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Warning to the Government of the Russian Federation: Be Harsh


 Crimea, CIA/911/NATO, Endless US Illegality Reason for my Renunciation!



Banning Russia or Russian Flags or the Russian Hymn are a Direct Affront to Humanity

October 08, 2017 - Moscow Region, Commentary by John Robles: The forcing of Russian athletes to compete under "neutral colors and banning the Russian hymn" are affronts to the Russian Federation, the Russian World, the Russian people, the entire spirit and idea of the Olympic movement and any fair, thinking and intelligent person in the world and are being carried out by the corporate fascist psychopathic West. Such actions are truly unprecedented in World History and can not be allowed to stand!

I am personally sickened to the point of nausea with bile reaching my throat causing me to heave with disgust to the point of throwing up and enraged to the point of cursing in multiple languages by the actions of the corporate fascist West and their ignorant, narrow minded, myopic, self-aggrandizing and Russophobic war criminal leaders, who have given up their right to be members of the human race with their immoral money-above-anything-sucking-up-to-the-psychotic "elites" who have taken over the West and have almost taken over Russia having planted themselves throughout civil society for the last 25 years.

To be continued...

This is all part of the Rothschild/Globalist/Zionist conspiracy to bring Russia to its knees and it is being carried out effectively with no real measures being taken by Russia to stand up against it due to the 5th column that has been embedded in Russia since the before the collapse of the Soviet Union. There is nothing I can do anymore because there is no one with power who will stand up against them. The 5th column goes all the way into the KRemlin and whether President Putin is aware or not makes little difference now.

The Western attack on Russia from the inside with the Illuminati filth being labelled "neo-liberals" is allowed to continue because all of the power elites depend on foreign financial instruments for their wealth and their wonderful lifestyles. The oligarchs and the elites have their own agenda and the betterment of the Russian people and the advancement of the Russian State are clearly not part of their agenda. They serve froeign masters not the Russian people or the Russian State and even the ones who simply serve themselves are instruments of the destruction of the Russian State.     

US effectively bars Russian General Staff delegation from taking part in UN event

Removal of flags from Russian diplomatic facilities unacceptable, Lavrov tells Tillerson

Flags removed from Russian consulate in San Francisco by US authorities

Скончался постпред России при ФАО Александр Горбань

Russian General's Death Result of US Double-Dealing

Title- Russian general's death in Syria result of US double-dealing in war on terror — diplomat

Россия сделала США последнее предупреждение

Kremlin urges Facebook to honor Russian laws

Title- Kremlin urges Facebook to honor Russian laws

Copy of Congessional Sputnik FCC Complaint

Copy of Congessional Sputnik FCC Complaint

US Spies Just Illegally Broke Into Rus Emb SF and Took Over the Location

Statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry in Full

“On August 31,  US authorities announced unprecedented measures to restrict the activities of Russian diplomatic and consular missions in the United States  . We were asked to close one of the largest general consulates in San Francisco and shut down visa, notarial and other consular services to Russian and US citizens living in several densely populated states for two days. The US has also prescribed to immediately cessation of the activities of the Trade Mission in Washington and its branch in New York. The requirements for the movement of Russian diplomats and official delegations are becoming much tougher.

This step represents a new gross violation of international law, including US obligations under the Vienna Conventions on diplomatic and consular relations. It even surpasses what it was thought of earlier in Washington, including the expropriation by the Administration of Barack Obama in December last year, despite the immunity, of the residential complexes of the Russian Embassy  and the Permanent Mission to the United Nations  .

In addition to the regular raider seizure of expensive Russian state property, which we have been urged to sell after they (the FBI) blocked access to such property, this time the demands of the US authorities create a direct threat to the safety of Russian citizens. American intelligence agencies set out on September 2 to conduct a search at the Consulate General in San Francisco  , including in the apartments of employees residing in his building and having immunity, for which they ordered that they and their families, including minors and even infants, vacate within 12 hours. This is an invasion of the consular establishment and the home of diplomatic workers, and they are left to fend for themselves, so as not to interfere with the FBI agents.

With such defiant actions, the US continues to burden the already difficult atmosphere of the bilateral dialogue, undermining opportunities for cooperation, including in the interests of solving pressing international problems.

It is especially depressing that tens of thousands of ordinary citizens of both countries, far from the political situation, will suffer from such measures. The US demonstrates that they have absolutely no interest in the development of ties between people-first they stopped issuing visas to Russians in their consulates in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok, and now they deprive Americans of the opportunity to obtain Russian visas in San Francisco. In essence, this is a continuation of the same line of the Obama Administration, according to which, in 2013, the FBI intimidated American participants in study trips to Russia, organized through Rossotrudnichestvo, and in 2016 the State Department stripped five of our honorary consuls in different states, actively engaged in the expansion of public (in this case educational) exchanges.

We strongly protest against Washington’s actions that ignore international law, and, as is customary in diplomatic practice, reserve the opportunity for retaliatory measures. This is not our choice. It has been imposed upon us”.

Western MSM Convenietly Forgot the US is to Blame for the 750 CIA Officers Expelled

USA Has Committed an Open Act of War: Seizing and Searching Diplomatic Sites


Title- US authorities take control of Russian trade mission building in Washington

CIA and FBI Counterintelligence Illegally Search Russian Diplomatic Sites

Declaration to End Occupation of Palestine and American Indigenous Lands

Declaration for Indigenous Nations on the Liquidation of the Trio

9-1-17 US Escalates by Responding to Russia's Reponse to Illegal Seizure of Compounds

Title- Russian senator calls for symmetric exchange of ‘diplomatic niceties’ with US

Title- Russian Consulate General in San Francisco refraining from comments on US demands

Title- US gives Russia 48 hours to close consulate in San Francisco

Russian Ambasador to Sudan Dies in Khartoum - FM (RIP)

Title- Russian Ambasador to Sudan dies in Khartoum, says Foreign Ministry

Russia/Putin Hysteria Out of Control as West Blames Putin for "Retaliation"

Russia Orders 700+ U.S. Diplomats to Leave Russia in Sanctions Retaliation

Title- Russia orders out U.S. diplomats in sanctions retaliation


The Russia Report: Exposing the NWO Globalist Conspiracy First Edition

The Russia Report: Exposing the NWO Globalist Conspiracy First Edition

Four Dimensional Chess with the New World Order: How to Stop the Illuminati

The USA Has Gone Insane with their Escalations and Provocations to War 09012017



In December 2016, the Obama administration imposed sanctions on Russia declaring 35 staff members of the Russian Embassy in Washington and the Consulate General in San Francisco persona non grata and seizing two Russian diplomatic compounds - one in Maryland and the other one in New York. Russians were denied access to these compounds. Moscow has not taken tit-for-tat measures so far.

The Russian Federation must be very careful in their assessment and acceptance of any “measures” that are offered to “remedy” the situation that the New World Order has created itself.

It is clear when one understand the conspiracy that the New World Order is involved in and the nefarious Machiavellian ways that they will do anything whatsoever to meet their objectives that the moves currently underway by what Americans are calling the Deep State and the Shadow Government are being orchestrated and designed to cause the synthesis of their pre-planned goals in a highly advanced and obfuscated application of a Hegelian Dialectic coupled with counter-reactive provocations.

Joining this deeper understanding that every one of “their” actions, reactions and counter reactions are being carefully calculated always with “their” main objective in sight with the fact that the “official US Government” is no longer a legitimate body with which to make agreements with (not that it ever was as we saw with the NATO expansion lie) and that they absolutely have no interest even in making a pretense in following international law and have devolved into a savage uncivilized brutal out-of-control power following the precepts of the most primitive Neanderthal Orientalism then the only way forward must be one in which a sledgehammer of international law is applied mercilessly and now at this juncture before it is too late, end their hundreds year long drive to rule the world. The barbarians, like the rapid putrid and diseased jackal they have become must be stripped of all impunity and be brought to heel.

So in practical terms what can we do? According to the Intel I had been waiting for the NWO, after a failed threat visit by Benjamin Mileikowski (Netanyahu) and a Vatican delegation on the same day, through their puppet Donald Drumpf (his real name), is going to address the United Nations with false proposals for reforms. The attempt will be made using this pretext to say that Russia, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela and whoever else they want to target, are rogue and for whatever reason are a threat to global stability (when of course it is the USA which is completely rogue and a threat to global stability). They will attempt to make changes to the UN to strip these countries of powers and enhance their control and are prepared to even place the United States under UN control (it being the chief global governing body of the NWO).

Given that understanding and following the decades of the NWO and its US puppet’s complete flaunting of international law in their engagement of Aggressive War, 911, Guantanamo, torture, child trafficking, assassination of leaders and everything else we have been reporting about for decades, here is my proposed real action plan:

1) After destroying anything the FBI may find in their illegal searches of properties evacuate all personnel from the US and completely freeze all diplomatic relations, temporarily or as seen fit.

2) Expel ALL US personnel and demand the closure of the US embassy in Moscow. This can be simply expalined as parity.

3) File all necessary complaints with the UN and international bodies to end US/Western impunity and most importantly all US/NATO wars and occupations.

4) Seize all US government or corporate assets in the Russian Federation to equal the value of all property lost and damages sustained by the illegal US actions. End the operations of all US companies and corporation in the Russian Federation (including McDonald’s)!

5) Call for the relocation of the United Nations out of the territory of the USA and since the UN will obviously do nothing form an international tribunal or body under the auspices of the BRICS countries to prosecute the US and the NWO for all of their ongoing crimes against humanity. This includes the current illegal seizures of Diplomatic properties, the assassinations of Russian Diplomats and all US color revolution and subversion operations in the Russian Federation.

6) Formulate a new framework of international law that is not based on Western Admiralty or Corporate Law. There are frameworks already in existence including the Native American Great Law of Peace with which nations lived for thousands of years in peace, and establish a body to oversee the withdrawal from the United Nations and other biased and NWO controlled international bodies. Gayanerekowa: The Great Law of Peace        

7) Release all gathered intelligence on 911, human trafficking, pedophilia, war crimes, subversion of states, assassinations of leaders, violations of sovereignty, violations of the Geneva and Vienna Conventions, economic manipulation and subversion and everything that else that Russian Intelligence has to the world’s countries in order to organize tribunals and formulate a framework to bring the jackals to justice.

8) Declare a complete and total end to support and usage of the US dollar and begin a real and organized extraction and elimination of all US economic instruments that are currently being used to manipulate and subvert the Russian State.

9) Finally and once and for all eliminate or end the operations of the 5th columns in the Russian Media and in Russian civil society.

10) Remove anyone from positions of power in the Russian Federation who has been in collusion with the NWO.

11) Close and prohibit the operations of sects and secret organizations which are still being allowed to operate in Russia and are used to subvert the Russian State, including the Masonic Lodges, the Church of Scientology and other bodies on lists I have and have made available.   

12) Recognize the Native Sovereign Nations of North and South America, who are still bound by and abide by the Two Row and hundred year old treaties with Russia. The USA entity is a Corporation and an illegal occupier of the territories of the Native Americans. This must be recognized as it is the real fundamental disease that has plagued the world for hundreds of years.

It is time to end their impunity. They are only 4% of the world’s population! Please remember, even nazi Germany respected diplomatic missions!

The Illuminati are a disease. This is the cure. The Doctor has arrived!



Time to be Harsh: On the Seizure of Russian Diplomatic Properties in the US

The UN is not an impartial body. It is the chief instrument of the New World Order and the Illuminati to establish a one world government it controls. It should be responsible for sanctioning the USA for their illegal actions but it does nothing. It is a useless bureaucracy and nothing more than an insturment for the NWO to engage in wars and crimes all over the world.

During my recent appearance on Russian television I stated that Russia must respond harshly to the seizure of is diplomatic properties in the US, that the US was in violation of Articles 22, 30 , 31 and 45 (at a minimum) of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations and that the United Nations were completely silent. In the short time I had I could not expand but that silence by the United Nations will be the basis for another piece I am working on detailing the United Nations as merely an instrument of the “West” and the Illuminati N.W.O. My contention was not that the UN should have power over Russia but that it has failed in its primary function in every case and under every situation when it comes to reigning in the illegality of the United States and Israel and this is a perfect example of the bias and US Controlled nature of the United Nations and underlines why it must be moved out of the United States.

I also stated that it is not acceptable in any way to allow the United States to blackmail Russia with anything, even its own diplomatic compounds, as this sets a very dangerous precedent, something I will get into for my Russian and international readers in more detail below because it is obvious by the narrative and inaction that the true nature of the seriousness and the threat are not understood. The United States has once again blatantly broken the law, lied openly without presenting evidence and then used lies to make threats and demands against a sovereign nation, whilst also illegally entering diplomatic compounds as Russia has been gracious enough not to respond reciprocally and with parity as it should have.

“The World Had Moved On” – Stephen King

We are living in a world ruled by a criminal cabal that seized power in the year 2000 and is bent on global domination at any cost including instigating nuclear World War III. This Criminal Cabal completely controls the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the EU and the FVEY countries. They hide behind many faces but to define who it is has grown simpler as time goes on. They are quite simply called “the Illuminati” and the system of global control that they have been trying to bring about is called the New World Order.  

The Illuminati is a Luciferian Sect that worships Moloch (Satan) and hides behind Jewry. They have infiltrated every secret organization on Earth from the Masons to the Knights of Malta and control governments worldwide from the shadows where they hide like rats. The Cabal which now runs the world is thus a grouping of shadow governments, secretive organizations and globalist bankers and financial manipulators, starting wars and destroying cultures, countries and peoples to obtain control. It is a hydra with so many heads that it is now almost impossible to talk of its liquidation. They use a phony platform of Global Zionism and use the global Jewry as their chief instrument. Most believe that Zionism is about establishing a homeland for the Jews but this is far from the case. Even the Jews with all their trickery and manipulation who believe they are God’s chosen and the most worthy and intelligent humans on Earth are being duped as they have been for thousands of years.

Using the Jewry has been the wisest move for the Illuminati, whose really truly only serve themselves and are in service is to the City of London and the Crown (now this point is arguable as they in fact own the crown), for the world Jewry is the perfect instrument to establish globalization. By labelling themselves Zionists and claiming they want to establish a homeland for the Jews they guarantee the unquestioning loyalty of world Jewry but as I have attempted to say earlier their real goal and interest in Palestine is not a home for Jews but the takeover of Castle Mount and Jerusalem for the Illuminati’s real master Lucifer.

I have just briefed you on a subject that requires volumes and volume s to detail but you can find enough on to get a good understanding of who these demons are and what they are doing. Regardless of whether you believe the motivations as I have outlined them, you cannot argue with the danger that is global Zionism as a force that benefits only one small group and in the end only benefits Lord Rothschild and the City of London Corporation.

Yes I called the City of London a Corporation because that is what it is, as are all the FVEY countries which are all registered as Corporations with the City of London and as far as my research has shown are in fact registered as the property of Lord Rothschild. So Americans and Brits and those who still think their countries are free I am sorry to burst your bubble. Your country and you as a corporate identity belong to the Rothschilds and their cabal of Globalist Bankers.

The Diplomacy of Barbarians: Why Russia Must Formulate a New Foreign Policy Concept

I started this piece with a brief description of the cabal because it is necessary to understand who runs the world if one is to be effective in defending against them and truly understanding what is really going on. That said what we are seeing now are the final steps in the takeover of the world by the Zionist-Illuminati Luciferian scum as they seek to culminate hundreds of years of manipulations and devious plans.

With the understanding that the President of the United States and the entire US Federal Government and all foreign policy organs are controlled by what we can loosely call Council of Foreign Relations Zionist-Illuminati scum who were and are complicit in the events of 911 and the waging of endless illegal Wars of Aggression in a mad drive for global domination, then the approach that countries must now take when dealing with the United States of America becomes clear and must be one similar to the approach one would take when dealing with a rogue terrorist entity which has absolutely no respect for international law.

I have nothing but the highest respect for Russian Diplomacy but I must warn those in charge of Russian Foreign Policy that it is time to move away from the strategy of appeasement and take a more aggressive and resolute position. These are not “partners, colleagues or friends” they are a criminal Zionist Cabal (represented by Henry Kissinger who has been to Moscow and met with President Putin more times that any US President as their chief representative) and their principle goal is the destruction of the Russian World, Orthodoxy and the Russian Federation.

What went from an ideological divide and a war between Communism and Capitalism has become a good and evil divide between savage Orientalism and outright criminality and order and the Rule of Law, and unfortunately Russia is losing and as long as the policies of appeasement and non-conflict take precedence Russia and the Russian World will continue to lose.

We have seen that the US Criminal Cabal has no respect whatsoever for International Law. They have even openly stated that international law interferes with their sovereignty and of course the reality is that international law interferes with their attempt to take over the world and all of their crimes against humanity and violations of sovereignty.

International laws and conventions are abstract concepts for the US/NATO/Israel which they believe they may ignore at will, Russia must show them that this is no longer the case. For sixteen years they have openly maintained an illegal torture prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Since the illegal attack on Yugoslavia they have been engaged in a seemingly countless amount of acts of Aggressive War, the assassination of leaders and the destruction of countries, yet no one says a word and the United Nations does nothing and Russia unfortunately as she struggled to rebuild herself after the collapse of the Soviet Union has done almost nothing as well.

The literal fate of the entire world is in the balance now, not only the destruction of the Russian World, and we believe it is time for the Russian Federation to take a leading role in the world and be a beacon of hope and a new moral compass, especially give the old “moral compass’ attempts to normalize every kind of perversion under the sun beginning with gay marriage, moving on to pedophilia and continuing with 12 more we will not even mention. Russia lead, its real lead in the world can start simply by organizing tribunals to investigate and prosecute multiple acts of aggressive war and Russia can stand up starting today by reacting harshly to the illegal and egregious seizure of it diplomatic properties.

The US is testing Russian resolve and if it allows these properties to be compromised and used as objects for blackmail, as they already have been, with conditions be laid out and the illegal entry into the compounds by US Special Services, then there is no telling what will be next.

Russia has the moral and legal right to respond aggressively and must do so or the next act will be worse. There must not be appeasement and anyone calling for appeasement must be removed from government, the post-Soviet neo-Liberal CIA funded party must be deemed over by the Russian Government and the Security Services of the Russian Federation.    

Internal Changes That Must be Made to Protect the Russian Federation

Like I just said; “anyone calling for appeasement must be removed from government”, this is absolutely necessary in order to protect the State, yet strangely this is a topic that no one is allowed to talk about. It is political suicide in Russia to talk about the corruption but I must take the risk because it is this corruption that will eventually destroy the Russian Federation as a viable state and it is this corruption that has been used and continues to be used by Western Intelligence Agencies and the West to bring about the destruction of Russia and the Russian World! It is also this corruption that is behind the policy of appeasement, although you might more accurately label it “soft corruption” or treason by default.

It was corruption which allowed the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD to bring about the destruction of the USSR and it was the CIA “controlled” privatization that guaranteed the wealth and power of everyone who helped destroy Communism and the USSR, with one high official responsible for privatization even employing 12 CIA officers and admitting that the goal was that there never be a return to Communism. I have seen this with my own eyes, especially in the ‘90s as bandits and killers and corrupt officials stole and raped the country and rose to power. These Western “assets” believe they have impunity, because they all help each other and protect each other by default and if things get too bad they can just run off to Israel or the UK or the USA where they have homes and property waiting.  

MOSSAD calls these traitors to Russia Sayanim or “assets” and the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD undoubtedly possess over a million of such assets in Russia and at or near the top of every Russian business and government body. The Sayanim are not spies, they have no secret information, they do not usually have pseudonyms or meet with controllers, they are assets who always willingly support and aid the position of the enemy. These are the same as those I call the 5th column people ready and willing to help the West not even knowing what they are really doing but having grown up with false ideas and digesting endless propaganda which is financed and paid for by the West.

They may be like the mayor and half of the administration of the city where I used to live, people with real estate abroad who take vacations in the West and send their children to Western educational institutions. They do not have to be paid a cent by the intelligence agencies of the West, by default they will do whatever is needed to protect their visas or connections in the West. These are the worst types of foreign agents. These are the same as the people who have refused to help me and my family even though we are Russian patriots because they falsely believe the USA is a “normal” country which will one day be their salvation.

The number of such people with false abstract dreams of the Statue of Liberty and some heaven in Manhattan where they would be rich and live in a land of milk and honey are in the hundreds of thousands. They believe that Hollywood films, made mostly as escapism for Americans to forget their dreary miserable lives, represent like Russian films, the reality of life. Sadly when you tell them this is not true their Cognitive Dissonance is so strong that they refuse to believe anything contrary to this fantasy they have.   

More obvious but just as bad are those holding dual Israeli or any other dual citizenship. All Israelis are first and foremost loyal to Israel as are the Russian Jews I have met and if Israel wants to destroy Russia they will assist Israel first. It is these scum who must be dealt with first and foremost. Either they give up their Israeli citizenship or they are to be removed from any position where they can harm State Security. Their impunity must be ended.

I have seen with my own eyes how a country where everyone had a place to live and a job and education has been turned into a capitalist hell for the poor, the voiceless and the marginalized. A country run and controlled by corrupt and criminal officials, not all have you, I was just unfortunate enough to have lived in the worst area for almost 20 years until I complained of bribes and they came after me and my family. After destroying my family, career and reputation they have tried to make me one of those voiceless as well but I continue to write and fight them because I am not fighting just for my own survival I am fighting for the survival of the Russian World, the Russian people, the voiceless and the Russian State, which these traitors would destroy for their own gain.    

Russia Must and Can Return Dignity to the People

How can Russia battle the real and concrete threat from within posed by entrenched officials, neo-liberal US/Israeli loyal elites and oligarchs working against Russia and in collusion with the Sayanim and the CIA/MI6 Western installed and sympathetic assets?

First there has to be an overall system wide policy away from the bandit capitalism that has become the norm, but how? President Putin has done a lot and progress has been made but not enough. The answer is quite simple and involves giving dignity and respect back to the people, for example there has to be rent control, a lowering of rents to realistic levels and making landlords pay taxes. The entire propiska system must be liquidated or else bring back giving people apartments. The salaries of workers must be raised to normal levels to end the horrendous banditry, the black economy of bribes and “presents” and the exploitation of the masses by those with power.

Sadly these things of course will probably never happen because during privatization those who were corrupt and with connections obtained countless apartments, businesses, wealth and real-estate and honest people ended up with nothing. So we have a situation in Russia where the corrupt are rewarded and honest people are kept down and literally become slaves and the only way to change it is if the corrupt decide to punish themselves since they control all of the levers of power and justice, something which of course will never happen. Like with the trial of my son where the judge said if my son was found innocent 30-40 corrupt cops would lose their jobs and that could not happen and my complaints regarding bribes demanded for citizenship, where the complaints were actually sent to the corrupt officials to determine if they themselves were guilty it appears to be all a farce and I have lived long enough in fear and I am going to die soon so I do not care anymore and am speaking out. Let them come and kill me. The truth has to be told to save the country because these same scum will destroy Mother Russia for a dollar and I love Russia and the Russian people and want the best for everyone.

This Western promoted corruption is why the charade that is Navalny is so insidious. The poor and marginalized who need a voice against corruption are lied to and deceived by this CIA Agent posing as a champion for justice who only attacks those who are of interest to his CIA masters. Navalny never talks about real corruption because he himself is a corrupt traitor receiving grants and support from the West for his selling out of his own country.

Internally to make Russia strong there has to be a move away from the control by fear doctrine as well, something that is in use by many of those in power! Although this may work in the short term it is having the opposite effect on society. Just like a dog you beat every day it will eventually fight back.

Liquidate the 5th Column

The most dangerous internal threat to Russian State Security is the media and social media such as Twitter and Facebook which are in fact creating the Sayanim and the brainwashed assets for the West. One good example is a student I had who was also an English teacher and who sang Beetles songs, read trash like Palahniuk and said he would die for America. When I asked why he said merely because it was a great country and the land of the free and that Russia was shit. These are the kinds of brainwashed minions that the media creates and in Russia there are millions of them. All believing that the West will value them and give them the money and riches they crave for little or no effort.

Robles vs Bohm on Channel One: Apparently Russia is Moving Away from the Globalists

John Robles

I mention the media as most important because the media in Russia gets away with promoting the West by saying it is freedom of the press or freedom of speech when in fact it is carefully crafted subversion. It is stunning how blatantly obvious the media in Russia is allowed to subvert the state, all you have to do is trun on any channel and within 5 minutes the US has been mentioned in one way or another and that is every few minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I came to Russia because I love Russia, Russian culture and the Russian people but I cannot watch Russian television anymore because it is an instant reminder of the US and the soft propaganda is so obvious to me that I have to turn it off almost immediately.

Clear the Ranks

People who enter government should do so in order to serve the people but in Russia unfortunately most people enter the government to make themselves and their circle rich or to get some benefits or become “cool” as the Russians love to say. These people need to be gotten rid of for they are a cancer on the Russian State. They are akin to the murderers in the US who join the police so they can kill people or the politicians who become lawmakers in order to enrich their circle and break the law. Corruption is the same everywhere except in Russia it is an instrument being used by foreign intelligence agencies to destroy the state, a major difference.

Another personal example was my service to Russia at the Voice of Russia World Service in English where I was living dirt poor and barely made the rent every month but there were people making less than me driving range rovers. Financed by the US, the UK and Israel.


I have written about these internal threat actors because they influence Russian policy and they will do everything to serve their Western masters who are attempting to destroy the Russian State and bring it to its knees.

It is therefore not only the Western marauders who Russia must fight but the internal Russian assets of these marauders. Therefore Russia must respond as harshly as possible to this direct attack on her sovereignty. If it were up to me I would evict every single CIA Officer and US Embassy employee from Russia until such a time as the Russian property was returned and an official apology were received. That is the only equal and respectable move that the criminals in power in the US will understand.

One final note for the idiots in Washington: by openly attacking and disrespecting diplomatic assets you are opening the door to the same thing being done to US assets in every country of the world and there are far more countries all over the world who have more serious and real claims against the US than fabricated and made up hacking of an election where a pedophile ring lost.




The Assassinations of Russian Diplomats 12-21-2016

After publishing this article our server was destroyed


The Demonization of Russia and Bellicose Rhetoric has Reached Pre-War Levels

An Example Which Facebook Deems Normal


Current Information War: Putting All of the Pieces Into Perspective and Trying to Wake People Up

With the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey events around the world are going worse than I predicted they would but just as I have written about many times in the past. The drive by the CIA to bring about World War III is continuing with acts that are beyond belief in their primitiveness and barbarism, something I had not expected. The telegraphing that is going on in the Zionist controlled global media, demonizing Russia with outrageous lie after outrageous is almost unprecedented and because of all of that and intel I  have obtained, it is clear in my mind that the United States of America and the Central Intelligence Agency of the Untied States are directly responsible for the assassination of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Turkey. 

What we are witnessing in the media, on the internet and world wide is a continuing attempt by those who took over the U.S. Government in the year 2000 to fulfill their objectives of a takeover of the world by force. We will refer to them as the Shadow Government. This conspiracy was warned about decades ago by none other than assassinated U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in a speech in which he referred to the conspirators as a monolith which uses covert means to conquer and control. It is clear now that what he meant was the CIA.

In order for many people around the world and especially in the West to even begin to understand the conspiracy and who is behind it requires such a radical restructuring and reevaluation of what they believe and their entire belief system that the psychological phenomenon named Cognitive Dissonance often makes such understanding impossible. Imagine trying to explain to the hypothetical two dimensional flatlander the dynamics and beauty of a bird in flight. Not possible. The level of media lies and propaganda that is being fed to the people of the West is criminal. Yes I say it is criminal because spreading false information and propaganda of hate in order to commit an act of aggressive war is criminal and should be deemed as such by any normal, decent and reasonable thinking person. But we are not dealing with reasonable thinking people. Those in power in the U.S. have gone completely and totally insane with their power and in their self-given impunity and exceptionalism.       

For those already awake or in a state of partial sleep attempting to awaken, explaining current events may be easier as long as they do not discount facts that do not coincide with their own belief systems and are willing to do a little of the research and fact checking that I have done, keeping in mind that there is a concerted attempt, a COINTELPRO, that is actively attempting to obfuscate, misinform and stifle any information that goes against the narrative that they have set in keeping with their agenda of "Full Spectrum Dominance" which means taking over the world. I am saying that because I hope to somehow reach people who may be under the brain-washing of the West but are trying to get to the truth of what is really going on. However I seriously doubt that can be done and if it can, if I can make any difference.

The United States and its people are almost unreachable and have gone completely and totally insane with their own belief of their own righteousness and trying to bring some light into their brainwashed psycho world, I have now decided, is a useless task and so this article is directed at my international readers and those friends in the U.S. who have been with me from the start and who are suffering unimaginably having to exist in a psychotic country that has lost any sight of what is right or wrong and does not even care in the slightest anymore about the rule of law or even basic human decency.      

Keeping that in mind I do not want you to blindly believe everything I am about to partake to you but to verify or cross check and reach whatever conclusion you feel is more in keeping with reality as you see it. However I remind you information is actively being deleted, obfuscated, created, falsified and misrepresented all over the world. So the Internet is under full scale attack and information operations are in full swing by the West and it is not even geopolitical anymore. It has become a fight of good against evil, the blackest evil the world has ever seen

WWIII: The Goals of the Triad and the Shadow Government and Why the Shadow Government/Zionist-Neocons/CIAMOSSAD/GID/ISIS are Desperate

Once we understand that it is a Shadow Government that has take over the US Government and the official bodies and is running the show then we can knowingly deal with and understand the true reality of the events that are taking place all over the world and we can, by method of deduction, connecting the dots and reading the intentions behind the laws that they are implementing seemingly ad-hoc and the actions that they are carrying out, come to a pretty definite and concise conclusion as to what their goals are and what they really want for the world. These methods are of course above and beyond the huge repository of information and direct inarguable evidence  that is available on-line and already part of the public record. For me I have all of the information that I have gathered on, that I have in my files and that I have obtained from various sources as a basis for my conclusions.

The ultimately unattainable and single-minded goal of the Shadow Government and the triad of principle forces (US Zionist Necons/Israel/Saud) that have joined together in their plan to create what is termed the NWO , is complete and total world domination (Full Spectrum Dominance) at any cost. This insane goal is disturbing enough in and of itself but it is the steps that they are prepared to take to reach that goal that pose the most serious and real and present danger to all of humanity as they continue what appears to be a final attempt in their mad drive  to obtain control over territory for the resources they need to feed their insatiable appetite and unsustainable consumption and remove any government or country that stands in the way of their global domination and in the way of Saudi Arabia and the fictitious country of Israel. The NWO will be a world completely and totally controlled by the ZIONISTS in cooperation with the U.S. and NATO, who will and are providing the military and covert power to bring it off and Saudi Arabia which will provide resource control and financing to the Rothschild ZIONIST rulers and carbon resources for the insatiable U.S. global military machine.

Plan Israel, which is in fact plan Rothschild, which I outlined in a piece I called the NWO calls for the establishment of a Zionist/Rothschild caliphate spanning a huge chunk of the Middle East and for which it is necessary to wipe most of the Arab Muslim people off the face of the earth. So far Saudi Arabia and Falafist Sunni lunatics posing as fanatical Islamic terrorists, have been helping the Neocons and the Zionists with this "task". For the fulfillment of this plan, or perhaps because of it, the United States has literally been enslaved to the Rothschilds. The US is no longer a republic or corporation owned by the Bank of England but a subsidiary of the Rothschild Zionist central banking mafia which owns the Fed and the government. Thus the U.S. military industrial/intelligence complex has been completely turned into the private army of Israel and the Zionists through their use of the CIA and Neocon ideologues who are in fact just crypto-Zionists and in reality in no way represent anything American whatsoever. These lunatics killed almost 4,000 people on 911 which was for them simply a pretext to kill millions more.

The lunatic Zionist maniacs represented by Zbignew Brezhinsky, a rabid frothing at the mouth Russophobe who should have been eliminated from the ranks of humankind decades ago and the greatest supporter and creator of terrorists in the history of the world, are also frothing at the mouth to destroy the Russian Federation for its riches and resources and also because the most fanatical Zionists at the top of the food chain believe the Slavic people are worthless humans who are just another group of mud people who need to be eliminated as they have proven impossible to enslave and make crawl on their knees begging for Rothschild money and to suck on the American teat.

US/NATO military doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance and the establishment of global US hegemony by force as outline in the RAD is the reason for overthrowing and destroying Ukraine and slaughtering over 10,000 Russians. It was the first step towards the attack on Russia and was supposed to provoke World War III in Europe once again but so far has not been successful in drawing Russia into a war with Ukraine. The reason for which being so that NATO could call up the mutual protection clause of its charter to start WWIII against Russia. The inability to provoke Russia and the loss of their puppet Clinton forced the lunatics controlling the CIA and MOSSAD to kill the Russian Ambassador to Turkey in the hopes that Russia would go to war and again so that NATO could quickly call up the mutual protection clause and start WWIII in that manner, supposedly defending Turkey from the "horrible and evil" aggression of Russia.

The conflict in Syria is also almost the same scenario. The problem with Syria is that it was supposed to be just another easy to destroy small Middle East country and Assad who said no to the Rothschilds' central back mafia and the pipeline western energy concerns wanted to build through his country should have been another leader who was easy to assassinate and depose. However Russia stepped in and has protected its ally. If you doubt Israel's involvement remember it was Mossad which provided the chemical weapons that were used to slaughter 426 children in Latakia Syria and it was Israel who was using its terrorist armies to steal Syrian oil and ship it to Israel.

The only hope there is now for world peace is if Donald Trump can avoid the control of the Zionist Neocon lunatics running the Shadow Government, if he in fact wants to and has in fact any independence from them and does not allow anymore provocations against Russia. He must also stay alive long enough to somehow end the lunacy of the Rothschilds and the Zionists, a serious question as there have been many serious sources who have indicated that Trump will be assassinated before he even enters into office. In reality when speaking about peace we must understand that the only real threat to world peace today is the terrorist-aggressive war-world domination-at-any-cost-alliance between US/NATO/MOSSAD/GID/ISIS/AQ/AN and their assorted subgroupings and supporters.          

The reason I believe that they have launched massive terrorist operations and gone so far as to assassinate the Ambassador of the Russian Federation is that they lost their puppet for president Hillary Clinton and on the last day of the puppet Obama's reign they had one last chance to start World War III. The test now is to see if they cease and desist, meaning Trump has chosen to end the madness, or they continue and Trump is either with them or will be assassinated soon. Most probably he is just another puppet and will continue the drive for total war. I would say that there will probably be a lull in global violence between now and the day that Trump is placed in office.

This should be of interest to the Secret Service and is backed up by multiple reports on the Net with evidence that the CIA wants to assassinate Trump. The CIA has run American Presidents outright since Clinton and they do not want to see their hold on power lost. These are maniacs who carried out the false flag that was 911 and for whom nothing is holy except power, money and their own impunity to slaughter and wage war at will.

Another reason behind the assassination of the Russian Ambassador may be the fact that Aleppo has been liberated and dozens of CIA and MOSSAD officers were caught in the fall of Aleppo. If dozens were captured or allowed to leave then there is a very distinct possibility that the CIA and MOSSAD lost dozens of officers and the assassination of the ambassador was revenge. 

Assassination of Ambassador Karlov a Barbarous Provocation to War by Illegitimate Rogue Nation

Almost no one reads my work (other than about 6,000 people a day on and 30,000 on Twitter), it is suppressed and blocked in the West and after my family's crucifixion by CIA assets and Russian Zionists no one will listen to me and take me seriously. I have no editor, I do not have a boss or a salary and this is an opinion piece so I suppose I can say exactly what I think and how I feel about the unprecedented assassination of the Ambassador to the Russian Federation Andrey Karlov.

The United States of America has ceased to be a member of the international community and must be labeled what it is, a rogue nation that is a threat to world peace. By its own acts and the acts of the Shadow Government that has taken it over and the acts of its Central Intelligence Agency and all of its partners the U.S, has shown that it is not only a rogue nation but in fact a terrorist state.

The self-appointed status of ruler of the world and the self-given impunity must be stripped away from the genocidal lunatics who run the U.S. and the CIA. There can be no equilibrium in the world and no normalcy until these horrendous monsters are stopped once and for all.

When George Bush was placed into the office of President of the United States the country stopped being a legitimate power and was taken over by their secret Shadow Government. That event and the fact of the documented subversion of the democratic processes by the implementation of compromised Dielbold voting machines are direct evidence as to the moment when the US stopped be a legitimate democracy and became an illegitimate hyper-security police state leading up to and after the events of 9-11-2001. 

Now. Due to multiple acts of Aggressive War (Crimes Against Peace, the ultimate international crime), rampant torture, renditions, extra-judicial assassination by drone and all of its attempts and actions aimed at influencing countries and controlling the world, there must be international resolutions to isolate and end the barbarity of the United States. This must be done in a fair and impartial neutral body and since there is not one currently in existence all of the countries in the world must unite and create one.  


The United Nations was originally intended  for and designed to prevent exactly what the U.S. has become and exactly what it is doing but has shown that it is only another international body wholly and totally enslaved and under the control of the U.S., NATO, Israel and now Saud.

By sponsoring and supporting terrorists and violent militarized radical organization, such as Al Qaeda, the Taliban, IS, IL, ISIL, ISIS, DAESH, Al Nusra, the Right Sector, Columbian Paramilitaries and a host of others worldwide, the United States has proven without it a doubt its own illegitimacy.

By organizing coups, overthrowing leaders and assassinating anyone at will the United Sates has proven that it is a completely rogue nations which must be stripped of its arms and completely and totally isolated from the world community. But will anyone do such a thing? Will any country stand up? Will an leader or anyone even do so much as draw up a resolution? Sadly I seriously doubt it. The world is too terrified and to afraid of the United Sates and it seems more so every day that I am my self completely alone and isolated fighting this greatest of evils when it should be fought by every human being on the planet. 

Just for the documented overthrow of the Ukrainian Government and the genocide being carried out on Russians by the CIA/RAND Corporation controlled Ukrainian nazis the US deserves to be sanctioned but no one has the will. I do and many people like me but we do not have any power to do anything whatsoever and those who do seem to be under the complete control of the U.S.

The barbarity, illegality and egregious disregard for sovereignty and human life by the United States of America and all of their allies and assorted FVEY and NATO partners is historic and must be stopped. Their crimes are so numerous and egregious that it is almost impossible to record and report and document everything. They have in reality gone completely off the reservations. From the genocide in Palestine and literally writing it off the map, to the genocide in Yemen by Saudi Arabia using U.S. arms, to the genocide of Russians in the Donbass, to the genocide of Serbs, to the mass murder of civilians on 911, to the genocide of Shia Muslims, the Shadow Government of the United States of America must be brought out of the shadows and put before tribunals. It is the only way. It is the only thing that must be done and then the United States must be completely and totally isolated from the world community for all time so that it can not repeat what it has done. That is the only solution that will finally bring peace to the world for the civilized nations and the people who want and deserve peace.     

Humanity, mankind and the International Community must stand up (before it is too late which will be soon) in a united front and once and for all tell the lunatics in Washington that enough is enough. All of the assets and financial instruments, property and wealth of the United States, Israel, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and anyone involved in the NWO conspiracy must be seized and locked down in order to first of all stop them then to pay restitution to every person and every country that they have destroyed. This includes the Indigenous peoples of North America who are owed trillions by the Corporation of Canada and they Corporation of the United States which are the true legal entities most call the United States and Canada.        

Then there is the global Satanic pedophilia, the global illegal narcotics and weapons trade by the CIA and the list goes on. My dear friends and readers and sane people all over the world, the single biggest threat and spreader of death and crime in the world is the United States of America and the CIA in particular. 

I can not put in words the disgust I have and the horror that is what they have become. If there was a god they would have been sent to hell a long time ago but they are continuing to grow stronger and stronger by the day and anyone who is against them continue to be wiped out and erased and destroyed like me and my family.

You must also wake and see the reality and not allow them to continue. But this is almost impossible to gain support for because they all control all of the channels for the spread of information, except this one. One lone journalist living as a refugee with one lone site and an independent server. This is the reality. Am I it? Where are you world?

The biggest shame is that Russia which is being targeted for destruction and genocide is filled with and being run for a large part by many people beholden to the United States who continue to treat them as if they are legitimate and refuse to admit or even consider the fact they the US is no friend of Russia and is in fact trying to destroy the Russian State, Russian Culture and the Russian people. The same people who treat the nazi trash and filth that took over Ukraine refuse to do anything even when they have directly assassinated a Russian Diplomatic Representative.

First Run Facts and Motives Pointing to CIA/MOSSAD/GID Involvement

Jar2 is probably the last completely free voice in the world and even though I expect to be killed soon for my years of journalistic work I don't care. Having said that here is what I know about this egregious, horrendous, monstrous and in no way justifiable assassination against a diplomat working for peace.

First the facts and everything I learned about this horrendous crime from all of my sources, contacts and intelligence. I underline first run because these were the facts as they first came out before the information operations kicked in to obfuscation and control the narrative.

1. The actions of the assassin were those of a professional and the assassination was done and carried out in such a way as to show that it was carefully planned for maximum effect, maximum media exposure, to appear as a direct attack on the Russian Federation and to place the blame on Muslims. The opening of an art center was being televised live which is unusual.

2. The timing on the eve of an official visit to Russia by Turkey where agreements were planned to be signed between Russia, Iran and Turkey, shows that the CIA were desperate to prevent such an event in anyway possible. The normalization of Russian-Turkish relations means that pipelines will not be built, NATO will not be bringing Turkey into its criminal organization and the U.S. which wants military bases around the Black Sea as well as everywhere else will not be obtaining such. 

3. The choice of venue. An event which was supposed to symbolize the path to the return of normalization in Turkish-Russian relations. Carrying out the assassination there was an attack on both Turkey and the Russian Federation and designed to drive a wedge between the two countries. 

4. The killer was fired from the police for his connections, or his family's connections, to the recent CIA organized coup attempt in Turkey. The coup was proven in the media and by the arrests of CIA and MOSSAD officers to have been planned by the West, thus anyone involved or connected to it is directly connected to the CIA and MOSSAD. This gives us fact 5.

5. Given the fact that he was connected to the CIA organized coup and was even fired from his job and was probably facing trial or further charges and was hopeless he would have definitely been willing to carry out such an event. The shooter was radicalized and had no future in Turkey and was probably promised that his family would be taken care of if he gave his life for the CIA and MOSSAD. Of course they have armies of brainwashed Muslim and in fact millions worldwide who would die for them. This is the largest threat to world security in modern times. Never in history have intelligence agencies been so intertwined with terrorists to the point where they indiscernible from each other.

6. The shooters name points to Jewish origin which points to a MOSSAD connection. It is a fact that radicalized Jews are used by the CIA and MOSSAD to carry out such operations and the shooter was obviously indoctrinated and trained making him the perfect patsy.

7. In the days prior to the assassination Turkey recalled 300 military personnel from NATO structures. Meaning Turkey was officially saying no to NATO and that NATO will no longer have any control over Turkey whatsoever. This was exclusive information that I was given and may not be available anywhere else. The withdrawal of 300 officers is unprecedented and a complete and total demarche.

8. There are over 350 CIA Officers working in the Turkish Intelligence Service's Offices in Ankara. This was also inside information. It is not clear as of writing if they have been expelled from Turkey or not but they were occupying offices in Turkish Intelligence from which they were running operations in Turkey and Syria and Middle East territories connected to Turkey.

9. Another inside fact is that there is a U.S./NATO General that secretly overseas all operations and actions being carried out by the Turkish Government and who must approve of anything that Turkey does before Turkey does it. This information has come out with the support of Turkey's President Erdogan because he will be assassinated if he does not continue to bend to the will of the CIA and NATO. Turkey has been taken over and is no longer a sovereign nation but the Turkish President is attempting to save his country, his people and himself according to my source.

10. Not long ago Turkey officially announced it was no longer seeking membership in NATO.

11. The assassination took place within hours of Donald Trump officially being declared the President of the United States. Thus the impunity the CIA had under Obama has officially ended and such operations would not have been carried out under a new President's rule.

12. Turkey which was shipping stolen oil from Syria to Israel and providing material support to ISIS

13. NATO would have called up Article 5 of the NATO Charter had Russia gone to war against Turkey.

15. Earlier Russia destroyed the pipeline that Turkey was using to steal Syria oil which was delivered to Israel.

16. Hours before the assassination Russia cleansed Aleppo, Syria of the CIA/MOSSAD/GID/NATO ISIS/AQ/AN forces.

17. Russia has exposed more about the CIA and their creation and support of terrorists than any other country in the world.

18. Russia was blamed for the Podesta leaks and more by the CIA in a clear attempt to sow propaganda for war meaning they are desperate

19. The CIA is not happy that Donald Trump appears to be friendly with Russia and not so with CIA.

20. CIA lost their candidate who was to start World War III with Russia and again became desperate on the last day of Obama's power

21. The CIA has gone completely off the reservation and is no longer under control and 

22. My server was taken down 5 times after publishing information about this event

23. Evidence CIA Ordered Assassination of Russian Ambassador Michael Morell called for such an event

24. CIA Assets are all running diversionary operations. Examples include Michael Bohm admonishes Russians for seeing a link, Snowden blaming Russia for Cyber attacks and all U.S. and Western media outlets which run information support operations for the CIA are ignoring the facts, justifying the assassination and obfuscating CIA/NATO involvement.

25. Heightened operations in the Caucuses by terrorists who we know are being sponsored by Saudi Arabia means the CIA/MOSSAD/GID are desperate.

26. Sports Europe Politics

27. Media and Internet operations

28. Hillary's Loss and insane attempts to blame Russia while passing laws saying cyber attacks deserve a military response

Media, Internet and Information Operations

Facebook and their unprecedented collusion with Hungarian Nazis George Soros to censor information is just one sad and pathetic example of the way that the CIA and the Zionist elites are attempting to spread lies to the population and maintain their false narrative. They are not interested in the people being informed. They are interested in fact in the complete opposite. Their only interest is in the truth not being allowed to get out.

Every claim against Greenberg, a Rockefeller and the owner of Facebook, and everything we heard in the past of Facebook being the largest facial coordinate data base owned by the CIA and the NSA ring even truer today as Facebook has also become militarized as an instrument to control the information received by those unfortunate enough to use the service and therefore to control their minds.  


This kind of statement is horrific but for the CIA controlled U.S. media it is normal.

The Ministry of Truth is Now Militarized and All Powerful

The following laws and additions are all important because they are designed to allow the U.S. Government to do exactly what they are doing today with regard to the media in their drive for World War III.

MKULTRA Never Stopped

S 2943 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 PDF

The U.S. Government has effectively militarized information operations and has give the Broadcast Board of Governors, which is the Ministry of Truth for the United States much broader and all encompassing powers. 

Creates BBG Executive continues to cement the powers of the security state and enslavement of the people

HR 5181 Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 PDF

In order to combat any media outlet or internet resource that is exposing the illegality or the crimes being committed by the U.S. Government they have now militarized and given themselves the ability to legal shut down and silence anyone who goes against the official narrative.

Gives more power to the BBG and now allows the targeting of media which counters the false information being put out by the BBG and the fake US media

HR 5736 Modifications to Smith-Mundt Act Allowing BBG Propaganda in US PDF

This law is important because it allowed for the Ministry of Truth (the BBG) to use military and government grade propaganda against the citizens of the United States. They can now legally tell you anything they want and push any lie they want as truth. This was the actual end of journalism in America and the end of freedom of speech and the oversight that the Fourth Estate was supposed to provide.

This law allowed for Broadcast Board of Governors to create, distribute and spread false news and propaganda into the United States as it had been doing to the world.

HR 645 REX84 Full Text Will Allow Imprisonment of Millions for Dissent PDF

The U.S. Government has long had the power to imprison and intern any and all Americans if there is massive discontent or protest with ANY decision made by the government. This includes, and the wording is thus "opposition to n unpopular war". So there is to be no freedom of speech and no dissent. The American people effectively became slaves when this law was passed several years ago. 

Full Text PDF of bill H.R. 645 directing the establishment of internment centers on military bases

Hacking is Now the New Reason Justifying Aggressive War

When you know what to watch for the statements by officials saying that hacking is the same as a military attack and warrant a military response and then they start accusing Russia of state sponsored hacking the only conclusion that you can reach is that they are frothing at the mouth like rapid dogs to start a war with Russia. They can do this because they believe like WWI and WWII the war will be fought on foreign soil like all US wars. Therefore to stop these animals it is necessary to bring every war home to America.

This Should be the Smoking Gun: Evidence CIA Ordered Assassination of Russian Ambassador

Again Michael Morell whose wife donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Clinton campaign, further evidence of the CIA/Clinton relationship, has come out with wild statements regarding Russia and how it must be "punished", this time saying Putin needs a painful blow. This must be done for the fabricated cyber attack charges that the U.S. has come up with to claim that the recent U.S. elections were somehow influenced by Russia. Not long ago this frothing at the mouth rabid dog of an excuse for a human filth called for the killing of Russians and Iranians to "make them pay a price." Such statement have no place in any part of the civilized world but this lunatic, who is in a revolving door between private interests profiting from war and the Central Intelligence Agency, which has now become nothing but the global war enabler for the corporations, truly believes and it is clear he is right in believing, that he can say anything he wants. This psychopath truly believes that somehow the U.S. has the right to slaughter people because they are not in line with the wishes of the United States.    

CIA Hawk Called for the US to Deliver a “Painful” Blow to Putin One Week Prior to Ambassador Being Assassinated

CIA is Misrepresenting FBI’s and Clapper’s doubts on CIA’s Russian hacking claims

The Director of National Intelligence which is over the CIA and the FBI have both said there is no evidence of Russian cyber attacks affecting the recent election but the CIA keeps spreading the lie and is attempting to use it to start World War III. This insanity has got to be stopped but no one in the U.S. seems to have the ability to speak out let alone have the power to do anything to stop these maniacs.

UK Generals in Syria to Recruit Aleppo Terrorists to murder more Civilians and Russian Medics

This report is just another in the millions of pieces of evidence in the public domain proving the U.S. is a state sponsor and user of terror. Further proof they controlled the shooter of  the Russian Ambassador.

CIA Has No Credibility, Protecting Pizzagate, Spreading Lies, Blames Russia for Killary Loss

The CIA must be disbanded and as John F Kennedy said, all of the pieces spread to the winds so that it could never reform again. This drive for World War III and their covering up of child trafficking and worse should be an affront to civilized people but there are almost no bodies or individuals left to challenge them.

They provide no proof so I provide no link

An Army of Lunatics and Wormlike Scum Frothing at the Mouth for World War III

From Facebook to Faux to the NY Daily Trash all Rothschild/Zionist/CIA controlled internet assets and media outlets world wide are pushing the insane drive for World War III. These bodies and individuals should also be brought before a tribunal as should anyone who repeats the lies they are using to drive up of the insanity for war. Yes those are harsh words but technically under international law and any country's normal criminal law, anyone colluding with the commission of a crime, in this case the ultimate crime against humanity (Aggressive War) must also be held to account.

NSA/CIA Officers and Agents in Russia Continue to Cover and Obfuscate for the CIA

Michael Bohm who is allowed to continue to push US positions and propaganda on Russian television once again admonished Russians for seeing the CIA or the US hand in the assassination of the Russian diplomat in Turkey.

It is stunning that Snowden continues to make public statements in which he admits he has done nothing to hurt the CIA which is my claim from the beginning (that he has revealed nothing) and ridicule those who are critical of the CIA and NATO with regard to Russia and does not, once again say a word in support of Russia when it is under attack and is supposedly protecting him. He continues to spit on Russia further proving my assessment that he is still working for the CIA and in fact has been all along. 

The Russian media outlets being run by the CIA continue to tell everyone what a great guy this Trojan horse is. It is stunning!

 Conclusion of Investigation and Report

Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was assassinated by the CIA and MOSSAD with support from Rogue Turkish Intelligence Officers and NATO/MI6. The ultimate goal is provoking World War III against the Russian Federation and to guarantee NATO bases and assets in Turkey all for the global central banking mafia chiefly represented by the odious Rothschilds and Rockefellers, in their drive for the New World Order .

All measures must be taken by the FSB and security bodies to eliminate the 5th column operating in Russia and anyone else working against the interests of the Russian State and the Russian people as well as anyone pushing for war.

Update 12-23-2016

CIA Arm Al-Nusra Claims Reponsibility for Assassination of Russian Ambassador JAR2 Was Right

On Al-Nusra/CIA ties

Attack on Russian Embassy in Kiev Provocation to War

16 June, 2014 13:56

The 1961 Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations which entered into force on April 24 1964 and have hence been supplemented have been the guiding rules. The preeminent document governing the working of diplomatic missions around the world and clearly laying out the framework for international relations since its inception. The Vienna Conventions have proven to be one of the most respected and successful international documents in history respected and followed even during times of war. Therefore the attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine is a crime of international proportion which must be condemned by the entire international community.

Ukraine has become a rogue nation acting with complete and total impunity since the armed coup in February and the installation by the western backed junta of a government made up of nazi sympathizers pretending to represent the will of the Ukrainian people while using violent brute force to silence and literally eliminate anyone opposed to their reign of terror. The previous statement is sadly not an exaggeration of the facts but an understatement as to the illegality and egregious conduct of the regime.

"Puppet" Poroshenko's Escalation

After the recent presidential election conducted by the junta which saw billionaire oligarch Petr Poroshenko placed in the office of president, it had been hoped that the government would cease its punitive military operations against the civilian population in the east and across Ukraine. However Poroshenko, who Rossiya Segodnya head Dmitry Kiselyov called a "helpless puppet" on his weekly program Vesti, has continued and even escalated the punitive war on civilians. Immediately after his inauguration the Ukrainian forces began employing heavier weapons, illegal munitions and all of the resources at their disposal including fighter aircraft.

Among the banned munitions being employed against civilian targets are cluster bombs and white phosphorous. The military is literally wiping entire villages off the face of the earth and to add to the growing list of war crimes they have refused to allow the innocent civilian population to exit the zone of conflict. With their public statements that they are engaged in a war to "clear the east" there can be absolutely no doubt that the junta is engaged in clear and undeniable genocide against the people of the east and those opposed to their illegal grab on power.

Western Silence, Collusion and War by Proxy

Despite the growing list of war crimes and evidence that the US is directly responsible for bringing nazis to power in Ukraine, the West continues to support the junta. This is understandable as the nazi junta is fighting the war against Russia that the US/NATO cannot carry out on their own. No matter what the junta does, from slaughtering innocent unarmed protestors in Odessa, to bombing hospitals with illegal munitions and now to attacking the untouchable territory of a diplomatic mission, the West continues to support the monsters in Kiev thus facilitating and leading to the junta’s belief in their own impunity.

The West has found like-minded brethren in Ukraine’s nazis, with their global illegality being mirrored in the microcosm that is Ukraine. From muffling the media, to torture, to punitive war, to oligarchs bought and paid for and placed in power, to demonization of Russia, to "regime change" and destabilization, everything that we are seeing in Ukraine has been standard operating procedure for the US around the world.

There has been no outcry, there has been no condemnation, there are no international organizations calling for the sanctity of the lives of the civilians in the east to be respected and the latest attack on the Russian diplomatic mission in Kiev and the lack of response by the West shows not only their silent collusion but their open support for the crimes of the junta.

Also in a stunning public appearance the head of the OSCE Lamberto Zannier met with refugees from Ukraine and began his speech by telling the gathered refuges who has lost everything and been targeted for extermination by the junta and the new president that Ukrainian President Poroshenko wanted to "bring the country into the light" or flourish and prosper. Telling this to people who were targeted in an operation to "clear the east" was unbelievable but the OSCE head did add that those guilty of committing crimes should be punished.

Attack on Embassy

On Saturday the Russian Embassy in Kiev was subject to a violent attack organized by one of the main architects of the Maidan Igor Kolomoisky and members of his Azov Battalion, who the US continues to support.

Initial reports and witness statements testify to the fact that the attack on the Russian Embassy was carefully planned and that the goal of the egregious attack on the diplomatic mission was to seize the building and shed the blood of Russian diplomats. Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov believes the attack was thoroughly planned.

The tactics and the attempted storming of the embassy are the exact tactics that the Right Sector and Kolomoisky’s thugs used to overthrown the legitimate government of Ukraine with one very important exception: an attack on an embassy is an attack on the sovereign territory of the country whose embassy is attacked. The junta in effect attacked the Russian Federation and historically such an attack has the potential for being considered a declaration of war.

The normal minimal reaction by the attacked country to such an outrageous attack is filing an official complaint with the country hosting the embassy (which is obligated by the Vienna Conventions to protect the territory of embassies from attack) and with the United Nations. Russia has for its part filed a draft resolution condemning the attack with the UN Security Council but it was blocked by the US, the UK and France. This unprecedented condoning of an attack on a diplomatic mission is almost unprecedented.

For hours as up to a thousand people (at one point) engaged in overturning cars, smashing out all of the windows in the building and defacing the embassy compound with swastikas, the police who initially formed a cordon around the building but then were instructed to leave and not interfere, did absolutely nothing to stop the attack.

If all that is not bad enough the fact that Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchytsia joined the crowd attacking the embassy and with the case of the foreign minister launched into an expletive filled attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation to the cheers of the crowd, shows that the attack on the embassy was given the green light (if not in fact ordered) by the junta and the "government" at the highest level.

It is important to note that the United Kingdom also wanted to storm an embassy not long ago to get its hands on poor Julian Assange who continues to be trapped in London, but the UK was forced to abide by the Vienna Conventions for fear of attacks worldwide on its own missions. The Kiev junta apparently does not care at all about its diplomatic missions around the world, with the same disregard that it approaches all aspects of international law, even rules prohibiting the use of forbidden munitions, and once again has underlined its own illegitimacy.

Provoking War

Since day one the junta has been provoking war with Russia. By demonizing and killing ethnic Russians and Russian speakers, by continuously detaining and possible torturing Russian journalists, by sending tanks into Russian territory, by attacking a Russian Diplomatic Mission and by continuous bellicose rhetoric and undiplomatic conduct, the junta is working overtime to fulfil the will of their western masters.

The US/NATO want a pretext for war and to place their military elements in the country. They also want to exploit Ukraine’s resources and their end goal is isolating Russia and diminishing any influence Russia might have in Europe.

Russia continues to patiently try to deal with the all-out attack by the West through diplomatic and peaceful means but as we have seen with the gas issue, as Gazprom has now finally forced the deadbeat regime to pay in advance for their gas, even though they have a debt of $4,458,000,000.00, which the junta, in my opinion, has no intention of paying.

Russia wants peace but even a peaceful sleeping bear will attack if you provoke it long enough. And that is apparently what the White House officials and CIA/NATO are trying to do as Operation Ukraine continues.

For those who believe in the democracy and freedom rhetoric of the United States Government with regard to Ukraine and the continuing demonization of Russia, what we have seen since 9/11 is a super power run amuck all over the world. I would encourage all of you subjected to the media censorship in the West to seek out the truth about what has occurred in Ukraine. I would encourage you all to protest against those in your government who would fund nazis and look the other way as peaceful civilians are being slaughtered for the crimes of being "pro-Russian" or wanting the right to self-determination or being against the illegal coup government.

The US/NATO war machine depends on your funding and your hard earned taxed income to exist, yet what they are doing in Ukraine and in many other places around the world are crimes against all of humanity. You can stop them if you want.

The United States and NATO are facilitating genocide against Russians in Ukraine and they have unleashed nazis in Europe (things which should have been stopped long ago) and they are continuing to provoke Russia in what may lead to World War III.

Another US Fail: Sanctions on Russia Backfiring

30 April, 21:44

The US geopolitical strategies of: isolation; "projecting US power by force"; destabilization; economic manipulation (sanctions); regime change; military expansion through the use of surrogate countries surreptitiously annexed by NATO; the continued demonization and attempted "isolation" of Russia through the use of the old and tired Cold War bogeyman and the current onslaught of anti-Russian propaganda, lies and reverse blame, are all backfiring on the increasingly aggressive, irrational and dangerous war hungry Washington planners.

For over two decades, with a marked acceleration after September 11, 2001, the world stood witness to the tragic effects, devastation and huge loss of life that the US inflicted on the Middle East, the only outcomes of barbaric US geopolitical strategies and policies.

Whether designed to spread US hegemony, do the bidding of Israel or Saudi, ensure the continued profits of the US military industrial complex, establish more US/NATO military outposts, steal the natural resources or more likely all of the above, the US/NATO invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and almost of Syria were unprovoked acts of aggressive war which are crimes against peace and crimes against humanity under international law.

In the same way that the world and the "international community" turned a blind eye to the rise of nazi [sic] Germany (and on a smaller scale the rise of nazis to power in Ukraine with the assistance of the US/NATO) the world has allowed all of the crimes committed by the US in their global war of domination to go unanswered. Whether out of self-interest (NATO members are accessories), cowardice or blackmail, this refusal to take measures against the out of control "sole superpower" amounts to nothing more than passive (if not active) collusion which has emboldened the US/NATO to the point where they are pushing the world to the brink of World War III.

Russia, China and the US "pivot" to Asia: the final solution for US hegemony

Due to more principled individuals in the West, like General Wesley Clark, we know that they US is in the business of destroying countries. We also know, thanks to the publicity hungry PNAC, Brezhinsky, CIA Front USAID and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, that the US is bent on global domination and will do anything and everything to advance their own "national interests", this is not a secret. The plan by Zbignew Brezhinsky (a madman who is still running US foreign policy) to break up Russia into 68 autonomous regions and US/NATO plans to surround Russia and China with their missile shield elements, which is in reality part of a nuclear first-strike system, is also not a secret. The "tool", Prompt Global Strike, is an illegal system designed by the most perfidious groups of cowards in history to allow the "West" to carry out a nuclear first strike on Russia and China and anyone else they please without the threat of a retaliatory strike.

In their desperation, as their economies are on the brink of collapse and over-extended having been taken over by the military industrial complex, the US/NATO and its client states (allies), have decided to carry out a “pivot” into Asia and put into play plans to divide, weaken and then take out Russia and China. That is why Ukraine is crucial and why Russia has announced this as a "red-line". Will the US/NATO listen? Obviously not when madmen like Brezhinky are allowed to continue to work in the shadows.

However, living in their alternative Washington suburban universe where they have obviously been brainwashed themselves by Hollywood portrayals of US exceptionalism and unstoppable military might, the Washington planners continue to shoot themselves in the foot and obtusely refuse to learn from their own mistakes. But then again why should they? After all the have the US populace on "lockdown" and it is the poor taxpayers who are footing the bill and paying with their lives.


The US-organized-nazi-assisted-violent-coup in Ukraine and the installation of a puppet government is failing. US/NATO/CIA blinded by their own ignorance and self-righteous pathological belief in their own exceptionalism, have once again, ignorantly and like the mindless brute they are, miscalculated and misunderstood the human factor. For this they owe the people of Ukraine an apology and restitution and in a sane world, would have to answer for the attempted destruction of Ukraine.

You might argue that the US has succeeded in Ukraine. I would beg to differ. The US is a dangerous murderous global failure and the failures in the Middle East are in very little way different from the failure taking place in Ukraine and based on the same simple fact that they simple do not understand the peoples of the countries they invade, annex and destabilize with their operations.

Puppet Fail

Sure Ukraine is destabilized, nazis are once again in power in Europe and the US cherry picked puppets are in power, with even the Right Sector’s nazi puppet boy Yarosh running for president, but they will not be there for long. The logical result of the coup, if the country is not pushed into endless civil war and anarchy, will be for the Right Sector to be locked up, banned forever and all of the US/NATO/USAID/CIA tools also expelled like a disgusting hairball out of Ukraine forever.

Black Sea Fail

Thanks to the peaceful citizens of Crimea, the major US/NATO fail occurred with regard to Crimea. US/NATO wanted to expel the Black Sea Fleet, establish US/NATO bases in the territory and control the Black Sea, in effect expelling Russia from the region. Despite the fact that the planners in Washington, who obviously spend too much time playing war with little armies on maps of the globe, decided (like they did for the Ukrainian people) that the territory would be theirs no matter what, their planned viciously backfired, and the people (the PEOPLE) of Crimea decided to reunite with Russia.

Sanctions/Asia/Major Fails

When the US first "imposed sanctions" on Russia, Russian officials reacted in a completely unified manner and unanimously scoffed the US chest pounding "sanctions". They did so for good reason and just like all previous warnings to the US on everything from Vietnam to Afghanistan fell on deaf suburban Virginia/Washington ears so have the warnings by Russian officials, experts, politicians and the like, that sanctions will backfire. And oh how beautifully they are backfiring. It does my heart good!

We have seen Eurasian integration plans take more urgency, Russia preparing to offer an alternative to Visa and Mastercard and more unity than ever between countries seeking to maintain their sovereignty and independent foreign policies not under the influence of the US bloc.

President Putin

The Eurasian Economic Union, which the US/EU hoped to put an end to was given even more impetus after the US adventure in Ukraine. The level of unity between the partners in the upcoming bloc would not be so high if it were not for US sanctions.

President Vladimir Putin stated that US and EU sanctions against Russia over the Ukrainian crisis cannot affect Eurasian integration.

They can’t have any impact [on Eurasian integration] as this issue concerns only the countries that are involved in this integration, Putin told reporters after a summit of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in the Belarusian capital.

Foreign Minister Lavrov

Moscow repudiates US and EU sanctions on Russia over the Ukrainian standoff and calls for national reconciliation in Ukraine through all-inclusive political dialogue, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday, RIA Novosti reports.

"We denounce sanctions in all their forms, including those that have been announced by the United States and the EU against all common sense due to events in Ukraine," said Lavrov during talks with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla in Havana.

"We insist on immediate resolution [of the crisis in Ukraine] through all-Ukrainian national dialogue," Lavrov said.

Cuban Leadership

The leadership of Cuba supports the position of the Russian Federation in connection with the situation in Ukraine and opposes double standards and sanctions, states the Russian Foreign Ministry after the visit of Sergei Lavrov to this country.

Russian Foreign Minister met with the Chairman of the State Council and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, Raul Castro, and held talks with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. In addition, he had an informal conversation with the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

"The parties stressed the complete convergence of approaches in regard to strengthening multilateralism in world affairs, multipolarity and mutual respect," added the ministry.

President of Nicaragua Ortega

In a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega said the following: "It is absolutely clear that the position of the US and EU with sanctions and pressure is the wrong way," said Ortega. "A peaceful solution is needed with the respect of international law. Only this way can save the humanity, because it threatened".

"Sanctions only lead to greater instability and lesser security throughout the region and around the world," said Ortega.

Speaker Matvienko

In the words of Valentina Mitvienko, the speaker of the Federation Council, sanctions against Russia "will not have any serious influence on our economy. What the West can be thanked for is that they consolidate Russian society more and more by such actions.

"As regards sanctions as pressure upon Russia designed to make it change its foreign policy, this is totally unacceptable with any sovereign state in the world, especially with such a powerful and influential state as Russia that plays a huge role in the global politics and economy," she stressed.

Presidential Aide Fursenko

Sanctions against Russia are a dead-end policy but it stimulates the country to revise its priorities, Andrei Fursenko told Rossiya 24 channel Tuesday.

"This atmosphere, these sanctions attempted to be imposed are a unique opportunity for us to revise the situation as a whole, to reconsider our priorities at some point, to understand that we have to think about our development prospects in the first place, counting on our own abilities, and consider how it can be ideally arranged," Fursenko said.


So the US has once again made themselves weaker at the cost of billions to US taxpayers and helped to make Russia and its partners stronger, more resolved and more united than ever. Which is wonderful except that when madmen such as Brezhinsky finally see that they are facing imminent demise they will become dangerous and unpredictable, and we must not forget, Russia never asked for this. Russia had been doggedly trying to maintain normal relations with the US since the end of the cold war. Unfortunately some in Washington will just not let go.

Attack on Russian Embassy in Warsaw: Nationalists, Hate-Groups, Russophobia, NATO

Protests in Warsaw, Poland

Protests in Warsaw, Poland 12 November, 2013 10:57

On November 11th, as Poland marked its Independence Day holiday, right-wing nationalists and rioters decided to target and attack the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Warsaw, Poland. The Polish Security Services protected the site but not until rioters burnt a police post and did damage to the Embassy Compound. Riot police were forced to form a cordon around the embassy to protect the location and multiple arrest were made. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has apologized for the attack, organized by hate groups operating in Poland whose backing must surely now be investigated.

Although official Moscow and official Warsaw maintain normal and mutually beneficial relations despite many areas where there are disagreements, some of these very serious such as in the area of allowing US/NATO missile elements and military infrastructure to be placed on Polish soil, there continue to be those who wish to see any warming in bilateral relations cut off before they have a chance to even get off the ground and continue to propagate anti-Soviet propaganda and outdated rhetoric repackaged as anti-Russian hatred.

The attack on the Russian Embassy in Warsaw was clearly a provocation by forces acting in Poland whose goal is to foment internal strife and maintain an anti-Russian stance by the Polish Government and the Polish people.

Official Warsaw has condemned the attack on the Russian Embassy and Polish law enforcement and security bodies did in fact respond accordingly to the threat (attacks on embassies are a violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations), and were even forced to use extreme measures including rubber bullets on the rioters gathered under nationalistic slogans.

The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, was one of the first to condemn the violence by rioters and went so far as to call it a "slur on the country’s reputation."

Tusk apologized for the attack on the Russian Embassy and even stated that he was "ashamed" by the acts of violence carried out by rioters on a day when Poles are supposed to be celebrating pride in their country.

The rioters, who gather every year and cause widespread property damage and organize acts of violence continually cause embarrassment to the government and the country as a whole. Effectively these "nationalists," who claim to be Polish patriots, are doing more on a continual basis to discredit and bring shame on the country they purport to defend and be patriots of.

According to RIA Novosti news agency Prime Minister Tusk partially placed responsibility for the disorders on his main political opponent, chairman of the Law and Justice Party Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

While there are internal political forces in Poland responsible for the yearly violence and the continuing Russophobia, Polish Security Services must not turn a blind eye to the fact that there are also external foreign actors who stand to benefit from fomenting strife between Poland and Russia. This fact should have been brought home by the crash of President Lech Kaczynski’s plane, in which 96 people died and the aftermath of anti-Russian hysteria that swept the country, propagated by western backed actors.

Although the Russian Federation and the Russian Security Services have tackled the problem of western backed NGOs and have openly confronted the fact that these organizations are used to effect political and social change in target countries, in effect subverting the governments and the countries in question, Poland has not taken such measures and is also want in dealing with their own internal hate groups and the proliferation of neo-nazi [sic] ideology and the spread of hate and violence by these groups.

Internally for Poland open media debate and political discussions regarding hate crimes and xenophobia rarely occur and are due to the fact that target groups are largely marginalized and have almost no voice to be heard. According to the site "… the overwhelming silence surrounding the issue of right-wing crimes or related violence can be attributed to Polish society’s extreme sensitivity to the topic. Hate crime—as an element of the wider problem of racism, xenophobia and discrimination—clashes with the dominant (internal and external) image of Polish society.”

This internal problem, which sees international coverage every year as nationalists stage pogroms throughout the country, affects Russian-Polish relations because the groups often incite anti-Russian hatred due to old Soviet stereotypes that are still part of the public consciousness, and which suit the interests of US/NATO as they continue to subvert the sovereignty of Poland and use its territory as another instrument for the projection of US/NATO military force into the Post-Soviet Space.

Although the holiday, Polish Independence Day, is marked to celebrate Poland's independence in 1918, nationalist movements have taken a neo-nazi [sic] character and an anti-Russian one as well. While historically inaccurate these prejudices are assisted by some Polish media who continually blame Russia for the social and economic ills of the Polish people.

The fact that hate groups regularly use points of social discontent to foment hatred towards a particular targeted group is nothing new. This tactic has been used in particular in the post Soviet space by western backed interests whose only goal is to prevent normal relations between Russia and the states in question.

From US/NATO the Polish people have been given CIA black sites, NATO military installations and so-called ABM infrastructure. While flying in the face of the geopolitical reality and the fact that Russia is a friendly country interested in mutually beneficial relations with Poland based on the mutual respect for sovereignty, these moves by US/NATO serve their own interests and foment tension between Poland and Russia.

Perhaps it is time the Polish Security Services began looking at who is behind the yearly violence, who is funding and promoting anti-Russian hysteria and for the nationalists to take a sober and long hard look at who is truly subverting the sovereignty of their beloved homeland. Unfortunately that long hard look will have to be directed to the West.

Huntsman Warning on Accepting a Maidan Creator and Illuminati as Ambassador: CFR/CIA McFaul failed to start a revolution in Russia, Teft failed, now they want to send an Epstein Illuminati?

Title- Russia’s Foreign Ministry agrees to Huntsman as US ambassador to Russia

Huntsman is a busy boy already buying advertising on VK to push his products. The arrogance is stunning as he has not been confirmed or approved by President Putin yet.

Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961

Done at Vienna on 18 April 1961. Entered into force on 24 April 1964. United Nations, Treaty Series, vol. 500, p. 95.

Copyright © United Nations 2005

The States Parties to the present Convention,

Recalling  that peoples  of all nations  from  ancient  times  have  recognized  the status  of diplomatic agents,

Having  in mind  the  purposes  and principles  of the Charter  of the United  Nations  concerning  the sovereign  equality  of States,  the maintenance  of international  peace  and security,  and the  promotion  of friendly  relations  among nations,

Believing  that  an  international  convention  on  diplomatic  intercourse,  privileges  and  immunities would  contribute  to the  development  of friendly  relations  among  nations,  irrespective  of their  differing constitutional  and social systems,

Realizing  that  the purpose  of such  privileges  and immunities  is not to benefit  individuals  but to ensure the efficient  performance  of the functions  of diplomatic  missions  as representing  States,

Affirming  that  the  rules  of  customary  international  law  should  continue  to govern  questions  not expressly regulated  by the provisions  of the present Convention,

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1

For  the  purpose  of  the  present  Convention,  the  following  expressions   shall  have  the  meanings hereunder  assigned to them:

(a)       The “head of the mission”  is the person  charged  by the sending  State  with  the duty  of acting  in that capacity;

(b)       The  “members  of  the  mission”  are the  head  of the  mission  and  the members  of  the  staff  of  the mission;

(c)       The  “members   of  the  staff  of  the  mission”   are  the  members   of  the  diplomatic   staff,   of  the administrative  and technical  staff and of the service  staff of the mission;

(d)       The  “members   of  the  diplomatic   staff”   are  the  members   of  the  staff  of  the  mission   having diplomatic  rank;

(e)       A  “diplomatic   agent”  is  the  head  of  the  mission  or  a  member  of  the  diplomatic   staff  of  the mission;

(f)        The  “members   of  the  administrative   and  technical  staff”  are  the  members   of  the  staff  of  the mission employed  in the administrative  and technical  service of the mission;

(g)       The “members  of the service  staff”  are  the  members  of  the staff  of  the mission  in the  domestic service of the mission;

(h)       A “private  servant”  is a person  who  is  in the  domestic  service  of a member  of  the mission  and who is not an employee  of the sending State;

(i)        The  “premises   of  the  mission”   are  the  buildings   or  parts  of  buildings   and  the  land  ancillary thereto,  irrespective  of ownership,  used  for  the  purposes  of the  mission  including  the  residence  of the head of the mission.

Article 2

The establishment  of diplomatic  relations  between  States,  and of permanent  diplomatic  missions, takes place by mutual consent.

Article 3

1. The functions  of a diplomatic  mission  consist, inter alia, in: (a)       Representing  the sending State in the receiving  State;

(b)       Protecting  in the receiving  State  the interests  of the sending  State  and of its nationals,  within  the limits permitted  by international  law;

(c)       Negotiating  with the Government  of the receiving  State;

(d)       Ascertaining   by  all  lawful   means   conditions   and  developments   in  the  receiving   State,   and reporting  thereon to the Government  of the sending State;

(e)       Promoting  friendly  relations  between  the  sending  State  and  the  receiving  State,  and  developing their economic,  cultural and scientific  relations.

2. Nothing in the present  Convention  shall be construed  as preventing  the performance  of consular functions by a diplomatic  mission.

Article 4

1. The sending State must make certain that the agrément  of the receiving  State has been given for the person it proposes  to accredit as head of the mission  to that State.

2. The receiving  State is not obliged to give reasons  to the sending State for a refusal of agrément.

Article 5

1. The  sending  State  may,  after  it  has  given  due  notification  to  the  receiving  States  concerned, accredit  a head  of  mission  or  assign  any  member  of  the diplomatic  staff,  as  the  case  may  be,  to more than one State, unless there is express objection  by any of the receiving  States.

2. If the sending  State  accredits  a head  of mission  to one or more  other  States  it may  establish  a diplomatic  mission  headed  by a chargé  d’affaires  ad interim  in each State where  the head of mission  has not his permanent  seat.

3. A  head   of   mission   or  any   member   of   the   diplomatic   staff   of   the   mission   may   act   as representative  of the sending State to any international  organization.

Article 6

Two  or  more  States  may  accredit  the  same  person  as  head  of  mission  to  another  State,  unless objection is offered  by the receiving  State.

Article 7

Subject  to  the  provisions   of  articles  5,  8,  9  and  11,  the  sending  State  may  freely  appoint  the members  of the staff of the mission. In the case of military,  naval or air attachés,  the receiving  State may require their names to be submitted  beforehand,  for its approval.

Article 8

1. Members  of the diplomatic  staff  of the mission  should  in principle  be of the nationality  of the sending State.

2. Members  of  the  diplomatic   staff  of  the  mission  may  not  be  appointed  from  among  persons having  the  nationality   of  the  receiving   State,  except  with  the  consent   of  that  State  which  may  be withdrawn  at any time.

3. The receiving  State may reserve  the same right with  regard  to nationals  of a third State who are not also nationals of the sending State.

Article 9

1. The  receiving  State  may  at  any  time  and  without  having  to  explain  its  decision,  notify  the sending  State  that  the  head  of  the  mission  or  any  member  of  the  diplomatic   staff  of  the  mission  is persona  non grata  or  that  any  other  member  of  the staff  of  the mission  is not acceptable.  In any  such case, the sending  State shall, as appropriate,  either  recall the person concerned  or terminate  his functions with the mission. A person  may be declared  non grata or not acceptable  before  arriving  in the territory  of the receiving  State.

2. If the sending  State refuses  or fails within  a reasonable  period to carry  out its obligations  under paragraph   1  of  this  article,  the  receiving   State  may  refuse  to  recognize   the  person  concerned   as  a member of the mission.

Article 10

1. The  Ministry   for  Foreign  Affairs  of  the  receiving   State,  or  such  other  ministry   as  may  be agreed, shall be notified of:

(a)       The  appointment   of  members   of  the  mission,   their   arrival   and  their   final   departure   or  the termination  of their functions  with the mission;

(b)       The arrival  and  final  departure  of  a person  belonging  to the  family  of a member  of  the mission and,  where  appropriate,  the  fact  that  a  person  becomes  or  ceases  to  be  a  member  of  the  family  of  a member of the mission;

(c)       The  arrival   and  final  departure   of  private   servants   in  the  employ   of  persons   referred   to  in subparagraph  (a) of this  paragraph  and,  where  appropriate,  the  fact that they  are leaving  the employ  of such persons;

(d)       The  engagement   and  discharge   of  persons  resident  in  the  receiving   State  as  members   of  the mission or private servants  entitled to privileges  and immunities.

2. Where possible, prior notification  of arrival  and final departure  shall also be given.

Article 11

1. In  the  absence  of  specific  agreement  as  to  the  size  of  the  mission,  the  receiving  State  may require  that  the  size  of  a mission  be  kept  within  limits  considered  by it  to be  reasonable  and  normal, having  regard  to circumstances  and  conditions  in the receiving  State  and to the  needs  of the  particular mission.

2. The  receiving  State  may  equally,  within  similar  bounds  and  on  a  non-discriminatory   basis, refuse to accept officials  of a particular  category.

Article 12

The  sending  State  may  not,  without  the  prior  express  consent  of  the  receiving  State,  establish offices   forming   part   of  the  mission   in  localities   other   than   those   in  which   the  mission   itself   is


Article 13

1. The head  of the mission  is considered  as having  taken  up his functions  in the  receiving  State either  when  he has presented  his credentials  or when  he has notified  his arrival  and  a true  copy  of his

credentials  has been  presented  to the Ministry  for  Foreign  Affairs  of the receiving  State,  or such  other

ministry  as may be agreed,  in accordance  with  the practice  prevailing  in the receiving  State  which  shall be applied in a uniform  manner.

2. The order of presentation  of credentials  or of a true copy thereof  will be determined  by the date and time of the arrival of the head of the mission.

Article 14

1. Heads of mission are divided into three classes, namely:

(a)       That  of  ambassadors   or  nuncios  accredited  to  Heads  of  State,  and  other  heads  of  mission  of equivalent  rank;

(b)       That of envoys, ministers  and internuncios  accredited  to Heads of State; (c)       That of chargés d’affaires  accredited  to Ministers  for Foreign  Affairs.

2. Except as concerns  precedence  and etiquette,  there  shall be no differentiation  between  heads  of mission by reason of their class.

Article 15

The class to which the heads of their missions are to be assigned shall be agreed between  States.

Article 16

1. Heads  of mission  shall  take  precedence  in their  respective  classes  in the order  of the date  and time of taking up their functions  in accordance  with article 13.

2. Alterations  in the credentials  of a head  of mission  not involving  any  change  of class  shall  not affect his precedence.

3. This  article  is without  prejudice  to any  practice  accepted  by the  receiving  State  regarding  the precedence  of the representative  of the Holy See.

Article 17

The precedence  of the members  of the diplomatic  staff of the mission  shall be notified  by the head of the mission  to the Ministry  for Foreign Affairs  or such other ministry  as may be agreed.

Article 18

The procedure  to be observed  in each State for the reception  of heads of mission  shall be uniform in respect of each class.

Article 19

1. If the post  of head  of the mission  is vacant,  or if the head  of the mission  is unable  to perform his functions  a chargé  d’affaires  ad interim  shall  act provisionally  as head  of the mission.  The name  of the  chargé  d’affaires   ad  interim  shall  be  notified,  either  by  the  head  of  the  mission  or,  in  case  he  is unable  to do  so, by  the  Ministry  for  Foreign  Affairs  of the  sending  State  to  the  Ministry  for  Foreign Affairs  of the receiving  State or such other ministry  as may be agreed.

2. In  cases  where  no  member  of  the  diplomatic  staff  of  the  mission  is  present  in  the  receiving State, a member  of the administrative  and technical staff may, with the consent of the receiving  State, be designated  by the sending State to be in charge of the current administrative  affairs  of the mission.

Article 20

The mission  and its head shall  have the right  to use the flag and emblem  of the sending  State  on the premises  of  the  mission,  including  the  residence  of  the  head  of  the  mission,  and  on  his  means  of transport.

Article 21

1. The receiving  State  shall  either  facilitate  the acquisition  on its territory,  in accordance  with  its laws,  by  the  sending   State  of  premises   necessary   for  its  mission   or  assist  the   latter  in  obtaining accommodation  in some other way.

2. It  shall  also,  where  necessary,  assist  missions  in  obtaining  suitable  accommodation   for  their members.

Article 22

1. The premises  of the mission  shall be inviolable.  The agents of the receiving  State may not enter them, except with the consent of the head of the mission.

2. The receiving  State  is under  a special  duty to take  all appropriate  steps to protect  the premises of  the  mission  against  any  intrusion  or  damage  and  to  prevent  any  disturbance   of  the  peace  of  the mission or impairment  of its dignity.

3. The  premises  of  the  mission,  their  furnishings   and  other  property  thereon  and  the  means  of transport of the mission  shall be immune  from search, requisition,  attachment  or execution.

Article 23

1. The  sending  State  and  the  head  of  the  mission  shall  be  exempt  from  all national,  regional  or municipal  dues and taxes in respect  of the premises  of the mission,  whether  owned  or leased, other than such as represent  payment  for specific services rendered.

2. The exemption  from  taxation  referred  to in  this  article  shall  not apply  to such  dues  and taxes payable  under the law of the receiving  State by persons contracting  with the sending  State or the head of the mission.

Article 24

The archives and documents  of the mission  shall be inviolable  at any time and wherever  they may be.

Article 25

The receiving  State shall accord full facilities  for the performance  of the functions  of the mission.

Article 26

Subject  to its  laws  and regulations  concerning  zones  entry  into  which  is prohibited  or regulated for reasons  of national  security,  the receiving  State  shall  ensure  to all members  of the mission  freedom of movement  and travel in its territory.

Article 27

1. The receiving  State  shall  permit  and protect  free  communication  on the part  of the mission  for all official  purposes.  In communicating  with  the Government  and  the other  missions  and consulates  of the   sending   State,   wherever   situated,   the   mission   may   employ   all   appropriate    means,   including diplomatic  couriers  and messages  in code or cipher.  However,  the mission  may install and use a wireless transmitter  only with the consent of the receiving  State.

2. The official  correspondence  of  the mission  shall  be inviolable.  Official  correspondence  means all correspondence  relating  to the mission and its functions.

3. The diplomatic  bag shall not be opened or detained.

4. The packages  constituting  the diplomatic  bag must bear visible external  marks of their character and may contain only diplomatic  documents  or articles  intended  for official  use.

5. The diplomatic  courier,  who  shall  be provided  with  an official  document  indicating  his  status and the number  of packages  constituting  the diplomatic  bag, shall be protected  by the receiving  State  in the performance  of his functions.  He shall enjoy  person  inviolability  and shall not be liable  to any form of arrest or detention.

6. The sending  State  or the mission  may  designate  diplomatic  couriers  ad hoc.  In such  cases  the provisions  of paragraph  5 of this  article  shall  also  apply,  except  that  the immunities  therein  mentioned shall cease to apply when such a courier has delivered  to the consignee  the diplomatic  bag in his charge.

7. A diplomatic  bag may be entrusted  to the captain  of a commercial  aircraft  scheduled  to land at an authorized  port  of entry.  He  shall  be  provided  with  an official  document  indicating  the  number  of

packages constituting  the bag but he shall not be considered  to be a diplomatic  courier.  The mission  may send one of its members  to take possession  of the diplomatic  bag directly  and freely  from the captain of the aircraft.

Article 28

The fees and charges  levied by the mission  in the course of its official  duties shall be exempt from all dues and taxes.

Article 29

The person  of a diplomatic  agent  shall  be inviolable.  He shall  not be liable  to any form  of arrest or detention.  The receiving  State  shall  treat  him  with due respect  and shall  take all appropriate  steps  to prevent any attack on his person, freedom  or dignity.

Article 30

1. The private  residence  of a diplomatic  agent  shall enjoy  the same inviolability  and protection  as the premises  of the mission.

2. His papers,  correspondence  and,  except  as provided  in paragraph  3 of  article  31, his property, shall likewise  enjoy inviolability.

Article 31

1. A diplomatic  agent  shall  enjoy  immunity  from  the criminal  jurisdiction  of the receiving  State. He shall also enjoy immunity  from its civil and administrative  jurisdiction,  except in the case of:

(a)       A real action relating  to private  immovable  property  situated  in the territory  of the receiving  State, unless he holds it on behalf of the sending State for the purposes  of the mission;

(b)       An   action   relating   to   succession   in   which   the   diplomatic    agent   is   involved   as   executor, administrator,  heir or legatee as a private person and not on behalf of the sending State;

(c)       An action relating  to any professional  or commercial  activity  exercised  by the diplomatic  agent in the receiving  State outside his official  functions.

2. A diplomatic  agent is not obliged to give evidence  as a witness.

3. No  measures  of  execution  may  be  taken  in respect  of  a diplomatic  agent  except  in  the  cases coming  under  subparagraphs   (a),  (b)  and  (c)  of  paragraph   1  of  this  article,   and  provided   that  the measures concerned  can be taken without  infringing  the inviolability  of his person or of his residence.

4. The immunity  of a diplomatic  agent from  the jurisdiction  of the receiving  State does not exempt him from the jurisdiction  of the sending State.

Article 32

1. The immunity  from  jurisdiction  of diplomatic  agents  and of persons  enjoying  immunity  under article 37 may be waived by the sending State.

2. Waiver must always  be express.

3. The  initiation  of  proceedings   by  a  diplomatic   agent  or  by  a  person  enjoying  immunity  from jurisdiction  under  article  37 shall  preclude  him  from  invoking  immunity  from  jurisdiction  in respect  of any counterclaim  directly  connected  with the principal  claim.

4. Waiver of immunity  from  jurisdiction  in respect  of civil or administrative  proceedings  shall not be held to imply  waiver  of immunity  in respect  of the execution  of the judgement,  for which  a separate waiver shall be necessary.

Article 33

1. Subject  to the provisions  of paragraph  3 of this  article,  a diplomatic  agent  shall  with respect  to services rendered  for the sending State be exempt  from  social security  provisions  which may be in force in the receiving  State.

2. The  exemption  provided  for  in  paragraph  1 of  this  article  shall  also  apply  to private  servants who are in the sole employ of a diplomatic  agent, on condition:

(a)       That they are not nationals of or permanently  resident in the receiving  State; and

(b)       That they are covered  by the social security  provisions  which  may be in force in the sending State or a third State.

3. A diplomatic  agent who employs  persons  to whom  the exemption  provided  for in paragraph  2 of this  article  does  not  apply  shall  observe  the  obligations   which  the  social  security  provisions   of  the receiving State impose upon employers.

4. The exemption  provided  for  in paragraphs  1 and  2  of this  article  shall  not preclude  voluntary participation   in  the  social  security  system  of  the  receiving   State  provided  that  such  participation   is permitted  by that State.

5. The  provisions  of  this  article  shall  not  affect  bilateral  or  multilateral   agreements   concerning social  security  concluded  previously  and  shall  not  prevent  the  conclusion  of  such  agreements   in  the future.

Article 34

A diplomatic  agent shall be exempt  from all dues and taxes, personal  or real, national,  regional  or municipal,  except:

(a)       Indirect taxes of a kind which are normally  incorporated  in the price of goods or services;

(b)       Dues  and  taxes  on  private  immovable  property  situated  in  the  territory  of  the  receiving  State, unless he holds it on behalf of the sending State for the purposes  of the mission;

(c)       Estate, succession  or inheritance  duties  levied  by the receiving  State,  subject  to the provisions  of paragraph  4 of article 39;

(d)       Dues  and  taxes  on private  income  having  its  source  in the  receiving  State  and  capital  taxes  on investments  made in commercial  undertakings  in the receiving  State;

(e)       Charges levied for specific  services rendered;

(f)        Registration,   court  or  record  fees,  mortgage  dues  and  stamp  duty,  with  respect  to  immovable property,  subject to the provisions  of article 23.

Article 35

The  receiving  State  shall  exempt  diplomatic   agents  from  all  personal  services,  from  all  public service   of   any   kind   whatsoever,    and   from   military   obligations    such   as   those   connected    with requisitioning,  military  contributions  and billeting.

Article 36

1. The receiving  State shall, in accordance  with  such laws and regulations  as it may adopt, permit entry  of and grant  exemption  from  all customs  duties,  taxes,  and related  charges  other  than  charges  for storage, cartage and similar services, on:

(a)       Articles for the official  use of the mission;

(b)       Articles  for the personal  use of a diplomatic  agent  or members  of his family  forming  part  of his household,  including  articles  intended  for his establishment.

2. The personal  baggage  of a diplomatic  agent  shall  be  exempt  from  inspection,  unless  there  are serious  grounds  for  presuming  that  it  contains  articles  not  covered  by  the  exemptions   mentioned  in paragraph  1 of this article, or articles the import  or export of which is prohibited  by the law or controlled by  the  quarantine   regulations   of  the  receiving  State.  Such  inspection   shall  be  conducted  only  in  the presence of the diplomatic  agent or of his authorized  representative.

Article 37

1. The members  of the family  of a diplomatic  agent forming  part of his household  shall, if they are not nationals of the receiving  State, enjoy the privileges  and immunities  specified  in articles 29 to 36.

2. Members  of  the  administrative   and  technical  staff  of  the  mission,  together  with  members  of their   families   forming   part   of  their   respective   households,   shall,   if  they   are   not  nationals   of  or

permanently  resident  in the receiving  State,  enjoy  the privileges  and immunities  specified  in articles  29 to 35, except that the immunity  from civil and administrative  jurisdiction  of the receiving  State specified in paragraph  1 of article  31 shall  not extend  to acts  performed  outside  the course  of their  duties.  They shall also enjoy  the privileges  specified  in article  36, paragraph  1, in respect  of articles  imported  at the time of first installation.

3. Members  of the service  staff of the mission  who are not nationals  of or permanently  resident  in the  receiving   State  shall  enjoy  immunity  in  respect  of  acts  performed   in  the  course  of  their  duties, exemption  from  dues  and taxes on the emoluments  they  receive  by reason  of their  employment  and the exemption  contained  in article 33.

4. Private  servants  of  members  of the  mission  shall,  if they  are  not  nationals  of  or  permanently resident in the receiving  State, be exempt  from dues and taxes on the emoluments  they receive by reason of  their  employment.   In  other  respects,  they  may  enjoy  privileges  and  immunities   only  to  the  extent admitted  by  the receiving  State.  However,  the receiving  State  must  exercise  its jurisdiction  over  those persons in such a manner as not to interfere  unduly with the performance  of the functions  of the mission.

Article 38

1. Except insofar  as additional  privileges  and immunities  may be granted  by the receiving  State, a diplomatic  agent  who  is a national  of or  permanently  resident  in  that  State  shall  enjoy  only  immunity from jurisdiction,  and inviolability,  in respect of official acts performed  in the exercise of his functions.

2. Other   members   of  the  staff   of  the  mission   and  private   servants   who  are  nationals   of  or permanently   resident  in  the  receiving  State  shall  enjoy  privileges   and  immunities   only  to  the  extent admitted  by  the receiving  State.  However,  the receiving  State  must  exercise  its jurisdiction  over  those persons in such a manner as not to interfere  unduly with the performance  of the functions  of the mission.

Article 39

1. Every person  entitled  to privileges  and immunities  shall  enjoy them  from the moment  he enters the territory  of the receiving  State  on proceeding  to take  up his post or, if already  in its territory,  from the moment  when  his appointment  is notified  to the Ministry  for Foreign  Affairs  or such  other ministry as may be agreed.

2. When  the functions  of a person  enjoying  privileges  and immunities  have  come to an end, such privileges  and immunities  shall  normally  cease  at the moment  when  he leaves  the country,  or on expiry of a reasonable  period in which to do so, but shall subsist until that time,  even in case of armed  conflict. However,  with  respect  to acts  performed  by such  a person  in the exercise  of his functions  as a member of the mission, immunity  shall continue  to subsist.

3. In case  of the death  of a member  of  the mission,  the members  of his family  shall  continue  to enjoy the privileges  and immunities  to which  they are entitled  until the expiry  of a reasonable  period  in

which to leave the country.

4. In the event of the death of a member of the mission  not a national of or permanently  resident in the receiving  State  or a member  of his family  forming  part  of his household,  the  receiving  State  shall permit  the  withdrawal   of  the  movable  property  of  the  deceased,  with  the  exception  of  any  property acquired  in the  country  the  export  of which  was prohibited  at the time  of his death.  Estate,  succession and inheritance  duties  shall  not  be  levied  on movable  property  the  presence  of  which  in the  receiving State was due solely to the presence  there of the deceased as a member of the mission  or as a member  of the family  of a member of the mission.

Article 40

1. If a diplomatic  agent passes through  or is in the territory  of a third State, which has granted  him a passport  visa if such  visa was necessary,  while  proceeding  to take  up or to return  to his post, or when returning  to his own country,  the third  State shall  accord him inviolability  and such other immunities  as may be required  to ensure  his transit  or return.  The same shall apply  in the case of any members  of his family  enjoying  privileges   or  immunities   who  are  accompanying   the  diplomatic   agent,  or  travelling separately  to join him or to return to their country.

2. In circumstances  similar  to those  specified  in paragraph  1 of this  article,  third  States  shall  not hinder  the passage  of members  of the administrative  and  technical  or service  staff  of a mission,  and of members  of their families,  through  their territories.

3. Third   States   shall  accord   to  official   correspondence   and  other   official   communications   in transit,  including  messages  in code  or  cipher,  the  same  freedom  and  protection  as  is  accorded  by  the receiving  State. They shall accord  to diplomatic  couriers,  who have been granted  a passport  visa if such visa was necessary,  and diplomatic  bags  in transit,  the same inviolability  and protection  as the receiving State is bound to accord.

4. The obligations  of third States  under paragraphs  1, 2 and 3 of this article  shall also apply to the persons  mentioned   respectively   in  those  paragraphs,   and  to  official   communications   and  diplomatic bags, whose presence  in the territory  of the third State is due to force majeure.

Article 41

1. Without  prejudice  to their privileges  and immunities,  it is the duty of all persons  enjoying  such privileges  and  immunities  to respect  the laws  and  regulations  of the receiving  State.  They  also  have  a duty not to interfere  in the internal affairs  of that State.

2. All official  business  with  the receiving  State entrusted  to the mission  by the sending  State shall be  conducted  with  or  through  the  Ministry  for  Foreign  Affairs  of  the  receiving   State  or  such  other ministry  as may be agreed.

3. The premises  of the mission  must not be used in any manner incompatible  with  the functions  of the mission  as laid down  in the present  Convention  or by other  rules  of general  international  law or by

any special agreements  in force between the sending and the receiving  State.

Article 42

A diplomatic  agent shall not in the receiving  State  practise  for personal  profit  any professional  or commercial  activity.

Article 43

The function  of a diplomatic  agent comes to an end, inter alia:

(a)       On  notification   by  the  sending  State  to  the  receiving  State  that  the  function  of  the  diplomatic agent has come to an end;

(b)       On notification  by the receiving  State to the sending  State that, in accordance  with paragraph  2 of article 9, it refuses  to recognize  the diplomatic  agent as a member  of the mission.

Article 44

The  receiving   State  must,  even  in  case  of  armed   conflict,  grant  facilities   in  order  to  enable persons  enjoying  privileges  and immunities,  other than nationals  of the receiving  State,  and members  of the families  of such persons  irrespective  of their nationality,  to leave  at the earliest  possible  moment.  It must,   in  particular,   in  case  of  need,  place  at  their   disposal   the  necessary   means   of  transport   for themselves  and their property.

Article 45

If  diplomatic   relations   are  broken  off  between   two  States,  or  if  a  mission  is  permanently   or temporarily  recalled:

(a)       The receiving  State  must,  even  in case  of armed  conflict,  respect  and protect  the premises  of the mission, together with its property  and archives;

(b)       The  sending  State  may  entrust  the  custody  of  the  premises  of  the  mission,  together  with  its property  and archives,  to a third State acceptable  to the receiving  State;

(c)       The sending  State  may  entrust  the protection  of its interests  and those  of its nationals  to a third

State acceptable  to the receiving  State.

Article 46

A sending State may with the prior consent of a receiving  State, and at the request of a third State not represented  in the  receiving  State,  undertake  the  temporary  protection  of  the  interests  of  the  third

State and of its nationals.

Article 47

1. In  the  application   of  the  provisions   of  the  present  Convention,   the  receiving  State  shall  not discriminate  as between  States.

2. However,  discrimination  shall not be regarded  as taking place:

(a)       Where  the  receiving  State  applies  any  of  the  provisions  of  the  present  Convention  restrictively because of a restrictive  application  of that provision  to its mission  in the sending State;

(b)       Where  by  custom  or  agreement  States  extend  to  each  other  more  favourable   treatment  than  is required  by the provisions  of the present Convention.

Article 48

The present  Convention  shall  be open  for signature  by all States  Members  of the United  Nations or of any of the specialized  agencies  Parties  to the Statute  of the International  Court  of Justice,  and by any  other  State  invited   by  the  General   Assembly   of  the  United   Nations  to  become  a  Party  to  the Convention,  as follows:  until 31 October 1961 at the Federal Ministry  for Foreign  Affairs  of Austria  and subsequently,  until 31 March 1962, at the United Nations Headquarters  in New York.

Article 49

The  present   Convention   is  subject   to   ratification.   The   instruments   of   ratification   shall   be deposited with the Secretary-General  of the United Nations.

Article 50

The present  Convention  shall remain  open for accession  by any State belonging  to any of the four categories  mentioned  in article  48. The  instruments  of accession  shall  be deposited  with  the Secretary- General of the United Nations.

Article 51

1. The present  Convention  shall  enter  into force  on the thirtieth  day following  the date  of deposit of  the  twenty-second   instrument  of  ratification  or  accession  with  the  Secretary-General   of  the  United Nations.

2. For  each  State  ratifying  or  acceding  to the  Convention  after  the  deposit  of  the  twenty-second instrument  of ratification  or  accession,  the  Convention  shall  enter  into  force  on  the  thirtieth  day  after deposit by such State of its instrument  of ratification  or accession.

Article 52

The Secretary-General   of the United  Nations  shall  inform  all States  belonging  to any of the four categories  mentioned  in article 48:

(a)       Of  signatures   to  the  present  Convention   and  of  the  deposit  of  instruments   of  ratification   or accession,  in accordance  with articles 48, 49 and 50;

(b)       Of the date on which the present Convention  will enter into force, in accordance  with article 51.

Article 53

The  original  of  the  present  Convention,   of  which  the  Chinese,  English,  French,  Russian  and Spanish  texts are equally  authentic,  shall be deposited  with the Secretary-General  of the United  Nations, who shall send certified  copies  thereof  to all States belonging  to any of the four categories  mentioned  in article 48.

IN  WIT NE SS  WHE REOF  the  undersigned   Plenipotentiaries,   being  duly  authorized  thereto  by  their respective  Governments,  have signed the present Convention.

DONE at Vienna this eighteenth  day of April one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one.



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