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June 22, 2023


Introduction and Covid-19


Who wins here? Those three words are an interesting formulation really. What did they bring to mind? (WHO - the World Health Organization? It seems that they have appropriated a common word in the English language, and then if you take away the question mark you have "WHO wins here". Do you see where I am going with this? This is an example of the devious and almost imperceptible way that the psychological operations are run against civilians, you might scoff and call it marketing or as most often the scoffers do, as a coincidence, however if you are a true investigator and seeker of truth and have any kind of ability to unravel conspiracies then just like me you know that accidents never happen and that there are no coincidences.


I will regress and for a minute digress into intellectual laziness and employ the beloved current tactic of the deceivers and the liars of the Empire of Lies and just switch topics. However unlike the deceivers I have just told you about what I am doing. I am doing so because I have a lot too say and not much time, they do so to bring about intellectual laziness and to program and accustom you not to be inquisitive and simply take their talking points as truth. If you know what I am talking about excuse me, if you don't then this is your first lesson in Psychological Operations. 


Before I continue let's get one thing clear, this is a point which you need to understand, accept and use to de-program yourself, no matter how high your level of Cognitive Dissonance is: everything you think you know and believe is a lie and everything the media and the system feeds you is not true or is a fabricated constructed and manipulated version of truth (the last of which is the easiest to use for deception - remember NASA in Hebrew means deception/to deceive)....    


The Platform - The Real Truth Node and Attrition from Russia With Love

My predicament was clear after I was crucified by Western Agents in Russia for my journalistic work exposing the criminality of their Western masters and all of my work was removed from every location it had been published. However now that WikiLeaks (neither a wiki nor leaks) and it's corporate operative front man are supposedly languishing in one of the prisons of the Empire of Lies, it is time to step in and use the Real Truth Node that I have designed called JAR2.


Operating in the shadows of the tech giants and the corporate million dollar government funded media and the thousands of promoted "truth" outlets for over 20 years now, JAR2 has managed to do what none of them have been able to do in the Hybrid Psy War of Attrition that is the Internet and that is staying on-line for what is now a truly historic period of time and even more importantly here inside the Russian Federation despite the fact that my enemies are legion and include operatives at the highest levels of the Western Governments who operate outside of the laws of civilized countries including their own.   


Russian Insider, Kommersant, Bellingcat, Meduza (closer to our level and sites that were claiming to have some inside line on Russia or were operating inside Russia) along with the VOA, the BBC, DW, Facebook, Twitter and other information behemoths and the whole array of State Department and Western Intel Agency projects like Caucasian Center, Memorial, FBK, and all the rest, have been evicted from the Russian sovereign internet space but lo and behold Billy, JAR2 and all the JAR2 sites are still on-line and not a single reserve IP address has ever had to be used. How is that? Who is the real "Russian Insider" now Billy? In this regard JAR2 is now a GIANT in the Russian Cyber World, an honor I did not expect nor did I want. How can that be Billy? The answer is truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which JAR2 has fought tooth and nail to publish since the day of its creation. Truth is the foundation of JAR2 and Truth is the Sword of the Russian World and our mutual fight against the Empire of Lies and Truth is the weapon that will win the information war in the long term Psy War of Attrition.  


And Now the Real Deal


In the 1980s and 1990s the CIA was working all out to consolidate their power grab in the former Soviet Union. By taking the most traitorous, brutal, ambitious, powerful, criminal and corrupt elements of the population they sought to guarantee that their Russia Project would succeed. As Americans suffered at home and US infrastructure was starting to decay billions upon billions of dollars were flowing into Russia to create a Western sympathetic elite, one that would influence the country, the government and the people and help to make Russia and the Russian World a satellite client state of the USA/NATO and install a society according to the CIA/NATO Western blueprint.. Unfortunately today under heightened CIA/MI6 activity in Russia these moles and assets are being effectively used against the Russian State. However their activities now make them easily identifiable and from a counter intelligence viewpoint right now is the time to grab the swords and cut out the cancer.


June 25, 2023


My readers numbering in the several hundred thousands if not millions over the long term, friends both known and unknown, fans and even hundreds if not thousands or even hundreds of thousands of American Indians and indigenous people around the world may be wondering what happened between me and the Night Wolves MC and since I have no secrecy agreement signed with them and because it is in the public interest I think it is my responsibility to inform you about what transpired. There is that as well as the burning question hundreds of millions of people worldwide have regarding why CIA poster boy critic of the Russian Government who created the entire Russian hacker narrative was given citizenship and not I. Hundreds of millions of non-whites and hundreds of millions who support President Putin worldwide and in Russia would be interested why one of his staunchest supporters on many levels has since 2007 not be able to obtain the simple citizenship that he was promised, especially given that I was his lead English language propagandist for half a decade, and I will inform you about that as well. 


After what happened yesterday with Prigozhin and the quickly suppressed armed takeover of the Russian Government by elements inside Prigozhin's organization (one I might add refused to allow me to enter its ranks now for what might be obvious reasons) all of my hundreds of articles and commentaries regarding the 5th column in Russia and the 680 million dollars that the CIA offered in 2012 to anyone who could carry out such a heinous deed, all of my work and efforts for the last 20 years and have been vindicated and proven to possess a veracity at such a level that even I did not expect. Given that my own fate is intertwined with the success of Russia becoming sovereign and the eviction of the CIA/MI6 5th column that has been operating inside Russia since approximately 1984 all of these issues have taken on a heightened meaning and topicality that has heretofore not been possessed.


If you are Russian you should see exactly what I am talking about in a few minutes of study of the picture below taken in Hirurg's inner sanctum at Gassfort. Whether this was done intentionally or just an oversight on his part is up for discussion. However the ramifications for me, either way, were very clear, and this was just the beginning of a can of worms in a Pandora's Box at the bottom of a Rabbit Hole that I neither sought nor wished to go down.



The Problem With Wagner - 06-25-2023


The problem with Wagner (even the name causes me to cringe. Why not Tchaikovsky?), Western/CIA controlled Russian media which I have been writing about for decades, the Western/CIA "business" structure that was forced onto the former USSR, the Western/CIA model of the Internet, the Western/Rothschild/CIA economic system and all of the attributes of the West that were forced onto the former Soviet Union by CIA-recruited-America-loving sycophants, bandits, mafia and megalomaniac lunatics ready to sell out their country, is that, like it or not, they are instruments of the very West/CIA we are at war with as was planned by the CIA architects (a long drawn out low intensity conflict). In this regard it is important to note and remember that even the former and first president of the Russia Federation was a documented, proven and openly admitted CIA agent. An agent who after his presidency was allowed to keep his money and power and continue to live a peaceful life and be active in the political processes and the media of the Russian State. This is where the departure from what should be "normal", one might say, begins and this is important in understanding the fact and dealing with the reality that we no longer live in what is a "normal" world. Here in Russia and in most of the post CIA/NATO/MOSSAD 911 Black Operation world, we now live in a CIA Black Operations world, where truth is almost non-existent and where now there is almost no one fighting for the truth or truly exposing the truth. We live in a world where the media, journalism and even "transparency" organizations are all compromised to serve the CIA and the West in general and a world run by a mafia of elites whose only interest is maintaining their power and wealth. That is a global problem and it is a serious problem in the Russian World and is one that has to be dealt with if Russia is ever going to be a truly sovereign nation as the president has stated is the goal.


It is understandable why Eric Prince and Greystone/Academi/XI/Blackwater/Frontier Services Group, or whatever they are calling themselves now are needed by the CIA and the US Government, in their mockery of democracy the US Government and the CIA need organizations to carry out their black operations worldwide, operations occurring at levels that no other country in the world is doing as they continue to attempt to rule the world. Again that is all understandable, Eric Prince has even compromised Chinese Security by opening what is called the International Security Defense College in Beijing itself, as under the aegis of "security" (remember how the CIA/State Department even openly used one of their "security" certificate holders to infiltrate and take over the Russian media - Dmitry Kisilev) the CIA infiltrates and takes over governments by using "training" to learn about and be able to neutralize and compromise all sovereign security tactics and structures. So the structures motivation, players and "logic" of the Empire of Lies is clear (if it is not for you do a little research) which leads us to Prigozhin and the question as to why a private military company was needed in Russia? The answer to that for the most part is that it wasn't but after Eric Prince attempted to infiltrate the Russian military structures and access Russian wealth to pay for it Russian "businessman" Prigozhin appeared as apparently the privatization and capitalistic selling of military services was seen as another Western "institution" that someone thought would fly in Russia, with of course the lucre that they believed was to be had.


Russia is a country with mandatory military service and conscription so manpower issues are not a problem, nor are transparency or secrecy unlike in the USA, so the only reasons for a Private Military Company in Russia are either CIA penetration (proven by Prince), self-profit (proven by Prigozhin's lifestyle and multiple passports) or Black Operations so secret that the MOD, the FSB and SVR can not carry them out (09-03-2023 given Prigozhin's demise we can cancel the last point out which also proves point one. The CIA spent 25 years training their Right Sector terrorists and Azov et al, used Surkhov to plan and buy time to arm up their nazi terrorists and then of course they would want to be right in the middle of the action when the war started. This is an obvious fact to anyone understanding the nature of secret wars). Given the Wagner's operations and what is known of the players the scales tilt towards the former (CIA penetration) and given the make up of the Wagner forces (in particular the large number of felons and criminals) the scales further tip away from the latter (secret operations) with only the expendable nature of the criminals tipping the scales towards the latter. However after the events of the 24th of June it is clear that either Prigozhin is not in control of Wagner or Wagner and Prigozhin are in fact another instrument in the CIA toolbox inside Russia proper. Again however, given that Prigozhin is still alive (if he in fact is) then his being a CIA asset is not likely (being as he is not it is obvious that he was). So far we have no credible information that he is in fact still among the living (after I wrote that sentence he met with Putin in the Kremlin and then died in an air crash. Given that the Russian Government and Special Services has not made a statement as to whom we will assume that whoever carried out the assassination (the CIA or someone else) will remain a secret and that is not a topic that we will discuss whatsoever). As for JAR2 you can say that I was right again.





August 23, 2023

Prigozhin's plane crashes.

Разбился самолет с Евгением Пригожиным на борту. Главное


August 29, 2023

The Problem With Wagner - Syria (Under AFRF or Leave)

Сирийское издание «Baladi news» сообщает, что заместитель министра обороны России Юнус-Бек Евкуров «призвал Асада изгнать "вагнеровское" ополчение из Сирии». Это произошло во время воскресного визита Евкурова в Дамаск, где он провел встречу с сирийскими военачальниками, и первым вопросом стало обсуждение судьбы группы Вагнер, присутствующей в регионе.

По данным источников издания Евкуров поручил сирийским лидерам проинформировать «ЧВК Вагнер» о необходимости ухода из страны, либо же присоединения к дислоцированной там российской армии.

В результате достигнутых договоренностей, министр обороны Сирии генерал Али Махмуд Аббас провел встречу с лидерами Вагнера в Сирии и предложил группе сдать оружие и уйти из страны в течение месяца, либо же присоединиться к российской армии и работать под их командованием.

По данным издания, непосредственных членов группы Вагнера и ополченцев, находящихся под их началом, в стране насчитывается до 3000 человек. В их функции входит охрана нефтяных месторождений и контроль зоны соприкосновения с вооруженными силами Турции.


Reports that Prigozhin is in "exile" in Belarus, if true, point to the fact that it was in fact one of his lieutenants who organized what was to be the armed military takeover of Russia, an event as mentioned above, that the CIA was ready to pay 680 million for. Also even more important is the fact that the FSB rescinded the charges against Prigozhin. No matter the actual perpetrators the fact of the matter is that Russia has a serious problem with its 5th column. In this regard then statements by the CIA that they knew about it days in advance point not to Prigozhin (as the CIA would like you to believe) but to moles that they have inside Wagner. 


One positive intelligence related point in all of this is that scores of CIA operatives and traitors to Russia exposed themselves everywhere, from inside Wagner to the media and even inside the Russian government and that is a good thing and it will help in part of the Operation Z that needs to take place inside Russia proper, especially at the "elite" level and in the media. 


So what do we actually know? We know that there were reported strikes on a Wagner camp, we know that Wagner shot down a Russian military command center and a helicopter. We know that Wagner troops temporarily occupied a ministry of defense building in Rostov on the Don, we know that approximately 1,500 Wagner military vehicles formed a convoy and headed for Moscow. We know that counter measures were taken and the attempted armed takeover was stopped within hours. Other than that everything is just speculation and since we can not trust the media anywhere, without an inside source it is highly unlikely that we will ever know the entire story but there are nuggets and one of those is the makeup of Wagner's forces which would be the most logical and simple explanation to what happened and explain the airstrikes and the events that followed.


We know that Wagner's forces consisted of thousands of convicted criminals and we know that these elements of society are not the most patriotic or trustworthy, to say the least. Most convicted criminals, especially those who were innocent, do not differentiate between the corrupt systems that put them in prison and the overall government and the president. Among these members of the Russian population you would be very hard tried to find anyone who supports president Putin or the Russian Government which is understandable. Few of the them have the education, knowledge or information to differentiate between corrupt elements and those in the government who are patriots and honest hardworking people, therefore convincing them that the only solution is overthrowing the government is quite simple, as people like Navalny and his CIA masters know. 


So in conclusion (until more verifiable facts come in) we can be assured that the CIA or MI6 want you to believe they were involved given all of the public statements by their puppets in the Western information space (an expedient way to get rid of Prigozhin who was up until now wiping out their nazis by saying he was their agent) and that an attempt at an armed coup was quickly thwarted. If it was a Black Operation then it was carried out against the true enemies of the Russian State and regardless of all of the details should serve as a wake up call to the Muscovite elites and populace who are hopping around like nazi puppets on the Maidan and treating the Special Operation as if it is some abstract political action that does not affect them as they pretend to be patriots while not even having the common decency to show their support for Russian troops who are dying for them by even placing a simple Z sticker on their cars. Yes it is amazing that in Moscow Russia and other regions the some of the public does not deem it as necessary to support the Russian forces and even today I am amazed by how few Zs I see on vehicles. Stunning actually. It is sad that all of the traitors that took part will not be prosecuted and those responsible have not been hung in public to show the brainwashed Liberals what happens to traitors. In any other country that would be the least that could be done, meaning a public punishment of such traitors and round the clock coverage of any possible CIA or other involvement, but this is post-Liberal Russia and unfortunately the 1990s CIA 5th column are still controlling levers they should have never been allowed to even come near. Hopefully Operation Z "denazification" will begin soon in Russia proper and for all intents and purposes it has already begun.   


I will continue covering this as more facts come in and will leave you with this:

Пригожин заявил, что среди бизнеса в РФ находится много "недобитых" либералов и агентов Запада, но "ждать осталось недолго":.. "Огромное количество недобитых агентов Ходорковского, иностранных спецслужб и либералов находятся среди бизнеса и российской политической элиты. Осталось ждать совсем недолго, когда этих либералов «уничтожат». Но кроме них существуют явные агенты Запада, люди, которых надо судить за измену Родине. И мы их можем легко узнать по наглой рыжей морде с гладко сбритыми недавно усами."


Prigozhin said that among the business community in the Russian Federation there are many "unfinished" liberals and agents of the West, but "there is not long to wait":.. "A huge number of unfinished agents of Khodorkovsky, foreign intelligence services and liberals are among the business and the Russian political elite. It is not long to wait for these liberals to be "destroyed". But besides them, there are obvious agents of the West, people who should be tried for treason. And we can easily recognize them by their impudent blond mugs with freshly trimmed moustaches."



 Wake up country. Especially Moscow. This is not some abstract "political" operation that has no relation to you like you like to believe in the comfort of the bubble you live in. The future of the Russian World, our world, is under threat. If you cannot even put a Z sticker on your car, you are a part of the problem. Shame on you. It is time for Operation ZOV to enter Russia proper and you liberal IPhone using enablers of the enemy will be the target in your bubble.


Просыпайся, страна. Особенно Москва. Это не какая-то абстрактная «политическая» операция, не имеющая к вам никакого отношения, как вы любите верить в комфорт пузыря, в котором вы существуете. Будущее Русского мира, нашего мира, находится под угрозой. Если вы не можете даже наклеить ,буква Z на свой автомобиль, вы являетесь частью проблемы. Позор вам. Операции ЗОВ пора вступить в собственно Россию, и вы, либерально пособник врага, станете мишенью в своем пузыре. - Д Роблес 2023


June 27, 2023


The head of Rossgvardia has stated that foreign intelligence agencies were behind the attempted armed takeover of Russia and today's statements by the US State Department forbidding any statements on the fail coup would tend to underline that fact. Given that Prigozhin is still apparently alive and free and the case against him has been dropped points to the fact that it was his underlings who instigated the failed coup. However we are still waiting for more facts to come in so that we can reach a definitive conclusion. Clearly for us the fingerprints of CIA Black Operations is all over this and even though the Russian CIA media will not admit it even the Chinese could see it. 


July 04, 2023 CIA Inception of Armed Coup - PMCs ala CIA Front Man Eric Prince - ITS JUST BUSINESS


CIA Front Man Eric Prince and Dmitrev "We can do whatever we want." - “I’m a big believer in restoring the U.S.-Russia relationship,” he said when approached at a Russian business conference Thursday. “I think it’s the responsibility of any credible, thoughtful person to start restoring relations between two great countries when they are at such low points. So basically we will continue to talk with different U.S. businesses, U.S. people-- and by the way, nothing restricts us from doing so, from U.S. partners who invest with us, with the hope of having good dialogue to restore relations between Russia and the U.S.”



The takeaway from Dmitrev's statements are that anyone who stands up to the USA is not credible and that when it comes to working with the USA "WE" (meaning those at his level?) can do whatever they want. In the context of a meeting with a CIA Front Man this is treasonous, but this was the same statement made by Oleg Dmitrev during the liquidation of the Voice of Russia and a few minutes before I was poisoned. This statement points to the complete impunity that the speaker's believe they have which of course allows them to openly work with the CIA, just like Alhimova at the VOR who stated directly that "THEY" would help the CIA or "ANY" special service in prosecuting the whistleblower of the Boston Bombing false flag. These were not only illegal actions against me a journalist, but against my source and against the Russian State and Russian Intelligence and in fact were collusion in the state murder of a Russian citizen by the USA. These "editors" had clear information that could have been used to save the lives of the Tsarnaev brothers but did nothing. In normal law practice that would be homicide through criminal negligence and conspiracy to commit state sponsored murder in the commission, execution and cover-up of a terrorist act. Therefore all of the associated parties are documented and proven supporters of terrorism. Unfortunately Boston was only one example and unfortunately at the State level no one is willing to go after terrorists who are state actors and in this case were in fact offering them support.


Given such cooperation with the CIA by officials then what is the point of Counter Intelligence, journalism and whistleblowing if they in fact openly and with impunity following the dictants of their CIA "partners"? What is the point in any of it then? If Israel and the USA are the world's worst terrorists and other countries not only support them but help them cover up their crimes what is the point in anything that they label as being civilization. That is not civilization and 911 has taken us down the road of devolution from which there will be no return. What could have been more honorable and worthy of praise and applause than exposing the US Government and Israel as the real architects and executors of 911? It is the same as the CIA assassination of JFK, or the fake moon landings. There are those (we can do whatever we want) with impunity at the highest levels who are part and parcel of western conspiracies, even those against the Russian population and the Russian World. As my ex-vice editor under US citizen Alhimova Sergey Sayenko (we will fabricate a criminal case against you for your articles on the Ukraine) told me: "What do you care if 15,000 Russians or Ukrainians die? Are you ready to die for some hohols?" (This was before my poisoning and all of this unbelievable crap is now forever available to investigators in my insurance file.) Maybe in 50 years when there are real investigators going after real terrorists the case of my poisoning (which is the attempted murder of a journalist) will be looked at but all of the guilty parties will have been long gone. Which is why these jackals can not label me as a journalist. Attempting to murder a journalist, if officially charged is quite a serious crime, but no one will ever charge these stinking traitors to Russia because according to them since I am an asylee (they can do whatever they want.) At the beginning of the special operation there was the hope of upcoming tribunals but if those responsible for the formation of such tribunals are also guilty of "we can do what we want" and working for the CIA there will never be tribunals because these same "Russians" would be frog-marched right into the trials alongside their Ukronazi/CIA partners. To be perfectly frank if my work was investigated and taken seriously there would never have been an attempt at the armed overthrowing of the Russian Government by the CIA, but the CIA has successfully demonized me and everything I have done and no investigation into any of my revelations will ever be carried out. Only maybe in a hundred years by extraterrestrials, who will find that the only truth they found on this hell planet was on JAR2.com.


 The Wagner fiasco has shown three things: 1) the inner circle of Putin is poisoned with CIA lackeys, 2) the billions that they CIA has spent on "Project Russia" and the 680 million offered for an armed takeover of the Russian Government are still active and paying dividends, and 3) the Russian media is still completely under foreign (CIA) control. Sure the media reported the events (they had to) but nowhere are there articles or analysis pointing the CIA. Russian journalists are not journalists anymore, they are simply yes men/women who write about whatever their CIA/MOCKINGBIRD controlled editors tell them. Most of them are worse than prostitutes and by default are terrified of saying anything that may offend the West, thanks to what has happened to me, to Assange and to every journalist or truther the CIA Murder Incorporated has slaughtered over the last ten years starting with the Ukraine. We recall among the first victims of the nazi junta were journalists from RGTRK, then hundreds more and the site Mirovtvorets and all the rest, so who is going to have the courage to in fact risk their life to write against the Western mass-murder machine that is trying to destroy Russia, has already attempted to assassinate President Putin and just tried to carry out an armed insurrection to remove President Putin and militarily take over the Russian State? Who? Oh yeah that guy on JAR2 who writes "non-standard" articles (as the Russian journalist community calls my work). However their silence on how the CIA (Snowden and his minions) fabricated a narcotics case against my son and then tried to kill him on New Year's Eve and how USA loving 5th columnists and bribe-takers in the Russian Government have allowed for an individual who an effective creator of native speakers and was the voice of the entire Russian World to languish for almost 30 years being forced to live on the fringes because just like the nazis he has not been granted and internal passport. Yes people see that and just like the CIA has planned, they are afraid to go against the CIA/MI6/NATO and the Western zionist murder machine.  



June 29, 2023 Armed Coup Update


Apparently the CIA was able to infiltrate the upper command structure of Wagner and it was the commanders under Prigozhin who organized the attempted armed coup and murdered Russian servicemen and officers. In intelligence terms the quick liquidation of the operation by Russian Intelligence and Russian Forces handed the CIA a historic failure and has now shown the world that the Empire of Lies and the so-called West are truly and completely impotent against Russia (Kinzhal anyone?) and that there is an existential and real threat to the very existence of the Russian State and the Russian World from the so-called "West" NATO, the CIA, MI6 and all of their associated partners and forces. How the Western CIA/MOCKINGBIRD spinmasters are going to portray this as a victory is beyond me but of course they are scrambling around like headless chickens trying to think up lies to do just that.


Who jumped out to defend Putin? That is the key question and who has exposed or even mentioned the hand of the CIA?


July 07, 2023


Some interesting facts have come out slowly but surely. One is that on the 24th of June Prigozhin disappeared from the FBi's most wanted list, only to return the next day, another is that Prigozhin had his own media holding with multiple news outlets which were all blocked by Roskomnadzor, another is a supposedly unconnected re-inspection of all Kremlin employee's financial declarations, another is the fact now being discussed that within Putin's elites no one actually did anything to support him other than (according to Tsargrad) write posts on Telegram and finally there are reports that Prigozhin, after returning to Russia then left the country this was after another report that stated that his mansion was raided and multiple passports were found. Could Prigozhin have been a mole from the beginning after Prince tried to infiltrate the Russian military complex? Or was he just a greedy "businessman" involved in everything from school lunches to military raids whose ambition blinded his reason? Or is there more to this? We'll see.


June 28, 2023




Returning to the topic of the media, what passes for journalism in the age of lies and the sycophantic zionist/CIA internet I must once again touch upon the urgent matter concerning JAR2 and the true and undeniable fact that we are now truly the only independent and free transparency and exposure site on the entire Internet. This is something I did not want nor is it something I regard as a good thing, it is in fact a huge responsibility which I neither wanted nor sought.


I am amazed that in the span of 5 years the zionist scourge and the CIA/MI6/Hasbara Russophobic Empire of Lies idiots have managed to completely gut the global information space of truth or any semblance of credibility. I have sat and watched and stayed mostly on the sidelines so as not to inadvertently help these morons and as I predicted given enough rope they ran with it and hung themselves with their web of endless lies. The Hollywood spinmasters and sycophantic media cucks running around like headless chickens mindlessly following the dictants of the puppet masters and their little brain dead editors whose only real concern regarding their existence is their tiny dicks and bank accounts truly believe that the populace and the audience of their drivel is truly retarded and that they control the minds of the people and the market for their driveling filth. Like me, intelligent people have long ago switched off and stopped digesting their crap, so whatever they are left with is nothing worth even mentioning except an empty minded echo chamber of brain dead dumb downed zombies ready to believe anything they are told, and in this regard as always I have to mention 911 because it was that CIA Black Operation that brought us to the end of civilization and the retardation of a huge part of the global population and the lies and psychological operations will continue unchecked and unchallenged because now the Zionist/CIA scourge of the planet Earth control almost every channel of information. This is what they meant by full spectrum dominance and they are taking the entire human race down a path of devolution and annihilation.


The players are the same as they were when they came to power in 2014, except now they are working in the shadows, hiding like rabid rats slithering in their own filth cringing in terror at the light of truth. They now cancel anyone they want, demonize whoever they choose and re-write history live and in real time, but who is actually buying their shit? I suppose I should give you some examples of what I am talking about and in doing so reveal to you that in a small way I still care, a little. I care not for you dear reader because when the shit hit the fan you did not support me, but I care for that little spark of truth that I planted decades ago and which still shimmers in far flung and largely hidden places.   


I watch from the shadows and quietly note everything I see and it is not good. Starting with Trump and his COVID-19 genocide gift to the world, other than that his only real legacy was dropping more bombs than Obama and Bush and introducing an open military intelligence operation as a truth operation with QANON, the TRUTH information space has been divided, decimated and erased (except for JAR2 of course) and the level of infantile egregious drivel has gone off the scales as they continue spreading lies with complete immunity. Part of my monitoring is a satellite TV channel appropriately called .black since it is clearly a CIA run Obama populated psy op multiplier Black Operation, and what they are pushing is mind numbing in its evil, with the evil matched only by the blatant way they attempt to program the audience.


Let me give you a couple of examples at the true miserable state that is clearly evident to anyone with half a brain who remembers more intelligent times when audiences were actually respected and then I will continue with more pressing matters and some real issues that are not making headlines anywhere. I recently went through the entire Obama/NetFlix/Sony series called Startup, one I had some interest in as there are many parallels in the story with that of myself and JAR2 and since now there is no Assange shadowing me I was interested in the story line and how they portray people doing close to what I do, meaning what they want to the public to think (the goal of their programming) which will give us an indication of what their future plans are.     


When you accept the fact that the media and all information in 2023 is tainted and being produced to manipulate and mind control you then things become clear and simple. For example the above mentioned "program" leaves one with the takeaway that anyone not cooperating with the NSA or the CIA is a criminal and a killer. No mention about the right to privacy, freedom of speech or the right to be free from government oppression. The takeaway from this one was that if you try to do something without the NSA you are a mass murderer. There were so many different red flags in the series Startup that it was clear who was behind it. The architects and liars of the Empire of Lies.


The tactics of mind control are clear when you know what to look for, another dumbing down tactic that the "American Dream" exceptional liars have been using more and more blatantly since 911 are leaving out facts and background and details, because as the devils they are know, the devil is in the details, just as with 911. So in their attempt to create a populace and a world that ignores details and just accepts whatever drivel they give you as truth, they have once again shown their hand by using deletion in their deceptions. This has become so noticeable that it is impossible to watch anything being produced by Hollywood and the West and openly proves beyond a doubt that the monied "elite" spinmasters truly believe that they control the market and everything they do will be digested and believed by the masses and moreover it shows their suicidal arrogance that they truly believe that they are more intelligent than you and I. Everything they are doing is to distract, obfuscate, deceive and order (DODO) the dumbed down masses into believe and doing whatever it is they want. Power crazed insatiably greedy lunatics with megalomanic satanic eugenicist beliefs have completely taken over the West and the Empire of Lies, starting with the neocons and neozionists who were the architects of 911.


In today's world there is no need to write fiction, writing about reality and truth is now more fantastic than even the most out-there science fiction novel. So if you are paying attention I just used the tactic that they use to try to underline the fact. Did you see it? Of course you did because you are awake and paying attention. In the aforementioned Netflix/Obama/CIA/Sony production the deletions and half truths were everywhere, perhaps they think we will all discuss their drivel on sites and theorize however they produced nothing that is worth theorizing about. Big tech (the CIA/NSA Media Complex) had the goal of demonizing startups, internet activists, blacks and Hispanics and the entire usual slew of whoever they want to demonize, or glorify as the case may be. Take the case of the FBI agent, there was an entire story there that went completely untold even lacking any sort of catharsis at the end. Then in the plugs for the series he is called simply a "powerful FBI agent" not a greed driven murderer who brutally falsely imprisoned his partner, chained her up, beat her to death and then chopped her up and put her in a bag and threw her in a bay somewhere. Way back before 911 films did not insult the audience with deletion and it was the job of the best writers to create intriguing and intellectually challenging stories that captivated and were interesting to watch. Today either the audience truly has the IQ of a potato and are more than marginally retarded (mentally challenged is the politically correct term I believe) which I refuse to believe, or as it is obvious that is how they want you to be and in fact believe that digesting such filth will make you all thus.


The above series is just an example of what has occurred, namely that in the West the lying, thieving, mass-murdering governments and the monied "elites" who they now fully work for, have taken over the information space. Again we return to 911 and government secrecy. A good example of when that secrecy is necessary is the Wagner case (we are at war and any information will be used by the enemy) a bad example was 911 (we want illegal war and need to consolidate public opinion and outcry). In one case there was a real threat to the state, in the other there was an imaginary threat to the Empire of Lies and Israel for which they slaughtered 1,999+ of their own civilians (move on nothing to see here).  


As the 911 architects saw lies and commissions was not enough to erase the simple fact that any 5 year old could see (that million ton steel framed skyscrapers do not collapse into their own footprint after a lateral impact from an aluminum airplane) but they went down that road and their plans of destroying countries and taking over the world were already set in stone so they decided to employ military grade psychological operations and propaganda against their own populaces and have done so "legally".


NOTE: I am not nor will I ever be a part of that and ask you to support my work.


The situation with the Ukraine is a very good example and has exposed the global conspiracy and its actors more than any other event in human history. Here the endless unbelievable crimes of the Empire of Lies are obvious for the entire world to see as the genociding zionist Anglo-Saxon hordes team up to destroy the largest country in the world. Here it is an in-your-face truth that it is the forked-tongued lying "white" man who is behind all of the existential egregious crap another thing they try to hide with fake "wokeism" and fake "Critical Race Theory" thought up by the HASBARA zionist lunatics as a way to pretend they are not in fact genociding racists and pathological liars only interested in maintaining their white supremacy over the world. In the Ukraine the genociding Anglo-Saxon zionists have even taken their lies to such an unbelievable level in their efforts to demonize Russia that they have even attempted to say that Russians are not white. For a red man this seems the epitome of lunacy. A white man saying another white man is not white, but that is how they operate and this is why red, yellow, black, brown and even beige men are almost nowhere to be seen in the global information space. As Dr. Kevin Barret told me and Rick Rozoff from Stop NATO since I can not lie I am no use to the empire, unfortunately the State Department trained and compromised Russian moles running the Russian media space also came to the same conclusion and tried to erase me from history.


Out of all of the newswires I follow none of them have changed their format or content since the beginning of the special operation and the same goes with the television "programming." All of them are USA centric running the same endless news about the West as if such news has some actual relationship with the lives of the Russian people. The operations of the CIA MOCKINGBIRD are so obvious that one would have to be blind not to see them but for some reason (because all of the top managers are working for the West and the CIA) nothing is being done or even mentioned and even though good patriotic Russians in the organs that are responsible have been making an huge effort and hundreds of CIA funded "bloggers" and "writers" and "outlets" have been closed outright and banned and declared foreign agents it is not enough. Why is it not enough? Because we need to get to the core and in the case of the information flow the core consists of the 5 newswires that all of the "Russian" MOCKINGBIRD endlessly and brainlessly get their information from assuming it is "credible", verified and worth repeating. This last point is arguable as for all intents and purposes they repeat absolutely everything and anything that comes down the wire, that is how and why they are a part of the CIA MOCKINGBIRD.


Unfortunately in the last 493 days of the Special Operation there has been almost no change inside Russia proper. At first we believed it was due to the scale of the infection but now it is obvious that the entrenched CIA paid moles "Westernizers" are still holding the positions of command and control that they have held for decades and they are apparently not going anywhere. The barometer and the most obvious instance of CIA infiltration is the Russian media which continues undaunted and with absolutely no change in visible editorial policy. Russia has the instruments to end the CIA control of the Russian media but there is an obvious lack of will to do so. Again the most obvious, open and blatant instrument of the CIA and the West is the media and the content brainwashing the masses. All you have to do is look at the news stories they run and it is still USA USA USA USA.
So what just happened with Prigozhin and Wagner? What really happened that no one except JAR2 will tell you about it? What really happened was that the CIA activated plans and agents for an armed takeover of the Russian Federation and the removal/murder of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the FSB, SVR and GRU heroically neutralized the threat before it even had a chance of taking off. Does the CIA controlled Russian MOCKINGBIRD media say a thing about the CIA or MI6 which was operating in conjunction with the clowns from Langley? No. What they do do in the aftermath is run recruiting operations for the CIA by quoting Billy "I Love Cock" Burns as he starts a Russian Spy recruitment drive using the MOCKINGBIRD.
Despite the state of war we are in against the CIA/USA/NATO and the entire "West" and their countless minions and puppets the Russian CIA/MOCKINGBIRD media continues operating as if nothing has happened. Every hour endless reports about the USA and the West as if they are more important than anything happening here and as if Russians are somehow connected to all of the endless drivel that is happening in the USA. As it was is as it is, nothing has changed and ever CEO of ever outlet from Interfax to Rossiya Sevodnya to Tass should be taken for a walk in the woods for treason against the Russian World. Right now there should be endless reports, analysis, articles and coverage about the attempted armed overthrow of President Putin by the CIA but there is almost nothing, not even reporting on the truly heroic way that the armed coup was stopped in its tracks. Not reporting on such an event is journalistic negligence and malfeasance but that is the state we are in and no one except me seems to have a problem with it. 


911/NATO admitted openly that they were in the business of destroying countries in a "leak" by General Wesley Clark in the immediate post-911 period ... and that is the outcome of what is soon to be the "former" Ukraine. To pretend that it was not and is not the CIA/NATO War Complex behind the destruction of Ukraine (as outlined in my 526 page collection of news reports and my fact-based articles that is my 2017 book for JAR2 readers titled Nuland's Nazis and the Destruction of the Ukraine (free download here: http://jar2.com/Book/Nulands_Nazis_and_the_Destruction_of_Ukraine_First_Edition.pdf)), and to pretend it is not the CIA/NATO engaged in an illegal frontal military assault on Russia and the Russian World, it to pretend that America is not a genocide based state at war since its creation and seeking to expand by committing genocide on Russians to steal their land and enslave them. It is the same game the Empire of Lies has been playing for hundreds of years. The only difference is this time, although they are doing everything within their power to suppress and obfuscate, we are all able to see the lies and fabrications taking place in the West in real time due to the global instantaneous information space, but again no one in the media is challenging the falsehoods and only Sergey Lavrov, Dimitry Medvedev, Maria Zaharova and Vasily Nebezna seem to actually be doing their jobs of defending the Russian World from the Western Horde.


So then is Operation Z Not Coming to Russia? STOPPING the NATO and the Empire of Lies global racist imperialist takeover seems not be on the agenda of the Russian 5th column MOCKINGBIRD media. The next question is why... The answer lies in the 5th Column Circling President Putin


The Former Ukraine


Let me talk a little bit about the Ukraine, and I will try not to open and close cans of worms if you will (as the MOCKINGBIRD idiots do intentionally to show they are insignificant) and then I will move on and update you all on my own fight which is getting historic in depth and proportion. However since ZOV is an ongoing operation and the USA/NATO have been handed the "long-drawn out low intensity conflict" that they had tried to burden Russia with, actually depleting NATO munitions, I will refrain from any further information as it will be used by the CIA/NATO to modify their attack.   


The Life-Long Struggle of the Aging and Battle-Scarred John A Robles II and JAR2 - If you are against me you are against Russia.


"The sons of jackal bitches and rabid filth have definitely switched the flip everywhere and about everything while possessing the "attributes" but none of the mental capacities or excellence that should go with the label "elites" but that is what the CIA created in Russia when they took knuckle dragging cavemen-like morons and made them into the "elites", Lord almighty how I have come to despise that word."  - John Robles


Given all of the issues covered in the above sections on President Putin's and the inner circle of "elites" who by default (due to the nature of the government installed after the collapse of the USSR and the financial system that was installed by the CIA and which Putin is trying to change) are Western puppets, the decades of factual evidence published and reported on by JAR2, the direct and public targetting by the CIA and their agents in the Russian media and all of the actors and criminals that JAR2 has exposed, it is therefore no wonder that he and his family have been put through what they have and now under the cover of the special operation they are going to attempt the coup de 'grace. This is by no means a hypothetical theorem or a some delusional conclusion brought on by decades of targeting and forced helplessness but the only logical end to the long running murder of myself by the CIA's trash and the coming about of a plan stated to me in 2014 also backed up by statements made to me by certain individuals close to the pullers of the levers and most likely also working for the CIA on the Russia Project, to bring about a 5th column under the glorification of criminality and racial superiority to control those sections of the population who are drawn to these topics as their educational levels are to low to lead full lives and their pride has to be supported by falsities of race and their own exceptionalism (just like in America and that is the plan).


There were and are people in the Russian Government who are directly working for the CIA, MI6, NATO and the West, and there people in powerful positions who are soft-power levers for the West and USA lovers and sympathizers and even worse "business partners". They exist in Russia in the media, in business, in education, in government, now in the military and even in the biker node. In the media these "credible" (to the West) individuals are known, for example they include people at upper levels with CIA/State Department security certificates (Dimitry Kisilev) and people openly and directly trained by the CIA/State Department (Margarita Semonyan) and thus by default all of the thousands of people who work under them. For all intents and purposes that is quite a force. These are what could be called the CIA's deep state in Russia, or in simpler terms, moles. For Russian Intelligence and the authorities trying to save the Russian World from obliteration on every front, these people are the worst and have shown themselves to be impossible to remove. (LATER: Right after I wrote that fake ambassador Burns made the claim that the CIA is going on a recruiting drive in Russia, as if the CIA does not have too many agents in Russia already...)


Covid 19 made everything clear to anyone who was paying attention as to who really controls and runs Russia because as the biological attack on Russia and the world was being carried all of the media and a host of lawmakers all jumped on Bill Gates' eugenist globalist wagon and like sheep to the slaughter paid no attention that the target was themselves. Being as immediately laws were passed prohibiting the spreading of the truth about Covid-19 (that it was a biological attack and that the vaccines were designed to kill and sterilize) I all put stopped writing and instead published scientific facts, files and evidence proving it was created in a lab at Fort Detrick Maryland. Thousands of the files and pieces of evidence that I published were nowhere else to be found or were wiped, banned and censored off of the entire Internet (but we still have everything).


To be continued....


Being thrown into a cauldron of traitors, killers and treasonous scum.



The Second Russian nazi War - The Real Time Diary of John Robles a Taino Indian


30 years, my whole life, stolen from me by the child trafficking CPS office in Woodland California. 30 years taken away from me by the CIA criminals covering up their crimes and their trafficking in children. 30 years and the CIA's agents in Russia have prevented me from normalizing my status. 30 years is a long time, it's a lifetime.


Being the only ex-US citizen with asylum in Russia and the world (if you know of another let me know) you would think that there would be an interest as to my fate and that the government giving me that asylum would be interested in my well-being and success but that is not the case. Hollywood was only interested when it came to naming their fake asylee Snowden (who NEVER had asylum only temporary asylum to get him out of the airport) when they named him citizen 4 (I am "citizen" 1 and my children were citizens 2 and 3) and "normal" Western citizens, for the most part are only interested in my fate in order to send me hate mail and try to damage me and my so-called colleagues in the Russian media are only interested in writing lies and demonizing me for their CIA masters, which leaves who? The thousands of visitors I get every day. Judging from their lack of feedback and support I would hasten to reckon that they are only my enemies trying to see how effective they have been.


My enemies are legion (but so are my friends but they have no voices, must remain in the shadows for their own safety and even those who help me are unable to eliminate the CIA's 5th column) and are attempting to continue to control the narrative about me and who and what I am. They create falsehoods and maintain outright lies about me and my person and I am told there is nothing I can do about them. People who have no idea who I am, those who are so stupid that they believe anything they hear, those who are too racist to see anything other than what they have been programmed to see and especially the brainwashed America loving zombies have all played their part over the years in helping the CIA demonize me, but the worst of them all are officials in the Russian Government who are assisting the CIA is finally getting their hands on me, it has taken years but their plans will soon come to fruition, being as the CIA officer who was sent to destroy my life and reputation in Russia was given Russian citizenship even though  he is still openly and actively working for the CIA for the world to see and making a complete and total mockery of Russia and the Russian State for the CIA with every passing minute that he continues to be "a Russian". This abomination who was a an obvious lie and a fraud from day one has somehow managed to pull the wool over the eyes of everyone, even the President of Russia and his CIA handlers from the 1990s are in positions where they influence the policies and decisions of the internal ministry of the Russian Federation. He was allowed to replace me a real asylee for the CIA so they could have their own agent inside Russia playing the role of an asylee and a whistleblower while convincing any officials who may have been against it that it was essential for mutual security and the security of the United States of America, but most importantly it was important in order to maintain the cover up about 911 which the Russian Government refuses to expose the truth about and the money flows to the CIA's 5th column which said CIA officer is an expert at along with creating entrapment operations to destroy enemies of the CIA in countries where their enemies find refuge, like me. Even at this juncture when the USA is actively trying to militarily destroy Russia and the Russian World there are hundreds of officials and government employees in Russia who are serving the USA and the CIA. Statements about the need for more spies in Russia by the CIA are simply attempts to cover up the fact that they already have hundreds of them inside the Russian Government. The numbers before were 200 agents for every one CIA Officer working as an agent controller. Given that the USA Embassy is just a front for the CIA and that they had over 900 active CIA officers inside Russia before the special operation that means there are close to 18,000 CIA Agents or assets still inside Russia, minus those who left at the beginning of the Special Operation.      


With regard to my asylum it is important to note that I was cancelled by CIA/Wikipedia and CIA/Google and all western media. The CIA avatar Snowden was sent to replace me as part of CIA image operations and the Russians were convinced that an America loving, American flag waving, American patriot CIA officer who exposed the NSA for the CIA was a better avatar to have as an asylee and not the real asylee who exposes the crimes of the CIA and the USA Government and was targeted due to his race and the attempt to steal his children by CPS and who on top of it all spit on the CIA and exposed their officers and officers of MI6 and even the US Government's involvement in 911 and then went on to become popular and do even more damage to the image of the USA to an audience of 480,000,000 on Russian global state radio, the Voice of Russia World Service. On the VOR everyting from the first Srebrenica to 911 to articles promoting self-determination and exposing the CIA nazi operation in the Ukraine, were published and broadcast for over 5 years and even included an open conflict with former Ambassador CIA Officer McFaul who attempted to fabricate a criminal case against Robles so that he would be evicted from Russia and handed back to the USA but then went on to fabricate one against his son when that attempt failed. All of this is part of the public record but it has almost all been erased by hthe CIA and their agents here in Russia where you will not find any mention of the McFaul conflict or anything on defense of the family or the son who was innocent and spent five years in prison. McFaul's friend ANdrey Bistritsky took care of all that, and CIA certificate holder Kisilev not only poisoned Robles and almost killed him but almost immediately deleted all of Robles' material from the site of Sputnik which took over the VOR's content without the permission of the authors.   


Some of the falsehoods they have created about me include ignoring that I am a teacher (I passed Cambridge CELTA certification twice but the MI6 run school did not give me a certificate even though I worked for them for 13 years) and have taught for 25 years even teaching English teachers advanced communicative approaches. I have created dozens of native speakers if you will and people who are able to communicate in the English language at a level where natives have no idea that they are Russians. I was the senior teacher under an institute running under the Russian Academy of Sciences but according to the CIA ass licking liars I am not a teacher and can not find a job teaching because I do not support Satanic, trans America.


Another one which is laughable is that I am not a journalist even though I was the official English voice of the Russian World for over half a decade and wrote thousands of articles and exposed hundreds of egregious CIA crimes around the world, almost culminating with the complete exposure of 911 (then Snowdy showed up). However because I do not support Satanic trans America and exposed nazis in the Ukraine before anyone in the Russian media was allowed to as this may have offended their CIA masters who trained and installed the nazis in the Ukraine in order to attack and destroy the Russian World. I have published time and again documented proof that the editors and management staff who drove the Voice of Russia into extinction were working in the interests of the USA against Russia and even included individuals from inside the USA intelligence "community". Right there out in the open Michael McCulloch from USA Navy Russian Intelligence and two years of CIA training who worked as a "content editor" at the VOR and censored my usage of the word nazi regarding the USA puppets in the Ukraine and in fact was instrumental in getting all of my journalistic work exposing the CIA removed from the Russian media space and then subverting the VOR and cutting its funding which led to its liquidation after Snowdy arrived and the American editor Alhimova pasted "THANK YOU SNOWDEN" all over the VOR's web pages, while I was exposing CIA crimes left and right. And the hypocrites and USA lovers in the Russian Union of journalists never once supported me or my work, even when Michael McFaul had articles I had written exposing his crimes in Russia removed from the VOR through his "friend" Andrey Bistritsky (one of those 5th columnists circling President Putin and pulling levers in the shadows). The lawyer for CIA certified Dimitry Kisilev even had the nerve to tell me in open court that I was never an announcer even though I was the lead announcer for the English Service for over half a decade. That particular lie is still astounding to this day.


Of course the original CIA template lie that I was a dead beat dad has to be mentioned since I was in fact a hero dad who raised my children by myself and this has been continued by the CIA's puppets in Russia who lured me into a marriage to one of their zombie agents (Ukrainians from Zaporozhie with Muscovite attributes).


Then there is the refusal by anyone to admit that I run the most dangerous leak site in the world and have for over 20 years now programmed my own servers, protected my own infrastructure for daily attacks and created my own sites single-handedly, but nowhere will you see anyone giving that the credibility it deserves and nowhere will anyone call me a programmer or a Web Admin even though I have filled these jobs and more for over two decades now.


My favorite and the one all Russians and everyone in the world seems to be unable to see the reality about it the fact that I am not an "American", I was never an American when I lived in America (always a spic or a sand nigger or at best a brown but never a native American and never just an American which means white European genocider) and I never became an "American" until I arrived in Russia, and this has always been the biggest disappointment. Now that MVD is responsible for Asylum issues, yes in Russia now asylees are handled by the police who in fact are not prepared and posses no knowledge about the myriad issues that asylees face and who worst of all view everyone as a criminal. Yes political asylum is now a police matter. Not that the United Nations or international law ever helped me but at least there was that illusion of a fallback. Unfortunately many officers have no experience with asylees and especially non-white people and honestly believe that we are all uneducated drug dealers and criminals who are worse than animals given the Hollywood narrative and the endemic racism that is more than glad to latch onto such stereotypes as it supports their false beliefs and preconceptions about the racial inferiority of "untermensch" and "mud people" like me. This racism was not a problem in the USSR however since the 90s the USA MOCKINGBIRD and their endless attempts to force their societal model onto the Russian State have made racism a norm and have in fact institutionalized it and codified it into normal practice and even the law in many cases. What is stunning with the "American" meme is that the very officials and departments who accepted and processed my multiple renunciations of US Citizenship even to this day continue calling me a US Citizen even though I have never received an ounce of any kind of support from that Satanic country, nor have enjoyed any of the protections granted real citizens of the state. This is the reality that I have had to live with for decades now and I was always afraid to speak out because of my children and the fact that they had asylum too. However I never really believed that they could be so evil and do what they did to my children who were forced out of and forced to leave Russia which was their home, where they grew up and were educated and the country that they considered their home and their mother land. This made no difference to the "officials" who were trained educated and paid to believe that America is the be all end all of countries and was in fact the colonial power of the Post Soviet World. During the 1990s my experiences with the police consisted only of paying them endless bribes just for no reason at all, because they knew they could terrify money out of me. These same police who would start almost every conversation with why do you have asylum America is a normal country (I never answered them that America is a continent, the USA is a country and one based on genocide and occupying stolen land as they were too stupid to understand such truths) now these "America is a normal country" individuals are in charge of the asylum system while once again having no training or expertise in the issues we face nor the moral compass of understanding and compassion that should be possessed by anyone dealing with refugees. To them everything is black and white and everyone is a criminal ... well not just black and white, green still plays a huge role. 


I have been a proponent and promoter of Russian Sovereignty for decades and am one now but things are not going the way that I believed they would have as Russia struggle and fight tooth and nail to gain its sovereignty back from the Western liars and colonizers whom they opened their hearts minds and everything else to. Sovereignty for Russia is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately for many Russians they believe that sovereignty means they can do whatever they want. Including breaking any law they choose and even selling their own country to the West. Sovereignty needs to come with a healthy respect and dosage of sovereign law but unfortunately as I recently found out, neither the MVD or even Kremlin bodies believe they are bound by Russian law and they have flaunted this to me and slapped me in the face with this fact and the officials believe that since I have been banned and completely censored from all Western outlets and platforms and there are no Russian outlets who would dare publish anything against them they have decided that it is fine to continue to slowly murder me, because not allowing me to normalize my status for thirty years has not only robbed me of my life, denied me all basic human rights but has in fact started to slowly physically kill me and there is nothing I can so because the people killing me are the ones who I should complain to. I used to believe in Russians and believed that they were the salt of the earth and had a sharp sense of justice and compassion, however slowly being murdered by them has kind of changed that outlook. Just like William the piece of filth Burns who illegally revoked my US Passport and stripped me of my citizenship and left me stateless, the people responsible for destroying my family and slowly murdering me have no conscience and are not in the least bit even slightly embarrassed that the ethnic category of ONE and the ONLY "American" with asylum in Russia is being killed by them under the instructions of their CIA advisor Snowden who is the piece of filth in the shadows pulling the strings with regard to my fate. The question about Russian sovereignty has always been a particualarly important one for me and one which is directely connected to my asylum and my hope that sovereignty would come with rule of law has in fact been bashed with the reality that for those holding power (in areas that affect me) sovereignty means simply "We can do what we want" so same thing that Oleg Dimitrev told me at the Rossiya Sevodnya the day I was poisoned in the offices of Dimitry Kisilev, and apparently they can do what they like, even attempted murder and even my reporting this to every responsible body proved that they in fact can do what they like. Does President Putin know about thses animals? If he doesn't he sure will know about them very soon.     


Another good openly accepted lie is that I never served the Russian Government and the Russian State. I have done so officially and unofficially for almost 30 years. Officially as the Voice of the Russian World which came with all of the necessary papers that had to be signed which were in fact acts of treason against the USA and unofficially in manners that I can never talk about due to the signing by me of multiple (I actually can not remember how many) confidentiality, non-disclosure and secrecy agreements, which those who are aware of know make it an impossibility for me to ever leave Russia. Russia does not fuck around with State Secrets and those who leak them and unlike the CIA they are way ahead in regard to maintaining secrecy.


With regard to secrecy even my enemies know that this is a field and an area in which I am very skilled because despite of everything I have revealed as a journalist and blogger and in my life there are even more secrets that I know that I have never talked about but the time has come to release some of my secret capital. Yes capital, I called it capital because like Finick in the Hunger Games film (a film about a society based on lies - sound familiar?) rather than wealth I also collected secrets. This is why they could not arrest me for my journalistic work exposing US Government secrets and why they arrested my son and forced me to drive 500 kilometers for five years when I had no job and was starving to death in order to bring him some potatoes and vegetables so he would not die of scurvy or something. Oh, that is also a secret. Oh the hell they have put me through! But the universe and the Great Spirit and God demand balance and it has come time for payback. As for the aforementioned secrecy agreements you can rest assured I will go to my grave with those secrets, the secrets I am about to reveal are not covered by any agreements, even the ones about Rossiya Sevodnya, because my non-disclosure agreements were with the Voice of Russia World Service, which no longer exists.       


I must regress a little and make a point in this regard, since this is a Russia ZOV Report, it must be underlined that the reason the so-called "elite" in Russia (meaning the CIA installed rich puppets they brought to wealth and power) insist on President Putin guaranteeing that there will be no return to the Soviet Union is not so much that they want to maintain their power, enslave the masses, keep salaries low and generally oppress the people, it is because their real terror, and the reason they ran like lemmings from Russia when the Special Operation started and there were statements about an Operation Z inside Russia, is that to the core of their beings they are petrified about a return of the NKVD, an organization which I am quite fond of as I believe President Putin is .... The current structures in Russia have been specifically designed by them (the Sobchak/Solzhenitsyn elites) and the CIA to make it almost impossible to go after these traitors, but things are looking up, really! And CIA Operation Russia is in fact back-firing. LULZ


My personal war is a war of patience and attrition, and oh my oh my, now it is getting even more ridiculous on their part. What happens in Lubertsy and Moscow stays in Lubertsy and Moscow and blood oaths to secrecy regarding family and loved ones no longer apply when individuals to whom those rules of honor did apply decide to stab you in the back as has happened to me on a historic scale. First off as they have entered into my perimeter again, I have to say something about my ex-wife. Ex-wives are sacrosanct to a point, however this penultimate wife (if you count official and unofficial then three wives back, and you knew nothing - see two paragraphs above) whose family specifically found me and "secretly" arranged our pairing, does not count as she never loved me and now my love for her has faded into the pages of history, has shown her hand in my "secret" persecution and has finally revealed to me who were the instruments that the CIA used in the cover up for my poisoning and the false arrest of my son. This will be a case that one day some honest investigator in the Russian Investigative Committee will be interested in and if there is a return of the NKVD then I am sure these details will be of interest to them. By claiming her husband is an FSB General (and paying huge bribes), my ex-wives' mother (the most stupid, most dishonest, lying Ukrainian I've ever met) managed to influence judges at the court where my divorce and my son's fake prosecution tool place and even got me evicted in 2015, while bloody Gina Haspel herself came down and laughed it up at my son's trial, this "person" a factory worker from Zaporozhie, continues to engage in fraud and illegal activates against me (somehow fraud, treason-for-sale and illegal business schemes seem to be national traits for Ukrainians) and she has shown her pathetic corrupt and bloody hands again. This mother chicken (my ex-wife was so stupid that I used to openly call her my little chicken, a chip off the old block) has openly and publicly used my last name (a name I have the right and responsibility to protect) and my daughter to promote her completely illegal breeding service (as she used to say "the nicest nazis are those who engage in pet breeding) and used their mafia type influence to torpedo my application for citizenship reaching the level of the Kremlin Commission which stated that my child support debt (I could not pay when I was starving to death and visiting my son 500 kilometers away for five years) was a reason to indefinitely freeze my application for citizenship (the dream of the CIA and the reason Snowden was sent, as this protects their MAFIA network. Yes I have managed to gather quite the list of enemies but it is their fault) although this is not a legal reason under Russian law and on the basis of that arbitrary reason I am going to court against the Kremlin Commission on the 13th of July (SUICDE I think which has made it necessary to reveal almost everything and spend so much secret capital). One little nugget about my ex-wife and her mother which should cause them to cease and desist in their persecution and targetting of me (I am saving the best for later) is that her mother paid 90,000 rubles for her to get a Red Diploma from Moscow State University as an English teacher even though her alcoholic mouth can not even speak English (boom! You're done! LULZ). (Buying a Red Diploma may have seemed like a good idea at the time to give her a full set of attributes but the truth always comes out.)


Among the lies about me regarding my teaching which destroyed my career is that I have no Russian qualification (head teacher under the Russian Academy of Sciences is not enough) even though I have taken the CELTA course twice and have 25 years experience and have created dozens of Native Speakers. However Natalia had the "attribute" (a Red Diploma from MGU) but not the skills or the knowledge and as she continues her infantile retarded attempts at entrapping me in some bullshit, like her and her mother's lies in a FLASE police report that I had threatened them in 2015 when I was thousands of kilometers away. You can listen to her recorded conversation here: https://t.me/JAR2_telegram/661 , the same shit that she told me I did not have to pay child support when I was starving to death and then wrote a complaint that I was not paying child support, now she is upset that I am paying child support because as we all know the CIA and William Burns narrative against me and the "official" reason my passport was revoked was that I owed child support for the same children I was heroically raising on my own in Russia. This is a symptom of the disease of living in FAKE CIA world and FAKE CIA world in Russia must be destroyed.











When you can buy "attributes" like Red Diplomas the result is as follows in this edit that I was asked to do not knowing she was this great awarded "writer" (Note: Over 24 comments on 3 sentences... My favorite is "quietly closing their eyes". As opposed to what? How and why would you have to close your eyes quietly? Ofocurse the "writer" did not want me to "proofread" this mess and her name has been protected but this was just so bad that I had to share it. Probably the worst thing I've seen in ten years but what makes it infuriating for me is that this is from an "English Professor" and "Award Winning Writer."):



So if "attributes" (documents) are so easy to buy in Russia why didn't I just pay for a passport and be done with it? Yes driving licenses, passports, diplomas, medical documents and almost anything else could  be bought in Russia, especially during the 1990s and as Snowden has shown passports can still be bought but now the price is very high, for example for Snowden (if the information we have is still current) he would have had to pay at least 1 million dollars as his (like mine) required the signature of the president. This corrupt endemic scheme is the breeding ground for the CIA and those involved in the schemes will eventually have to pay the price for their crimes. In my VOR investigations I discovered that McFaul, Linnick and the CIA were controlling the entire bribe pyramid in the MVD through Mitrofanov who was instrumental in cutting the funding for the voice of Russia. In Russia such schemes are possible due to the endemic problem which exists with the "robber baron" elites. These elites include ones who rob directly from the state coffers, like Prigozhin, Kisilev, Sobchak, Hirurg and hundreds of others, then there are those who rob directly from the people using their positions in the government, like Mitrofanov, the corrupt officials involved in passport and various document sales and those involved in the bribe pyramid. Just like my Russian driver's license I have tried to get my Russian Passport honestly and legally and followed the rule of law to the letter but then someone in the Kremlin commission decided to illegally freeze my citizenship application by saying since I owe child support I can not receive citizenship. Just like CIA COS Williams Burns and CIA Embassy Security Officer Joseph Moone revoke my USA Citizenship by saying I owed child support for the same children I was raising by myself in Russia. In the case of the Kremlin Commission which has now openly committed a crime there are two possibilities as to their motivation: 1. Either I did not pay a bribe, or 2. They have instructions from the CIA. So why didn't I just pay for a passport? In 2020 the cost for a citizen of one of the former republics was approximately 100,000 to 200,000 rubles with "fast tracking" being made available for 40,000. Being as I have asylum I have the legal right to a fast-track application, but this has always been denied to me as I did not pay the 40,000 and I was forced to file a standard application, which they have now frozen indefinitely which is also illegal under Russian Law. But as the CIA Agents at the Voice of Russia told me "We can do whatever we want."    MORE TO COME, I AM JUST GETTING STARTED AND ADVISE YOU TO DOWNLOAD AND COPY ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IN CASE I AM TAKEN OUT.


"They" could have avoided me revealing everything I know about them by simply letting me normalize my status and leaving me alone but they want money that they neither deserve nor will ever get. As for the CIA officer sent to get me evicted from Russia (Snowden) if he paid his millions for a Russia passport he will never be prosecuted because his "lawyer" is now an advisor for the MVD and if there is any hint of him (Snowden) being arrested or those involved in installing him in Russia, his lawyer (a mole) will serve as an early warning system so they can escape justice. Yes that is Snowden's citadel, a house of cards waiting for a strong enough wind to blow to knock it all down.


The Lubertsy Mafia from Odessa


Secrets of the CIA and the Russian Media 


The FAKE Asylee and the Continuing MOCKINGBIRD


The SVR has finally said what no one in Russia dares to say and they have just barely enroached the topic. Namely that the CIA has infilitrated and controls the entire Russian media complex.

 В СВР заявили об идее США внедрить борьбу с российской властью через СМИ


The Kill Box of Asylum


It  has been  


A simple document as single proof that Russia is a sovereign nation and no longer under CIA control.






The Biker Node - The Night Wolves MC

Hirurg and his idea of the rebirth of the destroyed and stone-age-like post USSR, and the evolution of the Russian World into the leadership role held by the USSR and then lost, led by quasi-religious crusading bikers possessing Satanic attributes but really being the good guys, true Orthodox Christians and real patriots of Russia riding their little Harley-Davidson motorcycles amidst the backdrop of a destroyed hell world as envisaged in post-apocalyptic Mad Max films, has somehow become irrelevant and dated as Russia becomes more and more developed and modern. In the literal shadow of first-world-contemporarily-designed glass skyscrapers and a populace where officers and neatly dressed digital citizens are the accepted role models of the day, his Sexton "club" looks more like a junkyard filled with twisted rusting metal, quasi-Satanic imagery and "heroes" of a time gone past where food for "non-members" costs twice the norm and visitors are subjected to the apocalyptic preachings of Hirurg and an endless stream of American rock and roll (why not Russian?). The image of big dirty long-haired Hell's Angels style bikers as champions of Orthodox Christians fighting the good fight to the tune of American Rock and Roll may have been topical in the aftermath of an era of religious repressions but now with Orthodoxy being officially recognized as the state religion and repressions no longer taking place, border-line criminal, dirty, long-haired, Harley Davidson riding Hell's Angeles style, rock and rolling bikers as champions and defenders of the Orthodox may actually now seem offensive to the sentiments of Orthodox Christians long oppressed by the West, the Vatican and the USSR which Hirurg wants to see a rebirth of. What is even worse is that now they run around armed.


Glaring Contradictions - Pompous and Irrelevant?


The Hirug I met and admired in 2014, a man with ideals of justice, equality and real Christian values, is no longer, or has been erased by his "advisors" which include ex-members of the Ukrainian Rada who are still living in the '90s and his own concerns regarding his own survival which is forgivable and understandable.


More to come regarding my trip to Gasfort and request for the assistance of the "Surgeon" (whom I considered a friend and ally) and how it ended with a lonely piece of "all-American" cheesecake at double the price, a neo-nazi group in Alabama and racist "All American" racial epithets and race-based degradation all around, all to the tune of Twisted Sister et al.


Sorry dudes, too many glaring contradictions in your presentation to continue down your Highway to Hell. Did you know that AC-DC stands for Anti-Christ Devil's Child and that overall American Rock and Roll is a Satanic enterprise? Never heard Metal Church in your environs. That is a Christian Metal Band in case you weren't aware. Oh and that Confederate Flag thing for NovoRossiya was really too much for me and pretending to be against Anglo-Saxons in a club called Sexton while listening to their Rock and Roll music was beyond the pale. Thanks for the meal but after your "security" tried to run me (a professional driver) off the road multiple times when I was the flag bearer in your high-speed motorcade I will thus forever exit stage left. Good job on that Mogamed and thanks for the memories.


My Message to President Putin and Useless 70,000 Ruble/5,000 Kilometer Trip to Meet With Hirurg


My readers and followers have asked me why I have stopped posting pictures with the Night Wolves and information about their events and I owe the truth to my readers. Yes, as it appears I am no longer a "friend of the club" (i.e. something like a little slave boy who helps clean up their trash) due to my own exit. As you know I joined their efforts because they were the only ones conducting Russian patriotic events that seemed to be all-inclusive. However the Night Wolves is in no way all-inclusive. Like all Secret Societies they have their code and their secret rules as to who can in fact be a member and who can not. In this regard it is a completely Masonic-like organization, or in the words of a high-ranking member, it is a "mafia", quote-unquote.


"MC": Narcotics, Guns and "Business?" Real Patriotism vs. Fakery


Ideologically I am with them on fighting for the Russian World but this is where our opinions diverge. Unfortunately many, if not all and not officially, the Night Wolves "MC" has fallen for the racist neo-nazi trap of ethnic-genocide and everyone-not-Russian-is-an-enemy while at the same time "members" are spreading lies that the Slavic people are racially akin to Germans. WTF?! Then since 2014 there have been cases of "members" being arrested for various crimes including the 2017 connection to a CIA officer and a cocaine shipment but of course these events are not connected directly to Hirurg and there is no way he can control all his "members" who join the Night Wolves not to take part in patriotic events but to improve their own "business", whatever that may happen to be. On multiple occasions I witnessed narcotics use and illegal weapons possession and usage but of course have to remain silent on all that.  


Forgive me for digressing on the issue at hand but those facts are very important to underline as it is more than likely the reason that Hirurg no longer has the ear of the President of this great country, and the belief in which was my reason for asking Hirurg for his assistance in the first place. Although in 2014/2015 the reasons were different and the assistance granted then is something I am still grateful for. However sadly (or not) times have changed and as I was never a "member" and have never signed secrecy agreements with your "MC" my own interests now come first and the truth must be told.


Helping Connect With Putin


Basically I called Alexander and asked him if he could help relay or give the heads up to President Putin regarding my application for Russian citizenship as my application at the time was languishing in the Kremlin Commission. He told me to come to Crimea and talk to him, so I did and took part in the Russian Spring activities which I was proud to do. Then during a long conversation at night with Hirurg and some ex Ukrainian Rada member he sat and basically told me there was nothing he could do and the Ukrainian told me "You will never get Russian citizenship" and started citing all kinds of outdated positions regarding the USA that Russia had during the 1990s. To say the least I was very displeased with having to travel almost 5,000 kilometers in my old car to hear such shit.


Then for several months his assistant supposedly was helping me with the result being that my application was frozen forever and Hirurg telling me he has no more access to Putin and is worried about losing the land where his Sexton club is and Gasfort as they are not privatized. I went to them for help and in the end they needed my help if there was anything I could do. Given all of the that and the racist undertones of the events where I was the only ethnic non-Russian and made to feel very unwelcome by certain "members", after 9 years of being a "friend of the club" I decided to no longer associate with the grouping. Basically that is it. Over, finito. Dosvidanya.   


Except, yes, there are a few more little things. Little pieces of information, tidbits, seemingly unrelated and not important  but truly worth the 5,000 kilometer 70,000 ruble trip that is the real takeaway. I suppose spending my last dime, listening to some ex-Rada deputy, Hirurg and his advisor telling me I would never get Russian citizenship because Russia is not ready to completely ruin US-Russia relations, even at this juncture, and then having my ex-Odessa mafia wife and her mother and someone on the Kremlin Commission on Citizenship illegally blocking my application for citizenship again was supposed to pretty much end me and my hope but as you can see it did not. As usual people underestimate me, and that is a great thing. Here I went to them seeking help and telling them there was no other hope and Hirurg showed his true hand when he publicly called me a "crazy American who wanted his help and said he was his last hope". Yes he said this publicly at Park Pobeda during the motor season opening when he was surrounded by hundreds of his obedient fans. That was something I told him in private, but he decided to use it to ridicule me in public, so the gloves are off and I really have no more moral reason to keep the things said to me in private during that discussion confidential and more importantly I have no desire.


As you know during the time of this trip I was fighting to have my application for citizenship sent to the President for his signature. Something that has proven to be an impossibility without paying the quoted sum of "one million dollars", told to me in 2007 by a friend of President Putin's personal pilot who had enquired about helping me. Law here means nothing, political implications obviously mean nothing and if the statements made by this Rada member are true, then secret cooperation and secret agreements between the US and Russia are still in effect and still in force and nothing has changed. Secrets and lies all around me I needed some real intel on what was really going on and then of course there is a little matter close to my heart which I must close before I am gone.


Intel, real intel, is very hard to come by and then there is the question of the source and the measurement of their own motivations in order to determine whether the intel received possesses any veracity whatsoever or if it is just carefully orchestrated and planted lies to cover other lies or distract and redirect to positions far from the real truth. Could I trust Hirurg with a Right Sector patch on his shoulder, his "assistant" Anton (if that is in fact his name) and some ex-member of the Ukrainian Rada with dated political positions points? Hirurg who complained that he had no access to Putin, was in danger of losing "his" state owned properties and was getting ready to exit the game, but then appears on Red Square on Victory Day. Liars and mafia are not the best sources for intel. However one of the very interesting takeaways that was had involved Edward Snowden and was stated to me in a threatening manner by this Rada Member who was warning me to stay away from anything about Snowden. Given that these "Kremlin Insiders" whom at the time I believed were my allies and friends (except for this random out of nowhere Rada Member), were apparently on the outs with Putin, there is the possibility that they simply used me to get back in. That is how snakes, sharks and wolves play. They have no morals or honor whatsoever and if they are covering for a CIA Officer infiltrating Russia and one who was sent to extract me for the CIA, then anything I said or did was used by them against me to paint to the picture to the Kremlin that I am in fact the enemy and not the CIA moles populating the Russian Government who in fact they are protecting. THAT is what the facts have shown.


In a stunning admission when the conversation went over to Snowden and in a statement that all but proves everything I have been saying and all of my investigations, revelations and statements on the matter, my interlocutors telling me: I would never get Russian citizenship because Russia is not ready to completely ruin US-Russia relations, even at this juncture and that Snowden made a deal in advance to be given Russian citizenship and me and my family in exchange for CIA secrets and a monetary gift... was for me complete redemption. After this the Rada member became very hostile towards me and in a very threatening manner basically told me to stay away from anything regarding Snowden and the CIA and that "those are things I don't really want to know". For me the implications were clear and the CIA Officer who had been killed transporting narcotics through one of their members also made sense as did the connection that now exists with them and the fabricated narcotics arrest of my son. Logically and obviously who else could the CIA use for Black Operations?      


Note to my readers: Basically I am once again risking life and limb by giving you insider information on another Russian "mafia" grouping so I hope you appreciate the brevity of what I am doing here. Journalism is first and the getting the truth out is what I do. As for the Night Wolves and Hirurg, they knew all along I was a journalist and have my own sites, so it should come as no surprise to them that I would publish the truth. In that regard paying my "dues" by helping them clean up their garbage (literally) at their "Subotnic" at Sexton for which I had to travel 300 kilometers back and forth at my own expense, was probably for them, in hindsight not such a great idea, but just like refusing to help me after 9 years of being their "friend" and 30 years in Russia, long-term strategic thinking is not their forte. One day the truth will come out and despite the fact that they are trying to erase me from history, my mark has already been made and it is one that is clearly against the CIA and all of their global criminality. After the above it is clear that I am even more important than I thought and there are good officers and good people NOT on the CIA payroll. Victory will be ours.          


The PMC Node AUGUST 23 Пригожин dead

Разбился самолет с Евгением Пригожиным на борту. Главное


The Internal Security Node August 30, 2023 The 5th Column Embedded in the Kremlin Shows their hand



The Problem With Sobchak - 09-25-2023 - CIA 5th Column Puppet President Being "Clever"







The Truth About the VOR - Russia Report - Number 9



The Transmogrification of the Empire of Lies



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