Cognitive Dissonance and the Truth About Crimea By John Robles

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Cognitive dissonance: The stress or discomfort experienced by an individual when faced with two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time or when having to perform an action or confronted by new information that is contradictory to those beliefs, ideas or values.

According to Leon Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance an individual who experiences such stress or discomfort tries to reduce the discomfort and avoid situations and information likely to increase it. Hence, as my experience has shown, those systematically bombarded by false information, such as the information spread by the US Government and its subservient global media regarding the situation in Crimea and other events such as 9-11, either subconsciously or knowingly, refuse to accept, and in fact avoid any information that goes against that official narrative.      

This psychological “safety mechanism” if you will, is the core human factor that is methodically manipulated with expertise and precision by the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, Mossad, their subservient media and all of the fronts and “assets” that they control. Cognitive dissonance is the trigger and mechanism that continues to allow the criminals who seized power in 2000 to continue to perpetuate the 9-11 lies, successfully carry out the Edward Snowden Limited Hangout Psychological Operation, to destroy and subvert country after country, continue the aggression against Russia and Crimea for events that they personally caused and finally to escape repercussions and criminal liabilities for the millions killed since the illegal invasion of Yugoslavia, the illegal annexation of Palestine and during the entire false “War on Terror”.

Sadly the aforementioned are just a few of the egregious events and high crimes that the world and the American people have been tricked into accepting and forced to ignore as those responsible continue to commit ever more heinous crimes as they attempt to amass even more power worldwide and continue operations to control the masses and force a false narrative on the collective consciousness of mankind as a whole.  

The psychology term “cognitive dissonance” has begun to appear more and more over the last few years and officially entered the public domain with the appearance of Edward Snowden. This is more by necessity than design for the sole reason that there must be a way to describe what they are doing and an expression to explain why the false realties that have been created for all of us en-masse since the year 2000 continue to be accepted by the majority of the world’s population and those who have truly delivered the truth continue to be successfully shunned, demonized, crucified and finally destroyed.

For the truth seeker, the true whistle blower, the investigative journalist and those who seek the truth it is this contradiction and natural human safety mechanism, working in unison with military grade, CIA controlled and NSA supported information operations that make the fight for the truth an almost unwinnable battle but it is a battle we must fight and one that we have no option but to win.   

Things being as they are (namely dealing with an audience that has been completely bamboozled into believing lies and falsehoods) in this day and age there are few tasks more daunting than attempting to expose the truth to an audience who, due to cognitive dissonance, does not want to hear it. For the masses the truth has become something that is either consciously or subliminally shunned and any mention of truth or anything going against the official monologue cause for derision and violent opposition. But again the truth is something that must be told no matter how uncomfortable it may make some feel, no matter how strongly it goes against the beliefs held by the masses and finally no matter how strongly it runs counter to the lies and falsehoods being created by the West in order to facilitate yet another illegal attack on a country and yet another genocide against a peaceful population.

Therefore in 2016 (and I repeat) no matter the consequences or the way that the house of cards has been stacked against him or her, the real truth seeker must continue to fight for the truth to be heard.

Finally, before I begin my report from Crimea, I want to underline two more disadvantages faced by the truth seeker, namely that the truth seeker only has one version of the events to convey and like the mathematician, he or she only has one true or right answer to present and secondly in contrast those creating the false realities have at their disposal an unlimited number of versions and lies to force feed the public with thereby making their “job” much easier. Those two factors, in conjunction with the active military grade psychological operations and information manipulation currently being engaged in by the US Government, make the task of getting the truth out one that is almost impossible.

The War Lies and Continued Genocide

“We are now in the business of destroying countries.” – General Wesley Clark   

That quote is for those who have never till now sought the truth and especially for the young people just beginning to wake up and seeking answers in a world that they know is terribly wrong. To understand how and why you are being lied to and manipulated into supporting mass murderers bent on global domination you must understand the “program” being carried out by NATO/Mossad/Saud and the US military-industrial-intelligence-media complex. A monstrosity I call simply the “Complex”.

The list of countries marked for destruction is available on my site or you can simply Google (what a nice new corporate verb) the quote above. Yugoslavia was the litmus test then Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and others. Currently up for destruction is Russia and then the People’s Republic of China and also Venezuela which is currently also being destabilized and driven into the depths of anarchy. Ukraine was simply the first step on the attack on Russia.

Crimea choosing to avoid its own destruction by reunifying with its historical mother was a direct result of the US sponsored and orchestrated rise to power of genocidal fascists in the Ukraine bent on committing genocide against the Russian population after having been brainwashed by the US which divided the population with hereto benign inter-ethnic hate and conflict. A classic scenario used by the CIA and NATO in places like the Middle East and Latin America and in the US itself. The beautiful Republic of Crimea hence avoided the deaths of millions and managed so far to stay a civilized part of the ever decreasing free world.          

Lulled Into Normalcy by the Peace in Crimea  

I have been in the Republic of Crimea for more than half a year now and unfortunately during that time I have to some degree been lulled into a feeling of false security and normalcy that in reality does not exist only several hundred kilometers away and for the most part throughout the world at large. This feeling of normalcy has been brought about by the events, or rather lack of events, taking place here.

I have also been so tied up in my own personal struggle having been brutally targeted for destruction by the Complex to survive, that I have not had time to really concentrate on the events around me and throughout the world as I feel I should have. Be those troubles by design in order to bring about such an immersion, or by accident due to events beyond anyone’s direct control, the result has been the same, no articles and little by way of connecting the dots for you, which is my specialty.

The Truth About Crimea

After all of these years of collecting information, speaking to people and pouring through the news, then physically moving here to Crimea and working the “beat” 24-7 the only real thing that I can report is the almost unreal normalcy of life on the peninsula and the true happiness of the population to have finally rejoined with Russia. Life here, despite the economic hardships and bureaucratic upheaval, is completely normal, peaceful and civilized to the point of almost being unreal. Most importantly for the western reader is the fact that I have seen NO signs whatsoever of anything even remotely resembling an “occupation or annexation”. For that one should look at Iraq or Kosovo or even Germany. I have seen no soldiers, no tanks, no clashes, no violence, no demonstrations, no heightened police presence and nothing to indicate unrest or suppression of such. In fact the almost complete and total lack of a visible police and military presence is almost unnerving but in fact logical. There is no need, the people spoke and the people maintain their own order and peace because they are truly and beautifully self-empowered and civilized.       

Since the day US orchestrated Ukraine crisis began I have observed the assault on Russia and since the day of the referendum, after having reported on the attempts by NATO and the Complex to carry out a Kosovo scenario using their Banderavites, I have personally observed the situation in the Republic of Crimea and have spent every personal resource and every waking hour seeking signs of the aggression, subversion, annexation and occupation that the Complex is telling the people of the world exist in Crimea and I will now report my findings in the coming days and months if the Great Spirit gives me the strength. My report is accompanied by a collection of photos that I am currently posting on the jar2 servers and which you can find here .

The truth about Crimea is simply this: there is no conflict in Crimea. A fact for which I have started a hashtag that I hope you will support and which I hope will help to wake up the world’s population and make at least a few people realize the way they are being manipulated by the western media which has failed in its true function and which can not be trusted. Copy the hastag and use it #thereisnoconflictincrimea .     

The truth about Crimea is that everything is normal, about 98% of the people are happy to have rejoined Russia and the only problems the people are struggling with are those of an economic and civil society nature which have been directly caused by the anachronism of US/NATO, which is understandable as the US/NATO Complex are only capable of economic blackmail, supporting the stealing of resources, destabilization, destruction, mayhem and genocide.

The only real problem in Crimea today is a lack of tourists caused by Western measures against a fictitious “annexation”. The Republic is beautiful, peaceful and prices were remarkably cheap but are now extremely expensive, if you have the funds please visit and I guarantee you that you will fall in love with the people, the land, the culture and the nature.

I will be reporting more soon so please stay tuned and visit the site every day. And soon I will tell you the truth about the rampant racism, exceptionalism, corruption and extremely exaggerated prices.

Your friend in truth,

John Anthony Robles II

The Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation

July 14, 2016   



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