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Expose25A  The Russia Report: Intelligence/Situation Report on CIA Operations Against Russia


1984, George Orwell, the BBC the Voice of Russia World Service in English and a "Blueprint" Taken by the Russian Zionists

Timing, timing and more timing: when you have worked in the media you know that timing is everything and when you have studied it and taken it apart as much as I have and understand that what the modern day media has become is nothing by an intelligence apparatus being used to manipulate the minds, opinions and even the emotional state of the masses with the aim of making then confused, divided, broken and servile, it is obvious why certain topics and “news” items, lies, provocations, and outright fictions are promoted and released at certain times. This is particularly important when you have what we have today, a mass media with no morals, no journalistic ethics and editorial policies which include what they have made an abstract concept, namely TRUTH.

George Orwell was not a sage or predictor of the future. He was not creating a society from his imagination and fantasy extrapolated from current events and the historic tendencies of the self-destructive human race he was in fact a whistle blower who actually wrote his quintessential work from his direct experiences of working at the BBC. Thus his work 1984 was not only fantasy, science fiction warning to humanity, but a real warning based on real world events and plans and written in the only way that would be allowed, which is the most horrendous problem any modern writer has, namely how do you tell the truth and tell a story or report on events that the elites who control the information flow do not want you to talk about.

I wrote long ago, and then placed the words on a photo in the form of a meme, the statement that: “1984 was NOT an Instruction Manual”, because what the “elites” and governments seem appear to be doing is channeling 1984, and in fact at the time I did not know and had not the slightest idea that I was closer to the truth than I could have possibly imagined, and it was in fact formulated and is being used as a blueprint for a completely servile and slave like society. The little piece of truth and the one little fact, as is always the case, that Orwell worked for the BBC was known by the elites who therefore approached his work in a much different way than the masses have. Did Orwell know his work was to be used in such a way? To actually bring about the world that he was warning about? I am sure he did not and his warning was not heard.

Not long ago the words “Conspiracy Theorist” were used to describe anything and anyone that the “elites” did not want people to listen to, to read or to give credence to and this was effective and still is to a point, but as with all over used labels and tactics the ignorant “elites”, who are incapable of creative thought and free thinking, have over used it and made it into more of a moniker for what you MUST read and pay attention to and for a populace that still includes erudite and intelligent free thinking critical individuals who actually see the real conspiracy all around them, “Conspiracy Theory” has now become directly applied and institutionalized “Conspiracy Fact”. These conspiracies are being carried out and have been in fact created to allow them to promote lies and undermine the populace and dumb down the population so that it can be enslaved.

The world has become, or more accurately the global information sphere, the new battle space in which World War III is being fought and in which the false reality that the New World Order wants to create is being promoted and through which it is being brought about. What must be underlined and what must be known and understood by all of the citizens of the world and this must be common knowledge, so that the populace of the world can defend itself, is that all of this, the total surveillance, the “Fake News”, the social media and regular media censorship and all of the “Special” information operations, are the direct fault and the direct result of the FVEY countries, operating under the directives and control of the Zionist Rothschilds, the Illuminati and the European “elites”, who in their turn are under the control of the Roman Black Nobility, who in their turn serve the all-seeing psychopath at the top of the pyramid. Sound far-fetched? Read my research, this conclusion is backed up by millions of facts.

Returning to Orwell as I am forced to do because of the parallels that exist between his life and work and mine, it must be known that I am also writing my piece from my experience in the media, at the actual predecessor to the BBC World Service and Voice of America and first global broadcaster (a little known fact), the Voice of Russia World Service in English. The Voice of Russia, which started as Radio Moscow, was the official voice of the USSR and the government of the USSR and broadcast worldwide in over 46 languages (84 at its peak) and all of its journalists and reporters and announcers worked for the State. This continued after the collapse of the USSR but like all state media, such as RT and Sputnik (the employees and reporters of which are happy to tell anyone that they work for the Russian Government) were taken over by neo-Liberal Globalist individuals of the Jewish Religion and it (the VOR) was eventually liquidated, a story I detail in my book.

Unfortunately for Russians western sponsored individuals in the Government of the Russian Federation have attempted to transpose Western economic, political and even media models onto the Russian State and the Russian people. In their ignorance (which is why non-journalists are chosen for positions in management in these bodies) they have also transposed everything that is wrong with the Western media onto Russian outlets. The barely hidden racism, elitism, sexual perversion and dumbing down of the populace are evident every time you turn on the television or radio in Russia. There is no accident in the fact that nazi Russophobes and neo-Liberal filth have open reign in Russia’s media environment. I will leave this topic with one interesting fact that is unknown except by my readers and hope that you will read all of the details in my book when it comes out, and that fact is related to the only two editorial directives we had but which of course were not written anywhere. Those two directives had they been written would have given direct evidence as to who controls the Russian media and the subversion of the Russian state, it was this subversion that eventually led to the closure of the Voice of Russia after it was completely gutted of all the wonderful Russian content that it had contained. Directive one was never talk about September 11th, a fact making it clear now with what we know as to who was behind it when we take into consideration directive 2, which was ONLY SPEAK POSITIVELY or NEUTRALLY ABOUT ISRAEL! Nothing about Putin or the Government or Russia, just Israel, at a Russian Government broadcaster, think about that for a minute!

It is difficult to be objective when relating anything about one’s self, I would in no way say I am a brilliant writer, or cutting edge thinker but I did enjoy enough popularity and was deemed to be enough of a threat to have two organized very public attempts by the US Government to shut me down and after the arrest of my son to silence am almost quite literally kept in a cave because I am too pro-Russia and even more importantly I do not support outrageous lies surrounding the fake country of Israel nor the official fairy tale of 911 and even worse I actually call for the criminal cabal to be arrested and prosecuted and for tribunals to be formed against the USA for its endless criminal Wars of Aggression. Again I detail all of this in my book.

In what I call an Orwellian moment I myself was asked to do two things before I was illegally terminated from the Jewish controlled neo-Liberal pro-American Russian media where the Content Editor at the time was a CIA plant. First I wrote almost 400 pages of editorial policy for the English language Russian broadcast and print media, something I spent months on but was never paid for and apparently is being used and the new editor took credit for it after I was poisoned and gotten rid of. The second was an expose in which detailed the actual plans, steps, technology and operations, in effect a “blueprint” as to how the CIA and the West were going to destroy the Russian State. These were in fact supposed to be a series of articles in which I detailed the operations in Ukraine, including the use of Captagon and other black magic but they were never published.

Now three years later I am forced into a position where I have nothing left but I have to try in any way I can to save my own innocent son.

Expose25A  Excerpt from Book

At the end of 2017 it should have started to become obvious even to the most cynical and stubborn apologists that the Illuminati New World Order was real and had been orchestrating the complete takeover of Russia for decades. The 5th Column and the Neo-Liberal filth had become so bold and so sure of their impunity that they had lost almost all pretense of attempting to hide what they were really doing.

I continued to live in terror, waiting for the day when they would start pulling “minorities” like me out into the street and shooting us or worse, and when for all of my noble yet useless efforts against the empire of evil, I would be made an example by the 5th column to show that they were fully on board with the New World Order and would fight and kill the enemies of their western masters.

My efforts and my fight continued but the abject poverty, hopelessness, fear and complete and total isolation that I was forced to live in were all having their toll on my health and my ability to create and to even at times think at the levels I should have. I lived in a haze of nightmares, physical pain and a continual state of hopeless desperation but refusing to give up, if only to symbolically fight to the very end, I tried and struggled with writer’s block and a creeping black apathy that all but killed every effort I made to finish this book, write articles and continue my cyber operations.    

November 21, 2017 Somewhere in the North of Russia

Expose25A The New World Order

I have been warning Russia and the world for the over two decades now and have written time and time again, presenting massive articles, submitting extensive research and providing files and evidence to back up my claims, arguments and conclusions, yet all I have done has seemed to fall on deaf ears and the biggest real world result of all of my work has been the real word destruction of me and my family with my own son having to pay the highest price because I dared to speak out against those working to subvert the Russian State!  I am myself therefore the biggest piece of evidence and living testimony against the Illuminati Masonic Cabal that has all but taken over the planet!

Russia and the world have seemed on the surface to have been powerless or even worse, lacking the political will to fight against them, but there are salt of the earth individuals in all spheres, and especially important in the Intelligence Services, who continue to desperately fight against the encroachment on the Russian World and the ongoing attempts to destroy it from within.  

The World Has Gone Insane! Or Has It?

I am writing with a focus on Russia but as a US watcher, with the Internet and my ability to communicate with people from all over the world, the actions of the New World Order psychopaths are tangible and real and able to be watched and recorded in real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The number of co-dependent and inter-related events is so incredible and there is so much going on right now that it is hard for most people to make heads or tails of any of it, especially those who do not do research and have to depend on others to do it for them and things are changing so fast that it is growing hard to keep up! Additionally we throw into the mix the fact that, even for those of us who are awake, there are almost no sources left for information that we can trust as everyone we did trust has turned out to be part of some larger operation or pursuing their own or someone else’s agenda, the constant flow of fake news and distractor topics, and following world events and important news has become almost impossible. We won't even talk about getting to the real truth behind the issues because the distractors and rabbits holes thrown out to obfuscate make it almost impossible to get to the truth and that is how they want it.

Post WikiLeaks - Post 911 World

For my readers again you may have noticed that I have stopped writing and this is for many reasons but I will let you on a little secret, the biggest reason is because I do not want to give the forces that are trying to destroy Russia, myself and every free thinking and intelligent person on the planet not on their payroll, any ideas or indicators that they will be able to use to fine tune their diabolical manipulations or give them any ideas that may help them to fulfill their objectives.

Make no mistake we are living in age where technology and human endeavors and wealth have made it possible for the world to live in peace and for all of the people on the face of the Earth to be free from hunger, war, poverty and disease, but there are those that refuse to allow that to happen because then they believe they will lose their power over the masses and since those in power literally feed off of the pain and suffering and death of the masses, endless wars and subjugation are the only objectives that they will allow to happen 

The Globalist New World Order Illuminati cancer started in the US with the False Flag of 911 and the ensuing aggressive wars of the endless US/NATO War on Terror and has spread throughout the planet poisoning the entire human race! Not until 911 is properly investigated and the Neocon architects and Globalist-Illuminati-Zionist-Banksters are brought to justice will we be safe and until then humanity will remain on the road to total annihilation.

I call our current paradigm the Post WikiLeaks and Post 911 World because for those of us who are awake and understand the reality behind what is happening all around us all, that is exactly what it is. On October 16 2016, when Julian Assange was renditioned out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, WikiLeaks officially died for me once and for all and although I knew for years that it was an intelligence connected project, I still believed, as did many others, that Julian Assange was a sincere and real character that was interested in the truth, and in fact had a bombshell insurance file that he would release if he was in imminent danger. Nothing of the sort happened and WikiLeaks as a source for truth is a laughing stock run clearly and obviously all but openly run by the CIA as a personal PR operation since now, as an entrapment operation it is done. The only question is how many people was Assange responsible for getting killed or arrested?

The “Litmus Test” for truth sites has for me always been 911, and WikiLeaks and the Intercept never passed that test. Now we know that 911 and covering it up were the exact reason that they were organized. As for 911 we know who, why and exactly how it was carried out, and the endless wars that have followed have been all illegal, planned and premeditated acts of Aggressive War. Unfortunately the NeoCon, Zionist Saudi filth behind 911 continue to escape prosecution and their plans for the Illuminati New World enslavement of humanity appears to be going right on schedule.


Expose25A THE RUSSIA REPORT: Blasting the N.W.O Because No One Else Will

The following report covers, social, media, psychological and subversion operations being funded by over $400 million dollars of American tax money. The following are just some of the current operations being run by the CIA to destroy Russia for the Rothschilds, the New World Order and the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.

Expose25A Illustration of Lustration: БесогонTV «Иллюстрация люстрации»

February 16, 2018

Published on Feb 2, 2018

В новом выпуске авторской программы «Бесогон ТВ» Никита Михалков предлагает поговорить о терпимости и толерантности, а также о безответственном отношении некоторых радиостанций к тому, что происходит в их эфире. Например, радио «Эхо Москвы» абсолютно не смущают оскорбления и угрозы, исходящие от ведущих и гостей в студии. Не смущает их и призыв к люстрации граждан России по возрастному цензу…

Но, пока некоторые люди мечтают о люстрациях будущего, мы уже являемся свидетелями люстраций прошлого. За что борцы за всеобщую толерантность и права женщин хотят убить «Спящую красавицу»? Как постмодернистское искусство убивает западную культуру? Обо всем этом Никита Михалков размышляет в новом выпуске своей авторской программы «Бесогон ТВ», который называется «Иллюстрация люстрации».

Expose25A Assassination of Clinton Connected Figures and More Election Meddling by the USA

February 13, 2018

The Russian Election process still has over a month to go but the show continues to grow ever more disgusting with each and every passing day. Russia has been shaken by the death of over 70 people in a tragic plane crash which unfortunately has many signs of being and organized assassination. We detail this in the link below under story one:

ONE: In a stunning crash two figures connected to the Clinton Uranium One scandal died in a plane crash in an event I predicted on 2-11-2018!

TWO: In the second big story we focus on the Russian Presidential Election campaigns which are in full swing and as I stated above are getting more disgusting with each and every passing day. This has even led me to write a letter to Westerners and previous supporters who have abandoned me since I started supporting Putin. You can read that letter here;

Russia has a very nuanced and complex social and political life but the introduction of these idiots who the West is trying to install have reduced the internal political debate which should be a very serious and intellectual process into something more reminiscent of Western elections and a mud slinging show of prostitutes trying to outdo each other on who can pander better. 

Serious Russians and serious Russia watchers and analysts can sit this one out and only hope that the clowns  that the West has chosen to back never get close to being anywhere near having real power. That is those who would like to see Russia progress and grow in a positive and sovereign manner.

Western meddling in Russian elections has taken on an unprecedented level and there is literally no one out there countering it in the English information space! The worst and most obvious is Sobchak who has already committed treason multiple times and is hiding here dual Israeli citizenship which disqualifies her from running.

There are many issues that are important to Russians and that none of the clowns getting all of the attention by the 5th column media are addressing and it is even questionable if they are even capable of addressing anything that matters to the people.

Homosexual and sexual deviant rights is not an issue in Russia because society has not degenerated to that extent yet but the Illuminati New World Order Sobchak is pushing that agenda on an electorate to which that is a completely foreign and in fact unwelcome subject!  

So far there is absolutely nothing that Sobchak or any of the other candidates have said or proposed that any of the people can get behind. They all talk of getting rid of Putin at any cost but they do not offer anything coherent, attractive or logical in the place of Putin or his policies.

To call it all a farce is an understatement with most Russians just hoping that it will be over soon and the adults in the room will restore order.

This who the West is trying to install as President, traitors and criminals.

Navalny a two time felon with Latvian citizenship, not qualified to run. Disqualified and not a candidate but still backed by the West!

Sobchak without the prerequisite moral standing also a dual citizen, not qualified to run.

This is how many patriotic and right minded Russians would like to see Sobchak!

Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes Sobchak should lose her Russian citizenship after her trip to Washington. Which would be completely reasonable given her statements and actions there.

Sobchak at Cambridge making speeches and getting support! What the hell country is she running for president of?

Sobchak in Washington making multiple statements that would be considered treason anywhere else!

Sobchak promising sexual perversion normalization for her western masters!

Sobchak and her mother calling Russians genetic garbage for the genocide of Russian people!


Further below on the page you can see Sobchak's own social media post admitting she is being sponsored from aboard with a Mason sweatshirt! So obvious and right in your face like they love to do!

Grudinina with his offshore accounts and dirty real-estate deals, also not qualified to run! But these are all people being supported and financed by the US and the CIA and MI6 and then they say Russian Elections are a farce which is what they have made them by supporting such traitors and filth! But as you saw with Ukraine and Western support for Wahhabi head choppers, it doesn't matter who the traitors are!

Grudinina has apparently not closed his offshore accounts and should be disqualified from running as he has intentionally lied to the Russian Elections Commission. In the news item below Ella Pamfilova demands that Pavel Grudinina turn over proof that his offshore accounts are all closed. This is a legal requirement for candidates to public office!!!

THREE: The Illuminati Anglo_Saxon manipulated Olympics are proving a fifncail disaster for the banksters. We are very pleased. They can't sell tickets))) In the pictures below you can see all of the empty bleachers. Not even at 50% capacity.

Fighter Against the 5th Column Forces! Небольшое интервью с Ольгинским Котом после пятого бана аккаунта в твиттере



- Who is behind the massive suspending of Russian accounts?

- There is a group of self-organized hackers who call themselves Anonymous. The use on-line terror with programs and BOTS. One of them gathers information on accounts and posts them using the hashtag #TANGODOWN

За этим стоит группа каких то самоорганизованных хакеров Анонимус, они борются с сетевым террором посредством программ и ботов, один из них собирает информацию от пользователей и откликается на хештеги #TangoDown..

- Why do you say Anonymous? We have proven I think that Western Intelligence Agencies are controlling social media and in this case Twitter in Russia.

- Someone among these hackers has access to a BOT NET on Twitter! The have a verified list of Pro Russian accounts and put the account names in the programs which file thousands of complaints against the profiles and the result is that the accounts are wiped out!

Кто то из этих хакеров хохол и имеет доступ к бот сети в твиттере, имея список проверенных ватных пророссийских аккаунтов он вносит их в программу и гонит через нее жалобы с ботов на этот профиль, в результате чего профилю пиздец


- Anonymous actually helps Russia against the Junta and the junta's killers.

- At first I did not understand that because there are Ukrainian Anonymous groups. 

Вот и я первое время не понимал этого, видать у анонимусов завелся хохол

- I believe that it is possible that the SBU is behind it,

Это я предпологаю  Возможно СБУ

- The BOT deletes the accounts and then announces "Houston! We have a #TANGODOWN

Посмотрите Houston, we have a (@tangodownwatch): … вот этот бот, покрутить ленту увидишь много наших забаненных профилей в ней

- If Western Intelligence Services are behind this what can the average user do to protect themsleves?

- We don't have a BOT NET or programs!

У нас нет бот сети и программ

- Do you think the System Administrators at Twitter are against Russia?

- This is an American  social Network

Это же американская соцсеть

- Rospotrebnadzor has demanded that Twitter move the servers that host Russian accounts onto the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the laws of Russia. Why hasn't this happened? 

The Cat cited the conversation to the right where the parties are discussing getting banned again. Apparently the programs they use were not written by programmers and it is very unclear who exactly is responsible.

The Cat said there are two individuals!

- I have followed you for a long time on Twitter. I see that you are always very polite and do not post pornography or offensive material. Why then does Twitter hate you so much?

- Not Twitter but the Hohols (Ukrainians ). Twitter backs them up! I have complained many times but Twitter never does anything to them!

Не Твиттер а хохлы, ну а Твиттер с ними заодно

- With regard to consumer rights and the rights of bloggers can you give us your characterization of Twitter? There are many who say Twitter must be taken to court.

- Twitter is shit, but there is nothing analogous in Russia so we have to fight for the truth in the "enemies" ass (if I may put it that way)

Твиттер - говно, но аналога на Российском ресурсе нету, так что несём правду в тыл "врага" если можно так выразиться 
- There is no point taking such a giant to court! I think!
Толку не будет судиться с таким гигантом Я так думаю
- It is easier to just make a new account!

Проще и дешевле создать новый профиль

-  I am sure you know that there are tens of thousands of pedophile accounts on Twitter. What do you think of that and why doesn't Twitter delete such accounts?

- I know nothing about that. My interest is advancing Russia and fighting the Hohols! I deal with nothing more. However I think if such a thing exists on Twitter and Twitter does not delete the accounts then Twitter must be getting something out of them.
Нет, я этим говном не интересовался, я по достижениям РФ и по хохлами, дальше не лез пока. Думаю если такие есть и их не банят значит Твиттер поддерживает и поощряет их, в чем то Твиттер имеет с них выгоду, возможно.

- That is my personal opinion. I may be wrong!
Это мое личное мнение, но я могу ошибаться.

- I would like to underline that I did not mean the organization Anonymous but certain actors and participants who support the Banderavites on Twitter. This is my opinion not based on any concrete facts.
Нужно акцентировать внимание что я не имею ввиду саму организацию анонимусов а возможно отдельных ее участников поддерживающих бандеровцев в твиттере, вот так корректнее будет, но это мое мнение не подкреплённое фактами..

- Finally I would like to add that Twitter Adminstrators sometimes read the private messges of the users.
Добавлю, личные сообщения пользователей в твиттере иногда читает администратор

- Please don't forget to check out the links I sent. There are a lot of screenshots that people take because the resource is not dependable.
К стати, ссылки что я скинул все прочти, там много ответов есть, и в твиттере в комментариях много скринов люди выложили, но инфа не проверена на 100%

Expose25A Jan 30 2018 US Releases Ever New Sanctions List: No Chubais, No Kudrin, No Grudin

Expose25A It is Now an Official Anti-Award: #RussophobeOfTheWeek

Russian senator condemns UK minister for spreading libel


Expose25A Yeltsin Center Continues Operations Designed to Corrupt Russian Youth 01-18-18

Against the backdrop of the word freedom an obviously US centric fashion show was held at the Yeltsin center. The current operations to force Russians and even North Koreans to compete in the Olympics under neutral flags and without hymns are being supported by internal events like the one above. While Russians are not allowed to show their flag corporate logos , the names of US states and the American flag are all fine and dandy and being promoted as something normal and stylish for Russian youth to wear. Again Russians are being brainwashed to be more patriotic to America than Americans. Needless to say these Neo-Liberal Globalist Operations should be illegal but they continue unchecked. All of Russian culture has been polluted by subversive Western encroachment and there is no one in power, or even in security that is attempting to stop it.

Expose25A Assassination Attempt on President Putin? Blogger from Echo, Right Sector Member, Traitor to Russia and the President of the Institute for the Research of Russian Aggression in Kiev

Meet Yury Yurevich Shulina (Шулипа Юрий Юрьеви), on the surface just another Russophobe Ukrainian nazi who hates Putin and writes articles for the Russophobic Western mouthpiece Echo of Moscow and according to many on the Russian net "a loon" who practices law without a license, but if you start digging deeper it is clear that there is much more to this individual than meets the eye.

If you know me you know how active I am on Twitter, and actually use Twitter not only to fight for issues that are important to me but to follow news and to, once i a while find a real gem of information. The Tweet to the left is one of those gems.

It says: "Забавно) Оказывается, в Киеве есть целый институт исследования российской агрессии. И руководит им не просто бывший гражданин РФ, выпускник пограничной академии ФСБ, но и бывший начальник отдела безопасности движения и линейного контроля ФГУ ТК "Россия" управ делами Президента РФ"

It is funny that there is an entire institute in Kiev which researches Russian aggression. And it is directed by not only an ex-Russian citizen, and a graduate of the FSB Academy, but also the ex-head of the Transportation and Movement Security Division and Line Control Russian Federal Agency under the Direction of the Affairs Management of the President of the Russian Federation. Let that sink in for a minute.

This would mean he was at some point in charge of, or connected to the transportation safety of the Russian President. Which in itself means nothing and would be super and wonderful, until you realize Mr. Shulina is a member of the Right Sector which has been classified as an illegal terrorist organization in the Russian Federation. That and all of his Russophobic "expert" statements against Russia and President Putin leaves one to wonder why he is apparently still free and still working as a lawyer which several sources say he is not allowed to do as he has no license. 

When President Putin's favorite driver died in a horrendous head-on collision on September 07, 2016, theories were flying left and right, if you recall this was during the same period when nine Russian Diplomats were killed worldwide, I studied the  

The crash in depth and with the information I was able to obtain came to the conclusion that it was possible that it was a remote carjacking and that the car may have been driven into oncoming traffic remotely. Knowing that the NSA and the CIA are plugged into the Moscow CCTV grid, thanks to Trojan Horse bearing software provided by Edward Greenberg (Snowden), the ease at which the CIA can now remotely carjack automobiles, although the equipment and software must be installed physically and that President Putin was not in the car, this led me to conclude that the event was a remote hijacking assisted by an inside source and that the CIA had no HUMIT on the ground or direct observation capabilities of the President.

Of course I could not present such speculation to the Presidential Security, they are all certain they know what is best, and without a name or a suspect  who would believe that? Well not only does Shulina fit the bill as someone having access but also as someone having ulterior motives and as someone in the direct control of the Right Sector, which is a CIA "Secret Army" and which would be the one with the software and the wherewithal to carry out such an operation.

I welcome any comments or inside information or even a statement by Mr. Shulin himself, which I expect to come soon in the form of a threat, as he is very active in watching what is said about him on-line. As an Investigative Reporter, I would be happy to hear your side of the story Mr. Shulin, especially how it is you can be a member of the Right Sector and move around freely and unhindered in Russia.

This will be updated as information comes in.

Some statements from his publications:

Некоторые выдержки из его публикации:

- Уголовное преследование президента России Владимира Путина и его холуёв, причастных к аннексии АР Крым и к ведению войны на востоке Украины, должно стать в Украине национальной идеей и одновременно быть поддержано в других странах мира.

- создать во всем мире и в своей стране атмосферу нетерпимости к Путину и к его хунте, при которой иностранные официальные лица, главы государств и различные СМИ, будут вынуждены официально называть Путина и его холуёв особо тяжкими преступниками;

- обеспечить введение против России со стороны цивилизованных стран более жёстких и действенных санкций;

- ускорить и сконцентрировать усилия международного сообщества, направленные на изоляцию России от всего цивилизованного мира;

- пресечь попытки российского режима сфальсифицировать историю;

- Помимо санкций и военных действий, только уголовное преследование Путина и его хунты является самым действенным способом нейтрализации путинской агрессии.

- Путин опасный международный особо тяжкий преступник и многосерийный убийца. Причём, таковым он является по совокупности совершенных им различных массовых преступлений, наказуемых международным, украинским и российским уголовным правом, вне зависимости от вступления в законную силу обвинительного приговора суда.

- Только вдумайтесь и ужаснитесь! Временно оккупированную территорию Украины без разрешения украинских властей посетило лицо, являющееся инициатором и руководителем аннексии Крыма, которому бы власти любой другой цивилизованной страны давно предъявили бы официальное обвинение в совершении особо тяжкого преступления, связанного с совершением аннексии чужой территории, влекущее пожизненное лишение свободы. Где уголовное дело в отношении Путина и сопровождавших его по части 3, статьи 332 уголовного кодекса Украины? Ведь нарушение порядка въезда на временно оккупированную территорию Украины повторно, по предварительному сговору группой лиц, или должностным лицом в целях причинения вреда государственным интересам с использованием должностного положения, влечёт лишение свободы сроком от пяти до восьми лет с лишением права занимать соответствующую должность с конфискацией транспортного средства.

- Путин ведь не просто так летал в Крым, а демонстративно, вызывающе, с целью решения вопросов об облегчении предоставления российского гражданства находящимся на оккупированной территории гражданам Украины и об инвентаризации незаконно аннексированного Россией украинского имущества.

-Так значит, что должны сейчас предпринять правоохранительные органы Украины, в частности СБУ? Немедленно возбудить уголовное дело в отношении президента России В. Путина и сопровождавших его российских чиновников по факту нарушения ими порядка въезда на временно оккупированную территорию. Предъявить обвинение в совершении преступления, предусмотренного частью 3 статьи 332 УК Украины. Арестовать на основании решения суда перевозивший их российский самолёт.

- Ребята, вы случайно не охренели??? Непринятие законных мер реагирования на нарушение законов Украины особо опасным, тяжким, международным, военным, государственным преступником и многосерийным убийцей, президентом России Путиным и членами его ОПГ, является откровенным предательством национальных интересов Украины и безопасности всех украинцев. Ведь противоправное (незаконное) бездействие украинских властей, это тоже преступление, но только в форме бездействия.

Expose25A WADA a Politicized Anglo-Saxon Org With Entrenched Leadership - FB




In this latest release by the Fancy Bears the internal workings of Wada are exposed and it is characterized and proven to be exactly what it appears to be given the way it functions.

The letter to the President of the IOC Thomas Bach from an Honorary member of the IOC Hein Verbruggen details the internal nature of the WADA as one run by Anglo-Saxon countries, one that is engaged in politicized operations, one that targets internal dissenters and enemies, one that is biased and has been targeting Russia since the Sochi games and finally an organization whose entrenched leadership act with impunity with no fear of being removed from their positions.

The letter also admits that WADA did not properly research Meldonium, which has been used to ban Maria Sharapova, which would be a basis for her to take WADA and all of those who have persecuted her to court.

From this letter we can see that WADA must undergo serious reforms but better be disbanded completely and replaced with an international and non-biased group!

Expose25A WADA, IOC and US Intelligence: Illegal Persecution, Paid Witness, Asset Forfeiture

This is a huge revelation and in a normal world this would cause shock waves but we live in a surveillance world controlled by mindless corporations and intelligence agencies who control the flow of information and can now successfully suppress and erase from public discourse anything they find inconvenient. Or am I to believe that the level of intelligence of the general population has dropped to such a level that no one really understands the significance of these revelations or that their apathy has reached such a level that no one cares or that since this involves Russia, which has been demonized, no one feels this is important? Just the fact that I have to write an explanation proves that the battle and the war for truth that I have fought for over 25 years is one that is hopeless! However saying that is exactly what "they" want and this is exactly what they have engineered to happen.

Here we have a "private" intelligence company, which is in fact an FBI Front, being paid hundreds of millions of dollars, and specializing in "Asset Forfeiture" targeting Russia in order to fabricate a case of doping to facilitate the seizure of Russian assets. This is outrageous!

We also have a paid informant Rodnichkov, who was given a car, and apartment and US Citizenship for his testimony, as the only witness and the entire basis for this fabricated persecution.

The documents also show the questionable chain of custody of the samples and the fact that they are pulling samples that are over 4 years old and there is no telling how much they have been manipulated, in order to continue with their fabricated case.   

If all of that is not enough to cause an uproar then there is the fact, proven by these e-mails and internal communications, that all of the parties involved at specifically targeting Russia and are all working closely together, which shatters all of their claims that they are independent and somehow fair and seek to rid sports of doping practices, when in reality what they are doing is facilitating states sponsored robbery and expelling Russia from the Olympics because they will lose and because Russia did such a wonderful job at Sochi and the sick demented US Hegemonists can not get over their butt hurt.

Expose25A Media and Internet: Targeting Journalists, Censorship, Silencing Truth, Destroying Society and the Will of the People from Within, Supporting an Ignorant Self-Serving Corrupt Criminal Elite, Using Everything/Everyone Possible to Divide Society, Normalizing Nazism, Covering Up Crimes Brainwashing the Masses for the New World Order and Demonizing Russia to Allow for World War III

Russia 2018: The Illuminati Control of the Media is Almost Total

Earlier we wrote: The role of the media and journalism has changed and while the USSR used to filter out and protect the population from obvious Western propaganda and lies the Russian Federation decided to take another approach and allow for anything and everything to be shown to the people. This completely irresponsible approach by individuals with absolutely no understanding of what they are doing or the very capabilities of CIA-MOCKINGBIRD media operations has led to a media which has been turned into a tool to subvert the Russian State.

The role of the media and journalism in Russia has thus been turned into a machine designed to perform the function of endlessly normalizing these criminal elites, and if we could, let us pause here for a moment because I would like to say something about the word "elite", given the way it is being thrown about by the media left and right around the world. The word "elite" should mean excellence or the best of something, however the new global elites are nothing more than killers and parasites who are sucking the very life out of the entire planet. The term elite in Russia is anyone with money no matter how ignorant, uneducated or uncouth they are. Such as Trump in the West.

Whether perhaps my constant activism and the activism of all of my friends on-line has anything to do with it is up for conjecture but the fact is that the CIA 5th Column in the media has considerably reduced their operations with people like Michael Bohm disappearing completely since his last arrest about which we reported on our 5th column page.

Expose25A Discrediting the Sochi Olympics and Russia's Sportsmen - The Horrendous Ban

Questions about the Olympics: Was Russia dissolved as a country? Has it been liquidated and no longer has the right to have a flag or anthem? Is Russia involved in 8 illegal aggressive wars? Has Russia been annexed or is it a colony of another country? Is Russia currently illegally occupying over 100 countries with military forces and bases? Is Russia calling for the capital of a country to be given over to a fake state which it created illegally? Has Russia killed approximately 46,000,000 people since WWII? Is Russia operating an extra-territorial torture prison where it false holds people who fight for their homelands whom it labels terrorists? I Russia currently threatening to use nuclear weapons on anther country and trying to start World War III? There is one country to which they answer to all of these questions is yes. It is the one which must be banned from the games forever.

The All Out War on Russian Sportsmen After the Brilliant Olympics in Sochi!

Forcing Russian athletes to compete without their country's flag or hymn! Removing Olympic medals, disqualifying, etc. Using as instrument of influence.

Real Reason and Expected Outcome

Thanks to the WADA LEAK 2.0 we now know the US is attempting to facilitate asset forfeiture from Russia, perhaps this is how they intend to steal the Russian Embassies all over the US?

You are dealing with small minded greedy and spiteful demons who seek to control every bit of history and every detail and insanely believe that they must dominate in absolutely everything and as such everything they touch becomes dirty and fake and re-written to fit their own selfish little outcome. Even something as huge as the Olympic games, which they will rape the memory of, until they can re-write the history books to show that they won.

No one knows the broadcast rights were bought by the BBC so the Rothschilds and the London banksters think they owned the Olympics.

To manipulate and politicize the Olympics which were founded as an instrument of peace and use them as an instrument of destruction,  domination and to fulfill the insane end of "Full Spectrum Dominance" is so egregious that any country that attempts to do so must be completely excluded from the games for a very significant period. The Olympics were about peace and as the five circles above show the US did not enter into the games in peace.

The historically unprecedented entry of US warships into Olympic extra-territorial waters during the games was an affront to all humanity.

Picturing these drooling banksters sitting in their dens enraged that they lost to Russia is almost too much and then seeing the synthesis of the plan (like all of their plans which they think are secret or obfuscated but are so childishly obvious) to take the medals away in anyway possible is quiet astounding in that it has been allowed to take place.

It is the USA Who Should be Excluded from the Olympics

No one else will say this and no one else has even implied it, but the only country in the world currently engaged in 8 illegal wars and occupations, is the one which should be excluded from the Olympics. Just the simple fact alone that they support terrorism should be enough to cause outroar yet unfortunately the masses of the world are completely dumbed down as if hypnotized into a zombie like state where even the most obvious fact is not visible.

In keeping with the spirit of the Olympic movement as one for peace it is the United States of America that should be expelled from the entire movment and not be allowed to have anything to do with any part of it! Will anyone state this obvious fact other than me? No.

Publicly Stated Reasoning


Real Solution

Kick out the USA

Expose25A Elections

The above are some of the basic rules to run for President, I posted it because it disqualifies Sobchak as she is a citizen of Israel.

Expose25A "Russia's" So-Called "Opposition" is Funded and Programmed by the West

There is so much wrong with the above Tweet that it is difficult to decide where to begin. First let's start with felonious skin-head Udaltsov who has been in and out of prison for taking part in illegal demonstrations and attempting create the Maidan that the CIA wants in Russia. Udaltsov is supposedly a radical fascist who comes out in support of any opposition to President Putin with the above being no different.

The CIA and the West and their long term and well known color-revolution agents in Russia will support anyone against Putin. The fact that McFaul and the CIA backed opposition support a fake Communist should make this clear. Grudina is running as a Communist but he is one of the CIA's mafia sleeper agents who was made rich during the privatizations of the '90s. His recent scandal of forgetting e had 7.5 billion in Lichtenstein in a bank which cooperates with the US State Department and his public statements that he will not be targeted for sanctions proves her is a CIA asset beyond a doubt. Except nothing is ever done to these bastards and that is cause for great concern.

Back to the above Tweet the obvious use of a Right Sector Flag as a background is criminal given that the Right Sector has been deemed an illegal terrorist organization in Russia.

As for Grudina as a Jesus figure and Putin as the devil that is pretty obvious as a grade school attempt to demonize the President of Russia. The text says "A victory for Grusina - a victory for Russia, is ridiculous because Grudina only cares about Grudina and his own wealth and making sure he keeps his own wealth. He is obviously, in this regard, compromised and must follow the dictates of his Western masters, in particular the NWO banksters who control all his stolen monies which he keeps offshore. How yet another oligarch who has robbed the Russian people and laughs about it is good for Russia is beyond me. 


NWO Grudina - The Billionaire Communist With Offshore Billions, Typical Masonic Mafia Plant

The biggest surprise, even for Gennady Zugyanov, was the discovery of "Communist Grudina's 7.5 billion rubles offshore (seen below after hearing the 7.5 billion story after which he even wrote the figure down) . Apparently Grudina told the Russian Election Commission he forgot about those accounts and has since closed them and gotten rid of the money. No investigation was done and they registered him. As for the money it just disappeared, no money no problem. Sick. One of the bosses from the '90s enriched by CIA privitization, so it is no wonder he is supported by arch CIA 5th Columnist, Color Revolution Specialist and eternal meddler in Russian affairs Michael McFuck, who has since tried to deny the public statements of support for Grudina.

More illegal US meddling in Russian internal affairs.

Israeli Sobchak - The NWO and the Illuminati are not even hiding their hand on this tart. She publicly states she flies around the world talking to her sponsors. That's illegal!

Useless Ksenya Sobchak, a citizen of Israel who has no right to run and has no chance of winning and calls Russians "genetic garbage", continues her clown show insulting Orthodx Christians and making ridiculous statements at every turn.

Expose25A Russian Corruption Being Dealt With Harshly............. In Guatemala

Семья россиян-мошенников получила в Гватемале 47 лет тюрьмы - Россия 24

I was hoping this had happened in Russia when I first heard about it but it actually happened in Guatemala.

Basically the Russian Bandit Elite tried to do what they do here in Russia all the time. Except this time they did not steal the money from their foreign "partners" or the State but rather from banks.

The story is typical of the ridiculous ignorance and stupidity of these "elites". Rather than running away and then living in hiding, or living a quite life somewhere, the decided to be media stars and live high off the hog. Russian media reports that for such a crime they would have gotten only a few years, which we have seen a million times, but in Guatemala they all received 15 years or more. In Russia usually it is only the husband who takes the fall. So hats of to Guatemala for fighting Russia's 5th column and dealing with them as they should be.

Remember Alpha Bank? We do!

Expose25A The Final Solution of the Khazari Mafia and the NWO is the Destruction of Russia

The Final Step: Destroying the Victory of the USSR Over Nazism – Glorifying and Normalizing Nazi Filth

When the Victory of the USSR and Russia over the Nazis is erased from history Russia will be no more.

Expose25A JAR2 Continues to Fight Against Nazism and Targeting by Western Military Psyops

The update here is that the site Mirotovrets which has been targeting me since 2013 is a part of the Ukrainian Military's Psychological Operations Section run by, who else, but the CIA. 

JAR2 and the Return of LULSEC also Completely Ignored in the Media: My Fight Against the Nazis 

On the 19th of November we received a cache of files from Anonymous and LULSEC connected to the Ukrainian nazi suppression forces operating in the Ukraine and in the Donbass. These are the militarized so-called ATO forces of the nazi banderavite junta government that was installed in Ukraine by NATO, the CIA and Nuland's NeoCons and these are the same scum who have killed over 11,000 ethnic Russian civilians and other civilian nationals throughout the Donbass and the Ukraine.

I recently discovered that I have three pages on the site Mirotvorets that are password protected and only accessible by the CIA and SBU partners of the Bandervite killers. I have been working for years to uncover the conspiracy and the connections these bastards have in Russia after they destroyed my family and the US Embassy ordered the arrest of my son. The Russian Government is infested with these nazi scum so they are able to do almost anything they want in Russia. The only way to stop them is to out them and make their faces and names known to the world.

I am an ethnic minority of one in the middle of a fratricidal race war but I am no longer afraid of these scum. The only thing they can do is kill me now as they have already destroyed my family and my life. I ask all Russians to finally wake up and realize these are not your "partners" or "brothers"!

These files contain the names of almost all members of the Banderavite forces and hundreds of SBU officers and agents connected to the ATO. All countries and intelligence agencies of the world, including honest and upstanding members of Interpol, are advised to go over these files which include Ukrainian Internal Ministry files related to murder investigations and a host of other crimes being committed by their "forces". It is in the interests of the public safety of Europe and the world at large that these criminals are contained and isolated and that the CIA, the United States of America, private mercenary operations like Graystone and NATO are stopped from giving them arms and continuing to support them.


I hope you found this piece informative so far and will continue updating as soon as I get some rest. Please visit other sections of the site and support our work and I hope you have a wonderful morning or evening wherever you may be! Thank you! 


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