Assassination of Russian Ambassadors by CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/Asteroids


I Was Right Again: Karlov Killer a CIA Agent

Lavrov: US diplomats in Russia engaged in espionage

McCain and His War Lobbying Bedfellows

McCain and His War Lobbyinging Bedfellows

Letter from John McCain to Vitaly Churkin

Letter from John McCain to Vitaly Churkin

  Whose? SBU? Right Sector? CIA/MI6 Surrogates?

West's Special Services Killed Vitaly Churkin


Peter Polshikov (left), a high-ranking diplomat in Russia's Foreign Ministry, was shot dead in his Moscow flat on December 19, the same day as the Ankara assassination.

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Sergei Krivov, 63, was found dead at Russia's consulate in New York on Nov 8

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Andrey Malanin, 55,
Russian Ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin
Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB general
??? Alex Oronov,

Update 03072017 Now the number is at least 8?

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The Demonization of Russia and Bellicose Rhetoric has Reached Pre-War Levels

An Example Which Facebook Deems Normal


Current Information War: Putting All of the Pieces Into Perspective and Trying to Wake People Up


With the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey events around the world are going worse than I predicted they would but just as I have written about many times in the past. The drive by the CIA to bring about World War III is continuing with acts that are beyond belief in their primitiveness and barbarism, something I had not expected. The telegraphing that is going on in the Zionist controlled global media, demonizing Russia with outrageous lie after outrageous is almost unprecedented and because of all of that and intel I  have obtained, it is clear in my mind that the United States of America and the Central Intelligence Agency of the Untied States are directly responsible for the assassination of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Turkey. 

What we are witnessing in the media, on the internet and world wide is a continuing attempt by those who took over the U.S. Government in the year 2000 to fulfill their objectives of a takeover of the world by force. We will refer to them as the Shadow Government. This conspiracy was warned about decades ago by none other than assassinated U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in a speech in which he referred to the conspirators as a monolith which uses covert means to conquer and control. It is clear now that what he meant was the CIA.

In order for many people around the world and especially in the West to even begin to understand the conspiracy and who is behind it requires such a radical restructuring and reevaluation of what they believe and their entire belief system that the psychological phenomenon named Cognitive Dissonance often makes such understanding impossible. Imagine trying to explain to the hypothetical two dimensional flatlander the dynamics and beauty of a bird in flight. Not possible. The level of media lies and propaganda that is being fed to the people of the West is criminal. Yes I say it is criminal because spreading false information and propaganda of hate in order to commit an act of aggressive war is criminal and should be deemed as such by any normal, decent and reasonable thinking person. But we are not dealing with reasonable thinking people. Those in power in the U.S. have gone completely and totally insane with their power and in their self-given impunity and exceptionalism.       

For those already awake or in a state of partial sleep attempting to awaken, explaining current events may be easier as long as they do not discount facts that do not coincide with their own belief systems and are willing to do a little of the research and fact checking that I have done, keeping in mind that there is a concerted attempt, a COINTELPRO, that is actively attempting to obfuscate, misinform and stifle any information that goes against the narrative that they have set in keeping with their agenda of "Full Spectrum Dominance" which means taking over the world. I am saying that because I hope to somehow reach people who may be under the brain-washing of the West but are trying to get to the truth of what is really going on. However I seriously doubt that can be done and if it can, if I can make any difference.

The United States and its people are almost unreachable and have gone completely and totally insane with their own belief of their own righteousness and trying to bring some light into their brainwashed psycho world, I have now decided, is a useless task and so this article is directed at my international readers and those friends in the U.S. who have been with me from the start and who are suffering unimaginably having to exist in a psychotic country that has lost any sight of what is right or wrong and does not even care in the slightest anymore about the rule of law or even basic human decency.      

Keeping that in mind I do not want you to blindly believe everything I am about to partake to you but to verify or cross check and reach whatever conclusion you feel is more in keeping with reality as you see it. However I remind you information is actively being deleted, obfuscated, created, falsified and misrepresented all over the world. So the Internet is under full scale attack and information operations are in full swing by the West and it is not even geopolitical anymore. It has become a fight of good against evil, the blackest evil the world has ever seen

WWIII: The Goals of the Triad and the Shadow Government and Why the Shadow Government/Zionist-Neocons/CIAMOSSAD/GID/ISIS are Desperate

Once we understand that it is a Shadow Government that has take over the US Government and the official bodies and is running the show then we can knowingly deal with and understand the true reality of the events that are taking place all over the world and we can, by method of deduction, connecting the dots and reading the intentions behind the laws that they are implementing seemingly ad-hoc and the actions that they are carrying out, come to a pretty definite and concise conclusion as to what their goals are and what they really want for the world. These methods are of course above and beyond the huge repository of information and direct inarguable evidence  that is available on-line and already part of the public record. For me I have all of the information that I have gathered on, that I have in my files and that I have obtained from various sources as a basis for my conclusions.

The ultimately unattainable and single-minded goal of the Shadow Government and the triad of principle forces (US Zionist Necons/Israel/Saud) that have joined together in their plan to create what is termed the NWO , is complete and total world domination (Full Spectrum Dominance) at any cost. This insane goal is disturbing enough in and of itself but it is the steps that they are prepared to take to reach that goal that pose the most serious and real and present danger to all of humanity as they continue what appears to be a final attempt in their mad drive  to obtain control over territory for the resources they need to feed their insatiable appetite and unsustainable consumption and remove any government or country that stands in the way of their global domination and in the way of Saudi Arabia and the fictitious country of Israel. The NWO will be a world completely and totally controlled by the ZIONISTS in cooperation with the U.S. and NATO, who will and are providing the military and covert power to bring it off and Saudi Arabia which will provide resource control and financing to the Rothschild ZIONIST rulers and carbon resources for the insatiable U.S. global military machine.

Plan Israel, which is in fact plan Rothschild, which I outlined in a piece I called the NWO calls for the establishment of a Zionist/Rothschild caliphate spanning a huge chunk of the Middle East and for which it is necessary to wipe most of the Arab Muslim people off the face of the earth. So far Saudi Arabia and Falafist Sunni lunatics posing as fanatical Islamic terrorists, have been helping the Neocons and the Zionists with this "task". For the fulfillment of this plan, or perhaps because of it, the United States has literally been enslaved to the Rothschilds. The US is no longer a republic or corporation owned by the Bank of England but a subsidiary of the Rothschild Zionist central banking mafia which owns the Fed and the government. Thus the U.S. military industrial/intelligence complex has been completely turned into the private army of Israel and the Zionists through their use of the CIA and Neocon ideologues who are in fact just crypto-Zionists and in reality in no way represent anything American whatsoever. These lunatics killed almost 4,000 people on 911 which was for them simply a pretext to kill millions more.

The lunatic Zionist maniacs represented by Zbignew Brezhinsky, a rabid frothing at the mouth Russophobe who should have been eliminated from the ranks of humankind decades ago and the greatest supporter and creator of terrorists in the history of the world, are also frothing at the mouth to destroy the Russian Federation for its riches and resources and also because the most fanatical Zionists at the top of the food chain believe the Slavic people are worthless humans who are just another group of mud people who need to be eliminated as they have proven impossible to enslave and make crawl on their knees begging for Rothschild money and to suck on the American teat.

US/NATO military doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance and the establishment of global US hegemony by force as outline in the RAD is the reason for overthrowing and destroying Ukraine and slaughtering over 10,000 Russians. It was the first step towards the attack on Russia and was supposed to provoke World War III in Europe once again but so far has not been successful in drawing Russia into a war with Ukraine. The reason for which being so that NATO could call up the mutual protection clause of its charter to start WWIII against Russia. The inability to provoke Russia and the loss of their puppet Clinton forced the lunatics controlling the CIA and MOSSAD to kill the Russian Ambassador to Turkey in the hopes that Russia would go to war and again so that NATO could quickly call up the mutual protection clause and start WWIII in that manner, supposedly defending Turkey from the "horrible and evil" aggression of Russia.

The conflict in Syria is also almost the same scenario. The problem with Syria is that it was supposed to be just another easy to destroy small Middle East country and Assad who said no to the Rothschilds' central back mafia and the pipeline western energy concerns wanted to build through his country should have been another leader who was easy to assassinate and depose. However Russia stepped in and has protected its ally. If you doubt Israel's involvement remember it was Mossad which provided the chemical weapons that were used to slaughter 426 children in Latakia Syria and it was Israel who was using its terrorist armies to steal Syrian oil and ship it to Israel.

The only hope there is now for world peace is if Donald Trump can avoid the control of the Zionist Neocon lunatics running the Shadow Government, if he in fact wants to and has in fact any independence from them and does not allow anymore provocations against Russia. He must also stay alive long enough to somehow end the lunacy of the Rothschilds and the Zionists, a serious question as there have been many serious sources who have indicated that Trump will be assassinated before he even enters into office. In reality when speaking about peace we must understand that the only real threat to world peace today is the terrorist-aggressive war-world domination-at-any-cost-alliance between US/NATO/MOSSAD/GID/ISIS/AQ/AN and their assorted subgroupings and supporters.          

The reason I believe that they have launched massive terrorist operations and gone so far as to assassinate the Ambassador of the Russian Federation is that they lost their puppet for president Hillary Clinton and on the last day of the puppet Obama's reign they had one last chance to start World War III. The test now is to see if they cease and desist, meaning Trump has chosen to end the madness, or they continue and Trump is either with them or will be assassinated soon. Most probably he is just another puppet and will continue the drive for total war. I would say that there will probably be a lull in global violence between now and the day that Trump is placed in office.

This should be of interest to the Secret Service and is backed up by multiple reports on the Net with evidence that the CIA wants to assassinate Trump. The CIA has run American Presidents outright since Clinton and they do not want to see their hold on power lost. These are maniacs who carried out the false flag that was 911 and for whom nothing is holy except power, money and their own impunity to slaughter and wage war at will.

Another reason behind the assassination of the Russian Ambassador may be the fact that Aleppo has been liberated and dozens of CIA and MOSSAD officers were caught in the fall of Aleppo. If dozens were captured or allowed to leave then there is a very distinct possibility that the CIA and MOSSAD lost dozens of officers and the assassination of the ambassador was revenge. 

Assassination of Ambassador Karlov a Barbarous Provocation to War by Illegitimate Rogue Nation

Almost no one reads my work (other than about 6,000 people a day on and 30,000 on Twitter), it is suppressed and blocked in the West and after my family's crucifixion by CIA assets and Russian Zionists no one will listen to me and take me seriously. I have no editor, I do not have a boss or a salary and this is an opinion piece so I suppose I can say exactly what I think and how I feel about the unprecedented assassination of the Ambassador to the Russian Federation Andrey Karlov.

The United States of America has ceased to be a member of the international community and must be labeled what it is, a rogue nation that is a threat to world peace. By its own acts and the acts of the Shadow Government that has taken it over and the acts of its Central Intelligence Agency and all of its partners the U.S, has shown that it is not only a rogue nation but in fact a terrorist state.

The self-appointed status of ruler of the world and the self-given impunity must be stripped away from the genocidal lunatics who run the U.S. and the CIA. There can be no equilibrium in the world and no normalcy until these horrendous monsters are stopped once and for all.

When George Bush was placed into the office of President of the United States the country stopped being a legitimate power and was taken over by their secret Shadow Government. That event and the fact of the documented subversion of the democratic processes by the implementation of compromised Dielbold voting machines are direct evidence as to the moment when the US stopped be a legitimate democracy and became an illegitimate hyper-security police state leading up to and after the events of 9-11-2001. 

Now. Due to multiple acts of Aggressive War (Crimes Against Peace, the ultimate international crime), rampant torture, renditions, extra-judicial assassination by drone and all of its attempts and actions aimed at influencing countries and controlling the world, there must be international resolutions to isolate and end the barbarity of the United States. This must be done in a fair and impartial neutral body and since there is not one currently in existence all of the countries in the world must unite and create one.  

The United Nations was originally intended  for and designed to prevent exactly what the U.S. has become and exactly what it is doing but has shown that it is only another international body wholly and totally enslaved and under the control of the U.S., NATO, Israel and now Saud.

By sponsoring and supporting terrorists and violent militarized radical organization, such as Al Qaeda, the Taliban, IS, IL, ISIL, ISIS, DAESH, Al Nusra, the Right Sector, Columbian Paramilitaries and a host of others worldwide, the United States has proven without it a doubt its own illegitimacy.

By organizing coups, overthrowing leaders and assassinating anyone at will the United Sates has proven that it is a completely rogue nations which must be stripped of its arms and completely and totally isolated from the world community. But will anyone do such a thing? Will any country stand up? Will an leader or anyone even do so much as draw up a resolution? Sadly I seriously doubt it. The world is too terrified and to afraid of the United Sates and it seems more so every day that I am my self completely alone and isolated fighting this greatest of evils when it should be fought by every human being on the planet. 

Just for the documented overthrow of the Ukrainian Government and the genocide being carried out on Russians by the CIA/RAND Corporation controlled Ukrainian nazis the US deserves to be sanctioned but no one has the will. I do and many people like me but we do not have any power to do anything whatsoever and those who do seem to be under the complete control of the U.S.

The barbarity, illegality and egregious disregard for sovereignty and human life by the United States of America and all of their allies and assorted FVEY and NATO partners is historic and must be stopped. Their crimes are so numerous and egregious that it is almost impossible to record and report and document everything. They have in reality gone completely off the reservations. From the genocide in Palestine and literally writing it off the map, to the genocide in Yemen by Saudi Arabia using U.S. arms, to the genocide of Russians in the Donbass, to the genocide of Serbs, to the mass murder of civilians on 911, to the genocide of Shia Muslims, the Shadow Government of the United States of America must be brought out of the shadows and put before tribunals. It is the only way. It is the only thing that must be done and then the United States must be completely and totally isolated from the world community for all time so that it can not repeat what it has done. That is the only solution that will finally bring peace to the world for the civilized nations and the people who want and deserve peace.     

Humanity, mankind and the International Community must stand up (before it is too late which will be soon) in a united front and once and for all tell the lunatics in Washington that enough is enough. All of the assets and financial instruments, property and wealth of the United States, Israel, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and anyone involved in the NWO conspiracy must be seized and locked down in order to first of all stop them then to pay restitution to every person and every country that they have destroyed. This includes the Indigenous peoples of North America who are owed trillions by the Corporation of Canada and they Corporation of the United States which are the true legal entities most call the United States and Canada.        

Then there is the global Satanic pedophilia, the global illegal narcotics and weapons trade by the CIA and the list goes on. My dear friends and readers and sane people all over the world, the single biggest threat and spreader of death and crime in the world is the United States of America and the CIA in particular. 

I can not put in words the disgust I have and the horror that is what they have become. If there was a god they would have been sent to hell a long time ago but they are continuing to grow stronger and stronger by the day and anyone who is against them continue to be wiped out and erased and destroyed like me and my family.

You must also wake and see the reality and not allow them to continue. But this is almost impossible to gain support for because they all control all of the channels for the spread of information, except this one. One lone journalist living as a refugee with one lone site and an independent server. This is the reality. Am I it? Where are you world?

The biggest shame is that Russia which is being targeted for destruction and genocide is filled with and being run for a large part by many people beholden to the United States who continue to treat them as if they are legitimate and refuse to admit or even consider the fact they the US is no friend of Russia and is in fact trying to destroy the Russian State, Russian Culture and the Russian people. The same people who treat the nazi trash and filth that took over Ukraine refuse to do anything even when they have directly assassinated a Russian Diplomatic Representative.

First Run Facts and Motives Pointing to CIA/MOSSAD/GID Involvement

Jar2 is probably the last completely free voice in the world and even though I expect to be killed soon for my years of journalistic work I don't care. Having said that here is what I know about this egregious, horrendous, monstrous and in no way justifiable assassination against a diplomat working for peace.

First the facts and everything I learned about this horrendous crime from all of my sources, contacts and intelligence. I underline first run because these were the facts as they first came out before the information operations kicked in to obfuscation and control the narrative.

1. The actions of the assassin were those of a professional and the assassination was done and carried out in such a way as to show that it was carefully planned for maximum effect, maximum media exposure, to appear as a direct attack on the Russian Federation and to place the blame on Muslims. The opening of an art center was being televised live which is unusual.

2. The timing on the eve of an official visit to Russia by Turkey where agreements were planned to be signed between Russia, Iran and Turkey, shows that the CIA were desperate to prevent such an event in anyway possible. The normalization of Russian-Turkish relations means that pipelines will not be built, NATO will not be bringing Turkey into its criminal organization and the U.S. which wants military bases around the Black Sea as well as everywhere else will not be obtaining such. 

3. The choice of venue. An event which was supposed to symbolize the path to the return of normalization in Turkish-Russian relations. Carrying out the assassination there was an attack on both Turkey and the Russian Federation and designed to drive a wedge between the two countries. 

4. The killer was fired from the police for his connections, or his family's connections, to the recent CIA organized coup attempt in Turkey. The coup was proven in the media and by the arrests of CIA and MOSSAD officers to have been planned by the West, thus anyone involved or connected to it is directly connected to the CIA and MOSSAD. This gives us fact 5.

5. Given the fact that he was connected to the CIA organized coup and was even fired from his job and was probably facing trial or further charges and was hopeless he would have definitely been willing to carry out such an event. The shooter was radicalized and had no future in Turkey and was probably promised that his family would be taken care of if he gave his life for the CIA and MOSSAD. Of course they have armies of brainwashed Muslim and in fact millions worldwide who would die for them. This is the largest threat to world security in modern times. Never in history have intelligence agencies been so intertwined with terrorists to the point where they indiscernible from each other.

6. The shooters name points to Jewish origin which points to a MOSSAD connection. It is a fact that radicalized Jews are used by the CIA and MOSSAD to carry out such operations and the shooter was obviously indoctrinated and trained making him the perfect patsy.

7. In the days prior to the assassination Turkey recalled 300 military personnel from NATO structures. Meaning Turkey was officially saying no to NATO and that NATO will no longer have any control over Turkey whatsoever. This was exclusive information that I was given and may not be available anywhere else. The withdrawal of 300 officers is unprecedented and a complete and total demarche.

8. There are over 350 CIA Officers working in the Turkish Intelligence Service's Offices in Ankara. This was also inside information. It is not clear as of writing if they have been expelled from Turkey or not but they were occupying offices in Turkish Intelligence from which they were running operations in Turkey and Syria and Middle East territories connected to Turkey.

9. Another inside fact is that there is a U.S./NATO General that secretly overseas all operations and actions being carried out by the Turkish Government and who must approve of anything that Turkey does before Turkey does it. This information has come out with the support of Turkey's President Erdogan because he will be assassinated if he does not continue to bend to the will of the CIA and NATO. Turkey has been taken over and is no longer a sovereign nation but the Turkish President is attempting to save his country, his people and himself according to my source.

10. Not long ago Turkey officially announced it was no longer seeking membership in NATO.

11. The assassination took place within hours of Donald Trump officially being declared the President of the United States. Thus the impunity the CIA had under Obama has officially ended and such operations would not have been carried out under a new President's rule.

12. Turkey which was shipping stolen oil from Syria to Israel and providing material support to ISIS

13. NATO would have called up Article 5 of the NATO Charter had Russia gone to war against Turkey.

15. Earlier Russia destroyed the pipeline that Turkey was using to steal Syria oil which was delivered to Israel.

16. Hours before the assassination Russia cleansed Aleppo, Syria of the CIA/MOSSAD/GID/NATO ISIS/AQ/AN forces.

17. Russia has exposed more about the CIA and their creation and support of terrorists than any other country in the world.

18. Russia was blamed for the Podesta leaks and more by the CIA in a clear attempt to sow propaganda for war meaning they are desperate

19. The CIA is not happy that Donald Trump appears to be friendly with Russia and not so with CIA.

20. CIA lost their candidate who was to start World War III with Russia and again became desperate on the last day of Obama's power

21. The CIA has gone completely off the reservation and is no longer under control and 

22. My server was taken down 5 times after publishing information about this event

23. Evidence CIA Ordered Assassination of Russian Ambassador Michael Morell called for such an event

24. CIA Assets are all running diversionary operations. Examples include Michael Bohm admonishes Russians for seeing a link, Snowden blaming Russia for Cyber attacks and all U.S. and Western media outlets which run information support operations for the CIA are ignoring the facts, justifying the assassination and obfuscating CIA/NATO involvement.

25. Heightened operations in the Caucuses by terrorists who we know are being sponsored by Saudi Arabia means the CIA/MOSSAD/GID are desperate.

26. Sports Europe Politics

27. Media and Internet operations

28. Hillary's Loss and insane attempts to blame Russia while passing laws saying cyber attacks deserve a military response

Media, Internet and Information Operations

Facebook and their unprecedented collusion with Hungarian Nazis George Soros to censor information is just one sad and pathetic example of the way that the CIA and the Zionist elites are attempting to spread lies to the population and maintain their false narrative. They are not interested in the people being informed. They are interested in fact in the complete opposite. Their only interest is in the truth not being allowed to get out.

Every claim against Greenberg, a Rockefeller and the owner of Facebook, and everything we heard in the past of Facebook being the largest facial coordinate data base owned by the CIA and the NSA ring even truer today as Facebook has also become militarized as an instrument to control the information received by those unfortunate enough to use the service and therefore to control their minds.  

The kind of statement bellow is horrific but for the CIA controlled U.S. media it is normal.

The Ministry of Truth is Now Militarized and All Powerful

The following laws and additions are all important because they are designed to allow the U.S. Government to do exactly what they are doing today with regard to the media in their drive for World War III.

MKULTRA Never Stopped

S 2943 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 PDF

The U.S. Government has effectively militarized information operations and has give the Broadcast Board of Governors, which is the Ministry of Truth for the United States much broader and all encompassing powers. 

Creates BBG Executive continues to cement the powers of the security state and enslavement of the people

HR 5181 Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 PDF

In order to combat any media outlet or internet resource that is exposing the illegality or the crimes being committed by the U.S. Government they have now militarized and given themselves the ability to legal shut down and silence anyone who goes against the official narrative.

Gives more power to the BBG and now allows the targeting of media which counters the false information being put out by the BBG and the fake US media

HR 5736 Modifications to Smith-Mundt Act Allowing BBG Propaganda in US PDF

This law is important because it allowed for the Ministry of Truth (the BBG) to use military and government grade propaganda against the citizens of the United States. They can now legally tell you anything they want and push any lie they want as truth. This was the actual end of journalism in America and the end of freedom of speech and the oversight that the Fourth Estate was supposed to provide.

This law allowed for Broadcast Board of Governors to create, distribute and spread false news and propaganda into the United States as it had been doing to the world.

HR 645 REX84 Full Text Will Allow Imprisonment of Millions for Dissent PDF

The U.S. Government has long had the power to imprison and intern any and all Americans if there is massive discontent or protest with ANY decision made by the government. This includes, and the wording is thus "opposition to n unpopular war". So there is to be no freedom of speech and no dissent. The American people effectively became slaves when this law was passed several years ago. 

Full Text PDF of bill H.R. 645 directing the establishment of internment centers on military bases

Hacking is Now the New Reason Justifying Aggressive War

When you know what to watch for the statements by officials saying that hacking is the same as a military attack and warrant a military response and then they start accusing Russia of state sponsored hacking the only conclusion that you can reach is that they are frothing at the mouth like rapid dogs to start a war with Russia. They can do this because they believe like WWI and WWII the war will be fought on foreign soil like all US wars. Therefore to stop these animals it is necessary to bring every war home to America.

This Should be the Smoking Gun: Evidence CIA Ordered Assassination of Russian Ambassador

Again Michael Morell whose wife donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Clinton campaign, further evidence of the CIA/Clinton relationship, has come out with wild statements regarding Russia and how it must be "punished", this time saying Putin needs a painful blow. This must be done for the fabricated cyber attack charges that the U.S. has come up with to claim that the recent U.S. elections were somehow influenced by Russia. Not long ago this frothing at the mouth rabid dog of an excuse for a human filth called for the killing of Russians and Iranians to "make them pay a price." Such statement have no place in any part of the civilized world but this lunatic, who is in a revolving door between private interests profiting from war and the Central Intelligence Agency, which has now become nothing but the global war enabler for the corporations, truly believes and it is clear he is right in believing, that he can say anything he wants. This psychopath truly believes that somehow the U.S. has the right to slaughter people because they are not in line with the wishes of the United States.    

CIA Hawk Called for the US to Deliver a “Painful” Blow to Putin One Week Prior to Ambassador Being Assassinated

CIA is Misrepresenting FBI’s and Clapper’s doubts on CIA’s Russian hacking claims

The Director of National Intelligence which is over the CIA and the FBI have both said there is no evidence of Russian cyber attacks affecting the recent election but the CIA keeps spreading the lie and is attempting to use it to start World War III. This insanity has got to be stopped but no one in the U.S. seems to have the ability to speak out let alone have the power to do anything to stop these maniacs.

UK Generals in Syria to Recruit Aleppo Terrorists to murder more Civilians and Russian Medics

This report is just another in the millions of pieces of evidence in the public domain proving the U.S. is a state sponsor and user of terror. Further proof they controlled the shooter of  the Russian Ambassador.

CIA Has No Credibility, Protecting Pizzagate, Spreading Lies, Blames Russia for Killary Loss

The CIA must be disbanded and as John F Kennedy said, all of the pieces spread to the winds so that it could never reform again. This drive for World War III and their covering up of child trafficking and worse should be an affront to civilized people but there are almost no bodies or individuals left to challenge them.

They provide no proof so I provide no link

An Army of Lunatics and Wormlike Scum Frothing at the Mouth for World War III

From Facebook to Faux to the NY Daily Trash all Rothschild/Zionist/CIA controlled internet assets and media outlets world wide are pushing the insane drive for World War III. These bodies and individuals should also be brought before a tribunal as should anyone who repeats the lies they are using to drive up of the insanity for war. Yes those are harsh words but technically under international law and any country's normal criminal law, anyone colluding with the commission of a crime, in this case the ultimate crime against humanity (Aggressive War) must also be held to account.

NSA/CIA Officers and Agents in Russia Continue to Cover and Obfuscate for the CIA

Michael Bohm who is allowed to continue to push US positions and propaganda on Russian television once again admonished Russians for seeing the CIA or the US hand in the assassination of the Russian diplomat in Turkey.

It is stunning that Snowden continues to make public statements in which he admits he has done nothing to hurt the CIA which is my claim from the beginning (that he has revealed nothing) and ridicule those who are critical of the CIA and NATO with regard to Russia and does not, once again say a word in support of Russia when it is under attack and is supposedly protecting him. He continues to spit on Russia further proving my assessment that he is still working for the CIA and in fact has been all along. 

The Russian media outlets being run by the CIA continue to tell everyone what a great guy this Trojan horse is. It is stunning!

Conclusion of Investigation and Report

Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was assassinated by the CIA and MOSSAD with support from Rogue Turkish Intelligence Officers and NATO/MI6. The ultimate goal is provoking World War III against the Russian Federation and to guarantee NATO bases and assets in Turkey all for the global central banking mafia chiefly represented by the odious Rothschilds and Rockefellers, in their drive for the New World Order .

All measures must be taken by the FSB and security bodies to eliminate the 5th column operating in Russia and anyone else working against the interests of the Russian State and the Russian people as well as anyone pushing for war.

Update 12-23-2016

CIA Arm Al-Nusra Claims Reponsibility for Assassination of Russian Ambassador JAR2 Was Right

On Al-Nusra/CIA ties



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