The Russia Report: Exposing the NWO Globalist Conspiracy #4

Post Election Report Cyber Warfare Edition

 Excerpt from My Book: Counter-Counter Intelligence, JAR2 and the Real Leaks

At the end of 2017 it should have started to become obvious even to the most cynical and stubborn apologists that the Illuminati New World Order was real and had been orchestrating the complete takeover of Russia for decades. The 5th Column and the Neo-Liberal filth had become so bold and so sure of their impunity that they had lost almost all pretense of attempting to hide what they were really doing.

I continued to live in terror, waiting for the day when they would start pulling “minorities” like me out into the street and shooting us or worse, and when for all of my noble yet useless efforts against the empire of evil, I would be made an example by the 5th column to show that they were fully on board with the New World Order and would fight and kill the enemies of their western masters.

My efforts and my fight continued but the abject poverty, hopelessness, fear and complete and total isolation that I was forced to live in were all having their toll on my health and my ability to create and to even at times think at the levels I should have. I lived in a haze of nightmares, physical pain and a continual state of hopeless desperation but refusing to give up, if only to symbolically fight to the very end, I tried and struggled with writer’s block and a creeping black apathy that all but killed every effort I made to finish this book, write articles and continue my cyber operations.    

November 21, 2017 Somewhere in the North of Russia

Media Must Not be Allowed to Be a Tool of Subversion It Must Be Kept Clean

1984, George Orwell, the BBC the Voice of Russia World Service in English and a "Blueprint" Taken by the Russian Zionists

Timing, timing and more timing: when you have worked in the media you know that timing is everything and when you have studied it and taken it apart as much as I have and understand that what the modern day media has become is nothing by an intelligence apparatus being used to manipulate the minds, opinions and even the emotional state of the masses with the aim of making then confused, divided, broken and servile, it is obvious why certain topics and “news” items, lies, provocations, and outright fictions are promoted and released at certain times. This is particularly important when you have what we have today, a mass media with no morals, no journalistic ethics and editorial policies which include what they have made an abstract concept, namely TRUTH.

George Orwell was not a sage or predictor of the future. He was not creating a society from his imagination and fantasy extrapolated from current events and the historic tendencies of the self-destructive human race he was in fact a whistle blower who actually wrote his quintessential work from his direct experiences of working at the BBC. Thus his work 1984 was not only fantasy, science fiction warning to humanity, but a real warning based on real world events and plans and written in the only way that would be allowed, which is the most horrendous problem any modern writer has, namely how do you tell the truth and tell a story or report on events that the elites who control the information flow do not want you to talk about.

I wrote long ago, and then placed the words on a photo in the form of a meme, the statement that: “1984 was NOT an Instruction Manual”, because what the “elites” and governments seem appear to be doing is channeling 1984, and in fact at the time I did not know and had not the slightest idea that I was closer to the truth than I could have possibly imagined, and it was in fact formulated and is being used as a blueprint for a completely servile and slave like society. The little piece of truth and the one little fact, as is always the case, that Orwell worked for the BBC was known by the elites who therefore approached his work in a much different way than the masses have. Did Orwell know his work was to be used in such a way? To actually bring about the world that he was warning about? I am sure he did not and his warning was not heard.

Not long ago the words “Conspiracy Theorist” were used to describe anything and anyone that the “elites” did not want people to listen to, to read or to give credence to and this was effective and still is to a point, but as with all over used labels and tactics the ignorant “elites”, who are incapable of creative thought and free thinking, have over used it and made it into more of a moniker for what you MUST read and pay attention to and for a populace that still includes erudite and intelligent free thinking critical individuals who actually see the real conspiracy all around them, “Conspiracy Theory” has now become directly applied and institutionalized “Conspiracy Fact”. These conspiracies are being carried out and have been in fact created to allow them to promote lies and undermine the populace and dumb down the population so that it can be enslaved.

The world has become, or more accurately the global information sphere, the new battle space in which World War III is being fought and in which the false reality that the New World Order wants to create is being promoted and through which it is being brought about. What must be underlined and what must be known and understood by all of the citizens of the world and this must be common knowledge, so that the populace of the world can defend itself, is that all of this, the total surveillance, the “Fake News”, the social media and regular media censorship and all of the “Special” information operations, are the direct fault and the direct result of the FVEY countries, operating under the directives and control of the Zionist Rothschilds, the Illuminati and the European “elites”, who in their turn are under the control of the Roman Black Nobility, who in their turn serve the all-seeing psychopath at the top of the pyramid. Sound far-fetched? Read my research, this conclusion is backed up by millions of facts.

Returning to Orwell as I am forced to do because of the parallels that exist between his life and work and mine, it must be known that I am also writing my piece from my experience in the media, at the actual predecessor to the BBC World Service and Voice of America and first global broadcaster (a little known fact), the Voice of Russia World Service in English. The Voice of Russia, which started as Radio Moscow, was the official voice of the USSR and the government of the USSR and broadcast worldwide in over 46 languages (84 at its peak) and all of its journalists and reporters and announcers worked for the State. This continued after the collapse of the USSR but like all state media, such as RT and Sputnik (the employees and reporters of which are happy to tell anyone that they work for the Russian Government) were taken over by neo-Liberal Globalist individuals of the Jewish Religion and it (the VOR) was eventually liquidated, a story I detail in my book.

Unfortunately for Russians western sponsored individuals in the Government of the Russian Federation have attempted to transpose Western economic, political and even media models onto the Russian State and the Russian people. In their ignorance (which is why non-journalists are chosen for positions in management in these bodies) they have also transposed everything that is wrong with the Western media onto Russian outlets. The barely hidden racism, elitism, sexual perversion and dumbing down of the populace are evident every time you turn on the television or radio in Russia. There is no accident in the fact that nazi Russophobes and neo-Liberal filth have open reign in Russia’s media environment. I will leave this topic with one interesting fact that is unknown except by my readers and hope that you will read all of the details in my book when it comes out, and that fact is related to the only two editorial directives we had but which of course were not written anywhere. Those two directives had they been written would have given direct evidence as to who controls the Russian media and the subversion of the Russian state, it was this subversion that eventually led to the closure of the Voice of Russia after it was completely gutted of all the wonderful Russian content that it had contained. Directive one was never talk about September 11th, a fact making it clear now with what we know as to who was behind it when we take into consideration directive 2, which was ONLY SPEAK POSITIVELY or NEUTRALLY ABOUT ISRAEL! Nothing about Putin or the Government or Russia, just Israel, at a Russian Government broadcaster, think about that for a minute!

It is difficult to be objective when relating anything about one’s self, I would in no way say I am a brilliant writer, or cutting edge thinker but I did enjoy enough popularity and was deemed to be enough of a threat to have two organized very public attempts by the US Government to shut me down and after the arrest of my son to silence am almost quite literally kept in a cave because I am too pro-Russia and even more importantly I do not support outrageous lies surrounding the fake country of Israel nor the official fairy tale of 911 and even worse I actually call for the criminal cabal to be arrested and prosecuted and for tribunals to be formed against the USA for its endless criminal Wars of Aggression. Again I detail all of this in my book.

In what I call an Orwellian moment I myself was asked to do two things before I was illegally terminated from the Jewish controlled neo-Liberal pro-American Russian media where the Content Editor at the time was a CIA plant. First I wrote almost 400 pages of editorial policy for the English language Russian broadcast and print media, something I spent months on but was never paid for and apparently is being used and the new editor took credit for it after I was poisoned and gotten rid of. The second was an expose in which detailed the actual plans, steps, technology and operations, in effect a “blueprint” as to how the CIA and the West were going to destroy the Russian State. These were in fact supposed to be a series of articles in which I detailed the operations in Ukraine, including the use of Captagon and other black magic but they were never published.

Now four years later I am forced into a position where I have nothing left but I have to try in any way I can to save my own innocent son.

The New World Order: Corrupting and Subverting Media and Information

I have been warning Russia and the world for the over two decades now and have written time and time again, presenting massive articles, submitting extensive research and providing files and evidence to back up my claims, arguments and conclusions, yet all I have done has seemed to fall on deaf ears and the biggest real world result of all of my work has been the real word destruction of me and my family with my own son having to pay the highest price because I dared to speak out against those working to subvert the Russian State!  I am myself therefore the biggest piece of evidence and living testimony against the Illuminati Masonic Cabal that has all but taken over the planet!

Russia and the world have seemed on the surface to have been powerless or even worse, lacking the political will to fight against them, but there are salt of the earth individuals in all spheres, and especially important in the Intelligence Services, who continue to desperately fight against the encroachment on the Russian World and the ongoing attempts to destroy it from within.  

The World Has Gone Insane! Or Has It?

I am writing with a focus on Russia but as a US watcher, with the Internet and my ability to communicate with people from all over the world, the actions of the New World Order psychopaths are tangible and real and able to be watched and recorded in real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The number of co-dependent and inter-related events is so incredible and there is so much going on right now that it is hard for most people to make heads or tails of any of it, especially those who do not do research and have to depend on others to do it for them and things are changing so fast that it is growing hard to keep up! Additionally we throw into the mix the fact that, even for those of us who are awake, there are almost no sources left for information that we can trust as everyone we did trust has turned out to be part of some larger operation or pursuing their own or someone else’s agenda, the constant flow of fake news and distractor topics, and following world events and important news has become almost impossible. We won't even talk about getting to the real truth behind the issues because the distractors and rabbits holes thrown out to obfuscate make it almost impossible to get to the truth and that is how they want it.

Post WikiLeaks - Post 911 World

For my readers again you may have noticed that I have stopped writing and this is for many reasons but I will let you on a little secret, the biggest reason is because I do not want to give the forces that are trying to destroy Russia, myself and every free thinking and intelligent person on the planet not on their payroll, any ideas or indicators that they will be able to use to fine tune their diabolical manipulations or give them any ideas that may help them to fulfill their objectives.

Make no mistake we are living in age where technology and human endeavors and wealth have made it possible for the world to live in peace and for all of the people on the face of the Earth to be free from hunger, war, poverty and disease, but there are those that refuse to allow that to happen because then they believe they will lose their power over the masses and since those in power literally feed off of the pain and suffering and death of the masses, endless wars and subjugation are the only objectives that they will allow to happen 

The Globalist New World Order Illuminati cancer started in the US with the False Flag of 911 and the ensuing aggressive wars of the endless US/NATO War on Terror and has spread throughout the planet poisoning the entire human race! Not until 911 is properly investigated and the Neocon architects and Globalist-Illuminati-Zionist-Banksters are brought to justice will we be safe and until then humanity will remain on the road to total annihilation.

I call our current paradigm the Post WikiLeaks and Post 911 World because for those of us who are awake and understand the reality behind what is happening all around us all, that is exactly what it is. On October 16 2016, when Julian Assange was renditioned out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, WikiLeaks officially died for me once and for all and although I knew for years that it was an intelligence connected project, I still believed, as did many others, that Julian Assange was a sincere and real character that was interested in the truth, and in fact had a bombshell insurance file that he would release if he was in imminent danger. Nothing of the sort happened and WikiLeaks as a source for truth is a laughing stock run clearly and obviously all but openly run by the CIA as a personal PR operation since now, as an entrapment operation it is done. The only question is how many people was Assange responsible for getting killed or arrested?

The “Litmus Test” for truth sites has for me always been 911, and WikiLeaks and the Intercept never passed that test. Now we know that 911 and covering it up were the exact reason that they were organized. As for 911 we know who, why and exactly how it was carried out, and the endless wars that have followed have been all illegal, planned and premeditated acts of Aggressive War. Unfortunately the NeoCon, Zionist Saudi filth behind 911 continue to escape prosecution and their plans for the Illuminati New World enslavement of humanity appears to be going right on schedule.


Expose25A THE RUSSIA REPORT: Blasting the N.W.O Because No One Else Will

The following report covers, social, media, psychological and subversion operations being funded by over $400 million dollars of American tax money. The following are just some of the current operations being run by the CIA to destroy Russia for the Rothschilds, the New World Order and the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.




The Fires Will Continue as the Illuminati Destabilize, Damage Image and Cash Out

June 02, 2018-


List of Fires 


Иркутские власти рассказали о состоянии пострадавших при пожаре в ТЦ детей

Иркутске произошел пожар в ТРЦ, пострадали дети

Visa объяснила массовые проблемы с обслуживанием карт аппаратным сбоем

Moscow - Mitishi

Пожар на складе стройматериалов в Мытищах полностью потушен

Saratov June 2 2018 Three Fires

Nizhny Tagil June 2 2018 Home




Expose25A On Durov, Greenberg, Hawkins, Limited Hangouts and a Free "Non NSA" Internet

May 14, 2018 -  I have been leaking secret US and Western Government documents on the RU net since 1997, yes I admit it and I am proud of what I have accomplished. My releases have helped expose massive illegality in the US Government and the real perpetrators of 911. I have exposed so much that the list is too long to write about here but the revelations have been in the thousands, enough to warrant the creation of WikiLeaks and Operation SNOW DEN which has all but succeeded in wiping us out. 

I make no secret that I am very fond of the FSB and the Russian Security Services, they are the Salt of the Earth and trying to defend the Russian people and the Russian State after the CIA destruction of the USSR and the installation of a CIA controlled Shadow Government in Russia is a task that is horrendous in its magnitude and complexity.

I know that the FSB does not have time for things like meddling in social media like the CIA, NSA, MOSSAD and FVEY countries do so when they say there are terrorists using Instagram to communicate I believe them. But it is not only terrorists, it is the 5th column and the CIA networks that also communicate and gather data using Telegram, as they do with Twitter, Facebook and all the other Western Social media that has embedded itself into the RU NET. Compared to the FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, GSCHQ, MI5/6, MOSSAD and FVEY manipulation and interference in the Internet the FSB has done almost nothing except perhaps blocking and countering foreign backed destabilization and terrorist operations, and this is wonderful and I thank them for that.

The Western NET is completely under control yet they allow pedophilia, racial hatred, nazi/Zionist propaganda, propaganda promoting sexual perversion of every type and every kind of moral degradation possible, YET exposing the crimes of the CIA and the Governments is forbidden. Publishing Secret documents that expose the crimes of the state is forbidden, writing serious critical investigative article and sharing information exposing TRUTH is forbidden and there is much more. The opposite is true of the RU NET!!

The West is so indignant that the terrorists can not communicate on Telegram and that the FSB wants the encryption keys because A) the terrorists are their agents and B) once the FSB sees the communications between the 5th column in Russia and their Western controllers the CIA will lose thousands of Agents and yet another tool for spying on Russians and for destabilizing the country.  

When the Western backed Neo-Liberal "human rights defenders" and now "Internet Freedom" hacks get their panties in a bundle over anything you can bet one thing is true: IT IS BAD FOR RUSSIA!

A Destabilization Provocation Against the State and the FSB by the West, the CIA and the Globalists

Make no mistake when the US Government laid out $40 million dollars to "Counter Russian Propaganda" which is in reality almost non-existent and being created by the US itself in another Straw Man budget theft, they want some sort of results and the result they want is to destabilize Russia and depose President Putin and install a puppet government and a Rothschild's Central Bank (but of course that is not all)! That is the real reason for the budgeting of such sums! They whine and scream that Russia is attacking them and spreading propaganda and meddling in elections and everything under the sun in order to obtain money to do exactly that to Russia.

The CIA budget for foreign operations comes under the State Department therefore the State Department is in fact the real instigator and guilty party in all of this but that is not what we are looking at right now. The CIA wants to destroy Russia, to put it simply as it has failed to bring it under the level of control it wants, largely due to President Putin and the FSB. As for the budget can you imagine what the reaction would be by American taxpayers if the CIA said to them "We know the poor, the young, infrastructure, jobs, education and healthcare are in need of finances but we want $40 million to play nation destroyers because Rothschild does not like Putin." Hopefully they would not be pleased, hence they create the Straw Man because sooner or later it will become clear what they are doing and hen they can say, "We were protecting American interests"! While US veterans are homeless and people are dying in the streets.

We who are opposed to making Russia the next US Client State and who know what is going on happily watched as all of their Presidential Election operations failed one after the other and we have watched as every attempt to cause mass-unrest has also failed. But as long as there are Russian traitors like Sobchak who are willing to run to the State Department/CIA for grants and monies these provocations will continue, and as long as they keep failing, which they will, it is funny to watch the US dish out so much money for nothing. They really believe that liars like Sobchak and Navalny who say they can over-throw the government are actually able to do so because they want to believe that. They do not have any idea other than the words of these traitors and Neo-Liberal scum, as to the real situation here in Russia and as long as that is the case we can keep watching them fail.    

Greenberg, who you know as Snowden is supposed to be the mole to monitor and instruct and guide the 5th column operations. He is also supposed to serve as an individual who the people will listen to, so whenever there is a technical point he is rolled out by the 5th column to discredit the President and the Russian State. He is a fugazi media operation, a Limited Hangout Influence and Perception Operation that fails and will continue to fail time an again. Nobody but the West and the 5th columns cares about what he says or in reality what Durov says. Yet here they are trying to cause mass-unrest and demonstrations and anti-Government, and in this case specifically anti-FSB sentiment, sentiment amongst the populace. But they have failed. Again.

Durov, according to my information and my knowledge of the systems and sites involved is protecting CIA Assets, Agents, Operations and methods. But the Russians know and this is a good thing. This is clear by the blocking of MILLIONS (1.7 million IPs) of IP addresses that have been blocked. Russian Cyber Operations is very well aware (I am speculating) of all of the myriad ways that Microsoft, Google, Amazon and all of the other CIA/NSA/MOSSAD connected internet resources are being used to collect data on Russians and Russia and actively run operations against, for example myself, and other enemies of the US here in Russia.. This is also WONDERFUL and for me it has meant an almost complete halt in the attacks that were perpetually rebooting my servers and causing all kinds of havoc.

Durov will never hand over the encryption keys because it will expose his treason to Russia, that is my conclusion, and soon he will probably run away to America and seek asylum (another poor victim of the regime) in the US. Hence his desperate attempt with the help of Snowden to cause mass-unrest and allow him to continue serving his Western masters. As for Greenberg/Snowden he should be arrested and evicted from Russia immediately for his anti-Russian statements and actions. In particular his Tweeting to his US military followers about how Russian hackers are meddling in US elections and the like. Yes it was Greenberg who began the whole fairytale about Russian hackers. This is funny because whatever he can "know" about Russian hackers is simply made up in his own mind. No real Russian Hackers and no real whistleblowers and no real truth seekers would ever trust the fugazi. He is a self-deluding operation of the CIA. Which is also a good thing.    

We who know the Russian NET and like myself have almost literally lived on it since the 1990s, know that the Russian Net is free, and this is a wonderful thing. Those who are claiming Instagram being blocked is reducing their freedom are merely CIA puppets and in reality supporting terrorism and traitors to the Russian people, the Russian State and the Russian NET.

I don't want the CIA and NSA in all of my devices and I sure the hell do not want them able to track me and know everything about me here in Russia, so I thank the FSB from the bottom of my heart and hope they continue to protect Russia and the Russian NET and keep it free from US/CIA meddling, which is REALLY what this is all about!!

If you want to know about the Russian NET better to ask me, a person who has lived on it almost since the very beggining, rather than a CIA Operative sent to shut us down.


The title promised something on Hawkins, the other Limited Hangout Operation you know as Assange/WikiLeaks, and so I will give you this little tid-bit. The article is yet another media hype fawning over this peice of sh!t but there are a few interesting facts in it:

Assange whose real name is Hawkins and who we believe was actually killed in October of 2016, but who is supposedly now an Ecuadorian Citizen, therefore not an asylee as the media continues to falsely state, may be symbolically handed to the UK and then to the US so they can close the ENTRAPMENT OPERATION that is WikiLeaks as it has lost its effectiveness as nobody trusts it any longer! 

Real truthers, whistleblowers, hacktivists, hackers and anyone worth their salt already know that it is an Op!!! So finally the theater will be closed. This is also a wonderful thing.

The Zionists Are So Clever

May 09, 2018 - First they start all this propaganda that you can only march in remembrance of Victory Day if you have a relative. Then they show up with any picture whatsoever and now they have associated themselves with Russia's Great Victory when we know they caused the war. I am done. Either Russians are totally blind or they just don't care. This war crimianl currently killing Russians in Syria was at Putin's side today.

Seeing the War Criminal illegal possesor of nuclear weapons and the person responsible for the genocide of Palestinians and driving the world to the brink of World War III taking part in the Victory Day Celebrations to me was a mockery by the New World Order to everything I believe in. I have to take some time out and re-think what is really going on here.

Rodchenkov Being Sued for $30M by Athletes Whose Lives He Destroyed

We Are Very Sad to Learn of the Passing of the Founder of the ANNA News Agency

May 06, 2018- We do not believe in coincidences and no matter what the official results are the fact is that ANNA recently published material against the illegal nuclear terrorist genocide state of Israel and against NATO. We will be investigating further the details of this unfortunate death and keep you informed if we are able to when we reach the conclusion of our investigation.

Social Media and Twitter Continue to be the CIA Destabilization Instrument of Choice

May 06, 2018- It is so blatantly obvious what Twitter is doing and how shadow banning works and why, that it is stunning to me that Twitter is still allowed to operate within the borders of the Russian Federation. Let me walk you through this if it is not clear for you. After four years using Twittler heavily and having been suspended 12 times and received a lifetime ban from Twitler for simply defending and promoting Russia, I can tell you that they are definitely involved in Social Engineering and are being controlled by the CIA and MOSSAD worldwide.

First let's look at this example. Julia is shadow banned. Her content has been marked as "Sensitive". This is usually for porn or violence or other anti-social content. Normally any person would avoid such accounts, myself included because if you interact with such accounts you also get flagged and possibly suspended. However I see that Julia is an intelligent looking woman and she has retweeted my Tweet which is a rarity these days as I am also shadow banned and avoided like the plague, so I go to her profile to see what is so bad there.

Even her profile page is shadow banned if anyone dares to follow the link to her profile. Twitter has even taken to blocking the Avatar image and the banner. So I press yes let me see the profile and finally we can have a look at Julia's page. 

And what horrors do we see? Oh My GOD!!! Julia has a dove and the tops of Orthodox Churches on her banner! And Julia looks like an intelligent serious slightly older and experienced person. Julia also says: "I remember! I am proud!" and here we have the real issue which the scum who call themselves "Globalists" have a problem with.

Just like in the 1980s when the CIA destroyed the USSR, the architects manipulated public opinion as they are doing today. Chiefly their operations involve destroying historical memory and pride in country and this is going on 24/7 here in Russia using the media and the Internet and any instrument they possibly can including the very educational system that is supposed to teach children their own history, pride of country and moral values. Instead we have a CIA/MOSSAD abomination which is teaching youth false history and in fact hate of country and disrespect for the very state they live in while promoting the false image of Western supremacy and hope that the CIA calls Image Operations.

I see this, Julia sees this, older people see this, but we are attacked and shadow banned and censored by the Neo-Liberal 5th column so that we can not inform anyone about what is really going on. I will be back an comment more on this later.

Cпасибо, я знаю об этом. В таком мире живем. Всё следит за нами и против нас. К сожалению, Кремлевские вертушки не могут быть у каждого гражданина РФ. Поэтому всё, что делаю в Твиттере целенаправленно...

Julia Was Investigating the Demonstrations in Surgut. Glad to See VK is on the Job

The CIA/Illuminati  Destabilization Burning of Shopping Centers Continues

МЧС назвало поджоги вероятной причиной пожаров в двух ТЦ Ноябрьска

The CIA and Their Agents Using Children to Do Their Dirty Work

May 06, 2018- Rather than seeking constructive dialogue for complaints, which they do not really have, and engaging in civilized discussion and an organized redress of grievances, the phony CIA controlled 5th column in Russia is now using children to attempt to destabilize the country and bring about the only goal they really have which is to degrade and cause the populace to go against the beloved elected leader Vladimir Putin. The very tactic of using and damaging children for life is testament to the fact that the CIA and the Neo-Liberals have no limit as to how low they will go. Of course look at the 426 children they killed in Latakia Syria to being about an invasion to kill millions more during the first fake chemical attack in that country. 

Navalny and Nikolai Lyaskin Arrested After Being Warned... And They Are Free Again

May 06, 2018- This is getting embarrassing to report on. He is in, he is out. With endless get out of jail cards, it is the one and only Navalny!!

May 05, 2018 - Due to the active nature of the operations we are refraining from commentary at this time. However we can report that Agent Freedom will not be getting a mere slap on the wrist this time and will not be waltzing out of detention any time soon....

Оппозиционер Алексей Навальный и его соратник Николай Ляскин задержаны в центре Москвы «за организацию несогласованного публичного мероприятия», говорится в сообщении пресс-службы ГУ МВД России по Москве, поступившем в РБК.

«Они доставлены в территориальный отдел полиции для решения вопроса о привлечении их к ответственности в соответствии с законом», — отмечается в сообщении.

Ранее о задержании Навального сообщал корреспондент РБК. На этот раз оппозиционеру удалось добраться до Пушкинской площади и принять участие в акции, на прошлых митингах его задерживали почти сразу после выхода из метро. Однако спустя несколько минут после появления оппозиционера на площади к нему направились сотрудники полиции, которые его и задержали. Николая Ляскина задержали «на подходе к Тверской», написал он в своем Twitter.

Expose25A Boom! Ministry of Defense Not Happy With Benedict Arnold

May 03, 2018 - The Ministry of Defense has publicly bashed the lead 5th columnist at Echo of Moscow Benedictov. Hopefully he will finally have to answer for his years and years of work against the Russian State and the Russian people in his service to the CIA!

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Минобороны России рекомендует Алексею Венедиктову сначала читать первоисточники, рассуждая на тему кто кого вводил в заблуждение относительно участия Франции в ракетном ударе по Сирии 14 апреля

«Алексею Венедиктову, рассуждая на тему кто кого вводил в заблуждение относительно участия Франции в ракетном ударе по Сирии 14 апреля, всё-таки порекомендовали бы сначала читать первоисточники, а не слухи.

Утром 14 апреля, в брифинге Минобороны России было дословно сказано: «анонсированное участие ФРАНЦУЗСКОЙ АВИАЦИИ не зафиксировано». Ни больше, ни меньше.

Это и есть правда, которая на тот момент была официально доведена общественности без каких-либо прикрас.
При этом на том же утреннем брифинге Минобороны России сообщило о 103 выпущенных по Сирии и обнаруженных крылатых ракетах. Хотя так называемая «коалиция» только к концу дня 14 апреля фактически подтвердила эту информацию, заявив о 105 выпущенных ракетах.
Куда улетели после старта эти две американские, британские или французские ракеты – неизвестно. Но погрешность в наших оценках около 1 процента говорит сама за себя.

А вот что касается эффективности ракетного удара 14 апреля, - здесь действительно имеются более чем серьезные расхождения не в пользу коалиции. И особенно Франции, честь и репутацию которой так упорно отстаивает А.Венедиктов.

Минобороны России не только заявило, но и предъявило российским и иностранным журналистам многочисленные обломки сбитых сирийскими комплексами ПВО, в том числе французских крылатых ракет с серийными номерами агрегатов.

Ничего противопоставить этим фактам не могут ни французское военное ведомство, ни их коллеги из США или Великобритании.

Более того, фактически замолчали ту презентацию реальных трофеев, уничтожившую миф об «умных и красивых» ракетах западной коалиции и на самой радиостанции «Эхо Москвы».

Впрочем, как замолчали и показания в ОЗХО живых свидетелей-сирийцев постановочного ролика «Белых Касок», якобы «пострадавших» в результате химической атаки «сирийского режима».

А ведь именно эта активно цитировавшаяся фальшивка, изготовленная мошенниками из «Белых Касок», и стала поводом для нанесения 14 апреля ракетного удара по Сирии.

Где же ваша хвалёная объективность? Хотя да, о чем это мы?»

Expose25A BOOM!! Polish Fascist Propagandist Deported and Banned from Russia for 30 Years

Польскому политологу Мацейчуку запретили въезд в Россию на 30 лет

Томаш Мацейчук Tomash Matsaichuk Matsaychuk deported from Russia and banned from Russian territory until my birthday in 2048. 30 years.))) Thanks go out to the FSB and a request to also hold those responsible who gave him a platform on the Russian media to spread his fascist hate!

Expose25A BOOM!!!!!!!

Where does Russia keep her gold?

Турция золотой запас из США вывезла. А что Россия? Читайте больше на

April 2018 

Expose25A BOOM!!!!!!!

April 2018 

Expose25A CIA and Western Military Psychological Operations Being Run Against Russia

April 2018 

Expose25A Twitter is a Social Engineering Intelligence Project Serving the CIA

April 2018 


Expose25A Russian Mass Media Continues to Be Controlled by Neo-Liberal Zionist Globalists

April 2018 - Unfortunately TASS refuses to report on the civilians being slaughtered in Gaza and continues to follow the line of the Russian media that I was told existed at the Voice of Russia at the beginning, namely no reporting on 911, which means US crimes, and only report Neutrally or positively about Israel. Such policies are treason against Russia in allowing some fake country the size of Rhode Island or smaller to dictate the foreign policy, information policy and media of the biggest country in the world. It is treason and those committing and promoting Israel are traitors to Russia.

Posting the news is becoming a more and more difficult task as I try to post only actual real news items and news that the MSM is ignoring. This includes news about Russia, the Donbass, Palestine, Syria, Indigenous peoples and the endless war crimes of the US Axis Powers of endless illegal wars. It is truly a thankless task that takes more time than I care to talk about and the benefits of which I am not seeing in the way of support.

The world is being informed by the same lunatics who now rule it and the sheeple apparently want it that way. How can one take seriously news outlets who are now blasting Trump being given a Nobel Peace Prize? We already understand that the Nobel is a war prize so they should change the name. Obama got one and was involved in nine wars, Trump just illegally bombed Syria for the second time and terrorized the DPRK to the point where the 2 Koreas may finally unite. This was not because Trump is some sort of diplomat or peace broker. It is because he is a raging lunatic Rothschild puppet frothing at the mouth for war, unstable and psychotic enough to cause even the staunchest enemies to unite against him.

Where can you read serious criticism or analysis of all of this now? It used to be in the Russian media but not anymore. The Russian media is filled with neo-Liberal US wannabes who pander like aging and unattractive whores to the US and Israel, thinking that if they kiss the asses hard enough and long enough they will be part of the club. The rest, all of the editors and media owners are on the direct payroll of the US State Department (CIA) or Israeli interests (MOSSAD) and there is absolutely nothing that will be done to get rid of them.

Where is the news and analysis in the Russia Press about the CIA coup in Armenia? About the atrocities being committed right now in Gaza, about Israel trying to start WWIII between the US and Russia? Nowhere. The last independent and free voice in the world was the Voice of Russia and the Zionists destroyed it and it will never return. We now live in Zion World and frankly I am just about done caring. What is the point if no one supports my work. The Zionists have done a wonderful job of demonizing and destroying me and my family and after four years of fighting I really don't see the point anymore. I had supporters but one by one they have all disappeared, too afraid or too indifferent or too attacked themselves to support our work further.

Again the problem of truth strikes. Truth has no variants, no shades or meanings that can be manipulated, truth is like a plain piece of bread while the liars have endless opportunities to shape, market, twist, modify and sensationalize all of the lies they spew on a daily basis. Like the site Project Censored which has gone quiet I think it is time we do the same. Unfortunately as seems to be the case with Project Censored, I am certain no one will notice!

Expose25A My Years of Work for the Voice of Russia Has Been All but Deleted - CIA Happy

April 2018 - What can you expect from a media outlet that told me they will support the Special Services of ANY country, meaning the CIA.

It is becoming clearer and clearer with every passing day and the signs are so obvious as to who is controlling the Russian media that it is my hope the Russian authorities finally do something about it. Here the 5th column at Sputnik is also mocking the Russian Government by inviting users to use Instgram, which is just the same as Telegram while continuing their usage of Facebook and Twitter. Somehow the Globalist scum have convinced the Russian authorities that what they are doing by running counter to all Russian ideals, ideas and positions is somehow in the interest of the Russian State. They use phrases like some propaganda and subtle delivery of the message when all they are actually doing is eliminating the actual message by for example, their favorite move, putting it at the end where no one notices.

There should be an outcry from Serbs and anyone who is a Russian Patriot or against the New World Order or is fighting for truth that all my years of work exposing US illegality was simply deleted. Their next move is deleting me and my family. I will not allow this to happen.

The previous screen shot showed the first story which is not mine but has a link

to my deleted report.

Sputnik is not even hiding that they are pandering to the Ukrainian nazis and the US.

Expose25A Durov and Telegram Provoke Russia Into Reacting and React She Does. Now the

Only Platform I Trusted Belongs to Pavel Durov Who Has Proven Himself Anti-Russia

April 2018 - The request was legal, normal, reasonable and necessary in order to protect the country from terrorism as terrorists were communicating using encrypted Telegram channels. The FSB requested the encryption keys to monitor the communications of terrorists but Pavel Durov refused. Why? As we have learned Telegram was not only used by terrorists but by Western Special Services to monitor and spy on officials and communicate with their agents inside Russia. Telegram is also used for the communications of foreign controlled opposition agents, the arrangement of mass-protests and various criminal activities including foreign connected prostitution and human trafficking, narcotics trafficking and other criminal activity.

It is wonderful for anyone on the Russian net that now over half a million Google and Microsoft IPs have been blocked. These IPs have been used for years to collected information, mass-surveillance on Russians and other activities by Western Cyber Operations, including physically taking down my server, so I am more than over-joyed even though we had problems with our SSL certificates and the verification servers which serve SSL.

CIA/Google's attempt to implant their software and intrusive applications into the lives of every human on Earth should be seen as an affront on humanity and a threat to the sovereignty and the security of all peoples and all countries everywhere. Globalism means the world must be a slave to Anglo-Israeli interests. I disagree.        

Expose25A Rutube Also Appear to be a Globalist US Propaganda Tool

April 2018 - I was all enthusiastic about RuTube but they too have proven to be a pro-US Globalist propaganda tool for the CIA. They banned a video showing a US Marine throwing a puppy of a cliff.


Expose25A Text

April 2018 

Expose25A Text

April 2018 

Expose25A Text

April 2018 

I hope you found this piece informative so far and will continue updating as soon as I get some rest. Please visit other sections of the site and support our work and I hope you have a wonderful morning or evening wherever you may be! Thank you! 


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