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The Anglo-American School in Moscow: A CIA Front Funded by State

The Anglo-American School in Moscow: A CIA Front Funded by State

USAID/CIA in Ukraine

07-26-2020 A2 Sends CIA/USAID African Food Ops:

CIA Officer Jeffrey Austin - US Embassy, Nairobi, Kenya, CIA Spy Dr Yirgalem Gebremeskel Kahessu - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, USMC Intelligence Operative Dr Andrew Clark - Camp Pendleton

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How USAID Funds Terrorist Groups

Interview Exposing CIA/USAID Joint Operations

CIA/USAID and Google in the Balkans and Worldwide

USAID/CIA Supporting Dictators and Stifling Democracy

Some USAID/CIA/Darpa Projects in Ukraine

USAID/CIA and Pierre Omidyar

CIA State Sponsored Terrorism: How USAID Funds Terrorist Groups


LEAKS25A CIA Front USAID Russia Meddling Framework 2019

July 06, 2019 - Expect an article on this issue soon.

USAID/CIA Anti-Russia Meddling Framework CMKI_Development_Framework_.pdf

USAID/CIA Anti-Russia Meddling Framework CMKI Budget Begging 050819_Green_Testimony3.pdf

7.09 FY 2020 State Dep Budget Jutification

Files/USGOV/State Department_CIA/FY_2020_CBJ.pdf


The Disease of USAID is Once Again Fully Targetting Russia - By John Robles

July 08, 2019, 03:33 - By John Robles II for JAR2


ma·lign  /məˈlīn/  adjective

1. evil in nature or effect; malevolent.

"she had a strong and malign influence"

synonyms: harmful, evil, bad, baleful, hostile, inimical, destructive, malevolent, evil-intentioned, malignant, injurious, spiteful, malicious, vicious; literarymalefic, maleficent

"a malign influence"

The Evil of USAID

Other than the CIA there have been few agencies or government bodies in the history of mankind more evil and destructive than the United States Agency for International Development. In some respects one might say USAID is even worse than the CIA because they almost convincingly profess to work to "help" developing countries and poor people worldwide, when in fact their real mission is to enslave and destroy countries for the genocidal US Empire.

Everything you are about to read has been investigated and verified. I was going to write about how as an investigator reporter and journalist I have investigated the activities of the USAID and the Western Cabal for over two decades now in a defensive stance after being brutally marginalized in order to get you, dear reader, to not dismiss what you are about to read. However I will not do so and allow the facts to speak for themselves. I will provide associated supporting links where possible to facilitate your further reading although much of what I have learned involves reports and information that is no longer available or I am not allowed to publish. That said I hope this work helps you to reach the same logical conclusion that I have.

Again the USA and the psychotic hypocritical transference of once again blaming others for what they do, appears to now be the Modus Operandi of the entire MIIC. Is it possible to for an entire government agency to be certified as insane and suffering from pathological transference? Given the USAID’s long and malign history I would say yes!

The Real Mission of USAID: The Covert Front for the CIA

Their stated mission from the FY 2020 budget request:

LINK TO FY 2020 Budget Request Files/USGOV/State Department_CIA/FY_2020_CBJ.pdf

“... USAID continues to advance our efforts to strengthen U.S. national security through strategic investments that promote the Journey to Self-Reliance. … also upholds the President’s commitment to serve the needs of American citizens, ensure their safety, and defend their values, as outlined in the President’s National Security Strategy.”

Why such a mission is completely duplicitous as to the purported purpose of USAID:

On the above two statements alone one could write an entire dissertation on the obfuscation and the lies of the US Empire builders and all of their nefarious architects. When we read between the lines with a real understanding of the the real mission of USAID, in particular given that it is a CIA Front Operation of such a size that it almost defies comprehension, the above to mission statements become more of an admission of a goal for global domination, subversion, enslavement and submission than some vain-glorious-moral-high-ground-grabbing noble goal of “helping the poor downtrodden yearning to breathe free” worldwide.

USAID/CIA is nothing but an instrument of empire promoting and supporting an out-of-control military aggressor bent on global domination and the enslavement of all mankind, cleverly labelled Full Spectrum Dominance, period end of discussion. USAID/CIA is thus just another instrument of enslavement, genocide and domination by the Corporation of the United States of America and the City of London Corporation, that is the true reality of what the USA is really about.

“…. efforts to strengthen U.S. national security…”

No one has ever really attacked, invaded or otherwise acted militarily against the United States (other than false flags designed by the US Government itself) so the endless claims and citations of National Security to endlessly pass laws and strip away rights are completely and totally disingenuous, or are they? How does NatSec tie in with the mission of what is supposedly an AID organization? When you understand what is really meant by National Security then everything should be perfectly clear.

For the US Empire and the corporations and the monied interests that now own it completely National Security has nothing to do with protecting the territory of the United States or the lives and well-being of its citizenry. National Security means protecting profits, money and the thousands of war criminals, banksters, human traffickers, and CIA scum from prosecution and arrest.

USAID Operations Against Russia in the Post-Soviet Space

In the 1990s USAID was exposed as a front for the CIA and were later expelled but as we see their "efforts" continue! 

USAID was tied into everything under the sun. From maternal clinics to local banks and even to the Church of Scientology


USAID Countering Malign Kremlin Influence (CMKI) Development Framework



First off what is with that abbreviation? CMKI? Are you serious? Are they really giving this garbage the elevated status of an abbreviation? Why CMKI? Is that to mean purse in Russian? Sumki in Russian means purse. Well that makes sense they are officially expanding the war to rob Russia to now include all former Soviet States, which is exactly what USAID does and what they have been doing since the collapse of the Soviet Union albeit seriously behind schedule and forced to do so overtly thanks to Vladimir Putin. I will get into this more in a minute but first let’s analyze the “Framework” by a body with a budget of $40 billion dollars.

First off let’s just say three pages which look like they were written by a 10th grader might be a little less than one would expect from a 40 billion dollar agency but of course we are dealing with Murka, the land of the blithering genocidal trans idiots with too much firepower and a complete disregard for truth, morality and rule-of-law. Just three pages. The Framework to take down the biggest country on Earth is three pages. Seriously. Three. Just three. My counter write up here is going to be much larger out of respect for the seriousness of the issue. In reality this is truly shit and if I had been assigned to it by an editor I would have laughed and thanked him of the easy job. It is an insult to Russia, the Russian people and any critical thinking individual if there are such left who might have to digest this tripe.

The first page of the document is a sparsely populated table with a heading area and three columns divided into four rows with sub-headings.

The first heading reads Goal: Increased resilience of partner countries. Let’s try to swallow that for a minute. First the USA has no “partner countries”. There is no such thing, even for the FVEY crowd. For any other country there is nothing but either satellite or vassal. If you believe anything else I have a bridge to sell you near San Francisco. As for “resilience” a trait more worthy to be used when describing plant life or insects, what USAID means is “under the control of the USA and the Banksters and able to be forced to follow Washington’s unilateral line against the Russian Federation.

Stated goal number one is as follows: Counter efforts to undermine democratic institutions and the rule of law!

Seriously! I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read that! This is in fact in all honesty a completely transparent “plan” to in fact “undermine democratic institutions and the rule of law” in “partner” countries, making them into the little vassals USAID/CIA want. But wait, no one could be stupid enough to believe them could they? This is a joke right? Well. No. Re-read that sentence with “counter efforts” being a complex noun, ahh, now we see a little truth. Now that, is almost brilliant. Right in your face honesty. Measures to undermine democratic institutions and the rule of law! Like on the Maidan?! This is rich! OF course the US Empire does not want democratic countries and countries that follow the rule of law. Of course not! They would never be able to install their puppets and rape the entire country if either of these were true, no more puppets and organ trafficking and black sites and narcotics trafficking, etc. et al!..

One has to simply look at their record, off the top of my head I can cite the installing of a Nazi junta in Ukraine while illegally deposing the democratically elected sitting president, attempting to install not one but two presidents who did not even run in elections in two major countries in less than a year, Venezuela and Russia and the list can go on for thousands of pages. Boy this is getting fun. Unbelievable stuff here!

Objective one has three sub-points. Let’s look at those for a minute shall we? “1.1 Strengthen checks and balances and rule of law.” Okay. Sounds reasonable. But wait? What exact checks and balances are they talking about and whose law are they implying? City of London Corporate Law? Admiralty Law? Law of the jungle? Surely they can not mean a county’s internal laws as the US has absolutely no regard for international law and international bodies having removed itself from every significant treaty and oversight mechanism or body worldwide, and even less for any countries internal laws. Rule of law must mean US Law as they try to enforce their ridiculous crap on the rest of the world on a continuous ad-nauseum basis. Must mean US law then and of course they must manipulate every countries’ laws in order get away with raping the country into oblivion and enslaving it for all eternity.

“1.2 Strengthen civil society’s resilience against efforts to restrict, harass, and stigmatize independent, nongovernmental activity”. Intense stuff here! Coming from the country that wants to regulate even the way you go to the toilet this is fantastic stuff! This should have the rolling in the aisles and peeing their pants with laughter. Of course this is hypocrisy at its highest, Do as we say not as we do. What they really want is a free–hand to be given to their NGOs and “foundations” such as those belonging to Soros and Bill Gates and all of the other profiteers.

“1.3 Reduce the vulnerability of electoral and political processes to external interference and polarization”. Are they serious? And who is going to control that? The CIA and NATO and their Soros voting machines? Really? Wow! Instant puppet infrastructure… Gads!!! Wait it gets better!

“Objective 2: Resist the manipulation of information”! From the country that legalized BBG Propaganda to be spread inside the US and which runs a CIA MOCKINGBIRD Global disinformation, false news and propaganda net this is just too much to even take in without falling on the floor laughing!!!

“2.1 Bolster the capacity of indigenous media to provide professional, trusted news and information”! Sounds reasonable but wait! So basically USAID wants to go into these countries, manipulate the laws and political processes and then manipulate and organize the media inside of foreign countries so that it is “trusted”. Complete colonial thinking here. You are too stupid to run your own media therefore we will take care of it for you. Just sign here! And guess what? We will even give you money (which you will have to pay back but don’t think about that now), lots of money! As much as you desire! Stunning!

This next one is really out of the Twilight Zone. “2.2 Increase media literacy and public demand for high quality, independent reporting”! From the country dumbing down populations, censoring everything under the sun, blocking and controlling all dissenting content and assassinating and imprisoning independent journalists and anyone who counters their narrative this is just beyond the pale! From the country whose BBG manufactures propaganda for the world, assassinated journalists on a regular basis and has recently brought you the likes of Michael Hayden, Tom Ridge and Anders Fogh Rasmussen to controlling the global FAKE NEWS and promote Russophobia with their NewsGuard project, one would have to be insane to let these people anywhere near their media!

“2.3 Strengthen the legal and regulatory operating environment for press freedom”! Wait! Did we read that right? Are they really saying bring about new stricter controls and laws to regulate “freedom”! How stupid does one have to be to actually believe such a statement? What they really mean is introduce Western friendly censorship! That is the world we are now living in!

Remember the core mission of USAID/CIA is to “… strengthen U.S. national security through strategic investments”, and now we get to the big guns, objective 3 and 4. The big money issues, but don’t worry ignorant child-like third world country, USAID/CIA will straighten you right up.

“Objective 3: Reduce energy vulnerabilities”

“3.1 Enhance the energy security of partner countries” This point is one of the biggest lies being spread by the US and its CIA/MOCKINGBIRD global information network. Russia has always been a stable and dependable and even more importantly, cheap energy source for not only the former Soviet Republics but for Europe and Asia as well. Even when the Ukraine all but declared war against Russia and owed Russia over 2 billion dollars in arrears for gas it had received and then even started stealing gas, Russia never once turned off the gas supplies to the Ukraine or to Europe. Remember the only instability and threat to Russian gas supplies to Europe has been the US installed Nazi junta and to the world the endless oil wars of the USA, NATO and Israel.

Of course the duplicitous, self-serving reason for all of this when we dispose of the patently sanctimonious golden words and hollowly rounded tones of the pathological liars in the US “foreign policy establishment” is that the US wants to be the ones who sell Europe and former Soviet Republics their gas. There were even secret negotiations which never got off the ground for the US to actually buy Russian gas on-the-cheap and sell it to Europe. Of course you will not hear about that anywhere else nor will it ever be admitted.

“3.2 Reduce dependence on Kremlin-controlled energy resources”. For the Bankster Cabal and the post 9/11 State Terrorist elites continuing their hundreds’ year plan to destroy Russia and the Russian World, the only reason for them to push ending “dependence of Kremlin-controlled resources” is to weaken and cut off a major source of income for the Russian State. Which as they will soon realize was a big mistake when Russia drops the petro dollar and stop supporting the global dollar pyramid by trading in the nefarious malign currency of the devil.

For any country in the former Soviet space losing dependable cheap and always available Russia oil and gas will in fact lead to a true state of energy insecurity as they will somehow have to depend on questionable globe destroying shale-gas to be shipped in small quantities on ships and through non-existent infrastructure and also in stolen Middle Eastern oil from war zones where the US buys it from terrorist war lords and puppets who are not long for this world.

Of course the US has their UNOCAL pipeline which only needs the destruction of Syria and the elimination of Iran to be completed and this of course would make delivery possible, however that is a pipe-dream for the American “elites” and one which will never happen.

“3.3 Improve internal and external oversight and governance of the energy sector” this point almost requires no explanation but it is interesting the utter and total hypocrisy and obvious self-righteous reality twisting thinking that the phrase “external oversight and governance” brings to the table. Does USAID truly think the world’s population is as retarded as they are? DO they really think no one understands that this means the USA will have oversight and control of your energy sectors? Are they serious? Are they insane? Are countries of the world and in the former Soviet space truly believed by USAID to be so completely stupid so as to buy this snake oil crap? I don’t understand how even the ink on the page of such a document does not of its own accord lift itself up and run off the papyrus…

“Objective 4: Reduce economic vulnerabilities”

USAID, CIA, the Banksters and all of their associates and connected bodies have been waging economic terrorism on the entire planet for decades now and since the Crimea was forced to rejoin Russia in order not to face the genocide of its population by Nuland's Nazis and the entire USAID sponsored punitive genocide of the Russian speaking populations of Ukraine who refuse to kill their own brothers and sisters and sell their souls to the idiot hegemon from across the Atlantic, US sanctions and trade meddling have cost Europe and former Soviet states billions upon billions in economic losses. If USAID really wants to "reduce economic vulnerabilities" they should all stay home and stop meddling all over the world and even better simply collectively jump off a cliff (to put it in the mildest terms possible).

"4.1 Promote the diversification of exports and enable firms to compete in western markets". This must have had them laughing in the aisles when this was published! Compete in Western markets?!?!?!?!?! Like Huawei??? Or like the Ukraine who fell for this same crap and in the end lost their entire export market and were only allowed to ship eggs to Europe... Eggs which are now sold in the Ukraine in quantities of one because more is just too expensive!

"4.2 Strengthen the ability of financial markets to meet and comply with international standards and practices"! Finally and we will once again use the real case of Ukraine as an example of what awaits all former Soviet Republics other than slavery, genocide and glorification of Nazis and counter this final hilarious point!

Of course we know what the IMF and World Bank are and how they force countries into taking loans they can never pay back so that their countries are then taken over by the Bankster Cabal, but what you may not know is just how involved in all of this is the Rothschild global banking scam. So as we finish up debunking the CMKI take a gander at how Kolomoisky and his Privat Bank sold out Ukraine along with the junta who absconded to the US with all of Ukraine's gold and then sold the Donbass for a period of 65 years with the right to renew.

Global Research published this piece which also sums up the main points quite well: 

USAID Anti-Russia Propaganda

Here are a few good points by one Stephen Lendman

USAID falsely claimed Washington supports all of the above for all nations. Its aim for dominion over planet earth, its resources and population belies these high-minded notions US policymakers abhor.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry responded to the USAID’s policy document, calling it “malicious anti-Russian propaganda,” adding: The US agency “is not at all aimed at creating an atmosphere of cooperation on the world stage, but serves as an instrument of ideological struggle and propaganda.”

Policymakers in Washington want all other nations “subordinate(ed) to US interests.” Bipartisan US hardliners want normalization of US/Russia relations prevented.

They want puppet regimes beholden to US interests installed everywhere. The USAID document is the latest in a long line of anti-Russia US efforts — showing partnership between both nations is unattainable.

It’s foolhardy to believe otherwise. Russia and China are the only nations able to challenge US sought global dominance.

Post-Soviet Union Cold War 2.0 Russophobia is far more menacing to world peace than its earlier version.

Relentless US bipartisan media-supported Russia bashing risks unthinkable confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers — a doomsday scenario if occurs by accident or design.

Moscow is accused of all sorts of things it had nothing to do with. Endlessly repeated propaganda gets most people to believe it, despite no credible evidence backing claims, none even presented.

The Russian Federation never attacked or threatened another nation – what the US and its imperial partners do repeatedly, waging permanent wars of aggression and other hostile actions on humanity at home and abroad, what imperialism is all about.

The evil empire is headquartered in Washington — with branch offices in most nations on every continent, colonial control beyond whatever existed earlier.

Fantasy democracies and tyrannical regimes define US allies — pressured, bullied, bribed, and/or threatened to serve its interests.

Well said!

USAID подготовило концепцию противодействия России




USAID Operations Against Russia in the Post-Soviet Space: A Warning to the World

Destroy and Subvert a World Power Then Bring in the CIA "Democracy" Builders and Profiteers

I have amassed so much information and have so much in the archives that I have enough to publish a book on USAID/CIA subversion operations in the Russian Federation, however as this is just an article I will share only some of the knowledge I have amassed and give you the main points.

The problem I had and that I have come up against, and one which spans decades now, is that due to the high level of infiltration inside Russia proper and the unbelievable number of agents and assets they have, publicly exposing USAID and CIA Operations in Russia has been a dangerous proposition since the beginning. I have already suffered enough as has my innocent son as is detailed all over this site, which should give you an idea of how dangerous it is to attempt to expose these demons.

Being as they were expelled from the territory of the Russian Federation I had hoped to let the whole matter stay closed, but USAID/CIA by their own actions and the publication of this "CMKI" have made it necessary to reopen my archives and share some of the information I have in order to assist and possibly help the Security Services, people in Russia still not aware as to the threat and the people of the former Soviet Republics, Europe, Latin America and the world as a whole (if that is possible) to fight and protect themselves from the Trojan Horse that is USAID.  

The Anglo-American School in Moscow: A CIA Front Funded by State

The Anglo-American School: Subverting the Minds of Youth for the Next Generation of Russophobes and America Lovers

The Anglo-American School in Moscow Operates outside of the law while its "teachers" have enjoyed diplomatic immunity. Not only are they evading taxes but have no restrictions as to the content of their syallabus nor is there any oversight on the "edcational processes" taking place there. The Russian Government has asked repeatedly over the course of decades for the school to legalize its presence but they do not. Therefore Russia denied diplomatic visas to non-diplomats, CIA officers enjoying immunity while running operations posing as educators. Hence the school is now in our sights.

Although publicly receiving funding from the US Department of State and USAID directly and charging over $45,000.00 a year for a standard American public school education, the Anglo-American school in Moscow claims to be a non-profit organization. Like the British Council, which charged $39.00 an academic hour for English lessons, the Anglo-American school exists and operates outside of Russian Law and it's "teachers" are US Government Foreign Service Employees (CIA) who travel on diplomatic passports with diplomatic visas and enjoy diplomatic immunity.

In the late 90s when I was having problems enrolling my children in Russian public schools and when we were still US citizens I approached the organization believing that perhaps my children could study there for free and was asked to come to a location in the North of Moscow which at the time they said was a temporary location.

During the meeting I was told that the price per child would be $45,000.00 a year. The staff were interested in the fact that I am an EFL teacher, was one of the founding teachers of BKC-ih and that I had my own school and I was asked to submit my resume and stay for an interview and a tour. In the hopes of perhaps getting my kids into school and in making what was at the time a huge salary I agreed but was in the end never hired.

During the encounter, as I stated, I was given a tour and was explained their educational system and shown their classrooms and "learning labs". The impression I got and what I saw was that the children were all basically being pampered, catered to and mostly played games and did very little serious learning. There were no classrooms per se, just what looked like playrooms and rooms with chidren's furniture. The older students sat at computers and were doing  things unsurpised and on their own. It appeared that the goal was to befriend and brainwash them rather than to educate and make them into thinkers and functional members of society. Knowing what I know now it is obvious that this was exactly what they were doing and why.

Had I known then what I know now I would have never approached the organization and had I realized before what exactly it was that I had seen next, I would have done everything I could to stop them. Towards the end of the "tour" during which I noted creepy video cameras covertly installed not only in every classroom but everywhere else as well, we were standing next to a formidible looking door woth a code lock near an area leading to the corridor to the exit, and a man came out in a paramilitary uniform and I happened to see behind him rows and rows of monitors being manned by at least two staff members wearing white. I of course did not ask what they were for, but now it is clear.    

They were very eager to hire me so I was surprised when I never heard from them again. Now I know why.

From that direct encounter and from subsequent research, contacts, sources and other methods I have learned that the Anglo-American School is used for Intelligence and Influence Operations in a much more devious and evil manner than the standard USAID operations. It is for this reason that Anglo-American school teachers need diplomatic passport and visas. This protects the CIA Officers who pose as teachers and ensures that they can operate with almost impunity in Russia. Children are in fact unknowingly used as sources for Intelligence regarding their parents and families and those they come in contact with. This is facilitated through language learning exercises, role plays and the like. They are also used and programmed to become future Intelligence Assets, Informants, Agents of Influence, servants of the Anglo-American world or targets for kidnapping through the use of specially written and applied materials and conditioning. One fine example is the I-Spy series of EFL books for young learners.


For Non-US Parents and Russians: You would give them your children? Are You Serious?

Before I continue I must first comment on the spin and openly ask Russians and others who would spend 10s of thousands of dollars for the "chance" to get a US High School diploma which actually means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things what the hell are they thinking? I shudder to think that these parents who are supposedly educated and among the "elites" have no real understanding of what the US is and what they are putting their beloved children through.

Second I must once again insert myself into the story because I am putting myself at great risk once again by detailing US operations here is Russia. This is more dangerous than even exposing USAID as this effects the children of very rich, very powerful and very pro-American Russians who have done everything they can to literally destroy the Russian World and turn Russia into a sorry imitation of garbage American culture. This is no more obvious or visible than the EG examination, in particular the English section with which I am very familiar. The EG is a foreign funded and created program with the end result being the dumbing down and the Americanization of Russian youth, which as an educator and a Russian patriot I am 100% against.

The myth that the Anglo-American school and that the United States and everything it has to "offer" is somehow "exceptional", world-class and superior is one that even today may Russians still believe. The CIA controlled MOCKINGBIRD global media, CIA controlled Hollywood directors like Oliver Stone and the entire CIA/USAID/BBG global propaganda network works night and day to spread the illusion of superiority and exceptionalism. The Anglo-American school is no different as neither are any of the "programs" the USAID and the State Department funds worldwide. They are designed to create the next generation of America loving puppets and brainwashed assets that will allow for the spread of empire and the destruction of countries from within.

The US is only about Empire, creating vassals and client states, racism, endless war and genocide. These are the real American values, now again: Would you really give them your children to program? 

The end result of US progamming. Sold out his country for that of genociders.

First and foremost and the most obvious, easily verifiable and logical is the nature of the US "Educational System".

Most striking for me as an educator is the fact that the US "Educational System" no longer teaches children to write. While this may sound incredible it is 100% true under the "Common Core" system. As the Anglo-American School advertises their curriculum "may lead to a US high-school diploma". Yes, MAY lead, so after spending $45 grand a year your kid may have the same abysmal opportunities as an "American" child. Don't hold your breath. I did not contact the Anglo-American School as it is a SPY NEST but it is possible they may teach writing. However as their "educators" are American and British nationals who keep to their respective systems anything they "teach" is up for question.

Just based on this fact alone one would have to think twice whether to give their children to such a school.

Why Don't the Common-Core Standards Include Cursive Writing?

Cursive Handwriting Will No Longer Be Taught in Schools Because It's a Big, Old Waste of Time


We know the USA is attempting to normalize every kind of perversion under the sun. In a report since banned and deleted from the Web the FBI stated that the New World Order wanted to, and in fact had begun, to normalize 14 sexual perversions. These include pedophilia, incest, necrophilia and bestiality, not necessarily in that order. So why in the world would you give your children to such a "system"?

We know the US Government is even going so far as to try to teach children that pedophilia is okay and that they should not listen to their parents. We know the US Government is directing teachers to teach children that traditional morality is old-fashioned and has in fact codified this into law. Are they insane? Yes of course! Again why on earth would you give your children to these monsters?

H.R. 5 The Equality Act and The Ancient Divine Androgyne


Normalizing Incest and Other Perversions: It’s Already Happening

Pedophilia & Empire – Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State

Tom DeLay Knows Of Secret DOJ Memo To Legalize ’12 New Perversions

Tom DeLay Knows Of Secret DOJ Memo To Legalize ’12 New Perversions,’ Including Bestiality And Pedophilia

Legalizing and Normalizing the TWELVE {12} PERVERSIONS (Video)

Normal US parents themselves are up in arms of what their children are being forced to learn. So again why?

Rocklin Parents Protest Approved LGBT Curriculum by Keeping Children Out of School

California Parents Keep Kids Out of School to Protest New Sex Ed Curriculum

Hundreds of Parents Pull Kids From School to Protest LGBTQ Curriculum

Parents cannot veto children taking part in LGBT lessons, Education Secretary says

Finally the United States of America is the greatest war criminal and destroyer of states and countries that the world has ever seen. We know all of their Internet, media, entertainment and information is manipulated and controlled to spread the belief in US supremacy and exceptionalism. Everything is designed to hide their very nature, which is an illegitimate state based on genocide and no amount of time will change that. We know real American history is not taught even in American schools. We know the US system is racist and everything they spread is only a promotion of this racist supremacist genocidal ideology. Finally we know the US is only about war and theft of resources, so again why would you give your children to these monsters?

On Monsters by Anonymous (An Excerpt)

The Americans are neither a people nor a race. They are the Devils mixture driven by the Pharaohs (Pharisees). They are all circumcised after the Devils concept: they drop atom bombs, they financed Saddam Hussein and the worlds other dictators, they take the Arabs oil by force, they killed 3 million people in Vietnam and they killed children and pregnant women. Hitler was financed by the Americans (Bush family and Henry Ford), Zionist bankers , UGLE and EIR (United Grand Lodge England and European Imperial Royal families, see "Bloodlines of the Illuminati"); money being delegated through Swiss banks.
It seems that Americans love to kill, though they sing about love in their hit parade. They have to kill and rob peoples all over the world in order to nourish their fat little offspring, to feed on pizzas, popcorn and hamburgers; those who symbolically carry the Devils mark -- as if a piece of their sexual organs have been cut off. As many of these "babies" are so fat, they cant possibly squeeze into a small Japanese car, so they have to build over-sized, semi-military half-trucks for the "hummer babies", and to avoid wheel-spin because of the excessive weight, these half-trucks require 4-wheel drive. Now, these overweight trucks carrying their overweight "little monsters"
("monster" is the official legal term for a US citizen,Ballentines Law Dictionary, 1930),

these trucks do tend to consume a lot of petrol,they are "gas-guzzlers": so possibly the real reason for the Gulf War was to seize the mineral resources of the "skinnies", as they call the "sand-niggers" of the Arabworld -- or possibly because the Arab world was about to dump the dollar and adopt the Euro. Wow, that would have been such an evil thing to do!
Out of America came the film "Sicko", about "socialised care" (or the lack of it), a film made by Michael Moore who apparently knows what he is talking about.This fine American hypocrite is one who is trying to show us that "theyre not all that bad after all", probably for strategical reasons. Such ideas must come from a think-tank, whereas many tend to use language that comes from a military dictionary, it seems: "chink", "skinny", "sand-nigger" or just plain "nigger".

So there they are, conspiring against the world (and its different peoples) in their "Atlantis" across the oceans, in cities like "Atlanta" (as if to emphasise the association), barricaded behind an atomic defense screen, biometrical passports and chip cards, behind the most horrifying army the world has ever witnessed,with a penitentiary accomodation for millions of people ready to be FEMA incarcerated, unlimited control of the state and policies, with their fingers in everyplace in every part of the world and a film industry which indoctrinates the hearts of every human being growing up on this globe, ready to copy that which was taught. In other words: seeds for a behaviour that has been set out by evil. It is now apparent what A-ME-RI-KA is really about, despite all their propaganda methods over all these years of global suffering --

If that was not enough to keep you as far away as possible let's continue. Or is eating endless McDonalds and watching endless War propaganda films about exceptional lunatics is the future you so crave for your children.

July 27, 2019

And NOW for the MAIN EVENT!!!

On the same day the real Disneyland conversion of Moscow continues unhindered with "BurgerFest" in Gorky Park. "BurgerFest"? In Gorky Park? Just like the 80s when Gorky PArk was the focus of the USSR destroyers. If you visit Moscow you will see what I mean. My former "Voice of Russia colleagues" who were part of the 5th column, one who saw everything that was being done (Svetlana Ekimenko) and one who was so brainwashed he actually did a radio program saying Che Gevarra killed Kennedy because he wanted to boink Jackie-O, will pronounce Russian metros station with phoney British accents in a mind killing attempt to make the metro "attractive to Europeans" while MKULTRAing the population into fantasizing they are in Little America and not Moscow the capital of the greatest country on Earth.

"Бургерфест" и семейный фестиваль в Москве за полдня посетили более 250 тыс. человек

"Бургерфест" и семейный фестиваль в Москве за полдня посетили более 250 тыс. человек

Why the CIA Front Anglo-American School is a Danger to State Security

Propagandizing, Brainwashing and Creating the Next Generation of Russophobes

CIA Agent Freedom has made it more than clear and obvious that the CIA is manipulating and brainwashing children to do the dirty work that their agents and provocateurs can not. This was crystal clear during the last election cycle and for anyone involved in the Russian Educational System, US subversion of Russian youth is painfully clear and obvious.

The USA, the Zionist entity and the Anglo-Saxon world are entities based on genocide and endless lies. Everything about the USA is a lie, from its very foundation, to its phony war of independence to its very claim to the lands it has stolen. As time passes these lies begin to become clearer and clearer as mankind advances leaving the USA's primitive "Full Spectrum Framework of Deception" more and more difficult to promote. Therefore it is critical for the future of the Empire of Genocide to brainwash as many of the world's youth as possible. 

In the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the 1980s MKULTRA mass mind control and mass brain washing (now packaged as "Social Engineering" given a palatable politically correct renaming) was applied night and day to Soviet citizens. Made by possible by the same "Liberals" brainwashing today's Russian youth, these operations spread endless subversive lies and misconceptions about "Gulags", "Western Democracy" and the false promise of a bright future that simple people would be given by the West which "cared" about them and "valued" their existence if only they destroyed their own country. It was so successful that people gave up free healthcare, free housing, guaranteed employment and income, free education and peace, stability and order for economic slavery, no social guarantees and a machine spewing endless brain killing MKULTRA lies promoting Western garbage culture.

Youth are the main target of the modern MKULTRA programming hence the Anglo-American School is the perfect instrument and that is clear. In the 1990s this was followed up by a generation that was not taught about Soviet history at all, these are the same "leaders" who are now poisoning the minds of Russian youth with their lies and misrepresentations against Putin and Russia in an attempt to bring about the liquidation of the Russian Federation which was planned by Yeltsin and already signed off by Lebedev and a group which for the most part were liquidated. A youth which has no historical memory and is dumbed down by endless selfies and Western garbage culture is easy to manipulate and control.

Thus we have a youth in Russia ready to fight and take part in demonstrations and actions against the State and their own country at the behest of their foreign masters who are pulling what are almost invisible strings of control.  

Programming the Puppet Managers, Editors and Leaders of the Next Generation of Liars for the New World Order

For the "Diplomatic Class" and the "Elite Monied Class" one would wonder why they would give their children to a school which specializes in teaching the lies of the US Empire. You can be sure the children will be programmed to believe the Moon landing, the fake narrative of 9/11 and will facilitate worldwide the hiding the American Indian Genocide. Along with support for the Zionist entity and their endless wars these are the key lies of the US Empire and the Anglo-American School is there to promote and propagate these lies into the minds of youth.

The Diplomatic Class and the Elites who supposedly posses the highest educations in the world must know all of this, yet they would continue to allow their children to be brainwashed and continue to consume American garbage and poison and worse yet do so willingly and even fight for the right to do so. Yes that is the stunning part.

The Child Spies of the CIA and MI6

The CIA and MI6 have no qualms whatsoever about using children to spy on nationals inside target countries and on the diplomats and families of the "elites" who are stupid enough to enroll their children in such establishments. One has to simply ask "Why do the teachers have siplomatic passports and visas?" The US State Department and the CIA do not just hand these things out like candy. Even the operatives of USAID are not allowed such privilege and they are apparently doing much more serious work for the empire. Or are they?

One of the best kept, most odious and horrendous secrets of the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6, more secret than torture, black sites, illegal narcotics trafficking, human organ trafficking, 9/11 and even the sex trafficking of children, is the use of children as agents and assets. At 11 years old I had my first contact with the CIA in Puerto Rico. They were running a group called the Guardian Angels, which were basically a group of teenaged NewYoreekan thugs, who were brought in to kill the socialist student movements and the activities of the young Independentistas in our town.

There was a group of us from stateside who met near the Ponce Quinero School near what we called the Libery Tree and sometimes these tough looking American men would show up and interface with the thugs who wore red t-shirts with Guardian Angels printed on them and black berets and patrolled the streets supposedly keeping order. They did protect us on several occassions as we were getting beat up all the time and even one girl was pushed in front of a bus and killed, so we did not oppose them and no one questioned who the Americans were. I am writing about this here (and you can read about Sunrise House elsewhere on the site for more details on the CIA usage of children) so that you understand that I am giving you real information backed up by my own firsthand experience. The following links aslo include the CIA's attempts to recruit children and manipulate the minds of the youngest humans.

The US Deep State Russian Hating Council of Foreign Relations says the CIA Wants Your Kids 

The subject of CIA usage of children is one that is so odious and "creepy" that few will even go there but it is one that must be addressed and looked at in a very serious light in order to protect children worldwide.

We have covered the horrendous crimes of child trafficking, pedophilia, and the unimaginable murder of 426 children in Latakia Syria in a false flag that was supposed to bring about war, yet the Anglo-Americans responsible and their CIA and MOOSAD have never had to answer for a single crime. Nor the crimes of murdering pregnant women in Serbia or slaughtering entire families in Afghanistan and the list could go one for ages. These monsters have never had to pay a price but perhaps if people know how their children are being used they will stop paying for them to be mentally raped and brainwashed. 

I am now entering into uncharted and never before exposed territory and hope you understand and fully comprehend the complete seriousness of what I am about to partake to you.

The MKULTRA series of programs were never stopped and the resulting methods and "technologies" have been and are being applied in places and means no sane person would apply them. Of course I always talk about the media and the so-called "internet of things" but this time I am going to write about a few of the things I have witnessed and researched that they do to children and since we are talking about the Anglo-American "school", we must first talk about the "educational materials" used in the programming of children, not only at the location in question but in the foreign controlled EG English program in Russia and throughout the EFL industry worldwide as a whole. 

This is next level stuff but any country or Security Service interested in protecting the very existence of their country's culture and society and the safety of their citizens should pay heed.

First and most obvious is the promotion of "exceptionalism" and Anglo-Saxon white supremacy. This is a central theme in all McMillian, Oxford and Cambridge EFL materials. Even if there are some non-white characters they are always in a submissive role and second to the main white heroes. For the youngest learners this becomes ingrained in their psyches and this is by design. Serving the goals of CIA/MI6 "Image Operations" are of course the topics and the "class" of the heroes of these books. Of course they are not going to show the reality of what the majority of the people really live like, so children are taught to believe in some "land-of-milk-and-honey" false reality that carries on into adult-hood. As the ideas are planted in the young minds they also grow and expand and when these ideas are planted early they become an integral part of the psyche of the child.

I am just giving you an overview as this is a subject that requires intensive study and much more detailed explanations as I will provide here. However you must attain a deeper understanding in order to protect your children against it. 

These ideas that are being planted are tried and tested and extremely effective which is why John and Liz Soars became billionaires and even bought themselves an island. It is not just the layered methodology required for intensive language acquisition that makes these materials effective but also the subliminal programming which enforces the ideas they want to stick and which later can be used en masse to facilitate reactions based on pre-planted subliminal scripts. This is what is now referred to as Social Engineering. The science of human programming is real and far more advanced than any civilian will ever know which is why this is an issue that independent academics worldwide must research. 

If we take it to the next level we can discuss how the programmed language of thought actually causes a synaptic restructuring of the brains of the subjects and has an overall effect on how the individual reacts and affects the world around them. As any observant child may be aware, as I was, it is possible to tell what language a person is thinking in by the movement and subtle variations we see in people's eyes. Perhaps expats have noticed this phenomenon. This is how I could always spot an American as a child in any crowd anywhere in the world. Surely secret studies have been done on the matter but it is not something that is available to the common folks like you and I.

I will not go too far into what I am going to say next as I do not want to give away too much but any person who has had the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and language groups knows, the programmed language affects how the individual reacts and defines their character and their very nature to a degree that is far deeper than most would care to know.

I recently came to a conclusion which for me unlocked one of the mysteries of the "Russian soul" and believe it to be valid and worthy of at least mentioning here, and this involves the grammar involved in Russian and the fact that Russians, without even knowing they are doing it, are forced to think of an entire thought, before, they speak as case and complement applies to every word in every thought group. At the subliminal level this programming gives you an individual who will think before he speaks and acts and thus will be harder to provoke and in effect is capable of a higher level of thought and communication than members of other language groups. This individual will also have a more rounded and flexible thought pattern and one that is more difficult to "penetrate" if you understand what I mean.  

Before moving on I must mention spelling. Russian is a phonetic language therefore the spelling is pretty straightforward and logical other character traits I find and highly value in Russians. Is this the reason? Perhaps. If we are programmed with logical and straightforward spelling then naturally we are able to think in a logical and straightforward manner.

Now lets think about English for a moment and in particular English spelling. I can not think of a more two-faced lying language when it comes to spelling than English. No other language has such wild fluctuations and lack of concrete logic or is more non-phonetic. Just think of the varied pronunciation of "gh" for example or homophones like to, too, two and tutu. Of course this all comes from the etymology of English but nonetheless it is neurotic. Then there are all of the millions of exceptions to almost every rule and what does such programming give you? If we follow the logic of the above example regarding Russians then we have humans who are neurotic, have almost no rules in their programming and are wildly unpredictable, internally unstable and easily manipulated and triggered into behavior that may seem illogical. The internal programming on a foundation of exceptions would lead an individual to believe that it is possible to do anything as long as there is an "exception". Exceptional Americans?

Intonational fluctuations are another area where Russian and English wildly vary. Russian is a more level and softer language whereas English wildly fluctuates in tone and voice. Leading to Russians mistakenly believing that somehow English speakers are more free and less constrained as individuals.

Finally if we look at the English tense system and sentence structure it is extremely rigid, again leading to an inherent internal dissonance when accompanied by the illogical nature of spelling and wide range of voice fluctuations. English grammar does allow for a more "on the fly" thought process to be communicated without the need to know everything you are going to say in advance. Which of course, I believe is why English speakers, and in particular Americans, are eternally embroiled in scandals requiring endless explanations regarding what was accidentally said and "I really meant this or really said that". Sound crazy? Think about it logically.

The exceptions and illogical variations coupled with a rigid tense structure produce a programming and an individual who is easily susceptible to subliminal suggestions and programming and one who can be made to believe almost anything no matter how extreme or illogical it may seem but who at the same time feels that he is under rigid control and will even find comfort in such. If this is coupled with a low level of education, thus an inability to properly frame reality, the individual can be made to believe almost anything given the right subliminal and overt manipulations. If dissonance is intentionally implanted into such a mind the results are an individual whose thought processes are basically "dust-in-the-wind" and can be told one thing today and another tomorrow and will have no problem believing anything no matter how contradictory to logic it may be.

Take an entire country programmed in such a way while adding endless levels of phony patriotism, extreme violence, terror and subservience to authorities and pulling off events like 9/11 are easy. Any three year old could have seen, had they been programmed in a sane and logical manner any number of inconsistencies, one being something does not collapse into itself from a lateral impact.

I am just barely scraping the surface here and all of this is done subliminally and even in manners that can only be described as mass hypnosis. This was one of the experiments we were subjected to in the state home for "MENSA" kids (Sunrise House) where I spent the end of my childhood and teenage years. For the most part we went along with the experiments to please our tormentors but our conclusion was that the level of our own collective intelligence made such mass hypnosis events impossible and in fact we were collectively mind controlling our controllers.

Such human experimentation would be illegal in any civilized country but in the USA, as they say, anything goes.

I will not go into it too much here because it is a subject difficult for me to get into but among four more methods for achieving mind control and breaking an individual child, brutal sex abuse which usually splits a personality, is probably the worst. The other three are violence and torture (mental and physical), duplicity and ambiguity and finally terror based trauma.      

MKULTRA showed the effectiveness of traumatizing children with terror and how this could lead to a desire for more violence and even greater horrors in order to make the original shameful trauma "go away". Terror and fear are an effective way to demonize and then cause to be targetted almost anything. For the rest of the world it may seem ridiculous the false statements demonizing Russia or Iran, but if you understand that for the American mind the government is a God and the media is God's voice (MKULTRA subliminal message from the 1970s stated directly "Trust Government. Trust God. Obey.") then it is easy to see how the levers and strings are being pulled. Subliminal programming is real and has advanced to such levels that it is hard to spot which is why I am shocked that almost all of the countries of the world allow Hollywood films and American music to be consumed by the public.   

Trauma based programming and how the USA made Europe into a perverts paradise.

Europeans are unique in their gullibility and the ease with which they are manipulated. European countries allow for US manufactured "programming" to run unedited and undubbed on their networks causing the same subservience and misconceptions about the US Government and Anglo-Saxon white supremacy to be spread among Europeans as it is spread among Americans. Some Europeans realize what is happening and have spoken out but those in power are bought and paid for and allow it to continue.

Getting back to the Anglo-American MKULTRA mind farm. One of the things that the CIA and all associated intelligence agencies in the "project" want here in Russia is to produce the next generation of discontented-USA-subservient-controllable-youth in order to carry out the will of the puppet-masters, be that revolution, outright spying or even facilitating self-genocide. Targetting the "elite children" follows the CIA strategy of recruiting managers and people at the top of their respective pyramids. Of course it is these children who will be the top managers and leaders in their fields in the future and they will influence the "lesser" humans with their beliefs and opinions and when in positions of power will force those below them to comly by default to their own programming. Do you really want American managers in your company? 

In a million subtle and not-so-subtle ways the teaching materials mentioned above promote the programming of the Anglo-Saxon Empire and make no mistake it is not an inclusive one. There is no equality or "cooperation", you are their slave and puppet and that is all. End of discussion. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Examples of subliminal manipulation, for example in the Cambridge books, is the constant topic of food and restaurants. While this is explained away as simply a subject for applied linguistics, in fact it softens the subject and makes the subject for susceptible and a better recipient to the information wanted to be programmed into the subject. Like all animals humans are vulnerable and their guards are down when they are feeding. Meal times, cafes, kitchens and restaurants are usually pleasant and warm "environments" for most and thus the mind is place into such so the defenses are lowered. The distraction of hunger, and the physiological transfer of blood to the stomach and away from the brain is also a conducive state to target a victim.

Other examples of programming are the perpetually creepy I-Spy Books, especially if you really get into the full program. The little I-Spy chant, the daily passwords and the entire spy theme would be great if you were trying to create future spies for your own country, but do you really want another country programming your children while you pay for it to spy on you?  

Then there are the dialogues and the tasks and the subjects. For the intelligence officer it would be a dream come true to, say, have the talkative child of an intelligence target under their control ready to answer any question for their nice and smiling American teacher. Even just being able to film these lessons if the teachers do all of the tasks as outlined would be a coup for the trained intelligence officer. Sound fantastic and far fetched? Let's go over it a little more detail but first I must say that I am telling you all of this not just as an investigative journalist and someone who has spent decades taking apart the conspiracy against the Russian State and the peace loving peoples of the world but also as a Cambridge Certified teacher with over 20 years experience teaching Russian youth, a victim of MKULTRA programming and the US Educational System and a parent who tried to protect my own children from Western Programming.

It may be worth noting that if this were a US Intelligence report it would be classified TOP SECRET/SI/NOFORN so please pay attention.

In all of the Cambridge materials under a communicative approach (to which I add "interactive" to in order to receive maximum language acquisition results and under which I myself operate in my teaching with the difference being that I add a few nuances that avoid and nullify the Anglo-Saxon supremacist programming) there are endless tasks and exercises which from an Intelligence gathering perspective are a dream come true for the CIA and any Intelligence Agency plugged into the process. Again I remind you of the cameras and the CIA Officers operating under diplomatic cover as teachers at the Anglo-American School and the fact that anyone studying there is of interest to the CIA, either as an internal security asset or as a potential foreign espionage source, asset and possible future operative. Children talk and spill secrets and whether the CIA wants to keep tabs on their own officers, McFaul for example, or the diplomats and officers of other countries operating in-country, there is no better way other than conducting the numerous forms of surveillance that they carry out (I must mention the radio shacks that used to be on top of all US Embassies Worldwide and which I have written about in the past leading to their dismantlement here in Russia)

We know the CIA and the US Government are not interested in the little people, for them there are infiltration and overt propaganda programs like the Russia EG. They are interested in the rich and powerful business, media, political and government "elites" and by keeping their prices so high it is guaranteed that only "people of interest" are allowed to have their children enrolled in the Anglo-American School. That is a fact, and while the children of these targets are not in themselves the goal, they can be used in almost infinite nefarious ways to compromise their parents and anyone they are close to who may be of interest.  

Again let's get back to the materials and methods. I must note that I did not accidentally mention the food topic above. For the psychologist, savvy business person and the intelligence agent, it is known that food and even a cigarette (given to someone under extreme pressure) can have a very positive psychological effect on the target. It also provides a deeper subliminal cue to the person being fed, namely that this person or even the very situational consequences surrounding the "feeding" are a good and positive thing and therefore defenses drop and the target, unbeknownst to them, becomes more pliant and naturally the information though becomes more accessible. Were I an intelligence officer I would much prefer to take a target to dinner and give them a smoke rather than torture them, any experienced Intelligence Officer would agree I am certain. In the extreme case this would also allow for the administration of psychotropic "additives" and in the end facilitate the quiet termination of the target if that is the goal, but I digress.

For the child these "cookies and milk moments" naturally create a feeling of comfort, safety and an inherent though primitive bond between the children and the controllers. Any intelligence officer knows that if you want to control and manipulate a target it is far more effective to access the primitive and animal sub-programming of a target than their higher programming no matter how pliable. Techniques such as simply looking at a woman's lips while speaking to her have a primitive subliminal effect that can be manipulated and used. With children it is their safety and food that is of chief interest and their necessity for information and knowledge. These subliminal "comfort scripts" are applied everywhere not only to education. Look at the I-Phone, a horrendous creepy pasta spy tool yet it is appealing and "comfortable" and this trumps all the rest.

Returning to the material, for example activities such as those related to profession, can be used to extract information about the parents' jobs and children love to talk about their parents and with a little prodding will do so in great and amazing detail. I could give you thousands of real world examples of the possibilities, one being a child who told me about his father actually having people killed in the 1990s as he was a "business man" and these people were interfering in his business and another was a child who confessed that his father had killed his little brother in an insane rage (a story that officially was that the child had found the father's gun and had accidentally shot himself), all innocently recounted during a "conversation activity".

Exercises like describe your room, or your home or anything else can provide an intelligence officer with actionable intelligence which can then be used to identify, target, locate and if necessary infiltrate or compromise a residence or anything else for that matter. Expanding this into something for example such as compare your room to your best friend's room could help to locate and compromise a secondary or even a primary target through a secondary source and the targets would have no idea where the information came from.   

Other things like describe your best friend or your neighbors or your nanny or tutor can also be applied to gather intelligence. One student once told me during a discussion of schools, described a classmate who was the son of an important person with asylum and in fact in hiding. The child, the son of a neighbor of a president, even told us all the student's cover name and where they lived. I admonished the child to keep such information to himself but had I been a hostile intelligence officer this information could have been used to kidnap or assassinate the person(s) in question. Are you getting the idea yet?

Kids love to talk and naturally trust their teachers, so why would you give your child to a CIA Covert Operative with diplomatic immunity pretending to be a teacher? And again what teacher actually needs diplomatic immunity if they are simply teaching children? It boggles my mind that Russian Security has allowed this to continue as long as it has. 

CIA Creepy Pasta Child Spy Controllers as "Teachers" With Diplomatic Immunity

Now we finally get to the crux of the matter, the solution and what it is that must be known and acted upon, not only here in my beloved Mother Russia but worldwide in order to protect the children from the monsters and demons operating with impunity worldwide.

First I must underline that USAID, the British Council and the Anglo-American School all work(ed) together to brainwash, manipulate, subvert, control and exploit Russia, the Russian Government and the Russian people. These organizations are also deeply involved in the extraction of as much wealth as possible out of the Russian Federation and were at one point involved in almost every area of civil society possible. Finally and where this applies to the Anglo-American school is that there are embedded factions in the US Government (not to say everyone is bad) who are engaged in acts against children so horrendous that the common person can not even begin to understand the depravity and pure evil that is really going on and these demons, once freed from US territorial restrictions and able to operate freely with diplomatic immunity on foreign shores with the full support of the US Government, are carrying out acts against children and youth that were the full extent ever known it would be the end of the US worldwide hegemon forever and people would hang every American diplomat from lamp posts.

Unfortunately for the CIA and the US Government it became known thanks to Pizzagate, which has now moved from the realm of "fakes news" where they had attempted to regulate it to, into the realm of a real criminal prosecution, and the work of the late Ted Gunderson among others, that the CIA and US Government engage in the torture, rape, trafficking and after the exposure of the 426 8th grade children in Latakia Syria, the outright slaughter of children. This is carried out by agents, officers and assets of the CIA, the same organization which runs the Anglo-American Schools worldwide. (Carlucci Anglo-American School Lisbon). A government that employs someone like Michael Aquino who was so evil he was expelled from the Church of Satan but given control over US Psychological Operations, is not one that you want anywhere near your children.   

"Former New York Times correspondent A. J. Langguth wrote that the “the two primary functions” of the USAID police training program were to allow the CIA to “plant men with local police in sensitive places around the world,” and to bring to the United States “prime candidates for enrollment as CIA employees.” [“Police Program is Called CIA Cover,” New York Times, May 7, 1978]" - Now take this one step further and apply it to children being groomed by the controllers at the Anglo-American School. (From the Murderous History of USAID)

The true horror of the Anglo-American School is that under the facade of smiling, friendly and "wholesome" education is an MKULTRA based psychological programming system to brainwash and control children. Although every module of the syllabus can be explained away with ready excuses the syllabus when analyzed as a whole produces the end result of a mind-control slave for the US Government. On top of that not only are the children spied upon, recorded and their every move entered into their secret CIA dossiers, but they are subjected to psychotropic substances such as several variations of Tryptophan and other easily hidden substances and unbeknownst to them used as spies to inform on their loved ones, give details about their homes and families, even security details, and information on anyone they are close to who is of interest to the CIA.

As I am a witness to, the greatest danger is to the brightest and most beautiful of the children. These children risk receiving the "Special Attention" of the controllers and can be anything from extra terror based programming, to hypnosis, to rape or to outright kidnapping and sale which may take place hundreds of miles away from the school and even years after the student stops studying. Once the children are there and the US Government has collected their bio-metric and other data, they are guaranteed an entire life of US Government surveillance. Even worse is if the CIA has programmed them with subliminal post-hypnotic scripts in their ongoing attempts to create mind control assassins.

For the brightest children the dangers are untold and it is time that the world knows what the CIA does to children in their insane experiments and secret programs.   (Expose the SUNRISE HOUSE STARGATE PROGRAM here. It is time. They will keep the Epstein crap going for as long as it takes to distract from anything possible coming out against the CIA)

The CIA has a serious problem with language acquisition and it is impossible for them to create native speakers of foreign languages especially Russian, no matter how hard they try or what fantastic claims they make about the Defense Intelligence School in Monterrey California or the program at the University of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg. While they do create some good speakers of Russian, no matter what, they are always identifiable. Therefore recruiting and grooming children who can achieve native level fluency is a primary objective, but that is not all.

Normalizing genocide, racial supremacy, murder, perversion, rape, enslavement, stupidity, violence, surveillance, war and Corporatocracy 

Western parents all know that once children go to school they learn things that they would never learn at home and once they become teenagers they "go through phases", break rules, rebel and become impossible to control or even reason with. Russians say it takes a village to raise a child and I have concluded that all of these negative behavioral transformations and mutations are specifically programmed by design and serve the interests of the controllers whatever those may be at the time. For the "well-adjusted" child the programming and the parents education coincide thus creating a "model" subject.

In order to understand how this is all done we must first start with inception, normally a trauma which sets the foundation for the idea and makes the subject pliant and is the mechanism that allows for the programmed idea to be planted in the subject, logically starting at the beginning if you will.

MKULTRA mind control is so advanced today that even if you describe every single mechanism in play to those affected by it, due to their programming and deeply implanted cognitive dissonance, will scoff and tell you that you are a tin-foil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-nut. Regardless that has never stopped me so let's get started here shall we?

The initial programming in American Education, and all Anglo-Saxon education for that matter, is subservience to the state.

While this may sound fantastic and like some conspiracy theorist's ravings these programs and methods and "practical applications" of decades of MKULTRA research and experimentation (which were never stopped) are normal operational programs for the CIA. Remember under the rules by which the CIA operates, they can do basically anything they want outside of the United States proper but are not allowed to operate inside the USA (a restriction they have almost completely gotten rid of today). Again think for a long hard moment why even USAID operatives involved in overturning governments and even illegally sterilizing women (as they do in Puerto Rico: See Julius Rhodes) are not given diplomatic immunity but some grade school teachers are?

Russia is right in at mimimum denying these teachers visas and demanding that they honor the laws and work within the educational and legal parameters of the Russian Federation. Of course the Anglo-American School can not because what they are really doing would be illegal in Russia as it should be in every country.       

In my next update, I will take you through why the photos below are important and reveal how I was almost renditioned out of the Anglo-American School.

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 Historical Interference: For a Rogue Nation Diplomacy No Longer Applies

Historically Anglo-American Schools have been just another front for the Empire. How much more convenient can it get for the CIA, MOSSAD and MI6 to run agents under Diplomatic Cover when operations call for the targetting of children and the "elites" of a target country?

CIA Officer Color Revolution Specialist Michael McFaul Chimes In 

When CIA Color Revolution Specialist Michael McFaul and CIA Asset Jeff Besos Controlled CIA Front Washington Post get together to push an issue you know it is important for the CIA.

July 27, 2019

Historic Ties of Anglo-American Schools to the CIA

Trialateral Commission

English as an Indoctrination and Subversion Tool

A Den of Spies

Being Thrown in a Trunk and Renditioned to Ukraine

(Note to myself: Careful.)


My "Almost Rendition" Out of the Anglo-American School

For my own security I will not give you all of the details but 

Nicaragua:American School Pedophile William Vahey A CIA-US Government Protected Criminal

Agora Inc.,Nicaragua:American School Pedophile

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Subverting and Infilitrating the Russian Orthodox Church

The logic that Andrey tried to push forward is that only the US will save Russia and it is fine to take USAID money and serve foreign masters. The colonizlization of Russia through the subversion of the Russian Orthodox Church is a chief plan of the New World Order

Facilitating money laundering and maintaining black payouts

Just a nice "Ukrainian" girl right?

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Home tel: (044) 457 66 20
Date of birth: January10, 1976

USAID Funds Child Trafficking Under Cover of Adoptions and Helping Orphans

Another problem with USAID was their funding of adoption agencies and even orphanages which allowed them to gain access to "cheap Russian children" to be used for child trafficking and sold for huge profits. 

Foreign child adoption as sound “investment” and business for Americans, or why Dima Yakovlev Law is necessary to protect Russian children

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23 January, 2013 21:44  

Foreign child adoption as sound “investment” and business for Americans, or why Dima Yakovlev Law is necessary to protect Russian children

As the media and the public debate the Dima Yakovlev Law the real reasons for the law are being lost in the debate, namely the abuse of Russian adoptees by American adoptive parents and the fact that American officials are not allowing Russian officials access to children who are Russian citizens in order to verify that they are being cared for in an appropriate manner. Russia seeks to protect its most defenseless citizens, it is as simple as that.

With the passing of the Dima Yakovlev law many Russians are debating the issue of adoptions and sadly another rift, albeit small has appeared in Russian society due to America’s actions. What is being lost in the debate here in Russia as sides point fingers at each other, namely the Western backed “opposition” who come out on every occasion to belittle any decision are action that protects Russia’s sovereignty and those who are interested in the well being of Russian children, is the real reason for the Dima Yakovlev law: the deaths and murders of Russian adoptees at the hands of their American foster parents.

Many have said the law was in answer to the U.S. Magnitsky Act, however this is far from the case. The real reason was the continued abuse of Russian adoptees by American adoptive parents and the obfuscation and interference by the US authorities in granting Russian Officials access to Russian adoptees in order to check their well-being. It is important to recall that all Russian adoptees are Russian citizens until their 18th birthday and Russia is simply seeking to protect the rights of its smallest and most defenseless citizens.

Why Americans adopt foreign children

To start off I think it is important to look at why Americans want to adopt Russian children in the first place. One reason is because they did not have to go through the extensive background checks and even the US checks that exist are more lenient when it comes foreign adoptions.

Another and perhaps more significant reason is the simple fact that most American adoptive parents are white and many openly state of their dream to have a blonde blue-eyed white child, problematic in the US where parents may have only children from other race groups to choose from or where the competition for the child of their choice is too great or the wait could take years.

“Parents” such as these are not interested in charity or providing a child with a good life but are in reality simply engaged in the act of “buying goods” to fulfill whatever motivations they have for pursuing the “purchase” in the first place.

The argument they may use that a white child is easier to integrate into a white family may seem valid on the surface but true familial harmony has nothing to do with racial make-up, unless you are a racist of course.

For adoptions agencies and child “brokers” engaged in the business of selling and buying children for their clients, having a source of cheap white children was a “God-send”. Like anything where there is a demand there is always someone ready to capitalize on that demand and fill it, and for them Russia was ideal.

One “Christian” organization in Russia openly states that the cost of a Russian child was $5,000, almost nothing when Americans are ready to pay from $35,000 to $120,000 for a white blue-eyed child. The profits to be had are huge.

Of course it is distasteful to call the process what it is; “the buying and selling of children”, especially for the parents, so the agencies and those involved have to come up with mountains of supportive arguments and self-satisfying reasoning to make their business palatable to the world at large.

The constant propaganda against Russia and the “deplorable conditions in Russian orphanages”, etc etc ad-nauseum by people who have never set foot in a Russian orphanage or even in the Russian Federation is necessary to assist them in selling their product and placating the consciences of people who are uprooting a child from the child’s natural surrounding and attempting to recreate the child in whatever image they desire on the other side of the planet.

Another reason Americans seek to adopt children from overseas is the fear that the birth mother may show up and “interfere” in the upbringing of the child or take the child away altogether, something which may happen in the US if for example; a mother had her child taken away due to substance abuse issues and has since reformed her behavior.

All of these reasons; the long waiting lists, the stricter internal US controls, the fact that the birth mother may show up at any moment, the fact that the child itself may seek out its mother or father, make adopting children from a foreign country attractive to Americans. There are also issues with parents who may have an affinity for a country or possess imperialistic sentiments assuaged by the fact that they “possess” a person from a certain country and can make them “American”.

Another fact that few pay attention to but is also important is the tax breaks that Americans may receive for adopting foreign children, there is the primary tax break for having a dependent child (applicable to all adoptions) and then tax breaks for foreign travel and “charitable contributions” if the adoption is done for example through a “Christian” organization. Again, from a “business” viewpoint a very sound “investment”, and from an oversight viewpoint such organizations enjoy almost no oversight by the authorities.

Unfortunately no serious studies on the subject have been done and data is extremely difficult to find as to the primary driving motivations so what you have just read are the results of my own research on the matter at hand.

Adoptions and adoptees in the US

Most of the information about adoptions in the US is almost impossible to find and even the number of actual children eligible for adoption is a fact that is not available to the public. As an example; in one state an adoptive parent, who went through all of the steps to be allowed to adopt a child and was finally allowed to “choose” a child, was shocked to learn that apart from the 30 children she was at first told were available, there were in fact more than 500 more in her state.

According to official data; in the US the figures regarding international as opposed to internal adoptions stands at roughly 20% international and 40% from the foster care system and 40% from private adoptions.

Currently there are officially about 129,000 children in the US in the foster care system ready for adoption and the number from private adoptions may be far greater bringing the number of children in the US waiting to be adopted to what could be close to half a million or more, this does not include children who the states are waiting to take parental rights away from.

The US does not officially list children as being eligible for adoption until the parents have lost all parental rights and states intentionally refrain from taking this final step until there are adoptive parents, making the number of children eligible for adoption but not on official lists possibly ten times greater.

Child homicide and abuse in the US: stats and figures

In 2008, a year I was able to find data on, there were approximately 1,494 child homicides in the United States. Of those killed 1,035 were male, while 453 were female, these figures are more or less average with reports seeing an increase in the past few years.

Indeed, even the 19 Russian-born children who died while in the care of their adoptive parents are a tiny minority of the 60,000 Russian children who have been adopted in the United States since 1991. Using this number, the death rate of Russian adoptees is 1.5 per 100,000 per year. By comparison, the general child fatality rate due to neglect and abuse has hovered around 2.2 deaths per 100,000 children per year over the past few years in the US. One might argue from the facts that Americans kill more of their own children than Russian children, but the point is moot when even one death is unacceptable.

Some more figures: in the US in 2011 an estimated 1,570 children died of abuse and neglect, making the numbers: 2.1 per 100,000, and in the past 6 years the number has fluctuated between a high of 1,608 in 2007 and a low of 1,494 in 2008.

By age the number of children killed in the US is disproportionately high when it comes to children under 3. In 2011: 98 3-year-olds were murdered, 166 2-year-olds, 229 1-year-olds and 534 children under the age of one were murdered by their caregivers, making almost 82% of all murdered children in America under the age of 4.

According to US Government statistics for 2011 the race of parents who murdered their children is as follows: 490 children were killed by white parents (40.5%), 341 by black parents (28.2%) and 215 by Hispanic parents (17.8%), figures from which any number of conclusions could be reached.

The figures for those killed by neglect stand at 895 deaths (71.1%), from abuse 602 dead (47.9%) with the rest dying from other causes.

An argument in defense of adoptive parents might be had from the fact that there were 617,858 cases of abuse reported by parents in 2011 and by adoptive parents only 5,108. This could be attributed to the fact that adoptive parents are generally better educated and more well-off than the majority of the population.

How do Americans abuse their children? According to US Government figures for 2011 61% of parents abusing their children were guilty of neglect, 9.7% physically abused their children and a whopping 6.2% sexually abused their own children or those in their care.

Crime and Punishment

Sadly, in a country where rapists get an average of 65 months in prison before they are prowling the streets again (according to figures by the FBI), hackers get approximately 10 years for DDoS attacks, and anyone the state deems a “terrorist” can be disappeared for life, parents who murder their own children, and in particular those who murder Russian orphans, get away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist if they are repentant.

Moral low-ground

The United States has long ago lost its self-perceived position as the world’s moral compass for many reasons, one being the situation surrounding adopted children, others being all of the war crimes, aggressive wars, droning, torture and human rights violations that have existed and come to light since 9-11.

Yet another no less important indicator is the Official US refusal to sign and comply with international treaties and norms including: the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the Convention for the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance, the Mine Ban Treaty, the Convention on Cluster Munitions, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture.

The US is the only country in the world, other than Somalia, that has not ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most widely and rapidly ratified human rights treaty in history. As for the CEDAW, it is one of only seven countries including: Iran, Nauru, Palau, Somalia, Sudan and Tonga that has failed to ratify the convention.

One might argue that the US has ratified the Hague Conventions on International Adoptions, however there is no recourse for violations to the conventions and they are largely ignored.

Despite all of the above many Americans feel that, while dictating to the world what to do and meddling into the affairs of any nation they choose to, any “foreign” oversight or monitoring is somehow an attack on their sovereignty. Hence the obfuscation faced by Russian Officials when it comes to checking on the welfare of Russian adoptees.

US Society

As I said before: having lived in both Russia and the U.S. for decades I can honestly say that any Russian travelling to the U.S. would be shocked at the number of stories and cases of child abuse and atrocities against children that exist in the United States and that no one hears about in the filtered international U.S. media.

Societal violence, sexual deviation and the mentality of Americans in seeing every country in the world as being beneath their own contempt make it dangerous for children from other countries to be adopted by Americans. Predators see isolated foreign children as prime targets as they are defenseless and in most cases too afraid to fight back or speak out, which leads to an escalation of the violence against themselves.

For decades few people have understood the reality that in America it is not all milk and honey, yet Russians are beginning to wake up. The Russian Government in particular, with the expulsion of USAID, which was heavily involved in subverting the Russian state, and also in the whole children’s care sphere, has finally begun to take measures against the carefully planned and subtle encroachment on Russia’s sovereignty.

Russians must congratulate the government and President Putin for having the courage and foresight to take measures to protect the Russian Federation and the Russian people and most importantly protect Russia’s defenseless children who were being “sold” to America. Unfortunately after decades of pro-US propaganda many in Russia still believe the lies they have been fed and unfortunately do not know the real motives behind organizations such USAID.

With higher education almost out of reach for the majority of Americans the overall population is one of the worst educated in the world. The societal glorification of violence and force is exacerbated by lack of education, resulting in a situation where many see violence as the only solution, including when it comes to resolving issues with children.

America’s own problems concerning unwanted children are also not helped and possibly driven by the church and the whole anti-abortion craze which has caused millions of unwanted children that no one really cares about adopting.

Economic concerns and the breakdown down in the family, the primary societal unit, also have led to a situation where children are paying the price in America.

Despite all of this the US Media is continuously biased against Russia, and any other country in the world for that matter, and continues to perpetuate the myth that most Americans themselves refuse to part with, that America is the land of milk and honey and everywhere else is “third world”.

Russian falacies

One of these myths is the argument by the Russian opposition that disabled Russian orphans have nowhere to go. According to the Pavel Astakhov, the Russian President’s Ombudsman on Children’s Rights, there are more Russian parents ready to adopt Russian orphans than there are children.

There are also hundreds of thousands of disabled American children for Americans to adopt and if there were really charitable motivations behind the actions of these adoptive parents, they would adopt their own disabled children first, but they don’t. Americans who want to adopt Russian children, as I said above, are not interested in charity, they are interested in obtaining a cheap white blue-eyed Russian baby.

I can not say there are no Americans who are driven by charity, there are some and they must be applauded, but they are few and generally they are overburdened and run group homes which attempt to deal with the needs of these special children in an environment where there is minimal support.

As for Russia and I can say this honestly and with the insight of an educator, the respect for children is much higher than in the U.S. and the level of crimes and cases of inhumane acts against children are so much lower as to almost be non-existent if one compares them to the U.S.

In the better part of two decades here there have been less than a dozen high profile cases of crimes against children and once again I cannot help but to compare that with the almost daily onslaught in the U.S. media of cases of child abuse, kidnappings, child murders and pedophilia.

Not only Russia

Russia is not the only country that has put a halt to American adoptions. One important source for children used by those in the child trade business was Guatemala. In 2008 it was the leading country providing children for Americans with 4,123 children being adopted by Americans. Several countries have also drastically cut back on the number of adoptions to America or increased the requirements on those wishing to adopt, these include: Ethiopia, Vietnam, South Korea and even China.

Murdered Children

Since the ‘90s 19 Russian children have died at the hands of their American adopted parents.

1. Ivan Skorobogatov “Nathaniel Craver” aged 7, died August 25, 2009 after being taken off life support in Hershey Pennsylvania. The autopsy revealed Vanya suffered 80 external injuries, including 20 to the head and had been abused for an extended period of time. His killers Michael and Nannette Craver were released after time served.

2. Dmitry Yakovlev, “Chase Harrison” aged 21 months, died July 8, 2008 in Herndon, Virginia. Child was baked alive in the back of the car of adopted “father” Miles Harrison, who “forgot” the child and was acquitted of any wrongdoing in the murder of the infant. His killer was released.

3. Nickolai (Kolya ) Emelyantsev, 14-months-old, died on March 7, 2008 in Tooele Utah. He was murdered by his adoptive mother Kimberly Emelyantsev, he died of a fractured skull after being repeatedly bashed on a concrete floor and had cuts and bruises to over 90% percent of his little body. His killer has already been released.

4. Denis Uritsky “Dennis Gene Merryman” 8-years-old. Died January 22, 2005 in Harford County, Maryland of cardiac arrest brought on by starvation. At 3 he weighed 40 pounds, at the time of death he weighed 37. His killers were released then received 22 years each.

5. Victoria Bazhenova “Nina Hilt”. 2.5-years-old. Died July 2, 2005 in Manassas, Virginia of blows and internal injuries to the abdominal area after being repeatedly kick and punched in the stomach and back. Murdered by Peggy Sue Hilt. Killer sentenced to approximately 20 years.

6. Konstantin Shlepin “David Polreis Jr” aged 2. Died February 9, 1996 in Greeley, Colorado after being beaten to death. Had cuts and bruises over 90% of his body. Killed by Renee Polreis. Killer was released in 2005.

7. Logan Higginbotham aged 3. Died November 25, 1998 in Shelburne, Vermont of massive head injuries after being slammed into a wall. Killer Laura Higginbotham was sentenced to 1 year and has been released.

8. Viktor Sergeivich Tulimov “Viktor Matthey” aged 6. Died October 31, 2000 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey of hypothermia after being locked in an unheated service room overnight. Had over 40 cuts and bruises on his body as well as untreated bone fractures. Killers Robert and Brenda Matthey were released in 2008.

9. Luke Evans aged 1.5 years. Died November 30, 2001 in Lowell, Indiana of massive head injuries and shaken baby syndrome. His killer Natalie Fabian Evans was found not guilty and released.

10. Alexei Vasilovich Geiko “Alex Pavlis” 6-years-old. Died December 18, 2003 in Schaumburg, Illinois of massive injuries after going into a coma. His killer Iram Pavlis was sentenced to 12 years in prison but was released in 2008.

11. Ilya Kargyntsev “Isaac Jonathan Dykstra” aged 21 months. Died August 14, 2005 in Iowa City, Iowa of massive internal injuries. Killer Brian Dykstra was charged with 2nd degree murder then acquitted. Free 12. Jacob Lindroff aged 5. Died December 14, 2001 in Gloucester Township, New Jersey of a blunt force trauma to the head. Jacob has 2nd degree burns on his feet. Killers James and Heather Lindroff have been released. They were later charged with conspiracy to commit murder after attempting to hire a someone to kill a witness in the case. They are free after those charges as well.

13. Jessica Albina Hagmann age 2 years 7 months. Died August 11, 2003 in Prince William County, Virginia of mechanical asphyxia due to compression against an adult: lack of blood and oxygen. Jessica weighed only 27 pounds when she died and was covered with bruises including multiple bruises and cuts to her face and head. Killer Patrice Lynn Hagmann received 2 suspended sentences and has been released.

14. Dmitry Sergeyevich Ishlankulov “Liam Dmitry Thompson” aged 3. Died October 16, 2003 in Columbus, Ohio of burns to his entire body after being boiled alive in a bathtub in 140 degree water and placed in a crib in a freezing basement for five days. Killers Gary Allen Thompson received 15 years. Will probably be released in 2018. Killer Amy Thompson will be released in 2017.

15. Maria Anastasia Bennett aged 2. Died October 23, 2002 in Columbus Ohio of fatal head wounds and eye injuries. Her killer Susan Jane Bennett received 3 years with release after 2 years and the probation. She has been released.

16. Sacha Vallée aged 4. Died October 9, 2002 in Verdun, Quebec, Canada after being beaten for 4 days, dropped on his face, punched in the stomach and left outside in the Canadian winter. His killer Eric Grenier was found guilty of non-premeditated homicide and sentenced to life in prison with no possiblility of parole for 12 years( by Canada).

17. Nikita Khoryakovont “Zachary Higier” aged 2. Died August 15, 2002 in Braintree, Massachusetts of a bilateral skull fracture, a massive stroke on the right side of his brain, a smaller stroke on left side, brain swelling and detached retinas consistent with a fall from a 3 storey building. Killer Natalia Higier was sentenced to 2 1/2 years. Has been released

18 and19 Yana and Anatoly Kolenda. Both aged 11. Died on October 21, 2002 in Westfield, Massachusetts after being brutally murdered by the Richard Kolenda who then killed the adoptive mother and later shot himself in the head.

Then there are multiple cases of abuse such as:

Kuzma Cochran, 4-years-old. Abused by Jane and Timothy Cochran. Kuzma was tortured, had bruises over 90% of his body, was beaten and had a piece of his ear cut off. Abusers received 3 and 2 months. Were released.

Kelsey Hyre, aged 2, living in Akron Ohio and permanently paralyzed on September 26, 2002 when her spine severed by Gerald Hyre after he slammed her on the floor.

Russian children should be cared for and looked after by Russian parents or caregivers, especially in light of the lack of access allowed Russian Officials to Russian children abroad, in reality that is in the best interest of the children. As for America they should take more steps to solve their own internal issues with regards to child abuse and child homicide before dragging in the international community and asking it to accept the atrocious conditions faced by adoptees in America. In short America should be banned from all international adoptions until they can take care of their own children.

US Pseudo Political Correctness and the Russian Orphans Murdered in America

20 July 2012, 15:36

Pseudo political correctness western style and Russian orphans

One area where there is no room for rhetoric or for false attempts at being politically correct is the area of international adoptions and the welfare of the smallest and most defenseless individuals among us. We have seen this many times before in case after case of Russian orphans and adoptees suffering abuse and even death at the hands of their American adoptive parents.

Time and time again, in almost every aspect of Russian-Western relations, we have seen anti-Russian hysteria and pseudo-political correctness raise its ugly head. It is something that many are used to and something that more and more Westerners are beginning to notice.

Recently the Children’s Rights Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov and Russian Human Rights Envoy Konstantin Dolgov, attempted to visit a “ranch” for adopted children in remote northwestern Montana. The purpose of the visit was to check on the well-being of the reportedly 10 Russian adoptees that were at the ranch and who according to RIA-Novosti  were removed shortly before Mr. Astakhov’s visit.

On his official website Mr. Astakhov, who has been diligently fighting for the rights of Russian children worldwide, stated the following: "The very fact of the children being there is shocking. What is it, a pre-trial detention facility? A penal colony? Or a trash can for unwanted children?"

"These children are completely isolated from the outside world, which is grounds for violating their rights. It has not been made clear to us whether the children receive the necessary help and treatment, which is why the condition of the Russian kids at the ranch causes concerns," Astakhov said.

Were the children from any other country these concerns would have been granted the level of respect they deserve, especially when the safety and welfare of children are at their core and everything would have been done to ensure that the issue was properly looked at. Sadly this did not occur.

Instead the pseudo politically correct machine that is the U.S. mass media began an onslaught, not on the ranch’s owner, one Joyce Sterkel, but on Mr. Astakhov and the group of Russian government officials that travelled with him.

The AP published a huge piece of more than three pages in length full of anti-Russian quotes by Sterkel, which are not worth repeating here, with almost nothing about the children or Mr. Astakhov’s concerns, even referring to the ombudsman as “one of them.” ABCNews

Six days later the AP published 7 sentences regarding the illegality of Ms. Sterkel’s ranch. Which has not had a license to operate since 2010, has been ordered closed and where inspectors have not been allowed. Other problems at the ranch include a failure to show the structures on the ranch meet the building code, no disaster plan and no background checks on employees.

Again nowhere are the stories about the children in question or regarding their well-being - for the U.S. media they are not even a side issue. It is as if they do not exist.

Sterkel has not only denied the Russian inspectors entry onto the so-called ranch but has also denied the Montana state board any information about the children at the ranch according to board attorney Mary Tapper. (

Statements in the U.S. press regarding sovereignty, intrusion, and privacy rights have no place in a dialogue involving the safety and welfare of children, wherever they may be from. However the U.S. is a country where in many cases pseudo political correctness comes first and the rights and safety of children come second.

The Reverend Peter Mullen in his blog on the Mail Online put it well when describing the influence of political correctness on adoptions in the Western system: “The scandal is that our Mephistophelian “caring institutions” would rather a child be aborted than that the mother should give birth and so present them with all these tiresome pseudo-problems derived entirely from political correctness.”  (DailyMail)

Having lived in both Russia and the U.S. for decades I can honestly say that any Russian travelling to the U.S. would be shocked at the number of stories and cases of child abuse and atrocities against children that exist in the United States and that no one hears about in the filtered international U.S. media.

The U.S. culture of death, sex, violence, hypocrisy and perversion is often reflected on the horrors that children become the victims of. The record has shown with regard to Russian orphans that the controls that exist for other orphans are just not there and that many adoptive parents feel that because they somehow “rescued” the children from some “terrible” faraway place they can do whatever they want to the children with impunity.

As for Russia and I can say this honestly and with the insight of an educator, the respect for children is much higher than in the U.S. and the level of crimes and cases of inhumane acts against children are so much lower as to almost be non-existent if one compares them to the U.S.

In the better part of two decades here there have been less than a dozen high profile cases of crimes against children. Once again I can not help but compare the almost daily onslaught in the U.S. media of cases of child abuse, kidnappings, child murders and pedophilia.

Joyce Sterkel did not allow the Russian delegation to inspect the facility in question, nor has she provided the Board of Private Alternative Adolescent Residential and Outdoor Programs any information about the children. She also removed the children from the premises before Mr. Astakhov arrived. What is she so afraid might be discovered? And what is really going on at the isolated and remote Deep Springs Ranch for Kids?

The pseudo-politically-correct U.S. establishment may have a problem asking those questions, but I don’t, and for the sake of the children they must be answered.


Human Organ Trafficking Through Clinics in Ekaterinberg

This was

USAID Operations in Afghanistan: Bomb into Oblivion, Charge to Rebuild - Success!

USAID/CIA/NATO in Afghanistan: War Profiteering, Fueling Corruption, Supporting Terrorism and Taking Over the Global Heroin Trade

USAID Operations in Haiti: Wipe Out an Entire People and Grab the Pennies They Have Left

"Protecting American Security and Interests"

USAID/CIA, Clinton, Gates et al Foundations and the Corporate Bankster Masters in Haiti: Making Billions Off the Poorest of the Poor

Disaster Profiteering

Gates Foundation and USAID Announce Innovative Fund to Incentivize Mobile Money Services in Haiti | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Access to financial services by mobile phone can dramatically improve the lives of Haitians as country rebuilds from devastating earthquake
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) today announced a $10 million incentive fund to jumpstart financial services by mobile phone in Haiti and expedite the delivery of cash assistance to victims of the country’s devastating earthquake by humanitarian agencies. This initiative lays the foundation for advanced banking services that could help millions of Haitians lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

Trump stated the real think of USAID when he called poor nations "shithole countries"

Enabling Haitians to send, receive, and store money using their mobile phones has the potential to dramatically improve their lives and leapfrog more conventional banking models to safer, more affordable alternatives. Often called “mobile money,” these services reduce the risks and costs of financial transactions, help increase savings, and generate employment.


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USAID Around the world.

The murderous history of USAID, the US Government agency behind Cuba's fake Twitter clone



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NSA/GCHQ/FVEY Spying on Everything: White Sheds on Embassies are SIGINT Posts

Old building of US embassy in Moscow. You can spot 'spy box' on its roof.

US embassy in Moscow.With 'spy box' on its roof.

By John Robles for the Voice of Russia World Service in English, 12 November, 2013  12:55  

While much of the world’s attention has been focused on NSA and US spying through the internet and electronic devices, one area that has been overlooked are advances in/and activities surrounding signals intelligence through the radio spectrum. An area which has also made huge advancements over the last 20 years.

One of the key points for collecting foreign intelligence for almost any country are the embassies and diplomatic missions of the word’s states abroad and with the revelations by Edward Snowden of NSA servers based in US Embassies worldwide, this has once again placed a focus on the sovereign territories of countries as embodied by their diplomatic missions.

If one drives by the US Embassy in Moscow and looks up one might notice a white shed-sized "box" situated prominently almost directly in the middle of the embassy’s roof. But what is it? Well the answer is most likely a camouflaged spy post.

I contacted a source with expertise in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) about the "boxes", which appear on US and UKUSA member embassies worldwide and he/she said the white "sheds" are actually called "Secure Compartmented Intelligence Facilities" (SCIF).

The source said that there are two types of installation, some are temporary and portable and some are permanent. The temporary or portable structures are covered with a white material which is apparently a "modified Kevlar made material that allows RF through with minimal attenuation."

The permanent locations such as on the US Embassy in Moscow and the US Embassy in Berlin have "dielectric windows (a dielectric window is not made of glass but it is transparent to radio waves ) which hide the specialist antennae and amplifiers, codenamed EINSTEIN and CASTANET respectively".

The source said that the specific frequency capability is dictated by the target frequencies and the structures allow for multiple intercepts including: data, voice, and whatever else they can receive.

The innocent looking "boxes" are not only based all over the world on the roof tops of embassies worldwide but they are all part of a global spy network with the codename "STATEROOM". It is part of a "Special Collection Service" or (SCS) apparently placed with the knowledge and participation of the FiveEyes (FVEY) (UKUSA) participants or USUKCANAUSNZ.

As I have written before UKUSA is a SIGINT alliance of the same "Five Eyes" countries, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The source says that there is no evidence of such SCIFs being mounted in FVEY countries and that he/she suspects that this is due to hard connections available to the four others who then share their take with the hosting nation; meaning that no nation spies on its own, hence you have the UK’s GCHQ passing information on UK citizens to the NSA, and Australia’s DSD, Canada’s CSEC and New Zealand’s CSO doing the same, with the NSA apparently providing the other four with the same level of data on their own citizens. The relationships allow for the FVEY countries to spy on their own citizens by having a "foreign" partner do it for them, thus skirting all of their own national laws and constitutions.

The source was asked about a cylindrical shaped structure on top of the UK Embassy in Berlin and stated that he/she thought it was not part of STATEROOM .

The source speculated that it could possibly be a probe into the beamwidth of a telephone microwave link.

Although the obvious targets of such surveillance are Chancellor Merkel and her Government Offices (German High Command) the source says, the dielectric window on the UK Embassy in Berlin is 90 degrees and one pane is pointing over the top of the British Embassy towards the Russian Embassy on the Brandenburg Gate a minutes’ walk away.

On the 11th September a man by the name of Ali Mansouri, an alleged member of the Iranian Quds Force, was arrested for espionage operations in Israel.

In his possession were photographs of various sites including the US Embassy in Tel Aviv which actually showed the SCIF atop the building. The media release on his arrest was not until the 29th of September so possibly, according to the source: "… intelligence agencies such as the German BND were taking a look atop the US Embassy in the Pariser Platz."

So that takes care of the white "boxes" and other structures and designs on the roofs of FVEY Embassies, now what about the NSA servers in the basements? Kind of hard to photograph those I guess.

State Sponsored Terrorism: How USAID Funds Terrorist Groups - By John Robles

1 October 2012, 23:25  

'State sponsored terrorism' or USAID funds terrorist groups

The amount of information available is growing which points to the fact USAID is much more than it seems and that it is deeply intertwined, if not in fact an integral part, of the CIA. According to our files one of the most overt cases of USAID interference and proof positive that it is in fact engaged in activities that are far beyond what it claims to be doing, was recently uncovered and involves the financing of subversive operations in Cuba.

It is sometimes difficult for people to understand and accept the sheer magnitude of the murderous and criminal things that the American government is capable of doing. Many people are ready to turn a blind eye and would rather be ignorant when they are presented evidence of monstrosities being committed by their government, labeling anyone who dares to question the official line as a kook or a conspiracy freak. We saw this with 9-11, when respected and educated structural engineers, architects, scientists and eyewitnesses reported on facts which brought the official version into question and these people lost their jobs, their freedom and many, their lives.

While investigating some of the activities of USAID (at the start this article was to be about their meddling in Russia) I learned more and more about what they actually do and the picture continues to become more horrible with each new revelation.

The activities of USAID in the past include everything from secret and even overt sterilization programs to facilitate selective control of certain race groups and peoples, population control experimentation using disease and even famine and even subverting governments and sovereign nations through the manipulation of educational institutions, critical infrastructure and using the most vulnerable segments of populations as tools to fulfill their own secret agendas.

This may sound bad enough but it gets worse, much worse. Not only is USAID a tool of the CIA and an instrument to bring about the fulfillment of the black operations of remorseless and conscious less monsters but it is a tool disguising itself as an innocent “friend” and a promoter of the more nobler aspirations of mankind. It is among other things a “tool” which finances terrorists and terrorist acts which kill innocent people.

This is clear in Cuba, which has been the target for US terrorism. Not only what might be called “state sponsored terrorism”, but as operation Northwoods showed the world, state planned, financed and executed terrorism. Sure project Northwoods was stopped by Kennedy, and it may be one of the reasons he was assassinated, but new evidence once again shows that the US Government will do whatever it takes to meet their objectives.

If you are not familiar with Project Northwoods it involved the US Government staging real terrorist acts in the United States, killing untold numbers of US citizens, blowing up airliners, sinking warships and staging various attacks on US properties and military installations and then placing the blame on Cuba, so that it could then invade the small Caribbean nation.

The projects details are strangely reminiscent of the events of 9-11. Project Northwoods passed through the entire chain of command, all the way to President Kennedy’s desk, who refused to sign it. When the information was finally leaked out it clearly showed that there are those who have no regard for human life when it comes to meeting their objectives in positions of great power in the US Government. If George Bush had been presented a plan to fly drone aircraft into the World Trade Center and fire a stinger missile into the Pentagon to serve as a catalyst for a global war of domination masked as a war on terrorism, would he have signed it?

According to an e-mail citing a report by the Granma newspaper, while Americans are suffering, schools are closing, unemployment is viral, healthcare is unattainable, and there are a myriad of other more pressing social issues, the U.S. Government set aside $3,400,000.00 to "… finance subversive operations in Cuba."

The money was reportedly transferred to one of the many anti-Cuba groups in Miami that are responsible for conducting anti-Cuban Government operations in Cuba, including acts of terrorism. The organization in question, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC), a subsidiary of the Cuban-American National Foundation (CANF), is involved in carrying out terrorist acts in Cuba.

The FHRC is located in Miami Florida and was founded by CIA-terrorist agent Jorge Mas Canosa and Luis Posada Carriles, men responsible for the loss of dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent lives. Their close relationship with the CIA and far-right senators and representatives is also at issue in the e-mail.

Luis Posada Carriles is one of the most proliferate terrorists of modern times, not only was he one of the organizers of the1976 terrorist bombing of Cubana Airlines flight 455 that killed 73 passengers, but he has a long history of terrorist activities and working with the CIA including work under the alias "Ramon Medina," with the “Contra” program run by Lt. Col. Oliver North in the Reagan National Security Council. In 1998 he admitted in interview with Ann Louise Bardach for the New York Times that he was responsible for a string of hotel bombings in Havana which injured eleven people and killed an Italian national. He was also imprisoned in Panama for trying to assassinate Fidel Castro in December 2000 with 33 pounds of C-4 explosives.

The e-mail, or rather the article it refers to, call the funding embezzlement, citing the case of a different Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) subsidized by USAID, the Center for a Free Cuba, owned by Felipe Sixto, the right-hand man of CIA agent Frank "Paquito" Calzon.

If we accept what is now part of the public record, that through USAID the CIA and the US Government funds terrorist and subversive activities then would it be much of a stretch of the imagination to postulate that they have done the same in Russia? This would include funding Chechen terrorists and their terrorist activities and operations some of which required amazing amounts of funding, planning, resources and funding.

Subversive activities in Russia would also include funding, recruiting and planning for the usurping of the government and the organization of a “color” revolution, things such as population control to facilitate the long term plan of diminishing the population and in the end a complete end to the Russian people and the Russian state. Sound far-fetched? All of these have been planned and discussed and talked about, and the ideal tool for bringing such events about was USAID.

In another e-mail Fred Burton at Stratfor was asked to verify how many people on a list of Americans killed abroad were undercover operatives to which he unconvincingly said that many were not CIA, but what was interesting is that he did say that one Laurence Foley, who was killed in 2002 in Amman Jordan, was CIA and working under U.S. Agency for International Development official cover and Freddie Woodruff, who was shot dead in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1993 was the CIA Chief of Station.

As I stated in an earlier report, USAID has long been known to be a front company for the CIA, this fact alone should be enough to raise the warning flags but if we now add to that the fact that they are active in the funding of terrorist acts it makes the organization an even worse one than most of us could have imagined.

Russia Says No to USAID's Meddling - By John Robles

25 September 2012, 10:00  

The Government of the Russian Federation has been forced to take measures against US interests to protect its sovereignty and after allowing USAID to operate freely on the territory of the Russian Federation for 20 years has informed the organization that, as of October 1st, it is no longer welcome. USAID has proven that its stated objectives are not keeping with its real activities in the country, activities which have served to undermine Russia and advance US interests.

As of October 1 2012, USAID (The United States Agency for International Development) is to cease all of its operations on the territory of the Russian Federation by order of the Russian Government, ending decades of deep and far-reaching involvement in post-Soviet territory.

The Russian Government has determined that USAID has been attempting to, among other things, influence the internal political processes of the Russian Federation, this is true, clear and obvious and must not be allowed to continue. However that is only the very tip of an enormous iceberg of US involvement and meddling which goes to the very foundations of Russian society.

The organization, which has for years been listed as a CIA front, would like to paint a picture of itself as an innocent “humanitarian” group trying to advance the societal interests of the countries where it is, for all intents and purposes, buying influence.

This might have been believable in the innocent days of the 90’s when much of the world still believed that the US was interested in advancing the betterment of all mankind, but things have changed. The world has grown up, and has seen that the US is bent on a path of world domination and is willing to do everything and anything to advance its own selfish imperialistic interests.

If we take off the rose-colored-glasses and look at USAID for what it really is and accept the self-admitted pretext that US financial aid is tied to the advancement of US interests, then USAID becomes another animal entirely, a world apart from the image it attempts to portray as a guardian of humanity and democracy. For what it truly and really is, when you take away the propaganda and the spin, is a US tool to undermine, coerce, usurp and force countries to bend to the American will.

The tentacles of USAID are vast and far-reaching, are everywhere and encompass everything from day-care centers to the largest private banking institutions. There is not an area of Russian society where they have not penetrated and there is not an area that has not been in some way “touched” by the hand of USAID’s 2.6 billion dollar hand. That’s right folks, $2,600,000,000.00, let’s respect that number by printing out all the zeros.

$2.6 billion: that is a very healthy investment, and an investment it was, for the US Government would not spend that kind of money if there were no strings attached. “Strings” that they need to manipulate Russia and countries worldwide to make them pliable and “friendly” to US interests. In the recent past the US has at last repeatedly officially stated and admitted that US financial assistance and aid is tied to advancing US interests.

Back in the 1990s when the US Government was more transparent and it was possible to gain information about the inner workings of the government, it was common knowledge that USAID was under the CIA in the budgetary hierarchy. The CIA was under the DCI, the Director of Central Intelligence, as was the US State Department.

Is an organization that advances US interests, is funded by the US Intelligence apparatus and strives to gain access to critical infrastructure and the most vulnerable segments of civil society under the pretext of “advancing and assisting” the societies of its target countries, something that the world’s states really want operating on their territories? Russia’s expulsion of USAID should be a wake-up call for all countries that have allowed the organization to sink its hooks into their countries.

Slowly Russia is waking up and realizing that it is an enemy and not a friend who wants to surround us with missiles and dictate to us who our enemies should be, who our friends should be and who our rulers should be. It is an enemy who supports those who divide society, blaspheme our religion and undermine our government and our elected leaders.

Since 1992 USAID has funded organizations such as the Moscow Helsinki Group which has been used as a cover for MI-6 and refuses to register its source of income and as a “foreign agent” with the Russian Government, Transparency International’s Russian branch, an organization which has consistently denigrated and demonized Russia, the Golos organization which has directly meddled in Russian elections and attempted to sow doubt as to the legitimacy of power in the Russian Federation as well as other groups and organizations which have done little to actually strengthen and improve Russian society but which have allowed thousands of Western “operatives” to operate unhindered and advance their own agendas.

USAID has a long history of funding groups and organizations all over the world that have brought about “color revolutions” the current US Ambassador to Russia’s specialty, and served to bring about regime change and the fall of governments all over the world. The meddling in Latin America is clear, widespread and examples of such are easy to find by anyone with an internet connection.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has not only told USAID to end its operations by October 1st but to also recall more than a dozen US diplomats working in Russia for USAID. Statements by US officials are unapologetic, do not deny the accusations and are almost a direct admission to meddling which they, for the most part, say will continue.

Senior US officials have issued statements such as this one from a senior US official in Moscow: “Washington will look for new ways to achieve their ends” and US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland’s statement: “Our diplomats look forward to continuing... cooperation with Russian non-governmental organizations.”

As if to underline their wish to undermine the legitimacy of the government of Russia, and in a shameful parting shot USAID issued an ignominious statement saying they had funded some “unspecified” activities of Russia’s leading United Russia party, prompting the head of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Andrei Vorobyov, to say "This is crafty/sly information. No funds from this organization have been received and no agreements were signed."

Countries worldwide beware and take heed, you may have allowed a Trojan horse into your country, and they may be next door, waiting for the right moment to attack.

Материал, о котором идет речь, никогда не упоминал РПЦ и был только о USAID


Правительство Российской Федерации было вынуждено принять меры против интересов США для защиты своего суверенитета и после разрешения USAID свободно действовать на территории Российской Федерации в течение 20 лет проинформировало организацию о том, что с 1 октября оно больше не приветствуется. USAID доказало, что заявленные цели не соответствуют его реальной деятельности в стране, деятельности, которая служила подрыву России и продвижению интересов США.

С 1 октября 2012 года USAID (Агентство США по международному развитию) по распоряжению Правительства Российской Федерации прекращает все свои операции на территории Российской Федерации, завершая десятилетия глубокого и далеко идущего участия на постсоветском пространстве.

Российское правительство определило, что USAID пытается, в том числе, влиять на внутриполитические процессы в Российской Федерации, это верно, ясно и очевидно и не должно продолжаться. Однако это лишь верхушка огромного айсберга американского вмешательства и вмешательства, которое затрагивает самые основы российского общества.

Организация, которая в течение многих лет числилась фронтом ЦРУ, хотела бы нарисовать себе картину как невинная “гуманитарная” группа, пытающаяся продвигать общественные интересы стран, где она, во всех смыслах и целях, покупает влияние.

Это могло бы быть правдоподобно в невинные дни 90-х годов, когда большая часть мира все еще верила, что США заинтересованы в продвижении улучшения всего человечества, но все изменилось. Мир вырос и увидел, что США встали на путь мирового господства и готовы сделать все и вся для продвижения собственных эгоистичных империалистических интересов.

Если мы снимем розовые очки и посмотрим на USAID таким, какой он есть на самом деле, и примем самоочевидный предлог, что финансовая помощь США связана с продвижением интересов США, тогда USAID станет совершенно другим животным, миром, отличным от образа, который он пытается изобразить как хранителя человечества и демократии. Ибо то, что это на самом деле, когда вы убираете пропаганду и вращение, является инструментом США для подрыва, принуждения, узурпации и принуждения стран подчиняться американской воле.

Щупальца USAID обширны и далеко идущие, везде и охватывают все, от детских садов до крупнейших частных банковских учреждений. Нет ни одной области российского общества, куда бы они не проникли, и нет ни одной области, которая не была бы каким-то образом “тронута” рукой 2,6 миллиарда долларов USAID. Правильно, ребята, 2 600 000 000 долларов.00, Давайте уважать это число, распечатав все нули.

$ 2,6 млрд :это очень здоровая инвестиция, и это была инвестиция, потому что правительство США не потратило бы такие деньги, если бы не было никаких условий. "Струны“, что им нужно манипулировать Россией и странами по всему миру, чтобы сделать их податливыми и” дружественными" интересам США. В недавнем прошлом США, наконец, неоднократно официально заявляли и признавали, что финансовая помощь и содействие США связаны с продвижением американских интересов.

Еще в 1990-е годы, когда правительство США было более прозрачным и можно было получить информацию о внутренней работе правительства, было общеизвестно, что USAID находится под ЦРУ в бюджетной иерархии. ЦРУ, как и Госдепартамент США, подчинялось директору Центрального разведывательного управления.

Является ли организация, которая продвигает интересы США, финансируется американским разведывательным аппаратом и стремится получить доступ к критической инфраструктуре и наиболее уязвимым сегментам гражданского общества под предлогом “продвижения и помощи” обществам своих целевых стран, чем-то, что государства мира действительно хотят работать на своей территории? Высылка Россией USAID должна стать тревожным сигналом для всех стран, которые позволили организации погрузить свои крючки в свои страны.

Медленно Россия просыпается и понимает, что это враг, а не друг, который хочет окружить нас ракетами и диктовать нам, кто наши враги, кто наши друзья и кто наши правители. Это враг, который поддерживает тех, кто разделяет общество, богохульствует над нашей религией и подрывает наше правительство и наших избранных лидеров.

С 1992 года USAID финансирует такие организации, как Московская Хельсинкская группа, которая используется в качестве прикрытия для МИ-6 и отказывается регистрировать свой источник дохода и в качестве “иностранного агента” в российском правительстве, российское отделение Transparency International, организация, которая последовательно очерняет и демонизирует Россию, организация "Голос“, которая непосредственно вмешивалась в российские выборы и пыталась посеять сомнения в легитимности власти в Российской Федерации, а также другие группы и организации, которые мало что сделали для реального укрепления и улучшения российского общества, но которые позволили тысячам западных” оперативников" беспрепятственно действовать и продвигать свои собственные программы.

USAID имеет долгую историю финансирования групп и организаций по всему миру, которые вызвали “цветные революции” нынешнего посла США в России и послужили причиной смены режима и падения правительств во всем мире. Вмешательство в Латинской Америке, очевидно, распространены и такие примеры легко найти в сети Интернет.

Министерство иностранных дел России не только приказало USAID прекратить свою деятельность к 1 октября, но и отозвать более десятка американских дипломатов, работающих в России на USAID. Заявления американских чиновников непримиримы, не опровергают обвинения и являются почти прямым признанием во вмешательстве, которое, по их мнению, будет продолжаться.

Высокопоставленные американские чиновники выступили с заявлениями, подобными этому, от высокопоставленного американского чиновника в Москве:” Вашингтон будет искать новые пути достижения своих целей “и заявление пресс-секретаря Госдепартамента США Виктории Нуланд: "наши дипломаты с нетерпением ждут продолжения... сотрудничество с российскими неправительственными организациями.”

Как бы подчеркивая свое желание подорвать легитимность правительства России, и в позорном прощальном кадре USAID выпустило позорное заявление о том, что они финансировали некую “неуказанную” деятельность ведущей российской партии "Единая Россия", побудив главу фракции "Единая Россия" в Госдуме Андрея Воробьева сказать: "это лукавая/лукавая информация. Никаких средств от этой организации не поступало, никаких соглашений подписано не было."

Страны по всему миру остерегайтесь и обратите внимание, вы, возможно, позволили троянского коня в вашей стране, и они могут быть по соседству, ожидая подходящего момента для атаки.

He who catches Hatchers, hatches catchers.

CIA Outs Their USAID Meddling in the ROC with Smear Campaign Against JAR2

How USIAD/CIA Really WorkMajor Blowback and Attack After Publication. My Article above was about USAID. I never once mentioned Hatcher or the Russian Orthodox Church nor did I "allude" to anything of the sort. However Andrei's panic can only mean he or his friends were receiving USAID lucre.Major Blowback and Attack After Publication. My Article above was about USAID. I never once mentioned Hatcher or the Russian Orthodox Church nor did I "allude" to anything of the sort. However Andrei's panic can only mean he or his friends were receiving USAID lucre. So since Hatcher was CIA and USAID is a CIA Front he exposed himself as a CIA Asset or puppet as is the Russian Orthodox Church of America, which apparently is being used by the CIA for their evil goals.


The blogger Varvara, below copied my article, added the picture of Hatcher and then this Bishop Andrei proceeded to attack me. Such a blatantly stupid and obvious slander but it was spread all over the Net by Google and Yandex to be seen by anyone searching for me and my work. In this case the Russian Government did all they could to protect me and my name. That is what they do, smear and defame and slanderize, in this case a direct attempt to get us expelled from Russia by attempting to "allude" that I am against the ROC which is a complete lie. I go to church more often than most people.


Bishop Andrei's Answer to Mr. John Robles
On September 25, 2012, a Mr. John Robles, of the Voice of Russia World Service, wrote an article, in which he alluded that our Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir, of blessed memory, took financial assistance from the United States government. (Read the article)

His article was republished on the blog belonging to Barbara-Marie Drezhlo, along with her own shameful remarks. She did not permit any comments to be made about it. (See the blog)

Most of Mr. Robles’ article is in criticism of an organization called USAID. It is filled with innuendo, unsubstantiated claims, blatant lies, half-truths and slander; all hallmarks of the typical degenerate Communist point of view. Since this article is accompanied by a large photograph of our Metropolitan Valentine, taken in front of our Synodal Headquarters building in Suzdal, Russia, together with Mr. Kyle Hatcher of the American Embassy in Moscow, I feel compelled to make a clarification.


Small Victory: USAID/CIA Hit Job on Me Called Extremist Bishop Andrei Deported and Banned from Russia

Despite being ruled as extremist fake priest working for the CIA continue to publish these lies.

3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала -", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Песвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);


The hit job on me to make it appear that I was against the Russian Orthodox Church happened when the Voice of Russia published an article I wrote in September 2012 regarding the manipulations of USAID in Russia. In the article which is still on-line there is no mention of the people I am accused of insulting and there is NO MENTION OF THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH which is amazing. But the hit job and the lies were put out there and no one defended me in getting them taken down. I wrote multiple letters to the authors and they did nothing. I also asked the Chairman of the VOice of Russia and he did nothing as well. The article was published on the VOR site. The problem is that for some reason Google and Yandex promote it and in any search for my name it comes up on page ONE! God Bless the Russian Orthodox Church and all of its leaders and members and thank you Russia for seeing the truth here. By the way the author Andrey Maklakov has been deported from Russia and has made many statements against the Russian Government and Russian Orthodox Church and in support of the Ukraine junta.



Political Asylee Dr Stuart Brahmhall Exposed USAID

Political Asylee Dr Stuart Brahmhall Exposed USAID    Download audio file 

16 October 2012, 14:49  

“Clearly their main focus is not to give foreign aid to a country, it is basically to advance the US economic interests” says Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall a researcher, writer, political-activist and blogger, who has studied the activities of USAID for years, spoke with about USAID and their ties to the CIA. Her research has shown that USAID and the CIA promote dictators and are against Democracy which allows corporations to maintain high-profit margins and allows the US to control resources.

USAID has been expelled from the Russian Federation because in the Government’s opinion they attempted to influence the internal political processes in the country. What can you tell our listeners about USAID and similar things they’ve done in other countries?

One thing you need to understand is that it is not acceptable in the US in the political process to give foreign aid. Basically ever since Ronald Reagan was the President, President or Congress people who advocated for doing foreign aid came under a lot of criticism politically. And generally the idea is that it is only really acceptable to give foreign aid if there is some kind of military or economic advantage in giving aid to that country. But you can’t really tell this from walking at the USAID website. Clearly their main focus is not to give foreign aid to a country, it is basically to advance the US economic interests. On their website they divide the periods of influence into 1990-2000, 2000 and forward.

They state very clearly like between 1980 and 1990 the primary focus of the USAID was to promote free market, that kind of a cold word is to say – to promote neoliberalism which is a very specific US economics that promotes very limited Government, only in a form of police force or military force. They feel education should be privatized, medical care should be privatized, social services should be privatized. So, basically this is an attitude that the Government has really no role except to police the population and to expand military influence. And the USAID says this very clearly on their website. None of this is secret, we are not talking about the classified information. It is freely available information that you can read about on the USAID website, you can read in Foreign Relation Council documents and State Department documents.

Noam Chomsky who is a famous American dissident has done a lot of research into something that he calls “US grand area planning” as this been going on since the late 1930’es. And the notion is that there are certain regions of the world that really are expected to be subordinated to the needs of American planning, this is both economically and militarily. And since the WW II these areas have included the western hemisphere, the Far East and the former British Empire. And there’s been a very consistent policy by the US that we support totalitarian dictatorships in those regions. Latin America, they have a long history of direct military interventions where we just sent the marines down if, say, a country lacks a democratic leader, we invade, like we did in Grenada or like we did in Panama.

What can you tell us about the CIA using the USAID as a friend company?

It’s always been a friend company for the CIA. Started by Kenndy, by the executive order in 1961, during the 1980’es, when various Latin American countries began to try to overthrow some of these dictators that the US had installed, there was a very close collaboration between the AFL-CIO – which is the American federation of labour – and the USAID in order to work with potential labour activists there in order to basically suppress union organizing and to persuade the labour activists that they needed to cooperate with the corporations which for the most part were US corporations that were exploiting these countries.

What other types of organizations could USAID use and how could they be manipulated to bring about US advantage or US plans in a region?

They are mostly trying to promote the interests of US corporations. The CIA has very close connections with a number of corporations. There are a number of Wall Street banking interests that have been very closely associated with the CIA and also a number of specific companies that are very closely associated with the CIA.

And so, to a large extent in Latin America the function of the CIA was to suppress any local democracy movements and to suppress any local labour organizing that was going to interfere with the interests of the corporations because the corporations didn’t want to have unions where workers were making significant demands over wages and working conditions. And by having the CIA and the USAID and the AFL-CIO working closely to collaborate with the police and with the squads to arrest and kill union activists, they could prevent any union organizing from happening and that would keep the wages really low because that would increase the profit of the corporations.

Can you name any of these corporations and banks?

Coca-Cola was one. In Guatemala United Fruit Company. Over a long period of time mostly the people who were involved with the CIA were lawyers who would represent various banks, like John McCloy, he was a Wall Street lawyer who worked with the CIA and later became the President of the Ford Foundation. And he was the one that had the Ford Foundation collaborate very closely with the CIA. The Ford Foundation would accept a lot of funding from the CIA because the Ford Foundation was going into countries and doing development, or they would make it appear like they were really trying to help the people in that country, whereas they were really trying to suppress pro-democracy movements and pro-union movements. The Ford Foundation has also worked very closely with USAID.

So, you are saying it is in the US interests to suppress democracy?

What happened in the ME is that we also supported dictators – we supported Mubarak, we supported the Saudi royal family which is a very totalitarian Government, we supported the King of Jordan…


Yes, and here it wasn’t because we wanted to get cheap labour, here it was because the US wanted to maintain control of oil resources. And so through their support of these dictators they were able to suppress any pro-democracy movement that might be inclined to nationalize, their fear was that some of these countries would elect a pro-democratic government that would want to nationalize their oil industry.

USAID/CIA: It is in the US' Interests to Suppress Democracy - Part Two

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October 31, 2012

Robles: So, you are saying it is in the US interests to suppress democracy? 

Bramhall: What happened in the Middle East is that we also supported dictators, we supported Mubarak, we supported the Saudi royal family, which is a very totalitarian government. We supported the king of Jordan. And here it wasn’t because we wanted to get cheap labor. Here it was because the United States wanted to maintain control of oil resources and so, through their support of these dictators, they were able to suppress any pro-democracy movement that might be inclined to nationalize. 

Their biggest fear was that some of these countries would elect a pro-democratic government that would want to nationalize their oil industry, like when Iran, back in the 1950s, they elected a democratic government and in this case the CIA had organized a coup to overthrow the democratically elected government. That was Kermit Roosevelt that did, the re-installed the Shah of Iran, directly organizing a coup and so now what happened with the Arab Spring is they could see that there were some very strong pro-democracy rumblings and very strong pro-labor rumblings happening in the Middle East so that they knew it was only a matter of time before these dictators that they have been supporting were going to be overthrown. And so what they did is they actually trained many of the student activists in various kinds of non-violent techniques and they really set them up in the situation where, when the dictator was overthrown, they would install a new government that would be friendly to the United States. 

They had a period starting in 2008 where USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy and a number of similar foundations were training these activists, and they actually collaborated with the State Department where they would bring these activists over to the United States once a year and train them how to use Facebook, train them how to use Twitter, train them how to use various kinds of software that would kind of circumvent the efforts of the government to shut down websites. 

Robles: How might the US manipulate infrastructure projects and basic services, for example, schools and education and hospitals and clinics? 

Bramhall: Really there are a number of people in the State Department who have written books about USAID and actually I think it is fairly common knowledge that in US Embassies there are a lot of people that make out like they are working for the State Department, they are really CIA agents, it is called like being a CIAid agent under State Department cover and the same is true about USAID that the number of people who work for USAID are actually CIA agents. 

They do two things – one is they collect intelligence information but another thing that they do is they put out propaganda and it can either be propaganda that counters the government where they are working or it can be propaganda that basically supports a free market ideology that promotes the idea that everything should be run privately and that the idea of having publicly run schools is not economic or not free or not the best quality. 

Robles: How could that be used by the US to manipulate and advance their own goals? 

Bramhall: The thing is what is happening right now is that there are a lot of schools being privatized in the United States right now, as charter schools. So what Obama has done and a number of people in his Department of Education, they have collaborated with business people in local cities and that is why they started all of this testing, they go into the inner-cities and they have these minority students take these tests and if they don’t pass a test, they shut the school down and then what happens is that there is all this federal money that has been going into that school, that goes now to a private corporation, and they have all these corporations, set up with textbooks and testing, materials and test preparation material. So they’ve created this whole industry, they take this federal money and it gets funneled into these private corporations. They say that the idea is: that the reason you want to privatize education is because that is the best kind of education, but the truth is that the people who are running around promoting this are making immense profit. 

Robles: So, a lot of it has to do with just making a lot of really, really big money? 

Bramhall: That’s all it has to do with. The is really the only reason for neo-liberalism. It is the same thing with health care, there used to be similarly strong publicly sponsored health programs in the United States, Medicare was one of them, Medicaid is one of them and so what they have done now is they have said “it is better if you let the insurance companies deliver the healthcare rather than having the government do it”. 

About 15 years ago they started requiring elderly people to sign up for an insurance company when they signed up for Medicare. And that has just been a paper that has come out this past week: all of these profits have gone to the insurance companies instead of to patient care. 

They put out this disinformation that medical care is better if it is private, more effective or more efficient or costs less, but the truth is that you have all of these people raking in enormous profits because of the system being privatized. 

In New Zealand, which is where I live, our country is under enormous attack because of free trade treaties that we signed, they are trying to get us to dismantle our health system, so that the insurance companies can come here and start selling their product. 

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about what you know about USAID’s operations in Central and Latin America because they have been really active in those areas, in that part of the world, and in Eastern Europe? 

Bramhall: In Eastern Europe I am aware that they did a lot of training of activists in advance of all these color revolutions that they had. So, there were all these people those who were really unhappy with the government in a number of these countries and so the USAID came in and George Soros opened institutes and foundations and the National Endowment for Democracy and they trained all of these people to organize in a certain way and to make certain demands but the kind of demands that they had to made were very limited. 

What happened is they installed the government that either didn’t change the economic and political system or left them with an economic and political system that was even worse than the one that they replaced, but it was an economic and political system that was very very favorable to United States corporations and gave them a lot of incentives in terms of tax breaks and guaranteeing them a work force that wasn’t unionized so that they could make immense profit. 

By saying basically there are certain basic ideas that go along with neo-liberalism and these are things that central planning is bad, publicly funded healthcare is bad, publicly


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