political problems that lead to popular unrest, demonstrations, instability, and in the extreme, to revolutions and the over-throwing of governments.
          One of those countries, and in fact one of the worst transgressors when it comes to social justice, human rights and personal freedoms is the United States of America, with its dozens of simmering internal conflicts, reasons for massive discontent and massive underlying culture of oppression.
The list is long and it is a daunting task to choose where to begin, but almost any of the issues I would like to mention are enough and would be enough to cause massive strife, if not for the fact that the United States of America is a police state.
          Let us start with that then if you will, for it is this fear of the government that will in the end lead to its downfall. The US has for too long tried and for the most part succeeded in ruling with an iron fist, this can be testified to by the percentage of the US population in the prison system or incarcerated at the local level. Imprisonment and the taking away of freedom is one of the favored tools of the American government. This has almost reached a level that can be called out of control since September 11, 2001.
          Another fact that must be looked at when making such an assessment is something that no one is allowed to speak about, neither within the format of an internal political or social debate nor when making international assessments, it is taboo, and for the most part fear of point one, and the state control of the media keeps the debate in check. What I am talking about is the institutionalized racism that exists in the US. As members of the white race group love to say, and you better agree because it is a white man’s world, racism does not exist. If a black or other non-white member of society makes such an accusation or dares to speak out, it is usually white judges or white members of the system that come to the finding that racism does not in fact exist, and thus the system keeps the white members of society in power, in all of the top level jobs and in control of the government.
          This is a subject that deserves much more debate and careful analysis than I can give it here, but when cases like Trayvon Martin bring the debate to the forefront and comparisons are made where the state of racism in America is said to be at 1950 levels, it is clear this is a still a disease that Americans have yet to deal with openly honestly and with a mind to end it. Of course those who benefit will do anything to make sure this never happens, even the Ku Klux Klan is satisfied with current level of affairs anhd maintains their official stance that when the status quo is under threat they will begin their hangings again.  
Other societal problems include Indian rights, immigrant rights, religious persecution, an educational system that is inaccessible to most of the population, the lack of decent well paying jobs, unfair housing practices, unfair lending and banking rules, police brutality, lack of privacy, lack of real freedom of movement, an unforgiving legal system, no real retirement or social net for the elderly, a nationwide housing problem, homelessness, lack of accessible and affordable medical care, incredibly high taxes and no redress, endless wars against abstract enemies and the list goes on and on, including indefinite detention without trial and even death at the hands of the state if you are deemed an enemy.   
          All of the aforementioned are real and existing problems that have affected American society for decades but only now that they are beginning to affect large sections of the white population are they being talked about, thanks to the Occupy Movement. So why am I talking about all of this in a piece about the Russian opposition? Well, because all of these are real reasons for protests and rallies and demonstrations and because Russia has almost none of these problems.
So what is the Russian opposition about? Depending on who you talk to there are many reasons. However no one agrees on anything except that Putin is bad. Why? Just because. They can not offer anything concrete or factual but the accusations are as many as their fantasies allow.
          What could they be protesting? Artificially high real estate prices would be at the top of my list, but the opposition will not talk about that because most of the “opposition” are people with their own flats who are able to rent out their flats at incredibly unrealistically high prices and get good credit to buy their expensive cars due to artificially high real estate values. This also keeps young people at home and prevents them from buying a flat and even renting one. That is something else that people could protest. By the way President Putin is already looking at these issues. They could be protesting healthcare which is attempting to follow the US model and become super expensive, without the same level of service, something else Mr. Putin has looked at.
          What else? Jobs? Corruption? Pensions?  President Putin has done more to create jobs, fight corruption, and increase pensions than any other figure in Russian politics. So then what?
          Maybe there are a few people sucked into opposition rallies who have real beefs, but there are legal ways and means in place in Russia for people who really want to make a difference and the organizers and funders of these events are not interested in such lowly people and their causes. You don’t see exploited workers at these rallies, or people from other cities, or non-Russians, or pensioners, or any of the others who might really have something to complain about. Why because they trust and voted for Putin and they love Putin.
          Who do we see at these rallies? Mainly dissatisfied Muscovites, with their own flat(s) who they rent out and don’t pay taxes on, who drive expensive foreign cars, and were empowered by President Putin’s as well as President Medvedev’s policies on business, property ownership, taxation and freedom of speech. Most of these people are followers of Yavlinsky and his Yabloko Party, long funded by the West, and other Western leaning or Western funded “democratic” groups.
What do they want? Exactly what those at the US Embassy want who are funding their activities (according to Russian media) just get rid of the democratically elected and very popular president Vladimir Putin and make Russia look as bad as possible.
          What has the opposition done to get what they want? Do they challenge the leadership to debates, or introduce alternative plans, or candidates that are trusted and believed and loved by the people? No! Do they engage in constructive debate or fund and promote peaceful change? Do they formulate workable plans to improve the situation in an area that might be improved? Do they advocate even one position that the people agree on? No? If they do please tell me because I have missed it.
         So in reality, please, what have they done? Tied up traffic? Throw rocks at and spit on the police? Exaggerate and promote anything that can cause unrest, civil disorder and problems for the authorities. Nothing positive. Yet we are almost not allowed to speak about them, or it must be done with a disclaimer, lest we be accused by the ever present West of being undemocratic or stifling dissent, by the West, what a joke, the very masters at stifling dissent and shutting up the opposition.
          In reality people are afraid to talk back at the opposition, lest they not be given their Shengen or American visas or appear on some US Embassy black list as I have. So I renounced the US. Maybe they are right to be scared. I mean isn’t that what the US is expert at in controlling the masses? First their own American masses and now the world’s masses? Yes sirree Bob, if you bad mouth the US you may be the target of a drone strike. And lo and behold if you dare to go up against the US interference into the affairs of a sovereign nations, you will end up in the worst of places my friend. They will get you. Doesn’t matter if you are not even a US citizen like Victor Bout, they will come and get you wherever you are.   
          I think it is time for the “opposition” to wake up but can they? They are so tied into believing a dream propagated by the West, a dream that is not and never will be for them. They have been manipulated by Western mass media into believing the lies and the propaganda of the West to a degree that they are blind to the very facts right in front of them. Or they have been threatened and made afraid to speak their minds or stand up to the West in fear of facing economic, business or other retribution or being denied some privilege like a multi-entry visa. 
          So, please opposition, you have been given so much attention and media coverage and have failed to put a message across. Be constructive and organize and work within the democratic legal framework of the Russian constitution if you really have something to say other than parroting the orders of your western masters.

Have a nice day!


Michael Anthony McFaul is a Danger to the Russian Federation
Michael Anthony McFaul born 1963 in Glasgow, Montana is a Stanford University professor the former director of the university's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, he worked for the U.S. National Security Council as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Russian and Eurasian Affairs and is a Hoover Institution Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow with friendly ties to neoconservatives. McFaul is called the architect of Obama's reset policy but is not a career diplomat.

In 1994, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a member of the Russian State Duma denounced McFaul for good reason. Mcfaul was attempting to shape Russia policy ala Brezhinsky during the 1990s and was actively seeking to interfere in the inner workings of the governmental and democratic institutions of the Russian Federation.

If one is to look carefully at the holes in his biography and his modi operandi for the trained analyst a picture begins to appear of someone hiding behind the trees and propping up a legend not his own, it is clear that this person has an agenda, a history, and credentials that are not in keeping with his position as a diplomat.

I am not saying it is wrong for the ambassador to have connection to the secret services. That is a given and perfectly normal. The problem with McFaul is that he is a SPOOK. Having a spook posing as the ambassador to a country is a great move for the intelligence service behind him but can not be accepted by the host country.

McFaul must be declared persona non grata and expelled at once.

If he is not he will continue to attempt to subvert the Russian Federation and in particular the upcoming presidential elections and the campaign of Prime Minister Putin.
In 1994 a gunman fired a shot into McFaul's Stanford University office window, if he doesn’t pack his bags history may repeat itself.

McFaul has shown openly he is organizing and promoting an opposition that did not exist until recently in Russia. By that alone he is a danger to the internal political processes of the Russian Federation, is not here to perform the duties of an ambassador, and has proven time and again he is an enemy to the Russian State and the Russian people.

He came here arrogantly swaggering, telling the press he was here to educate Russian on Americans. Yes, he said he was here to help Russians understand Americans. Russians are stupid according to McFaul, especially if they think they see America’s missiles all along its borders as a threat.

McFaul, please do the Russian Federation and the human race a favor and pack up your bags, say bye bye to your American financed, America created and American loving opposition