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Ambassador John Tefft and the Continued Subversion of Russia

Gregory Krasovsky: Spook Using Dead Ukrainians as Cover?

03-31-2015 Update: The man on Krasovsky's right may not be John Tefft but one George Pazuniak and my source for that information may be mistaken. Although he bears a striking resemblence. The man is said to be George Pazuniak but his site has been taken down by Google and he did not respond to a request for verification and information. We are only interested in getting to the truth and regret any mis-information due to our sources.

Here is the original source link for the photo: http://uaba.org/page-774425/1263437   

And the text from the original source: "The UABA again greeted the law students from Ukraine participating in the International Rounds of the 2013 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Washington, DC.  The two teams were from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the Taras Shevchenko Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National University.  Pictured is President George Pazuniak and member Greg (Hryts) Krasovsky taking the teams out to dinner.  The UABS again contributed to the two university teams."

Earlier we wrote:  Sitting next to Color Revolution Architect John (Ambassador to Russia) Tefft is none other than Gregory Krasovsky. Remember him? We do.... We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. 

NY Litigation Funder Awarded $33.5M In Kickback Suit

Posted on September 23, 2014 by callagygroup

By Joshua Alston from Law360

Original Post Here: http://callagylawblog.com/2014/09/23/ny-litigation-funder-awarded-33-5m-in-kickback-suit/

Law360, New York (September 22, 2014, 7:13 PM ET) — A New Jersey state jury has awarded $33.5 million dollars to litigation funding business The Law Funder LLC, with the bulk of the judgment landing on an attorney and Law Funder co-founder currently serving time for defrauding the business with an elaborate kickback scheme.

According to a Monday press release, The Law Funder secured the $33.5 million judgment in late June following a three-week trial in which the company sued Mathew R. Sheldon, one of its four founders, and 19 others for their alleged involvement in a kickback scheme in which Sheldon and others were paid improper referral fees.

The award is comprised of judgments entered against Sheldon and two other defendants, with $22.9 million in compensatory damages assessed to Sheldon, another $2.2 million to co-defendant Gregory Krasovsky, a former attorney for The Law Funder who allegedly concealed Sheldon’s fraudulent activity, and $375,000 to a third, unnamed co-defendant. Sheldon was hit with an additional $8 million in punitive damages.

Sean Callagy of Callagy Law, The Law Funder’s attorney, touted the award in the statement, while conceding much of it won’t be recoverable from Sheldon, who is currently serving time after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud for his involvement in the scheme.

“This verdict is a victory for my clients,” said Callagy. “While this does not represent a complete recovery for them, we will continue to pursue the payment due for the rest of Sheldon’s life so that he may repay some of what my clients have lost.”

In October, U.S. District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh sentenced Sheldon, who was also underwriter and legal counsel for the New York company, to two and a half years in prison. Sheldon was also sentenced to three years of supervised release and was ordered to pay $869,492 in restitution and forfeit $869,492.

Prosecutors said The Law Funder, which extends loans to plaintiffs in pending civil litigation, did business with Montclair Funding Group LLC and its owner Rory Donadio. MFG was a broker between plaintiffs seeking advances against potential recoveries in pending litigation and private entities such as The Law Funder. In exchange for a broker’s fee, MFG would, among other things, gather necessary information and documents in support of funding opportunities so The Law Funder could evaluate whether to fund a case and for how much. Sheldon, indicted in May 2012, was a 25 percent owner in The Law Funder and supervised the underwriting process for the company.

Sheldon admitted that from February 2005 through July 2009, he conspired with Donadio to design and execute a secret kickback scheme in which Sheldon would offer certain The Law Funder investment opportunities to MFG in exchange for personally receiving a portion of each broker’s commission that The Law Funder paid MFG, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. Sheldon and Donadio agreed to conceal their fee-splitting arrangement from The Law Funder and Sheldon’s three other partners. The kickback scheme resulted in $869,492 in fraudulent payments to Sheldon, which were paid by wire transfer and other means, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Sheldon also admitted that he regularly communicated with Donadio to identify coded transactions and calculate the amount payable to Sheldon pursuant to the kickback scheme. Donadio also has pled guilty in connection with the scheme and awaits sentencing.

Sheldon and Donadio represented themselves in the matter.

The Law Funder is represented by Sean Callagy of Callagy Law.

The case is George Prussin v. Mathew Sheldon, case number L-010335-09, in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen County.

–Additional reporting by Linda Chiem. Editing by Stephen Berg.

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After Being Exposed "Pazuniak" Tefft? in disguise and Krassovsky sitting in a DNR forum

Ambassador John Tefft and His Continued Subversion of States

06-30-2014 McFaul 2.0: Ukraine "Color" Revolution Architect John Tefft Coming to Russia

04-21-2014 US Russophobia Approaching Pathological Transference

03-28-2015 Now it all becomes much clearer why this Krasovsky was so interested in us and asked questions regarding our asylum including the names of the people handling our cases. Now it is also clear why Krasvosky deleted all my work for his self-PR platform the "Independent News Service" I wrote an article exposing Tefft and what he was sent to Russian to do which disappeared. Nothing to see here kids move along now! None other than Gregory Krasovsky.

Remember him? We do....

We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget.

Given the events of the past few months I think it is important to once again re-visit the individual pictured above and his Independent News Service. After my termination from the Rossiya Sevodnya News Service and the liquidation of the Voice of Russia, the attempt by former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul to have me thrown in a Russian prison and all of my problems for my outspoken journalistic work, in particular with regard to Ukraine, it is now perfectly clear to me where this person came from, who he is and why he was interested in me. It is also clear why he deleted all of my work from "his" Independent News Service and why my last article for them was an expose on John Tefft which was never published.

All of Krasovsky's pro-CIA and pro-Zionist comments to me as well as his attempts to make me change the contents of my own site, his incessant questions about my life here in Moscow (in particular the names of the people handling my asylum case) and all of the circumstances surrounding the work of the Independent News Service, lead me to one conclusion Krasovsky is at least on the U.S. payroll and at worst himself a CIA officer. Although a very bad one who can not keep his legend straight. If he is in fact a covert operative with the CIA then part of his legend is the death of his grandmother in Ukraine and his own family which he has used as cover. Would a CIA covert officer bring his own family into a hostile work zone? Would a CIA operative have a fraud judgement on his name easily findable on the internet? No. Unless that is part of his legend. Judging from the above photograph it would appear that Krasovsky is in fact working for the US Government and not against it as I am. Which makes everything crystal clear to me now.

"The people in the CIA are wonderful intelligent people." "Of course I support the Zionist agenda! I am Jewish!" "Putin is a dictator he has to go!" Are you working for the CIA? "I can't answer that." These were all statements said to me by Mr Krasovsky as I picked his mind as he was picking mine.
His tales of his big home in Alexandria Virginia and the nice people in McLean County, his membership in the Ukraine Business Council, his attempts to find out information about suspected Russian operations in Ukranie, his phone calls to the people in the 5th column at Rossiya Sevodnya and his multiple attempts to get me to agree to cross the border illegally into Ukraine speak of one thing: he is a Spook.

The head of the Russian Fund which was sponsoring the Independent News Service, General Leonid Shershev died after a fight for funds began inside the Independent News Service. The Independent News Service has ceased publication and all of its offices have been closed. Where is Krasovsky? No one knows.
03-28-2015 I have had this photo for several months but it just became known that the man to Krasovsky's right is John Tefft, it passed me by at first because he is much thinner and younger than in his current pictures. Now it all becomes much clearer why this Krasovsky was so interested in me and asked me all kinds of questions regarding my asylum including the names of the people handling my case. What are Ambassador Tefft and Krasovsky doing? Interfacing with the youth of a law faculty in pre-Maidan2 Ukraine. Grassroots Color Revolution and subversion of a state in action. Now it is also clear why Krasovsky deleted all my work for his self-PR platform the "Independent News Service". I wrote an article exposing Tefft and what he was sent to Russian to do. Nothing to see here kids move along now!

Back in December I wrote: December 15, 2014 I was recently hired by this creep Gregory Krasovsky and then threatened and fired when I asked him if the multi million dollar judgment against him in New Jersey was true. He then threatened me for several days because I had placed a link to his story on my site. I will not be intimidated by anyone. I am still seeking employment by a normal company which is run legal and operates officially.

Tefft Cleaning Up for McFaul

John F. Tefft, a Russia hater who served as US Ambassador to Ukraine, Georgia and Lithuania and promoted the invasion of South Ossetia while in Georgia, the current crisis and the resurgence of fascist forces in Ukraine and the rabid Russophobia and demonization of Russia in Lithuania, has been chosen to be the next US Ambassador to Russia. Tefft was extremely active in and one might say instrumental in bringing about the aforementioned anti-Russian events. As McFaul failed to organize the destabilization of Russia and the ouster of President Putin, apparently Obama sought more experienced hands.

Dr Ron Paul Grills Tefft on Ukraine. Tefft Lies


Yes overthrowing governments is illegal

McFaul 2.0: Ukraine "Color" Revolution Architect John Tefft Coming to Russia

The choice by US President Barack Obama and the neo-conservative Cold War hawks running the US foreign policy establishment of John F. Tefft as the new US Ambassador to Russia should be setting off warning bells all over the Kremlin and in fact in all of the countries currently undergoing or targeted for US regime change/destabilization operations including Venezuela, Brazil, Syria and all other countries pursuing an independent foreign policy.

With the current humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine and the rise of violent fascist forces, the fact that the chief architect of Operation Ukraine is now being sent to Russia is at once chilling and at the same time predictable.

After the spectacular failure of US Ambassador Michael McFaul to pull off a color revolution in Russia leading to his demise as the US top color revolution/destabilization specialist, the US as usual, rather than admitting it is wrong and pursuing a path of peace and promoting mutual cooperation, has decided to stubbornly snub its nose at the Kremlin and continue down a road of confrontation.

With the leadership of the US State Department prone to statements such as Victoria Nuland’s famous "F-the-EU", the body responsible for diplomacy on a continuous confrontational war footing and organizations like USAID co-opted to the CIA and involved in destabilization operations all of the world every country that has not been already "annexed" by Washington should take a very close look at who they are allowing to operate in their country.

This past April I summed up the choice as follows: "John F. Tefft, a Russia hater who served as US Ambassador to Ukraine, Georgia and Lithuania and promoted the invasion of South Ossetia while in Georgia, the current crisis and the resurgence of fascist forces in Ukraine and the rabid Russophobia and demonization of Russia in Lithuania, has been chosen to be the next US Ambassador to Russia. Tefft was extremely active and involved and one might say instrumental in bringing about the aforementioned anti-Russian events. As McFaul failed to organize the destabilization of Russia and the ouster of President Putin, apparently Obama is seeking more experienced hands."

With Tefft’s history in organizing the destabilization in Ukraine and his role as a key architect of the previous color revolution(s) there, his role in assisting to whatever degree the rise of anti-Russian neo-nazis and Russophobes in other former Soviet Eastern Bloc countries and most stunningly his role in the Georgian attack and the ensuing short war in South Ossetia it would be extremely justified for President Putin, the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Security Services to simply say no to the appointment.

The US is bent on destroying Russia and preventing Russia from being a competitive global power. That fact is documented, all but openly stated and is no longer a secret. Ukraine has made it more than obvious even for the staunchest Washington apologists and the idea of some "reset" or peaceful cooperation from the US side has become nothing but a fantasy. By its own confrontational policies, aggressive military expansion, unilateral sanctions and most importantly the almost completely transparent support of neo-nazis in Ukraine who are waging a war by proxy against Russia for the US and killing Russian journalists, ethnic Russians and anyone who is pro-Russian, the US has proven it is nothing but an unapologetic global aggressor bent on spreading its own hegemony by force at any cost (a fact laid out by the PNAC).

Regarding the appointment of Tefft there are two ways the scenario may play out, he may be turned down which is probably unlikely, or he may be accepted under the philosophy of "keeping my enemies as close as possible." As we saw with McFaul whose color-revolution attempts were neutralized almost from the day he arrived and whose tenure saw the expulsion of USAID, the Voice of America and the entire host of US subversive organizations, plans and individuals, Tefft will have an even harder time if he is allowed to set foot on the territory of Russia.

Given the fact that Tefft is already a known enemy of Russia unlike the smiling McFaul who played on the Trojan Horse of the reset, it would be interesting to watch if Tefft can get anything done at all, but with the stakes being the very integrity of the Russian State, there is a doubt that such a cat and mouse game is worth it. However, given the caliber of State’s "F-the-EU" employees, that risk might be overstated and Tefft is given more credit than he deserves.

US Russophobia Approaching Pathological Transference

The headline in the Boston Globe reads: "Obama focuses updated Cold War approach on Putin" and the New York Times article by one Peter Baker that follows is one of the one of the most acidic, fact-starved, sanctimonious, self-righteous, chest beating, Russophobic, war-propagandistic, Putin-envious, out-of-touch diatribes to come out of the western media in the current tidal wave of Gleichschaltung-like anti-Russian war-propaganda. 

The attack is almost criminal in its eschewing of the truth and if you dear reader ever entertained the idea that Boston was a bastion of liberal truth and that the first black American president was some sort of Martin Luther King, you may now group Boston with the vilest redneck burgs in Alabama and the president to the right of the farthest right of the neo-conservative war profiteers.

Rarely does an article deserve to be taken apart at the seams but this one does as the outright lies and vitriol are so blatant that there is a danger if even a small portion of the masses believe even 10% of it. That danger is not to the world, or to us over here in Moscow (we are unfortunately used to these kinds of attacks from the Russophobic lunatic fringe), that danger is to the American public, who continue to have the wool pulled over their eyes by a president and a government that is ready to send them off to die and force countless generations to come into slavery to pay for their maniacal excesses.

Openly Reviving the Cold War

To begin with the headline and the first paragraph take no issue with the fact the Cold War is over. However it does serve to announce to the world that what even three months ago was a well kept secret and something denied by politicians and those in power in Washington, namely that the US/NATO were pursuing a continuation of the Cold War, is now official policy and neither Obama and his henchmen nor the US media establishment have the slightest reservation (due to their delusional architecture) in admitting to what is in fact the complete and utter failure that is forcing the US to cling to a desperate outdated recidivist strategy that it now hopes to apply to a democratic country.

Baker writes: "The crisis in Ukraine defies easy resolution and President Obama and his national security team are looking to forge a new long-term approach to Russia that applies an updated version of the Cold War strategy of containment."

The outright idiocy of the first sentence (as if the US is actually looking for a resolution) denies the fact that it is the US that destabilized Ukraine in the first place and that they continue to support the illegitimate coup government and the neo-nazis who brought the junta to power.

"... updated version of the Cold War strategy of containment."

We must recall that this strategy was supposed to be against the Soviet Union and in order to stop the spread of Communism. Yet like bringing nazis back to power in Europe, we can see that the US never learns history's lessons and continues to pursue dangerous, confrontational, aggressive caveman policies on the international stage.

The US Pariah's Psychotic Transference

Let read the next installment:

"Just as the United States resolved in the aftermath of World War II to counter the Soviet Union and its global ambitions, Obama is focused on isolating President Vladimir Putin’s Russia by cutting off its economic and political ties to the outside world, limiting its expansionist ambitions in its own neighborhood and effectively making it a pariah state."

Clearly the pathological transference of those directing the writer and the manipulation in the above is aimed at painting Obama as some sort of great "war president" when in fact he is a cowardly puppet who gets pleasure from authorizing extra-judicial executions and destroying countries.

The pathological transference of applying outdated policies designed as tools against the Soviet Union to Russia and accusing Russia of having "expansionist ambitions" is stunning. Just the fact that Obama and the US think they have some right to meddle and dictate to Russia and Europe, what they can do in their own neighborhood is a sign of their own expansionist mindset.

The unbelievable arrogance, hypocrisy and self-serving historical revisionism is also stunning in the above as we know that it was the US that destabilized Ukraine, organized the armed takeover of a democratic European nation and brought nazis to power in Europe who are calling for killing Russians.

The truest pariah and rogue criminal state in the world is the United States of America. Guilty of multiple acts of aggressive war, continuing to maintain an illegal torture prison, continuing to execute its own citizens, executing people worldwide without trial or charge and overthrowing governments and killing leaders whenever the whim pleases them makes the US the most dangerous pariah nation in the history of mankind.

Now tell me. In what way is Russia a pariah nation?

Obama Stomps His Feet and Holds His Breath

The writer says Obama has "concluded he will never have a constructive relationship with Putin" no matter what. I dare say after the campaign by the US to ruin the Sochi Olympics, Obama running around the world trying to implement sanctions against Russia for the coup d'état he himself signed off on, the non-stop placing of NATO war elements closer and closer to Russia and the fiasco in Syria, I think it would be safe to say that it is President Putin, who has continuously tried to work with Obama, who should refuse to have anything to do with Nobel-Peace-Prize-fraud president.

Ignore the Master?

"Obama will try to minimize the disruption Putin can cause. .. ignore the master of the Kremlin."

The disruption Putin might cause? What "disruption" is the writer talking about? Disrupting plans by Washington to violate further the sovereign state of Ukraine or NATO continuing to surround Russia and the People's Republic of China or perhaps the extermination of Russians in Ukraine and the attempted destruction of the Slavic World or the invasion of the next country that Washington is planning to destroy?

And what is with the "master" thing? This is a new one. Is this another transference of endemic US racism and an attempt to conjugate and/or elicit slave/master images?

“That is the strategy we ought to be pursuing,” said Ivo H. Daalder, formerly Obama’s ambassador to NATO, "... it may solve your Russia problem.”

Your "Russia problem"? Perhaps Mr. Daalder has also lost it? Maybe he will enlighten us with a "final solution"? Unbelievable!

McFaul 2.0: Dangerous Russophobe

The article states that John F. Tefft, a Russia hater who served as US Ambassador to Ukraine, Georgia and Lithuania and promoted the invasion of South Ossetia while in Georgia, the current crisis and the resurgence of fascist forces in Ukraine and the rabid Russophobia and demonization of Russia in Lithuania, has been chosen to be the next US Ambassador to Russia. Tefft was extremely active and involved and one might say instrumental in bringing about the aforementioned anti-Russian events. As McFaul failed to organize the destabilization of Russia and the ouster of President Putin, apparently Obama is seeking more experiences hands.

Dangerous rhetoric

With regard to the assignment the article states: "... now there is no reluctance to offend the Kremlin."

The US insists on isolating itself even further, for such a policy will backfire as Russian diplomats and leaders continue to stay open to dialogue and diplomacy. Again the arrogance is stunning.

An International Consensus: Coalition of the Willing 2.0

The US is becoming more and more hated every day. As Europeans and the world realize that Obama and his myopic, knuckle-dragging foreign policy elites vetted (like Obama himself) by senile-rabid-Russophobe Brzezinski are only interested in resources and expanding their own caveman hegemony by force, the consensus against the US will grow thousand-fold. The writer tries to say China is against Russia, this is while China and Russia are discussing plans for tighter military cooperation against the ongoing provocation that is the placing of NATO war elements around both countries.

"The administration’s priority is to hold together an international consensus against Russia, including even China, its longtime supporter on the UN Security Council."

The US is Broke

The writer revealed a little too much I think with the following statement:

"... economic advisers and White House aides urging a measured approach have won out, prevailing upon a cautious president to take one incremental step at a time out of fear of getting too far ahead of skittish Europeans and risking damage to still-fragile economies on both sides of the Atlantic."

We know the US economy is about to collapse and we know that in contrast to the $15 billion Russia was ready to single-handedly hand Ukraine, the entire US/NATO/EU could only come up with a $1 billion "loan".

Money talks, as they say.

More Sanctions Blackmail: Outright Lies

"The White House has prepared another list of Russian figures and institutions to sanction in the next few days..."

The first round did not phase Russia and was laughed off. I doubt this round will be more successful. Washington might take heed: Your sanctions will backfire I can promise you that.

"... while Putin seems for now to be enjoying the glow of success, he will eventually discover how much economic harm he has brought on his country. Obama’s aides noted the fall of the Russian stock market and the ruble, capital flight from the country and increasing reluctance of foreign investors to expand dealings in Russia."

Again Washington must be delusional, the Russian economy is going strong, the country is in the black and unlike almost all of Europe which is suffering from austerity measures, and the US with forced austerity where the public pay approximately 33% of their income in taxes and are enslaved to the military industrial complex for the next 1,000 years or more, Russia is growing stronger by the day.

Oops! Did I let the cat out of the bag? But then again, that is the real "Russia problem" isn't it?

US Plans to Destabilize Ukraine

Rossiiskie Vesti October 23, 2009 WASHINGTON IS PREPARING UKRAINE TO FOLLOW INTO THE FOOTSTEPS OF GEORGIA A new ambassador of the US will arrive in Kiev Author: Yury Severov

[John Tefft, a new US Ambassador to Ukraine, has had experience in Eastern Europe. He supports Viktor Yuschenko's authoritative style of rule, and would hail Yuschenko's re-election to the presidential post] John Tefft, former US Ambassador to Geogia, has been appointed a new US Ambassador to Ukraine  

On October 8th, 2009, the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations endorsed the candidature of John Tefft as a new US Ambassador to Ukraine. Until recently John Tefft was US diplomatic representative in Tbilisi.

According to US Administration officers, John Tefft knows well Ukraine's internal political situation. He is personally acquainted with a number of leading representatives of Ukraine's political establishment, both in Kiev and in the regions. Additionally, he is believed to be one of the organizers of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, as in 2004-2005 he was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in charge of US relations with Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova. In that connection it was emphasized that at that time John Tefft supported activities of various non-governmental organizations in Ukraine, and also organized visits of numerous American delegations to Kiev.

Experts noted that in the very beginning of his address to the US Senate John Tefft focused on his considerable service experience in Eastern European countries. He emphasized that out of his 38 years of service most time he worked in that region as a US Ambassador to Lithuania, a US Ambassador to Georgia, and a Minister Counselor of the US Embassy to Russia. He underlined that his 'extensive experience in Eastern Europe and, specifically, in Ukraine' allows him to hope for a successful settlement of 'the important mission of improving relations between the US and Ukraine'. Experts noted that when estimating Ukraine's internal political situation, John Tefft made a reference to US Vice President Joseph Biden's declaration made last July in Kiev. Specifically, Joseph Biden declared that the US would support Ukraine if that country would continue pursuing the road of liberty, democracy, and prosperity. He also noted that the internal political disorder in Ukraine had suspended realization of political and economic reforms. He added that the US supported the IMF program launched in Ukraine and believed that the Ukrainian government would have to fulfill its obligations to IMF and other international financial institutions. According to John Tefft, if his candidature to the position of US Ambassador to Ukraine were endorsed, he would focus on promoting Ukraine's progress along the road of political and economic reforms. He would also continue promoting an anti-corruption program in Ukraine, and support Ukraine's participation in combating challenges in the global energy sphere.

According to expert estimates of John Tefft's activities in Tbilisi, his only merit was strengthening of authoritative trends in Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili's administration. Additionally, John Tefft did his best not to allow the united opposition of Georgia to form a single political force. It is worth noting that upon John Tefft's departure from Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili awarded him with Georgia's highest state award, the Order of Victory named after St.Georgiy.

Experts doubt that despite his knowledge of Ukraine John Tefft would be able to successfully promote US interests in that country. They believe that his actual program will be transferring his Georgian experience to the Ukrainian soil, namely supporting President Viktor Yuschenko seeking to keep his post, as John Tefft favors the authoritative style of that politician, and disintegrating Ukraine' political landscape into a number of smaller political parties. According to American analysts, of all the candidates Premier Yulia Timoshenko has the highest chances of being elected to the presidential post in Ukraine. Her position is stable with Western Ukraine's electorate, and during the past months she has managed to strengthen her positions with the electorate of Eastern Ukraine whose major part had formerly supported Viktor Yanukovich. However, the US Administration is apprehensive of Yulia Timoshenko's inconstancy. For that reason the US political establishment would rather support Viktor Yuschenko, who has already announced his plans for re-election to another presidential term. However, Yuschenko's inflexible position with Russia has seriously deteriorated his popularity in Ukraine. Nevertheless, the US Department of State Yuschenko may improve his status and try to keep his presidential post. In case of Yuschenko's victory in the upcoming elections, John Tefft may later become holder of the Ukrainian Order of Yaroslav the Wise.  



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