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The Russia Report: Intelligence/Situation Report on CIA Operations Against Russia

Про олимпиаду, мнение генерала

Итак Олимпиада. Какую задачу мы решим, участвуя в ней, как безродная скотина?
Без символов России, униженные и оскорбленные? Никакой.
Порвать никого не порвем. Зато чиновники, распилившие бабки на спорт высоких.достижений будут жевать сопли по поводу позиции МОК, не пустивших наших спортсменов... и т.д.

Оно нам надо?Мы послали лесом МОК в 1984 году. И что? Пережили.
Позиция МОК чисто американская. Она вписывается в принцип санкций.
Запрет использовать флаг и символы России это циничное политическое оскорбление страны.
1. Отказаться от участие в Олимпиаде.
2. Ввести санкции в отношение членов МОК.
3. Прекратить выплаты в МОК.
4. Возбудить уголовное дело на членoв МОК за оскорбление символов государственной власти России.
5. Желающие участвовать в олимпиаде без флага и гимна спортсмены едут за свой счет.
6. Пересмотреть отношение к спорту высоких достижений, сняв госфинансирование и передав средства детскому спорту.
7. Осознать, что время показало, что спорт больших достижений никакого отношения к здоровому образу жизни не имеет.
Это инкубатор инвалидов.

И последнее: пора жить своим умом. А не быть холопами под международными общественными организациями.
PS: говорят, что спортсмен шел к олимпиаде 4 года. У нас тысячи больных и обездоленных людей идут к нормальной жизни десятилетиями. И не доходят. А мы помогаем не им, а кривоногим футболистам, которые давно утратили связь с Россией. Тем более часть из них вообще иностранные наемники. Где тут Россия?

От себя добавлю, надо свою олимпиаду сделать, с хорошим призом из чистого золота и тогда спортсмены со всего мира будут в очереди стоять, чтобы попасть на такие соревнования в Россию!

USA Continues to Try to Make Themselves the Champions They Are Not

It is completely OBVIOUS to the WORLD that the ridiculous sore losers in the USA are using WADA and the IOC to make them the WINNERS that they NEVER will be!!! Here CAS did not rule in favor of the US to make them champions in Rio. Rather than competing fairly they use courts!!!


Open Letter to IOC President From Victor Ahn: He Agreed to Neutral then Banned

Dear Mr. President Thomas Bach,

Back in 2002, I got my first opportunity to participate in Olympic Games. The present ones in Korea were supposed to become an especially significant part of my career for several reasons. Two weeks before the start of the Olympics I found out that the Olympic movement does not consider me an athlete, who deserves to be a part of it without even providing an explanation.

During my entire career journey in short track, I’ve never given a reason to doubt my honesty and my integrity, especially when it comes to my victories which I achieved with nothing but my strength and dedication. I have always maintained respect to  the sport itself, my rivals, the Olympic movement, and I’ve always complied with the anti-doping legislation. I honestly thought that properly completing all the steps to meet the criteria to be a part of the Olympic Games, a “clean” athlete deserves a right to compete there. However, the IOC commission has decided otherwise and didn’t provide me with reasons why so.

I thoroughly went over the criteria which commission utilized when they made this decision. I can honestly declare that I haven’t done anything that would justify putting me on the list of athletes barred from participating in the Olympic Games.

It is outrageous that there is no concrete reason which explains my exclusion from the Olympics, and furthermore people now view me as an athlete who used doping. After all these years in sports, this verdict of preventing me to be in Olympics has become a symbol of mistrust to me from the side of IOC as well as the reason of mistrust from the side of the entire sport community.

I hope that the IOC will ultimately declare their reason for my exclusion, so I will be able to defend my honor and dignity. I have a full right to believe and hope that I have the trust of my supporters, as well as journalists, after my long journey in short-track and with absolute absence of my fault in this situation, when I’m deprived an opportunity to participate in the Olympics.


Victor Ahn

Russian Athletes to Compete With Numbers Not Names

Unheard of Public Capitulation Ceremony Planned for Russia at the Olympics

WADA, the IOC, the FBI and the "Intelligence" Community Organized the Ban

Anti-Olympics News

Россия потеряла еще две медали Олимпиады в Сочи

The International Olympic Committee has already taken away Russia's win at the 2014 Olympics and keeps on taking away medals almost on a daily basis and the Russian Media and the Government are for some reason completely silent on the issue.  There are now over three hundred athletes who have agreed to go and compete under a neutral flag. My question when is someone going to defend this country from the attack by the 5th column. They allowed the Voice of Russia to be liquidated, they have allowed nazi films to be shown and they are allowing for the subversion of the state. Now they are allowing and taking part in the humiliation of the entire country and the entire Russian people. Where are the security services and the defenders of Russia?

Questions to Ask Regarding the Olympics

Questions about the Olympics: Was Russia dissolved as a country? Has it been liquidated and no longer has the right to have a flag or anthem? Is Russia involved in 8 illegal aggressive wars? Has Russia been annexed or is it a colony of another country? Is Russia currently illegally occupying over 100 countries with military forces and bases? Is Russia calling for the capital of a country to be given over to a fake state which it created illegally? Has Russia killed approximately 46,000,000 people since WWII? Is Russia operating an extra-territorial torture prison where it false holds people who fight for their homelands whom it labels terrorists? I Russia currently threatening to use nuclear weapons on anther country and trying to start World War III? There is one country to which they answer to all of these questions is yes. It is the one which must be banned from the games forever.

It is amazing that not one of the so-called pro-Russia media outlets is calling for the United States to be banned from the celebration of peace that is the Olympics. It is also amazing that anyone who would say they are a patriot of  their homeland would even consider competing at the Olympic Games under a neutral flag. It is also amazing for me that almost no official is screaming to boycott these games. The simplest most appropriate and expected response to such an affront would be to announce a complete media, travel and participatory boycott of the Olympics Games in its entirety, but when corruption and profit are above national security, national pride and sovereignty, those responsible are literally slaves to the West. 

It is amazing that no information is being allowed to be distributed in Russia to educate people as to the technologies being used to divide society and undermine the state. The New World Order Globalist scum have successful started to dumb down the population of Russia, which had the most prolific reading public in the world during Soviet times. As they say an informed public is an armed public but the Globalists need a public that is dumbed down, distracted, divided and pliable to anything, and that is what they have done to the Russian Federation, with over 20 years of garbage media and subversion of the school curriculum and the economic enslavement of the masses.

State Security: Treason by the 5th Column, Manufactured Consent

The main proponets and propagandists of the humiliation to Russia are RIA Novosti, RT and Sputnik

Russia is under attack, that is plain and simple and should be clear to anyone with half a brain. The integrity and the legitimacy of the state are under attack from the inside, using the same technology that was used to destroy the Soviet Union. It is clear who is behind it, it is clear who and how they are carrying out the destruction of the state with the only thing not perfectly clear is why it is being allowed to continue. Is it that the actual government itself is so corrupt and has been entirely bought out by the West? I have to believe that somewhere there is a patriot to Russia who is fighting for the country. I have to believe that the Director of the FSB and the President are not a part of the subversion of the state.


The World's Leading Supporter of Terrorists Should Be Excluded from the Olympics

What is the point in writing articles, collecting evidence, exposing names and making revelations regarding the actions of the West when first everything is censored and suppressed, next because there is no legal instrument or body which DARES to prosecute the genocidal war criminal bankster cabal that rules in the West, also because the people in the West have been numbed into indifference, dumbed down and brainwashed and finally even the point of embarrassing the criminals into decency or even following elementary laws or morals standards is, is moot because they are beyond embarrassment and have absolutely not one minuscule shred of moral fiber.

Look at what we learned from Pizzagate: that there is a Satanic Luciferian child eating elite in Merika being controlled by MOSSAD and which practices cannibalism, child sacrifice, child rape and Moloch worship, yet not even an investigation has been opened. The lunatics are so envious and drooling at the mouth with hatred for Russia that all they do is try to blame Russia for every little problem that pops up. Everything, from the treason of the Clinton demons to the screaming children being beaten by Pedosta (videos were released of this) to the illegal occupation and undeclared invasion of Syria, is all blamed on Russia.

The Western parasites who rule and their sycophantic media have collectively lost their frickin minds when it comes to Russia as have the American taxpayers as well if they are allowing $4.6 billion dollars of their tax money to be spent on Psychological Operations against the Russian Federation. All sense of decency, honesty, diplomacy, rule of law, truth and morality have gone out the window to demonize a country that wanted to be “partners”. Foolish that actually! How can Russia be partners with an entity that wants to destroy it?

The morally decrepit West has nothing to offer the world except endless lies, corruption, perversion and war and in their insane drive for Full Spectrum Dominance, which now includes domination in such areas as poisoning the planet with GMOs in an attempt to dominate the food supply, domination in the sphere of Crimes Against Humanity, torture, sponsoring terrorism, child and human trafficking, forcing pedophilia on the world, domination in the area of brainwashing and falsifying reality with the creation of fake news, domination in the sphere of re-writing history and spreading fascism and now the USA will dominate in the sphere of international sports.

I can only imagine the countenances of the shaking and drooling leaders of the CFR and the 911 Criminal Cabal who control Merika when they are reminded of the Sochi Olympics, it must be worse than Brzezinski when he used to start shaking and foaming at the mouth when he heard the word Russian. Russian put on the best Olympics in history and kicked the USA’s collective a$$ so bad that they are still pouting and indignant so many years later. Even though the West came illegally with warships into sovereign waters and started the Ukraine coup to distract from the Olympics. Even though Bandar Bush literally threatened Putin with terrorist attacks, Russia was able to hold the best Olympics in history.

So what is the only country in the world currently involved in eight illegal aggressive wars and occupying over a hundred nations and which was recently very publicly exposed as being a state sponsor, supporter and user of terror, supposed to do? What is the only country in the world, the USA, which should be excluded from the Olympics Games forever as it is a celebration of peace and if there is a word in the world that is the antipathy of the USA it is the word PEACE, supposed to do to DOMINATE? Well since their sportsmen and women cannot beat the Russians fairly in a controlled sporting environment they will do what they do best, LIE LIE LIE and LIE, create false evidence and blame others for exactly what they are doing or punish others in the way they should be punished. The pathological transference of the US would have it locked up forever in a basement cell with padded walls were it a person, but as I have been complaining for years no one ever does anything. For some reason the world has given the USA a free pass to run around the world like a drunk murderous lunatic slaughtering anyone it wants and dropping it stinking piles of feces wherever it might wish.

No one it seems dares to call the USA out! I remember the gasps of disbelief when I dared say on RT that the US coup organizers in Ukraine should be arrested, and that is just one example. I have been saying the 911 NeoCons MOSSAD Rothschild and the US lack-of-intelligence community lunatics who were behind 911 should be prosecuted for 16 years now, as should the US be sanctioned for meddling in foreign countries and torture and illegal renditioning and genocide and multiple counts of Aggressive War and Crimes Against Peace and on and on yet nothing has ever been done to anyone for these horrendous crimes.

So I will say what must be done now, and in a sane world would be the only logical and reasonable option, the USA must be banned forever from the Olympic Games and the Olympic movement, first for meddling with Russian athletes’ results and trying to politicize and use the Olympics as yet another tool to push its brutal hegemony of garbage and slavery to Zionist fiat money and second for being the ANTIPATHY of what the Olympics are all about.

The stinking rotten molding putrid and insipid psychopaths trying to make Russian athletes play under a neutral flag and banning the Russian hymn have no right on earth to do so. Has Russia had its status as a country revoked? Has Russia been engaged in endless aggressive wars since the invasion of Yugoslavia? Russia and Russian athletes must not agree to these ridiculous asinine unfounded and outrageous demands. If even one Russian agrees to this that will give the stinking psychopaths the legitimacy they no longer have in the world and will in fact be a declaration to the world that Russia, instead of being a Super Power, is no longer a state.

I will repeat, if any Russian athlete dares to agree to compete under a “neutral” flag they must be immediately stripped of citizenship and if possible arrested and tried and prosecuted for TREASON.

There I said my two cents worth. Now I am going to rest!   

President Putin Says: There will be no blockade and athletes can go if they want

PresidentPutin said: "Have no doubt, We will not announce any kind of blockade we will not interfere with our athletes if anyone wants to take part as an individual!

I support Putin but we at JAR2COM will never DO neutral

Kadirov Says No Chechen Athletes Will Attend





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