The Russia Report: Exposing the NWO Globalist Conspiracy #1

Unwanted Refugee to Save the World from Illuminati Nation Destroyers


Expose25A  Excerpt from Book

At the end of 2017 it should have started to become obvious even to the most cynical and stubborn apologists that the Illuminati New World Order was real and had been orchestrating the complete takeover of Russia for decades. The 5th Column and the Neo-Liberal filth had become so bold and so sure of their impunity that they had lost almost all pretense of attempting to hide what they were really doing.

I continued to live in terror, waiting for the day when they would start pulling “minorities” like me out into the street and shooting us or worse, and when for all of my noble yet useless efforts against the empire of evil, I would be made an example by the 5th column to show that they were fully on board with the New World Order and would fight and kill the enemies of their western masters.

My efforts and my fight continued but the abject poverty, hopelessness, fear and complete and total isolation that I was forced to live in were all having their toll on my health and my ability to create and to even at times think at the levels I should have. I lived in a haze of nightmares, physical pain and a continual state of hopeless desperation but refusing to give up, if only to symbolically fight to the very end, I tried and struggled with writer’s block and a creeping black apathy that all but killed every effort I made to finish this book, write articles and continue my cyber operations.    

November 21, 2017 Somewhere in the North of Russia

Expose25A The New World Order

I have been warning Russia and the world for the over two decades now and have written time and time again, presenting massive articles, submitting extensive research and providing files and evidence to back up my claims, arguments and conclusions, yet all I have done has seemed to fall on deaf ears and the biggest real world result of all of my work has been the real word destruction of me and my family with my own son having to pay the highest price because I dared to speak out against those working to subvert the Russian State!  I am myself therefore the biggest piece of evidence and living testimony against the Illuminati Masonic Cabal that has all but taken over the planet!

Russia and the world have seemed on the surface to have been powerless or even worse, lacking the political will to fight against them, but there are salt of the earth individuals in all spheres, and especially important in the Intelligence Services, who continue to desperately fight against the encroachment on the Russian World and the ongoing attempts to destroy it from within.  

The World Has Gone Insane! Or Has It?

I am writing with a focus on Russia but as a US watcher, with the Internet and my ability to communicate with people from all over the world, the actions of the New World Order psychopaths are tangible and real and able to be watched and recorded in real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The number of co-dependent and inter-related events is so incredible and there is so much going on right now that it is hard for most people to make heads or tails of any of it, especially those who do not do research and have to depend on others to do it for them and things are changing so fast that it is growing hard to keep up! Additionally we throw into the mix the fact that, even for those of us who are awake, there are almost no sources left for information that we can trust as everyone we did trust has turned out to be part of some larger operation or pursuing their own or someone else’s agenda, the constant flow of fake news and distractor topics, and following world events and important news has become almost impossible. We won't even talk about getting to the real truth behind the issues because the distractors and rabbits holes thrown out to obfuscate make it almost impossible to get to the truth and that is how they want it.

Post WikiLeaks - Post 911 World

For my readers again you may have noticed that I have stopped writing and this is for many reasons but I will let you on a little secret, the biggest reason is because I do not want to give the forces that are trying to destroy Russia, myself and every free thinking and intelligent person on the planet not on their payroll, any ideas or indicators that they will be able to use to fine tune their diabolical manipulations or give them any ideas that may help them to fulfill their objectives.

Make no mistake we are living in age where technology and human endeavors and wealth have made it possible for the world to live in peace and for all of the people on the face of the Earth to be free from hunger, war, poverty and disease, but there are those that refuse to allow that to happen because then they believe they will lose their power over the masses and since those in power literally feed off of the pain and suffering and death of the masses, endless wars and subjugation are the only objectives that they will allow to happen 

The Globalist New World Order Illuminati cancer started in the US with the False Flag of 911 and the ensuing aggressive wars of the endless US/NATO War on Terror and has spread throughout the planet poisoning the entire human race! Not until 911 is properly investigated and the Neocon architects and Globalist-Illuminati-Zionist-Banksters are brought to justice will we be safe and until then humanity will remain on the road to total annihilation.

I call our current paradigm the Post WikiLeaks and Post 911 World because for those of us who are awake and understand the reality behind what is happening all around us all, that is exactly what it is. On October 16 2016, when Julian Assange was renditioned out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, WikiLeaks officially died for me once and for all and although I knew for years that it was an intelligence connected project, I still believed, as did many others, that Julian Assange was a sincere and real character that was interested in the truth, and in fact had a bombshell insurance file that he would release if he was in imminent danger. Nothing of the sort happened and WikiLeaks as a source for truth is a laughing stock run clearly and obviously all but openly run by the CIA as a personal PR operation since now, as an entrapment operation it is done. The only question is how many people was Assange responsible for getting killed or arrested?

The “Litmus Test” for truth sites has for me always been 911, and WikiLeaks and the Intercept never passed that test. Now we know that 911 and covering it up were the exact reason that they were organized. As for 911 we know who, why and exactly how it was carried out, and the endless wars that have followed have been all illegal, planned and premeditated acts of Aggressive War. Unfortunately the NeoCon, Zionist Saudi filth behind 911 continue to escape prosecution and their plans for the Illuminati New World enslavement of humanity appears to be going right on schedule.


Expose25A THE RUSSIA REPORT: Blasting the N.W.O Because No One Else Will. (The following report contains operations being funded by over $400 million dollars of American tax money. This is the kind of crap your CIA does to destroy countries for the Rothschilds. The lunatics you call the Deep State are still on a mad drive for World War III to fix their finances! You should be mad as hell!)

Russia 2017: The Illuminati Control of the Media is Almost Total

The role of the media and journalism has changed and while the USSR used to filter out and protect the population from obvious Western propaganda and lies the Russian Federation decided to take another approach and allow for anything and everything to be shown to the people. This completely irresponsible approach by individuals with absolutely no understanding of what they are doing or the very capabilities of CIA-MOCKINGBIRD media operations has led to a media which has been turned into a tool to subvert the Russian State.

Here we see another example of the 5th Column pushing the humiliation of Russia with regards to the Olympics

The Masonic lunatics have grabbed control of almost all of the levers of power and mass control in the Russian Federation and I will continue fighting that. The media is theirs and now they have almost taken over the Internet as well. The insane Globalists and the "power" that they represent are poisoning the minds and the will of the children and the population of Mother Russia!

In Russia, as is the case with the entire world, the media is now controlled by globalist Khazari individuals who claim to be Jews. The Neo-Liberal Establishment is operating at the behest of and with the financing of the West, and is being used to completely destroy the minds and the will of the Russian people.

Sound far-fetched? This is not a conspiracy theory but an active living and in your face conspiracy fact! Almost everything that has transpired since the collapse of the Soviet Union is a testament to that.

This work will be an attempt to give you some examples of how the West is manipulating Russia into a state of Manufactured Consent and attempting to bring about the destruction of Russian Culture and everything that can be called “Russian” in the world today.

It is being facilitated by the "Zionist Internationale" and the Khazarian Mafia which is in complete control of the media and the economic sectors.

We start with the media because the media is the most important tool that the 5th column has to reach the Russian people and to subvert the population into a state of Manufactured Consent. The media is the most important and in fact the only real tool the CIA and the nation destroyers have to infiltrate and destroy the minds of the Russian people.   

The assault on the population is so obvious and so clear that it is stunning that almost nobody in the government or the security services is fighting against it. The assault on the senses and the minds of the people include multi-hourly reminders of the United States, this is a constant 24 flow on all media including radio and television.

No matter what channel or what media you turn on all they talk about 24 hours a day is crap that is happening the United States and it is the fault of the owners and the oligarchs and those controlling these media outlets and forcing editorial policies that are in fact treasonous to the Russian Federation. Why must people be reminded 4 to 6 times and hour about the United States? It is a military grade operation psychological operation to see the United States as the masters of the people and the world.

Who Is Doing It? The Same CIA Installed Neo-Liberal Globalist Khazri Filth!

The CIA installed and supported Fifth Column, Illuminati Masonic forces, the Khazaris, The CIA/Western backed politicians and media figures, everyone in the system with foreign bank accounts and foreign ties especially those with dual Israeli citizenship and other dual citizenship, the robber/bandit elite class, Gazprom Media Holding, the heads of RT and Rossiya Sevodnya!

See our 5th Column page for more details on media operations in Russia and please read my book when I am finally able to publish it.

Current Information Operations and Topics Being Pushed by the NWO Media and System

The Final Steps: Destroying the Victory of the USSR Over Nazism – Glorifying and Normalizing Nazi Filth

The 21 Year Old nazi "Pupil" an Operation to Discredit Russia and Continue Normalizing Nazism

I cannot tell you all of the myriad ways that the introduction of Nazis into Europe by the CIA and the New World Order scum has affected my life and my family, but I blame this “Nazi Operation” to destroy Russia directly for what has happened to my son and my family and to myself.

The current nazi [sic] scandal that has taken over the Russian Internet for the last two days is just another in a long series of attempts to normalize nazism and re-write history and which each “event” the architects get closer and closer to reaching their goal.

This latest event which you may not have heard about in the West involves a 21 year old young man, named Nikolay Desyatnichenko (a Ukrainian name), who gave a televised speech in front of the German Bundestag (the same institution that has always been the symbol of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany) in which he basically apologized for the treatment of the bloodthirsty merciless nazis who invaded and almost destroyed Stalingrad in one of the bloodiest and most decisive victories of the USSR against the nazi hordes.

One thing that has been shocking for me, other than the fact that apparently Germany has embraced and is glorifying its nazi past, have been the statements by Russian Presidential Spokesman Dimitry Peskov who said the speech had no evil intention and were merely parroted by the youth, who the Russian Internet has stunningly labeled a pupil as if he is an innocent child (he is a college student of 21).

I have never disagreed with Mr. Peskov before but I must do so now. Mr. Peskov said we have to look at the educational institutions and the sources for the “pupil’s” knowledge, since it was not his fault as he read from a prepared statement. Yes this is true and I agree and it is about time the government took a hard look at an educational system engineered by the New World Order to erase the great history of the USSR and the architects, planners and authors of this and all of the other provocation must be brought to justice (my words), but this 21 year old young man is by no way the innocent victim that everyone is claiming him to be. Something being done so he escapes the felony charges for making such statements in front of a foreign government. Russia has laws against glorifying Nazism and rewriting history and in reality this “pupil” should be arrested but since he is part of “someone’s” plan (namely the Neo-Liberal 5th Column) he is free as a bird.

Meanwhile the Internet is completely involved in this provocation and there has been no one I have seen who supports him, other than the usual Russophobes, and anger is rising among those who still remember and lost family to the nazi hordes, which is in reality almost every single Russian.

We will keep you informed about where this goes if it is worth reporting on.

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

The New World Order is a corporate fascist nazi world order.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

The Russian audience has been fed a bunch of poppycock about this event so that the justifiable outrage is minimized. The main storyline is that this poor innocent little pupil was just set up with some text. Being 21 and a student does not make him a pupil and being funded by the West for his little trip makes him a foreign agent.

Real Reason

To further normalize nazism in Europe and to attempt to damage or re-write the history of WWII and the memory that the USSR was the real victor over the nazis who were nothing but insane genocidal racist and fascist filth. 

Real Solution

There must be more work and more authority given to the security services to counter these subversive attempts at re-writing history and shaming the history and the memory of the victory of the USSR over nazi Germany.

Pro Nation Outcome

This must be stopped and those truly guilty prosecuted and forced to apologize to the veterans and the families who lost loved ones to the nazi filth.

Who are the facilitators?

There are connections to Gazprom Media Holdings and the largely Ukrainian populated government of the region. Gazprom exploration and the Wintershall Company and others. The investigation is ongoing.

See our 5th Column page for more details.

Prostitutes for President: Operation to Discredit Russia and the Office of President and Install a Puppet

The 5th Column has no internal policy platform, no plans for the betterment of neither the Russian people nor the Russian State but has been emboldened by the electoral victories to the State Duma of a Russophobe known as Yashin “Mudak” and another one whose persona I will not give credibility to by printing her name, that they are now more than ever actively pushing even more candidates for the office of the Russian Presidency.

After the complete and total failure of Alexey Navalny, and I hope that all my activism against him and exposure helped to put an end to his bid including; the fact that he was trained at the CIA, funded by Maurice Greenberg who owned the floors of the WTC where the explosives were placed for the aircraft impact simulations and who is the Patriarch of the Greenberg Clan (House of Rockefeller) and ex-head of Booz Allen Hamilton which helped him arrange the operation involving his clan member Edward Greenberg to infiltrate Russia and the truth movement, the neo-liberal globalist scum put forth the Israeli media “starlet” Ksenya Sobchak.

Of course like Navalny you will hear nothing bad about Sobchak in the West, she, like the nazi pig Poroshenko, and US puppets Sakashvili, Timoshenko and the entire lot, is merely the next puppet in the attempt to take over Russia and fulfill the insane dream of the Rothschild clan, Soros and Greenberg of installing their own marionette into the office e of the Russian President and finally getting rid of President Putin who has been a headache (to put it mildly) for the Globalists since he first appeared and saved the country from the destruction that had begun under Yeltsin and was being conducted under the detailed plans of Brezhinsky and the Illuminati CFR.

The Russian people thankfully did not fall for the Sobchak move as she is a mindless reality show host (after Trump someone is Washington decided that reality show hosts are good candidates I suppose) and quite frankly has the moral spine of a prostitute which can be quickly verified by doing a simple image search on-line.

Sobchak’s provocative statements would be prosecuted under treason statutes but the 5th column with their reserve Israeli passports (which allow them to run with the money anytime they want) have grown so used to their impunity they believe they can do and say whatever they please. She, for example, has stated she will return Crimea to Ukraine (something she has not even considered asking the Crimean people about) and said many other things such as that Moscow must be under the control of Washington and that Russians are genetic garbage, but she is still free but thankfully has little chance of winning.

The West has therefore backed a slew of other “women” candidates with questionable moral backgrounds, including a porn star, in their attempt to discredit the honorable office or President of the Russian Federation and portray the office as nothing but a place for a whore. I am personally completely offended as are almost all Russians, but that is not the least of what the Zionist/Globalist filth have been up to.

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

To destroy the image of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, to destroy the Patriarchal thinking to a Matriarchal one which is more acceptable for the Globalists, to discredit the electoral process of the Russian Federation, to bring into question the legitimacy of the Russian Government and the Office of the President of the Russian Federation and as always to damage the image of Russia on the world stage and to countries who look to Russia as a strong partner and leader.

Publicly Stated False Reasoning

Free elections, Democracy

Real Solution

Rather than allowing any "elite" to enter politics, there must be criteria to ensure that only qualified people are allowed to run for office. Education and clear criminal and background information are common all over the world. There must be a set of moral, educational and socially related standards that must be met other than simply gathering a number of signatures to be allowed to run for office.

Pro Nation Outcome

Stricter guidelines and fewer marginal parties. The absolute requirement that any candidate for office does not have foreign assets, bank accounts, funding, real estate and has not travelled outside of the country for a minimum of 10 years. It should also be an iron requirement that any candidate for public office in Russia not be allowed to hold the citizenship or a passport of another state. It is stunning that Sobchak has an Israeli passport!

Who are the facilitators?

Entrenched officials installed after the collapse of the USSR and the Robber Bandit elites who continue untouched. See our 5th Column page for more details.

The "New Russians" of the 90s, A Criminal CIA Backed Elite Are Now Destroying Mother Russia With Their Ignorance and Greed

and to Save Russia Corruption Must Be Dealt With

Anatoly Chubais Brought in for Questioning Regarding Rosnano - Corruption and the Criminal Bandit Elites

Although this has no direct relation to the West, other than the fact Chubais was connected to the CIA and was responsible for the monstrous privatization after the collapse of the Soviet Union which saw mafia and bandits being made billionaires while normal people were being killed off, it is very important for Russia because he has been directly connected to or related to monstrous losses and thefts of Russian Government money since that collapse.

Anatoly Chubais is the longest running politician since the Yeltsin days and even though President Putin himself chided him publicly for employing 12 CIA officers he continues to hold onto power and control state corporations worth billions.

"Мы отдали собственность тем, кто был к ней ближе. Бандиты, секретари обкомов, директора заводов. Они ее и получили. Именно это предотвратило кровь. Потому что если мы попытались бы не отдать им эту собственность, то они бы ее все равно взяли. Только они бы ее взяли вообще без каких-либо легитимных процедур."

Real Solution

Arrest and prohibition from holding government related positions.

The role of the media and journalism in Russia has thus been turned into a machine designed to perform the function of endlessly normalizing these criminal elites, and if we could, let us pause here for a moment because I would like to say something about the word "elite", given the way it is being thrown about by the media left and right around the world. The word "elite" should mean excellence or the best of something, however the new global elites are nothing more than killers and parasites who are sucking the very life out of the entire planet. The term elite in Russia is anyone with money no matter how ignorant, uneducated or uncouth they are. Such as Trump in the West.


Expose25A THE RUSSIA REPORT: More Details and a Breakdown on Operations


1984, George Orwell, the BBC the Voice of Russia World Service in English and a "Blueprint" Taken by the Russian Zionists

Timing, timing and more timing: when you have worked in the media you know that timing is everything and when you have studied it and taken it apart as much as I have and understand that what the modern day media has become is nothing by an intelligence apparatus being used to manipulate the minds, opinions and even the emotional state of the masses with the aim of making then confused, divided, broken and servile, it is obvious why certain topics and “news” items, lies, provocations, and outright fictions are promoted and released at certain times. This is particularly important when you have what we have today, a mass media with no morals, no journalistic ethics and editorial policies which include what they have made an abstract concept, namely TRUTH.

George Orwell was not a sage or predictor of the future. He was not creating a society from his imagination and fantasy extrapolated from current events and the historic tendencies of the self-destructive human race he was in fact a whistle blower who actually wrote his quintessential work from his direct experiences of working at the BBC. Thus his work 1984 was not only fantasy, science fiction warning to humanity, but a real warning based on real world events and plans and written in the only way that would be allowed, which is the most horrendous problem any modern writer has, namely how do you tell the truth and tell a story or report on events that the elites who control the information flow do not want you to talk about.

I wrote long ago, and then placed the words on a photo in the form of a meme, the statement that: “1984 was NOT an Instruction Manual”, because what the “elites” and governments seem appear to be doing is channeling 1984, and in fact at the time I did not know and had not the slightest idea that I was closer to the truth than I could have possibly imagined, and it was in fact formulated and is being used as a blueprint for a completely servile and slave like society. The little piece of truth and the one little fact, as is always the case, that Orwell worked for the BBC was known by the elites who therefore approached his work in a much different way than the masses have. Did Orwell know his work was to be used in such a way? To actually bring about the world that he was warning about? I am sure he did not and his warning was not heard.

Not long ago the words “Conspiracy Theorist” were used to describe anything and anyone that the “elites” did not want people to listen to, to read or to give credence to and this was effective and still is to a point, but as with all over used labels and tactics the ignorant “elites”, who are incapable of creative thought and free thinking, have over used it and made it into more of a moniker for what you MUST read and pay attention to and for a populace that still includes erudite and intelligent free thinking critical individuals who actually see the real conspiracy all around them, “Conspiracy Theory” has now become directly applied and institutionalized “Conspiracy Fact”. These conspiracies are being carried out and have been in fact created to allow them to promote lies and undermine the populace and dumb down the population so that it can be enslaved.

The world has become, or more accurately the global information sphere, the new battle space in which World War III is being fought and in which the false reality that the New World Order wants to create is being promoted and through which it is being brought about. What must be underlined and what must be known and understood by all of the citizens of the world and this must be common knowledge, so that the populace of the world can defend itself, is that all of this, the total surveillance, the “Fake News”, the social media and regular media censorship and all of the “Special” information operations, are the direct fault and the direct result of the FVEY countries, operating under the directives and control of the Zionist Rothschilds, the Illuminati and the European “elites”, who in their turn are under the control of the Roman Black Nobility, who in their turn serve the all-seeing psychopath at the top of the pyramid. Sound far-fetched? Read my research, this conclusion is backed up by millions of facts.

Returning to Orwell as I am forced to do because of the parallels that exist between his life and work and mine, it must be known that I am also writing my piece from my experience in the media, at the actual predecessor to the BBC World Service and Voice of America and first global broadcaster (a little known fact), the Voice of Russia World Service in English. The Voice of Russia, which started as Radio Moscow, was the official voice of the USSR and the government of the USSR and broadcast worldwide in over 46 languages (84 at its peak) and all of its journalists and reporters and announcers worked for the State. This continued after the collapse of the USSR but like all state media, such as RT and Sputnik (the employees and reporters of which are happy to tell anyone that they work for the Russian Government) were taken over by neo-Liberal Globalist individuals of the Jewish Religion and it (the VOR) was eventually liquidated, a story I detail in my book.

Unfortunately for Russians western sponsored individuals in the Government of the Russian Federation have attempted to transpose Western economic, political and even media models onto the Russian State and the Russian people. In their ignorance (which is why non-journalists are chosen for positions in management in these bodies) they have also transposed everything that is wrong with the Western media onto Russian outlets. The barely hidden racism, elitism, sexual perversion and dumbing down of the populace are evident every time you turn on the television or radio in Russia. There is no accident in the fact that nazi Russophobes and neo-Liberal filth have open reign in Russia’s media environment. I will leave this topic with one interesting fact that is unknown except by my readers and hope that you will read all of the details in my book when it comes out, and that fact is related to the only two editorial directives we had but which of course were not written anywhere. Those two directives had they been written would have given direct evidence as to who controls the Russian media and the subversion of the Russian state, it was this subversion that eventually led to the closure of the Voice of Russia after it was completely gutted of all the wonderful Russian content that it had contained. Directive one was never talk about September 11th, a fact making it clear now with what we know as to who was behind it when we take into consideration directive 2, which was ONLY SPEAK POSITIVELY or NEUTRALLY ABOUT ISRAEL! Nothing about Putin or the Government or Russia, just Israel, at a Russian Government broadcaster, think about that for a minute!

It is difficult to be objective when relating anything about one’s self, I would in no way say I am a brilliant writer, or cutting edge thinker but I did enjoy enough popularity and was deemed to be enough of a threat to have two organized very public attempts by the US Government to shut me down and after the arrest of my son to silence am almost quite literally kept in a cave because I am too pro-Russia and even more importantly I do not support outrageous lies surrounding the fake country of Israel nor the official fairy tale of 911 and even worse I actually call for the criminal cabal to be arrested and prosecuted and for tribunals to be formed against the USA for its endless criminal Wars of Aggression. Again I detail all of this in my book.

In what I call an Orwellian moment I myself was asked to do two things before I was illegally terminated from the Jewish controlled neo-Liberal pro-American Russian media where the Content Editor at the time was a CIA plant. First I wrote almost 400 pages of editorial policy for the English language Russian broadcast and print media, something I spent months on but was never paid for and apparently is being used and the new editor took credit for it after I was poisoned and gotten rid of. The second was an expose in which detailed the actual plans, steps, technology and operations, in effect a “blueprint” as to how the CIA and the West were going to destroy the Russian State. These were in fact supposed to be a series of articles in which I detailed the operations in Ukraine, including the use of Captagon and other black magic but they were never published.

Now three years later I am forced into a position where I have nothing left but I have to try in any way I can to save my own innocent son.

Expose25A Information War on Russia: Using Everything/Everyone Possible to Divide Society

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen a lot of my Tweets in Russia and here are some of the issues that Russians are being confronted with as they are subjugated to an unbelievable all out information attack and military level psychological operations by the US, the West and the CIA.

The 5th Column Zionist/CIA New World Order Media has even Pulled Out the 1980s Information War Campaign Book!

There is an all out campaign in Russia run by foreign interests to demonize the memory of Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin even though there has not been Communism in Russia since 1991. This also goes to normalizing nazism. Stunning!

The "De-Communization" of Russia is literally the re-writing of history which is supposed to be illegal!

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

To demonize heroes which united the people and were a source of unifying national pride. To continue the stated objective of "Do anything but do not allow a return to Communism" under which most of the government works. By promoting this thesis they are in fact guaranteeing their own demise. The West in turn is continuing to demonize Russia as though it is still the USSR on the basis of the ignorance of the Western audience. A straw man argument by the West a suicidal policy by Russia. Revision of history by Russians themselves. It worked in the 1980s when all of the propaganda was that Stalin was evil and under Communism there was nothing but repression and gulags. People then willingly gave up their right to free housing, education, medical care, employment and a future for the false debt slavery of capitalism.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

Communism bad - Capitalism good.

My Suggested Real Solution

Admit and embrace the heroes that these leaders truly were and stop pandering to Western interests! Re-introduce Soviet history into the school system.

Pro Nation Outcome to My Solution

This solution can not be supported by the robber bandit elites and Western puppets in the Russian Government and in Russian Society but it is a solution to save the Russian people. There will be an end to corruption and the falsely created CIA-robber bandit class system that keeps the CIA puppets in power and is continuing to keep the Russian people in debt slavery and poverty. This solution will make the country and the PEOPLE strong. Not the CIA created Chubais determined state corporations run by the robber bandit elites.

Chance of Resolution

Small as many of those in power such as Anatoly Chubais state that the most important thing is that there is no return to Communism.

Expose25A Normalizing Nazism and Fascism for the Criminal Elite and the NWO

The Neo-Liberal 5th Column Wants to Show a Fim in Russia Glorifying the Ukrainian Nazis Forcing Petitions to be Written

Подал заявление в Прокуратуру с требованием не допустить показа на фестивале Артдокфест фильмов героизирующих Украинских неонацистов

12 12 2017 Update: Apparently the State Prosecutor has decided to check all of the facts regarding the showing of this film. We will keep you updated as this will be a very important indicator as to how deeply corrupted the government has actually become with the disease of fascism. Again as an ethnic and racial minority of one in the Russian Federation this is a very frightening development for me and my family, in particular my daughter who is also dark skinned like me.


CIA Psychological Operations Normalizing Bandera Nazis Goes Ahead Completely Unhindered by the Government

Fascism and racism in action in three Tweets in Russia. They have actually started showing pro-Bandera films in Russia which is what started the entire destruction of Ukraine. The normalization of nazism is the tool they used to bring nazis to power. Now they are doing it here and there is almost no outroar. As you see the racist tactic is the same in order to terrorize me into silence. I thanked these people for having the courage to stand up and said my family and I live in terror of the racism and the fascism that is spreading. And someone Tweets that I am talking crap as if I am lying to discredit me and so no one listens. YES we live in terror and not unless you are black or brown and in Russia will you ever understand!

What kills me is that I have been exposing them since day one and my family has been wiped out and I am ignored!


There are nazis in Ukraine killing innocent civilians because they are Russian and against the Banderavites and the US and the CIA and all of their internet and media operations and everything they have are supporting them and silencing anyone who speaks out or exposes them!! WAKE UP!!!!

Below are the fact in the matter. On the left we see that the film has not been approved for showing in Russia hich makes it illegal and the so called director who has not education as a filmaker just so happens to be from the Banderavite capital of Lvov. 

We see the new 5th columnist who was brought in under the radar and is now sitting in the Duma below complaining that the police did not do enough AGAINST those who came to protest this horrendous film.

Another film glorifying the NATO Tatar Agents who were supposed to carry out the Kosovo Scenrio was actually cancelled.

US Joins Ukraine and Palau in Voting Against UN Resolution Condemning Glorification of Nazism

This is not surprising to me but do the US people know? Do the US people know their government and secret service installed a nazi junta in a European country in Europe in 2014? Are the "minority" populations allowed to access free information and the Internet is another question one might ask because judging from the reaction to all of the out of control racism and police murders of minorities in the US minorities are not only voiceless but must have their eyes and ears closed as to the extent that their government has gone completely out of their way to promote and in fact heighten the levels of racism and fascism worldwide. 

This received little attention in Russian because of nazi boy but it is not the first time the US has voted against actions in the United Nations to condemn nazism, yet people who call themselves Jews run the US Government and in particular the foreign policy establishment, which just go to prove the thesis and the fact that the nazis are in fact the Ashkenazim and as with their racist genocide in Palestine they will never vote against fascism or nazism. That the US would not is understandable as it is a country based on and founded on genocide and slavery, but that the fake "Jews" (who are not Semites as the Semitic race is a dark race and the same as the Palestinians who are the real Semites) would openly not is something the truth community and the public should know about and something that Russians should be very very well  made aware of.

Real Solution

Rather than endless complaining and doing nothing, initiate legal proceeding, isolation and sanctions against countries that refuse to condemn Nazism, uphold human rights and follow and defend international law, the Geneva Conventions and all international instruments of law abiding and civilized countries.

Rewriting and Changing Facts About WWII in the Educational System


Real Reason and Expected Outcome

The plans to destroy Russia are long term and they are looking 1 to 2 hundred years ahead. As with Ukraine the attempt to erase Russia's great Soviet history and re-write and erase the facts, such as US funding of the nazis and the involvement of the Rothschilds, is an attempt to dumb down and zombify the youth who will grow up to be loyal Western puppets and have little qualm about everything I am writing about here and will thus allow for their country and culture to be destroyed.

Publicly Stated Reasoning


Real Solution

Honestly present the involvement of the Zionists in Russia and re-implement Soviet History into the school curriculums making it a required subject.

Cleanse the entire educational system from top to bottom of western puppets.

Chance of Resolution or Correction

Low to Fair

Dancing With Nazis and Glorifying the Ukrainian nazi Filth

The Russian Media Gives Ukrainian Nazis Coverage 24-7 for 4 Years - Legitimizing Them from the Start

Were it a couple news items a day or a couple programs a week it would be bad enough and explainable but with its endless talk shows and allowing endless degradation of Russia to be aired 24/7, the Russian media is now the biggest PR arm of the Ukrainian nazis and has been since day one. If Russians are trying to show that they have more respect for nazis than anyone else or that they are secretly in love with the idea of racial murder then they have done a wonderful job! Given that the media is run by Jews and Khazaris who want to destroy Russia this is understandable but one would have thought after 4 years the Russians would have figured out that something is not right. However they have not and these nazi filth continue to be paid by Russian taxpayers to insult the memories of their lost ones. 24/7 on every channel. I stopped watching TV entirely and as you noticed I am never asked to appear on TV anymore not even for free. They do not want Russian patriots on television.

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

To normalize fascism and facilitate the eventual depopulation of the Russian race and the "mud" people.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

Artisitic freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of expression.

Statement By JAR2

As a very isolated minority and person of color this spread of racism in an almost totally white country has left me living in terror and complete and total isolation even afraid to go outside! The spread of racism has affected and destroyed the lives of my children as well but since I have asylum in Russia and have no plans on leaving my only option is to fight these horrific fascist scum.

Real Solution

Prosecute those responsible under Russian laws regarding glorifying nazism. The Prosecutor General of Russia

Pro Nation Outcome

Russia is a multi-ethnic nation and there is no place for racism or fascism in society. However the elites in power have a different agenda which does not include the simple masses. 

Chance of Resolution or Correction

Good to Excellent

Proving the campaign to normalize nazism is coming from the West this is another example from the web trying to portray the nazis as poor unwilling participants who were just following the orders of their psychopathic leaders.

Expose25A JAR2 Continues to Fight Against Nazism

JAR2 and the Return of LULSEC also Completely Ignored in the Media: My Fight Against the Nazis 

For me personally the timing of this latest scandal has completely distracted my followers and everyone from my release of the Ukrainian nazi forces data (I mention this first because this should be making more noise than it is). Of course there are several other events that are being for the most part ignored but which are in fact much more important and many that are actually positive for Russia. My release of course is a good thing, the Victory over ISIS and the visit to President Putin by Bashar Al-Asad today, in which he thanked the Russian President and the Russian people and which Iran is now trying to claim as its victory, were also positive events. So let's take a look at what you have missed and what you almost certainly have not heard anything about in the West and even in the Russian language internal Russian media.

JAR2 Exposing the Banderavites

On the 19th of November


On the 19th of November we received a cache of files from Anonymous and LULSEC connected to the Ukrainian nazi suppression forces operating in the Ukraine and in the Donbass. These are the militarized so-called ATO forces of the nazi banderavite junta government that was installed in Ukraine by NATO, the CIA and Nuland's NeoCons and these are the same scum who have killed over 11,000 ethnic Russian civilians and other civilian nationals throughout the Donbass and the Ukraine.

I recently discovered that I have three pages on the site Mirotvorets that are password protected and only accessible by the CIA and SBU partners of the Bandervite killers. I have been working for years to uncover the conspiracy and the connections these bastards have in Russia after they destroyed my family and the US Embassy ordered the arrest of my son. The Russian Government is infested with these nazi scum so they are able to do almost anything they want in Russia. The only way to stop them is to out them and make their faces and names known to the world.

I am an ethnic minority of one in the middle of a fratricidal race war but I am no longer afraid of these scum. The only thing they can do is kill me now as they have already destroyed my family and my life. I ask all Russians to finally wake up and realize these are not your "partners" or "brothers"!

These files contain the names of almost all members of the Banderavite forces and hundreds of SBU officers and agents connected to the ATO. All countries and intelligence agencies of the world, including honest and upstanding members of Interpol, are advised to go over these files which include Ukrainian Internal Ministry files related to murder investigations and a host of other crimes being committed by their "forces". It is in the interests of the public safety of Europe and the world at large that these criminals are contained and isolated and that the CIA, the United States of America, private mercenary operations like Graystone and NATO are stopped from giving them arms and continuing to support them.


Expose25A US/NATO Discrediting Russia, Covering Their Crimes and Isolation Internationally

Inarguable Proof Presented by Russia that the USA is a State Sponsor, User and Supporter of Terrorism


The photographic proof that the US was providing air support and evacuation support for their terrorist forces in Syria should have been an international scandal and in fact it should have led to the end of ALL US military adventures around the world but it has been ignored and swept under the carpet by the 5th Column Russian media and the entire global media establishment and even the blogosphere and social media. Unbelievable!

Real Solution

Rather than endless complaining and doing nothing as with above, officially declare the United States of America a state sponsor of terrorism and terror which is exactly what it is. Initiate legal proceeding, isolation and sanctions against the United States and countries that refuse to condemn the US support of terrorism and force the USA to end its endless illegal aggressive wars and incursions and military adventures anywhere it wants. Isolate and disarm the USA.

US blocks UN Security Council statement condemning shelling of Russia’s embassy in Syria

This unprecedented blocking of a mere statement condemning the terrorist bombing of the Russian Embassy in Syria is an affront to the entire world community and is just more proof that the terrorists in Syria are operating under the command and with the support of the United States of America, a state sponsor of terrorism which we are certain took part in the slaughter of almost three thousand civilians on September 11 2001.

Real Solution

As a State Sponsor of Terror and a nation involved in destabilizing the world and currently in 8 illegal wars, remove the USA from the UN Security Council permanently and with no option to rejoin.

The US is Illegally Occupying and Fighting in Syria and Undermining Russia's Brilliant and Effective Fight Against Terrorism

The fact that the US is funding, sponsoring and supporting terrorists who Russia was asked to help rid the country of legally is stunning and amazing on so many levels that it requires an entirely separate article to go into but this is another area where the US is trying to downplay and demonize Russia. Stunning!

The US has also lied that it had UN permission to be in Syria and then stated that it will occupy and fight in the country even without UN approval. This is an open and completely brazen act of Aggressive War. No one has given the US the right to bomb or occupy any country they want but they have done so for so long they are not even pretending anymore to follow International Law or the UN.

Yes Russia has saved Syria and this is a wonderful thing!!!

Real Solution

As a State Sponsor of Terror and a nation involved in destabilizing the world and currently in 8 illegal wars, remove the USA from the UN Security Council permanently and with no option to rejoin. Disarm and isolate the US for Crimes Against Peace and Aggressive War!

Expose25A Demonizing Russia to Allow for World War III and Billions of Dollars in Funding

You have seen in the West the complete and total demonization of Russia which I have written about many many times and which has reached the point where it is already growing ridiculous. The US Government is blaming Russia for everything under the sun and doing so to hide their own crimes and illegality and to facilitate the long-planned World War III. 

With no evidence ever presented the US blames Russia for every ill under their sun. From fake hacker attacks to phony interference in their already rigged elections Russia has become the whipping boy of choice for the US. It is disgusting and egregious epsecially when facilitating crimes like those commited by the US against the Russian Diplomatic missions.

Demonizing and Blaming Russia for the Phony Election Process in the US - Democrats Blaming Russia for Losing

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

To hide their own crimes and continue to demonize Russia.

Real Solution

Russia could simply present evidence such as what I have that the Podesta and DNC leaks came from Seth Rich.

Chance of Resolution or Correction

Zero to Low

Demonizing and Blaming Russia for Helping Democrats - Republicans Blaming Russia to Distract from Trump's Selling Out to Israel

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

To hide their own crimes and continue to demonize Russia.

Real Solution

Russia could simply present evidence such as what I have that the Podesta and DNC leaks came from Seth Rich and help to expose the 30 year ties that Trump has to the Rothschilds.

Chance of Resolution or Correction

Zero to Low

Expose25A Discrediting the Sochi Olympics and Russia's Sportsmen

Questions about the Olympics: Was Russia dissolved as a country? Has it been liquidated and no longer has the right to have a flag or anthem? Is Russia involved in 8 illegal aggressive wars? Has Russia been annexed or is it a colony of another country? Is Russia currently illegally occupying over 100 countries with military forces and bases? Is Russia calling for the capital of a country to be given over to a fake state which it created illegally? Has Russia killed approximately 46,000,000 people since WWII? Is Russia operating an extra-territorial torture prison where it false holds people who fight for their homelands whom it labels terrorists? I Russia currently threatening to use nuclear weapons on anther country and trying to start World War III? There is one country to which they answer to all of these questions is yes. It is the one which must be banned from the games forever.

The All Out War on Russian Sportsmen After the Brilliant Olympics in Sochi!


Forcing Russian athletes to compete without their country's flag or hymn! Removing Olympic medals, disqualifying, etc. Using as instrument of influence.

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

You are dealing with small minded greedy and spiteful demons who seek to control every bit of history and every detail and insanely believe that they must dominate in absolutely everything and as such everything they touch becomes dirty and fake and re-written to fit their own selfish little outcome. Even something as huge as the Olympic games, which they will rape the memory of, until they can re-write the history books to show that they won.

No one knows the broadcast rights were bought by the BBC so the Rothschilds and the London banksters think they owned the Olympics.

To manipulate and politicize the Olympics which were founded as an instrument of peace and use them as an instrument of destruction,  domination and to fulfill the insane end of "Full Spectrum Dominance" is so egregious that any country that attempts to do so must be completely excluded from the games for a very significant period. The Olympics were about peace and as the five circles above show the US did not enter into the games in peace.

The historically unprecedented entry of US warships into Olympic extra-territorial waters during the games was an affront to all humanity.

Picturing these drooling banksters sitting in their dens enraged that they lost to Russia is almost too much and then seeing the synthesis of the plan (like all of their plans which they think are secret or obfuscated but are so childishly obvious) to take the medals away in anyway possible is quiet astounding in that it has been allowed to take place.

It is the USA Who Should be Excluded from the Olympics

No one else will say this and no one else has even implied it, but the only country in the world currently engaged in 8 illegal wars and occupations, is the one which should be excluded from the Olympics. Just the simple fact alone that they support terrorism should be enough to cause outroar yet unfortunately the masses of the world are completely dumbed down as if hypnotized into a zombie like state where even the most obvious fact is not visible.

In keeping with the spirit of the Olympic movement as one for peace it is the United States of America that should be expelled from the entire movment and not be allowed to have anything to do with any part of it! Will anyone state this obvious fact other than me? No.

Publicly Stated Reasoning


Real Solution

Again exclude the USA from the Olympics Games, committees, bodies and anything connected to it including media rights, marketing and other profiteering. Reasons can be for meddling in results, for being engaged in Aggressive Wars and for supporting terrorism.

Pro Nation Outcome

The Olympics will become what they were supposed to be: a celebration of peace and sport.

Chance of Resolution

Small, when certain officials sold the media rights of the Sochi Olympics to the BBC they pretty much guaranteed what we are seeing today. Thus the Globalists have tied Russia's hands through trickery. Although Russia has made loud statements and the public is outraged the western installed criminal oligarchy working against Russia will prevail here as well.

Russia Banned from Olympics

I wrote an article on the matter calling for the very logical, reasonable and sane exclusion of the United States from the Olympics as the US is involved in 8 active Wars of Aggression and call on all Russians to boycott but no one will do anything harsh as usual. Russia never does anything harsh or serious or even sane against the West anymore. Very sad that Russia is so full of traitors.

President Putin Says: There will be no blockade and athletes can go if they want

12 07 2017 PresidentPutin said: "Have no doubt, We will not announce any kind of blockade we will not interfere with our athletes if anyone wants to take part as an individual!

I support Putin so I guess I am wrong! I am so sorry!

Just fucking delete this entire article and go kiss the USA's ass!

Ramzan Kadirov Says No Chechen Sportsmen Will Take Part




Expose25A Media and Internet: Targeting Journalists and Silencing Truth

Targeting, Threatening and Destroying All Pro-Russian Journalists, Writers, Experts, Commentators, Bloggers and Others

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

To foster and allow for an overall anti-Russian position to facilitate the long awaited World War III against Russia. US/NATO full spectrum dominance and Khazari mastery of the Russian people and the Russian state.

Being a journalist in Russia and writing the truth is an almost impossibility and I can not underline enough the danger I am placing myself in by writing this article but the stakes are too high and this is much bigger than me and I have no choice but to fight for Russia which is what I am doing.

As regards the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service which I detail in my book and the sending of agent Greenberg to Russia, the reason for taking us out is the fact that we were shining too much light on the illegality that the West is engaged in. From 911, to the illegal expansion of the NATO 3%-5% protection racket, to the false flags and the aggressive resource wars, we were doing too much to expose the truth to the world. The media even in Russia was thus taken over by western puppets and there is nothing we can do about it because these are powerful internal Russian puppets like Dimitry Kiselev.

As you see above the open targeting by Ukrainian nazis for my work exposing Nuland's nazis and my work exposing the Right Sector and the Globalist ties to Ukraine as well as, and more importantly my work regarding Crimea, which no one wants to publish or spread, was actually taken up by the Russian media who actually give the Ukrainian Banderavites unlimited airtime on the Russian media.

With what happened to me and the mountain of evidence I have presented as well as the evidence regarding Greenberg and his targeting of me it is clear that the subversion of Russia and the Russian state goes up to the highest levels.

Then there is the mafia elite and the criminal structures built into the Russian Government by the CIA after the collapse of the Soviet Union and you can see that no matter where you look and no matter where you start to dig the entire system is infected.

As you have seen with what happened to my son even these clear and proven criminal killers because they wear uniforms can not be touched. Please see my book when it comes out and my articles on the Lubertsy mafia

Example of US Government targeting of my work

Publicly Stated Reasoning


Real Solution

Freedom of the Press and Protection of Journalists

Pro Nation Outcome

Will allow for real oversight, force officials to be honest and allow for real social and political debate

Chances of Resolution


Using Social Media to Track Monitor Censor and Terrorize Pro Russian Voices 

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

To monitor, meddle with, track, influence, censor, target and surveil anyone they please in Russia and worldwide.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

Denial, terrorism

Real Solution

Close them down in Russia. Use Russian based social media like VK

Expose25A Destroying Society and the Will of the People from Within

Destroying the Economic Health of the Common People, Destroying Employment, Benefits, Pensions and Social Programs

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the most important areas of social development have been and continue to be ignored and brushed under the carpet by the Western installed robber elites.

Unfortunately for Russia this problem is not completely the fault of the West but of their Russian installed and supported elites and other elites whose only concern is their own wealth. This has become the norm and the people have paid the price.

Putin expects Gazprom to implement all its plans for 2018

To give you an idea salaries, pensions and social benefits have not, for all intents and purposes, risen or improved in over 20 years and in many cases have worsened and the elites will do nothing to correct the wealth inequality because of their inherent greed.

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

Other than President Vladimir Putin, who I believe is still on the side of the Russian people, there are few in power who really care or even have an understanding of the hardships and the effects their polices have on the common people.

Most of the elites believe they have a right to receive bribes and huge salaries, including buying golden toilets while the common people suffer in poverty.

Keeping the people in poverty guarantees that population numbers will decrease. It is not possible for young people in Russia to start a family and buy a home, salaries are too low and the costs are too high!

Publicly Stated Reasoning

Accept it

Real Solution

Return power to the people or force officials to do their jobs as servants of the people.

Pro Nation Outcome

A healthy strong and wonderful nation

Turning the Common People into Debt Slaves Through Usury and Easy to Get "Loans" 

Since the worsening economic situation for the people began in earnest four years ago more an more have fallen into the debt traps set by shady and unscrupulous companies and organizations. They make it easy to get loans that then people can not pay back and have even brought back something from the dark ages. Loan contracts are actually being worded to transfer the debt to family members who have nothing to do with the loans. People are losing homes flats and all of their property, essentially being destroyed. 

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

Zero interest loans based on ability to repay and an end to usury.

Rents and Apartments

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

The Soviet people were convinced to say no to free homes and healthcare and education and guaranteed employment for the false dream of capitalism and "democracy". The criminal elites installed during privatization have taken over the real estate and use this as a source of endless income, never paying taxes and mercilessly taking every penny renters have. I will write more about this in the future.

There does not exist anywhere in Russia the very simple and basic concept of Rent Control. The landlords charge and do whatever they want and renters have absolutely no rights or recourse at the end of the day. The only protection is the rental agreements but these are also not as robust as they should be.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

None: There is no one who fights or protects renters or people without flats or homes. We are the expendable garbage class.

Real Solution

Make it possible for people to obtain homes or flats.

Pro Nation Outcome

A healthy strong and wonderful nation

Not Possible to Start a Business or Obtain Normal Employment

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

The mafia controls all business and employees have almost no rights as I witnessed in my illegal firing from Rossiya Sevodnya the day I informed them my daughter was born. The crass brutality is stunning. I can not even say I understand, these people were not human, of course the fact that they were Khazaris might have something to do with it and you can not work in the Russian media now unless you are a Jew and that is a fact!!!

Publicly Stated Reasoning

None, there is no one talking about this and thus to problem to address

Real Solution

Bring back workers' rights and force the establishment to support small business without the mafia's interference.

Pro Nation Outcome

A healthy strong and wonderful nation

Registration System

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

The entire registration and propiska system was deemed illegal by the Russian Constitution but it continues today as an instrument to keep down the people, facilitate bribes and maintain the Muscovite elites with all of their privileges and benefits.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

None. Anyone who dares to speak about this archaic system riks being placed in a mental institution.

Real Solution

End it and let the people be free or allow them to register themselves.

Pro Nation Outcome

A healthy strong and wonderful nation

Stoking Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim Hysteria and Xenophobia

This is especially true in Moscow and St. Petersburg and on every television channel.


Migrant workers bring collousal financial harm to Russia by Mikhail Delyagin - An example of blaming the voiceless

Mr. Delyagin who on some issues is right on the money is completely biased in this piece and like all who demonize immigrants he either completely ignores or is truly completely ignorant of the hardships they go through, the absolute lack of rights they have and the reasons they have problems with the police.

The article is just a classic example of how to stoke hatred and place blame on a defenseless and more importantly voiceless group. The obvious attempt to sow racially directed hatred is disgusting. He fails to mention that migrants do jobs that no one else wants and that no Muscovite or Russian citizen would do as in most countries. He never mentions that they are exploited and are paid almost nothing or that most of their pay goes to landlords who do not pay taxes and who charge rents that are completely without control and finally he fails to mention that they reason they end up in jail is for violations of the registration system which is illegal and unconstitutional and which is designed specifically and intentionally to criminalize migrants.

Delyagin uses a picture of a religious holiday which happens once a year and which is attended by all Muslims, not just migrants to direct his racial hatred against Muslims and fails to mention the over 4 million Ukrainians who have entered Moscow and who are truly responsible for crime, nor does he mention the corrupt and criminal Russian underworld that exploits migrants and then, in many cases, uses them as patsies to go to jail for crimes their bosses have made them commit. Human trafficking, rape, murder and human rights violations of course are not mentioned because for people like Delyagin who has all of the rights and privileges of the "elite" Muscovite class, migrants, refugees and the "lower strata" of society are not human and have no rights. This type of campaign has been one that the Moscow Mayor has wholeheartedly promoted and put underway so that Moscow is unlivable for migrants and "mud' people. From a social viewpoint of the basic needs and guarantees that humans should have Moscow is completely and totally unlivable which is why I had to leave.

The problem in Russia with such demonization is that people like me, migrants and other "mud" people have absolutely no voice and no real representation whatsoever, those that are supposed to help us do not and only do their jobs for bribes.      

Разжигание ненависти. Вы не заметили что мигранты делают работу которые никто не хочет. Им почти ничего не платят. Большая часть их зарплаты предоставляется арендодателям, которые не платят налоги. И в тюрьму за нарушения системы регистрации которая незаконной и неконституционной

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

Classic divide and conquer. Clear Moscow of unwanted racial groups. Demonzie immigrants as a distraction from the real culprits of the social problems.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

They are not "like" us.

Real Solution

Enforce laws making spreading racial hatred illegal.

Pro Nation Outcome

A healthy strong and wonderful nation

Entering the Organ Trade Business

Russian Now Officially Enters the Organ Trafficking Market

Destroying and Perverting Russian Culture and Classics

Collecting Genetic Material for the Development of a Russian Targeting Biological Weapon


Real Reason and Expected Outcome

The US and the NWO are developing gentically targetting biological weapons and are now going after the Slavs.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

Birth control

Real Solution

Forbid all such activites by foreign bodies or agents

Pro Nation Outcome

Guarantee the future of the Slavic race

Continuing any way possible to push a gay agenda

Under the guise of education on AIDS December 1st will see gay sex education beginning in Russia, which is in fact illegal 

Continuing Attempts to Destroy the Russian Language

Again we see the same Khazari faces and again there is another attempt with Western funding to destroy the most principle and important part of the Russia character and the Russian World and that is the wonderful, complicated and impossibly difficult Russian language.

Continuing Attempts to Re-Write History in Schools

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

Using and programming youth to be the future destroyers of their own country as with Ukraine.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

Bring to Western Standards

Real Solution

Enforce laws on historicl revisionism and subversion of the state. Reintroduce Soviet History!!!

Pro Nation Outcome

A healthy strong and wonderful nation

Attempts to Anglify and Westernize the Russian Environment

I can not travel in the Moscow metro anymore because all I hear are the phony British accents of two of my former colleagues from the Voice of Russia. I learned Russian before I came to Russia and anyone else should as well. The number of actual tourists and foreigners from English speaking countries is almost zero so why do Russians have to listen to English every time they travel to work or go anywhere. This is horrendous open and obvious mass programming.

Other examples are the introduction of Latin letters and foreign words and terms and constant trashy American music and television programming.

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

Manufactured consent, destruction of internal dialogues, destruction of national identity. Globalization.

Publicly Stated Reasoning

None. No one complains.

Real Solution

Make Russia Russian again!

Pro Nation Outcome

A proud, healthy, strong and wonderful nation

Continuing Financial and Economic Manipulations

The economic manipulations and the billions of dollars flowing out of Russia continue. This is a real danger and must be stopped. This includes foreign interference and monitoring and targeting using the Visa and MasterCard systems and a host of other economic instruments and the offshore accounts of the bandit elites who continue to receive bribes and payments and steal billions through various mechanisms. Another reason why any official must not be allowed to hold dual citizenship.

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

Make Russia financialy dependent on the West

Publicly Stated Reasoning

We can't create our own system

Real Solution

Create own system

Pro Nation Outcome

A proud, financially idnependent, healthy, strong and wonderful nation

Attempting to Promote and Normalize Pedophilia and Every Sort of Degenerate Sexual Perversion

Гимназии № 5 г. Домодедово Московской обл. РОССИЯ  


The creature in the above picture who publicly called for a Maidan in Russia and whose very existence is a violation and an abomination to the normal mental processes, the moral fiber and normal Christian or any other values that most Russians have, was recently allowed air time and a platform in Russia and is going to buy real estate in St Petersburg. Amazingly even with laws about spreading gay propaganda and against pedophilia and insulting Christian sentiment, this creature was given a visa and appeared at a "public" event!

The New World Order wants to destroy the family and normalize perversion and this creature is one of the best ways they can do that.

The Illuminati New World Order is Luciferian and the destruction of the family unit is vital for the destruction and subjugation of the world and Russia.

Presdient Putin has commented on this himself and all normal Russians are against this perversion but the 5th column, elements in the educational system and the Jewish controlled media continue to attempt to normlize pedophila and indoctrinate children into belief in Satan. Horrendous!

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

The New World Order

Publicly Stated Reasoning

Gay rights.

Real Solution

Enforce existing laws

Pro Nation Outcome

A proud, financially idnependent, healthy, strong and wonderful nation. Guaranteeing the contnuation of the race.

Expose25A Media Normalizing and Supporting an Ignorant Self-Serving Corrupt Criminal Elite

Glorifying and Presenting the Most Ignorant Western Puppets in the Media as the "Elites"

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

After the collapse of the USSR in the words of Anatoly Chubais those close to property were given it in the privatizations, including mafia figures because in his words, "they would have gotten it anyway". He is therefore most responsible for the creation of an ignorant, brutal and self-serving criminal elite who now run most of the country and have no real idea or plan rather than simply guaranteeing their own continued wealth. These pigs are the ones destroying Russia today from the inside, yet for them their live are just fine.

Glorifying ignorant comedians and actors like Sobchak as some sort of political elite is an insult to all educated and intelligent and patriotic Russians. The fact that ethnic Russians have no chance in the media and that it is controlled by the Zionist faction is well known and an established fact. Their view of Russians as genetic garbage and worse is well known as well.

Real Solution

Cleanse the media of all of these elements.

Chance of Resolution or Correction

Zero to Low

Attempting to Bring Back Fraudulent Romanovs Who are Rothschild Puppets, Masons, Crypto-Nazis and Even Wear Maltese Crosses

The Romanovs were ritually sacrificed and this branch which was disowned is being promoted as the new Royalty. Knights of Malta Illuminati can never be allowed to come to any kind of power in Russia.

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

New World Order

Publicly Stated Reasoning

Historical injustice

Real Solution

Find the real heir to the Russian thrown

Pro Nation Outcome

Depends on how much power they grab

Poklonskaya Wakes Up to the Rothschilds' Plans

In a stunning turn of events our favorite Prosecutor General returned an order and a title to the fake Romanovs and stated that they were part of the conspiracy that killed Tsar Nikolai and that she could not support their Masonic nature. More soon

The FSB Finally Investigates the Yeltsin Center: Key Location for CIA Efforts to Subvert Russia and Normalize Pedophilia and Nazism

Attempts to Glorify Yeltsin

For the 5th Column and the CIA the Yeltsin Center is one of the most important projects they have in Russia with long term goals of teaching youth false history and instilling in them hate for Russia so that they will be the ones who will destroy Russia in the future. This has been a long term goal since before the collapse of the Soviet Union and as I understand Soviet History is not being properly taught or not taught again as was the case during the 90s. This is necessary for the reprogramming and zombifying of youth and to destroy the pride and the national identity associated with the great victory over the Nazis and to make the normalization of Nazism and its goals of destroying the Russian people a reality. We are talking about the steps necessary to facilitate the genocide of the Russian people so there can be nothing more serious or more worthy of the attention of State Security!

To say that most Russians I have known and met during the last two decades have not viewed Yeltsin favorably is actually an incredible understatement. The reality is that that even including the people I met and interacted with in the 1990s, I have never met a single Russian who has spoken well of Boris Yeltsin, or for that matter Mikhail Gorbachev. In fact the only words I have heard used when referring to the two have been thief, robber, puppet, drunkard and traitor, sell out, puppet and worse, yet there it is, for the West to see, the Yeltsin Center.

If the people did not want or need this monstrous waste of money built then who was it built for? Given that Yekaterinburg has become the headquarters for the Fifth Column and the neo-Liberal Globalist filth who are attempting to destroy the country and being it to its knees,  then the only explanation, other than it was built as another budget theft operation by corrupt and entrenched Western operatives and puppets, is that it is the new headquarters for those who want to sell out the country and destroy it for the West and from where they think that are going to "educate" the people on the ways of normalizing sexual perversion, glorifying treason to Russia and rewriting history for future generations. 

Real Solution

Redesign the Yeltsin Center as museum of REAL Russian and Soviet history and rename it the Putin Center for the Preservation of History. Cut all foreign ties and foreign sponsored individuals and organizations from having anything to do with the location.

Previous photo was fake

Expose25A Corruption is Criminality, Criminals Must be Stopped from Raping the Country

Did I save the best for last like the 5th column journalists in the Russian media do? They report statements and facts against Russia and that make Russia look bad and then at the end defend Russia when no one has continued reading. Like we were supposed to do at the VOR.

As you have seen throughout this piece there is one underlying problem in every single issue I have outline and from the viewpoint of state security it is this one problem that must be dealt with in order to save the patient. It is corruption and corruption is the best friend of anyone who wants to do ANYTHING against the interests of the Russian State or the Russian people. 

If there is one thing that the Lubertsy criminal government and structures do not want me talking about it is my 20 plus years of witnessing corruption. From the bandits who took my school, the selling of Federal Land and property, the stealing and hoarding of flats and to non-payment of taxes, I witnessed it all and documented it and wrote down names and dates and sums and collected evidence which I will present in my upcoming book.

From the false arrest of my son and this latest, the outright theft of my car, nothing will go forgotten. I will be writing more soon.

Expose25A The Final Solution of the Khazari Mafia is the Destruction of Russia

The Final Step: Destroying the Victory of the USSR Over Nazism – Glorifying and Normalizing Nazi Filth

When the Victory of the USSR and Russia over the Nazis is erased from history Russia will be no more.

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