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The Question is "What was the Donbass Curator Saying to the Angry CIA Color Revolution Specialist?" 

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  Fake "Color" Revolutions vs Real Revolutions or "My Beliefs Are Not for Sale"

Не будьте идиотоми и верьте в пропаганду Госдепа - Don't be an idiot and believe in State Department propaganda
Оставайтесь дома. Прочитайте книгу. Помогите пенсионерке. Дайте приют бездомной кошке. Посадите дерево. Очистите улицу или подъезд. Скажите своим близким, что вы их любите. Сходите в церковь. Посетите музей. Отправляйтесь на прогулку на природу. Сходите на концерт. Зачем разрушать свою жизнь, будучи арестованными за политические амбиции агентов Гос Деп? Они любят Россию? Они за вас переживают? Хоть каплю? Они бы пошли на протест в поддержку вас даже, если тебя убили ? Не будьте идиотами!
Мир вам всем!!!)))

August 05, 2019 02:29 - I was recently asked by a Russian person if my belief in Communism in my youth was because I was "misled". I stated no it was not and went on to explain how now the 1% rule the 99%. As often is the case the perfect answer just came to me. Two days later! However in it I have finally been able to formulate into one simple idea what the entire problem is right now not only in Russia but around the world and why exactly it is that the elites and the CIA and other intelligence agencies continue to foment and support color revolutions, which as is the case in Moscow, are only for the purpose of allowing "elites" to get their hands on state wealth.

Color revolutions kill true revolutionary spirit and draw into their vortex many people who are dissatisfied but unfocussed. This kills true revolutionary spirit, but that is not what I had wanted to say exactly although the thought is valid.

My answer to such a statement and the entire problem I have had here in Russia can be defined by two simple facts and I have to thank this person for opening my eyes to it.

We, in our yearning for social justice and peace and equality were ready to die for the ideas of Communism. We risked death and could have been killed for being members of the party or worse as I was, a flag bearer or "militant" of the party.

Yes we were killed and were ready to die for our ideas and beliefs unlike many of the Soviet era Russians, especially Muscovites, who would have suffered had they NOT been members of the party and who were in the Komsomolets and "militants' of the party to obtain social status or favorable living conditions and perks (not all of course but the majority or else the USSR would not have collapsed).

Of course this person was convinced their belief was "mistaken" as it was not their belief to begin with. For me I was and am ready to die for my beliefs and that is the difference between real revolutionary spirit and fake McDonald's eating revolutionary spirit for hire, which is what the USAID and the CIA foment wherever they happen to be.

You can not kill a real idea just as you can not kill truth. However the phony little ideas pushed by 5th columns are fake and serve the "elites" and there is the soft spot, there is their weak link, there is the Achilles heal which can be used to destroy their entire phony culture. With one truth. We are all equal under God. All we need to do is educate the youth so that this truth and all truths are self-evident from the start.

Good Night,


PS Were the youth of yesterday taught properly and not had their heads filled with Liberal crap and Western garbage, I can guarantee you that they would not be running in the streets like thugs and zombies ready to defend some spoiled little Western educated rich brat who was not allowed to run for a minor city office killing her grandiose and long-term political ambitions.

PPS Just to make what I said absolutely clear about being ready to die for ideals. A real ideal, real truth is self-evident. By its very nature it calls forth such devotion. No one should be ready to protest, or clash with police or even get slightly injured for such a ridiculous reason as supporting some unknown, unpopular and completely fabricated candidate who came out of nowhere and did not meet the criteria to run for a small local office. None of these "candidates" have a platform or a plan or are even well-known. CIA color revolutions always fail in this regard (having ideological teeth) because the inherent idea behind them is always easy to spot, either consciously or intuitively. CIA color revolutions always have one goal only. The removal of one person or group of people from power with the subsequent replacement with a puppet. No amount of money can buy a puppet who truly believes in the lies they tell the people.

Real revolutions give power to the country and its people. Therefore any and every outside initiated or controlled revolution can only be seen as fake. As with Bolotnaya and all of the other CIA orchestrated color revolutions, the MKULTRA sex triggers are used (LGBT et al), psychotropic substances are introduced and the goal is only removing the leader, Putin in the case of the dreamed of Maidan in Moscow and now Sobyanin is targetted.

The Russian Government has filed a protest with the USA and Germany for interference in internal affairs, meaning this is a joint CIA run operation. I am very happy that the Russian Government is finally waking up and taking steps to protect the State, the country and the Russian people.

As for me I served the USSR and will continue to serve the Russian Federation so that she may be independent, strong and maintain her own sovereignty, culture and identity and so that she never becomes another US colony but rises to the position in the world she deserves.     

Again for those who didn't get it. The "demonstrations" in Moscow are not grass-roots actions, nor do they have popular support. Most of the "protestors" are not even Muscovites. Can you imagine if Russia paid protestors from Colorado to travel to Chicago to take part in demonstrations over a city council seat? That is what the CIA idiots have done and it is obvious, childish and completely ridiculous. 


Small CIA Backed Provocation and Destabilization Effort Over in Moscow

BurgerFest in Gorky Park Lacked Scorpion Songs but Continues the Cultural Genocide of Russia

July 28, 2019 - The first thing that must be reported here is that these were NOT demonstrations. They were part of a carefully planned and organized provocation and media promoted psychological operation with the goal being the only goal the so-called Russian "opposition" has: to discredit President Putin and the government and attempt to install puppets.

This time the attempt to install puppets was in the Moscow City Duma, a springboard to higher federal level political positions and a cozy way to manipulate the monied classes, enter the criminal bribe pyramid, qualify for secret CIA and Western funding and reach what is called in Russia "the feeder".

These "protests" were not in any way grass-roots or widely supported. The largely unknown candidates with no real political capital, no track records, and parties with no platforms, no plans and no issues they are fighting for "other than subverting Russia further and turning it into a little America", were simply "candidates" that did not qualify taking to the streets using disaffected youth, paid groups and fringe elements who show up at any protest for anything, and the "events" were in fact simply self-serving in nature.

The attempt to use unknown players and so called candidates whose funding is secretly channeled through existing CIA rat-lines shows the desperation of the CIA and even their use of a Sobchak look-alike stinks to high-heaven of the racist blonde stereotype that the West is trying to promote.

One of the banned "candidates", Gudko, went so far as to confess openly that an attempt was underway at overthrowing the government. Openly stating that he was committing treason shows not only an exit plan but his belief that he is protected by some "higher-power". This idiot may have been a deputy at one time and even a former KGB colonel but he is completely and totally unheard of in Russia. Of course his "CIA controllers" don't know that. Him fighting alongside known puppets like Yashin, who even tried to cause a "rising up" of extremist Chechen elements in order to take down Ramzan Kadirov and was caught openly fabricating stories about Chechnya in 2015, makes it clear who he serves. If he ends up asking for asylum in Ukraine like Pnamarev we will know for certain. No doubt the FSB knows and someone else no doubt made a note of the attempted overthrow statement, but we will have to see if anything happens.

After being disqualified from running the assorted candidates began attempting to lead protest actions to serve their own interests and the Internal Ministry beginning last Thursday, began warning the public over the consequences of carrying out disruptive and illegal public activities. The protestors were warned so the arrest of over one thousand people can in no way be a surprise or said to be some sort of "crackdown" on protest. However these phony self-serving US funded puppets, like Navalny (CIA Agent Freedom) who did not even run for President but had an Election Office and was taking donations and being promoted by the CIA media and his CIA controllers (a template used by CIA South America Desk and Guido), have now seen that a crackdown has occurred on their treason.

To be perfectly honest, other than the moneyed, I-Phone carrying, US visa wanting, "I love America" class, Russians are completely sick and tired of the Liberals and their constant self-serving whining when there are real issues and real problems that must be solved and fought for.

Again these were not grass-roots actions. The only thing missing from the CIA playbook were OTPOR style fist logos.

While using unknown figures with almost no wide public support and no blocs or masses who they lead, might look good for the fake news factory and Russophobic "Russia and Putin are Evil" fabricators, all it does inside Russia is irritate and rally the masses behind President Putin and cause thousands of innocent people stupid enough to fall for calls to take to the streets (or in fact paid for) to be added to the rolls of those with criminal records.

With multiple warnings by the MVD, and no real issues to fight for, logically anyone showing up would have another reason. Namely being hired to.

As for unknown Gudkov, who stated that those who failed to protect him (their leader) were not humans while admitting he was taking part in an attempt to illegally overthrow the government, perhaps he will be the CIA's next Solzhenitsyn? But I doubt it. Nobody that stupid could be of use to the CIA. Or perhaps the CIA is even stupider than he is? Disgusting.

I think here it is important, although for me personally dangerous, to add that it is candidates like these who have raped Moscow and turned it into what it is today. Seeing that Sobyanin was not on board and seeing that Rogozin has actually made known what I have been saying for years (regarding media ops and those ordering them), coupled with the real arrests and dismantling of the criminal CIA installed and controlled machine that has turned Moscow into what one of my students referred to as a "10 grade science project" attempting to make it into a little America, perhaps there is hope that somehow Moscow may be returned to the glorious and wonderful capital of the Russian World that it once was.

According to the Liberals, clearly stated by Gudkov, and clearly demonstrated by policies and mechanism installed to punitively punish those not with it with the "turn Moscow into little America "hidden" agenda, anyone who doesn't support them are "NOT PEOPLE". So what are we? Colorado beetles?

Here is the quote: «Граждане России! В Москве — госпереворот. К власти рвется хунта. Она подрывает конституционные основы России. Ваши кандидаты задержаны: Яшин, Жданов, Дм. Гудков, Янкаускас. Отправляйтесь в ОВД, поддержите их. Если народ не может защищать и поддерживать своих лидеров — это не народ!» — сказал он.

"Citizens Of Russia! In Moscow — there is a coup. A junta is trying to grab power. It undermines the constitutional foundations of Russia. Your candidates are detained: Yashin, Zhdanov, DM. Gudkov, Yankauskas. Go to the police Department, support them. If a nation cannot protect and support its leaders — it is not a nation!" he said.


In classic CIA and American fashion he called the sitting authorities a coup while projecting the real coup attempts actions on the targets of the coup. The classic use of transference only used by the idiot American CIA and their agents.

And NOW for the MAIN EVENT!!!

On the same day the real Disneyland conversion of Moscow continues unhindered with "BurgerFest" in Gorky Park. "BurgerFest"? In Gorky Park? Just like the 80s when Gorky PArk was the focus of the USSR destroyers. If you visit Moscow you will see what I mean. My former "Voice of Russia colleagues" who were part of the 5th column, one who saw everything that was being done (Svetlana Ekimenko) and one who was so brainwashed he actually did a radio program saying Che Gevarra killed Kennedy because he wanted to boink Jackie-O, will pronounce Russian metros station with phoney British accents in a mind killing attempt to make the metro "attractive to Europeans" while MKULTRAing the population into fantasizing they are in Little America and not Moscow the capital of the greatest country on Earth.  

"Бургерфест" и семейный фестиваль в Москве за полдня посетили более 250 тыс. человек

"Бургерфест" и семейный фестиваль в Москве за полдня посетили более 250 тыс. человек

Continue as you were. Soon they will outlaw Victory Day. Or not. The level of arrests would indicate that the patience of those of us who see what the Western backed puppets are doing is running out. Remember it was not the Communists who killed the Romanovs, it was the Liberals backed by the West. And they are still doing the same thing today. What we need in Moscow is PelminiFest, or BorschFest or MushroomFest.

McDonald's revenues must be down, because in the end for the Russophobe American loving class, it is only about the money and they would sell their children for a dollar.

Sorry Liberals but I would rather starve than support your sh!t.

UPDATE 30-07-2019: Most of these "protestors" were not from Moscow. I don't think it really requires any commentary other than stating the fact which speaks for itself. The only real variant here might be that non-Muscovites are tired of the impossibility to access all of the services that Muscovites have but that is not the reaon for these protests and the complete and total absence of pickets and signs makes it a very strange action indeed. Again these were not protests it was a carefully orchestrated provocation against the State.

In case you were not following the news, the Internal Ministry warned about holding unsanctioned actions multiple times days beofre these "actions" started. It is strange that no one was protesting BurgerFest. However it is not strange that they were timed to city-sponosred actions PROMOTING FAMILY. The Western LGBTPQINBD etc lunatics will do anything to destroy family values and solid social foundations. In that I think you will find the truth. Even the BurgerFest idea tookover the FAMILY DAY activities that had been planned by Moscow. Whoever planned the two events on the same day would be a person of interest with the obvious implication that FAMILY and Burgers must be seen to go together. This is corporate Western social engineering in action, right here in the heart of Russian, again McDonald's sales must be down.

Destroying the family unit and making it a slobering burger eating retarded entity is one of the first steps of the New World Order, but apparently nobody is really paying attention, and THAT my friends is the entire problem.

Should I mention the "protectionist" agreements McDonald's had with former Mayor Luzhkov? Is destroying Russian society and the wonderful Russian character of Moscow for profit and turning it into a "little America" while turning Russian society into a burger-eating-I-phone-using-Western-garbage-sucking-culture of zombies of any interest to anyone other than myself. I don't think so. It is extremely depressing to see what my beloved Moscow has become. I am sure the police know what I am talking about, it is really time for State Security to take measures to protect and educate the populace.  

Follow the link for more photos. The author tried to say the police were brutal and using force. However his own pictures prove that to be a lie. He has obviously never seen an illegal demonstration in America. The police were restrained and professional as usual. Most of the crowd did not look like Muscovites and some of the faces looked so stupid I don't even know if they knew what they were doing.


Summer 2019: July/August Activation of 5th Column Over Moscow City Duma Seats

Another Attempt at Destabilizing Russia Fails: These were not grass-roots protests. It was all a show. Over seats on Moscow city duma? There are real problems in Russia to protest about, not seats.

09.25.2019 The Constitution Girl was an Op. Notice the Two Way Radio, Kevlar Vest, Body Guards, Social Media Group of Almost 5,000. Nobdy in Russia would wear a bullet proof vest. Its an Op

09.22.2019 Results of CIA/MI6 Destabilization Sobol and Navalny Run for the Hills in the USA, Surprise Surprise. The abandoned all of their supporters and sects and took over 7 million rubles with them 

Навальный взял 7 млн рублей и сказал своей пастве good bye!

Белозубые Соболь и Навальный кутят за границей, пока участники незаконных митингов получают сроки

VIDEO25NEW New Video on Moscow Protests

Russia Finally Takes Serious Measures as Fallout Over Destabilization Attempt in Moscow Continues


Real Russian Election Results Coming In

United Russia party winning majority in 11 legislatures across Russia - party official

Proof of Outside Interference, Lies Being Spread by Spanish CIA/MOCKINGBIRD

Elecciones en Rusia: grietas en el poder de Putin

Spanish US/Imperial LIES: "Everyone Against Putin in Local Elections" [sic]

Todos contra Putin en las elecciones locales de Rusia

09.09.2019 The Elections Went by Smoothly: Darker Stories Seeping Out

September 09, 2019 - . The CIA/MI6 Russian elections provocations have failed with almost no reports of violations. There were however reports of extreme tactics (correctly named "black tactics" by the Russian media in reference to black operations) including the setting of a vehicle or vehicles on fire in the Murmansk Region.

The Russian Government is finally taking the threat of Black Operations by the CIA seriously and to be honest it is long past time. During the televised events a Colonel General was shown on television sitting next to Pamfilova who just days ago had been attacked inside her home by an individual who had set up a camp in the forest not far from her home. However this is not the first time military officers have appeared at press briefings

Seeing top level military officers on the Central Election Committee Board is a clear indicator that the CIA threat to internal Russian political processes has now been put into the hands of professionals who can properly identify and neutralize the CIA Black Operations attempts at manipulating Russian internal processes and poisoning the Russian State.

The CIA is a military organization therefore military men must be brought in to deal with the real threat. Bravo!

An older photograph

Dimitry Kisilev Undermines Russian Security and Says Protests are Normal

On September 01, 2019

He got on the air on his personal federal channel number one and told the Russian people that the protests in Moscow are completely normal: Therefore they should not be investigated or prosecuted and the efforts of the government and the security services are in a word nonsense. This is the big "CIA/MI6 subversion in progress, nothing to see here, move along." After hearing that I turned it off.

08.31.2019 More Unauthorized Rallies

5th Column Slow Motion Failure at Color Revolution in Moscow

Участники несогласованной акции в Москве покинули Пушкинскую площадь

Color Revolution Fail: Police Count 750 [sic] People

Полиция насчитала около 750 участников несогласованной акции в Москве

У фигуранта "дела 27 июля" Егора Жукова изъяли флешки и фигурку лягушки

5th Column Attempts to Hold Provocation and is Stopped Cold

Оппозиционерам не дали провести шествие по Тверской улице в Москве

Police Did Not Detain Would be Provocateurs in Moscow

Полиция не стала задерживать участников несогласованной акции в Москве

Оппозиционера Галямину освободили после трех административных арестов

Color Revolution Instigator Sobol Warned by Federal Prosecutors 

Прокуратура предупредила Соболь о недопустимости несогласованной акции 31 августа


Russia Going After 5th Column NGOs

В России начался первый суд по делу об участии в нежелательной организации


Напавшего на полицейских на акции 9 сентября москвича отправили на принудительное лечение

Яшина снова задержали на выходе из спецприемника

Следователь обвинил Абызова в незаконном получении 32 млрд рублей

Глава ФБК Жданов стал фигурантом уголовного дела

Russia denies visas to 2 U.S. senators, amid G7 tensions


Sobyanin Continues Fighting Color Revolution Architects in Court

Мэрия оспорила решение суда об отказе согласовать митинг 31 августа


CIA Agent Freedom Released from Custody Again

Алексей Навальный вышел на свободу из спецприемника после 30 суток ареста

08.22.2019 The Fallout from the CIA Color Revolution Attempt Continues

As directly evidenced by all of the global MOCKINGBIRD presstitutes ignoring real issues and asking President Putin about the "protests" at every opportunity, the Bolotnaya Redux was a direct  CIA/MI6/MOSSAD orchestrated attack on Moscow. So far only Zugyanov has stated this directly. Hats off the the Security Services and everyone involved in containing the threat. 

Суд отменил арест 55,5 млн рублей и 11 млн евро по делу экс-министра Абызова

На Янкаускаса составили протокол за участие в несанкционированной акции 14 июля

Суд засчитал Навальному госпитализацию в срок административного ареста

Оппозиционеры сочли давлением массовую подачу исков об ущербе от митингов

Суд рассмотрит иск "Мосгортранса" к организаторам протестов после выборов в Мосгордуму

Депутата Янкаускаса снова задержали на выходе из спецприемника

На выборах в Мосгордуму не будет видеонаблюдения на 35 участках

Служба такси подала в Москве три иска к организаторам несанкционированных акций

Студента ВШЭ арестовали на 8 суток за акцию в поддержку фигуранта "дела 27 июля" Жукова

Мэрия Москвы не согласовала оппозиции шествие по Тверской 31 августа

Чиновники обещали не запрещать смартфоны в московских школах

Moscow Metro Sues 5th Column

Московский метрополитен подал иск к Навальному, Яшину и Галяминой

Студента ВШЭ арестовали на 8 суток за акцию в поддержку фигуранта "дела 27 июля" Жукова

100 US Backed Scientists Now Chiming in on "Repression" (Article)

Более ста ученых потребовали освободить фигурантов "дела 27 июля"


CIA Attempts at Destabilizing Russia Failing but Continue for 3rd Week: These are not grass-roots protests. Fallout Continues.



РФ объявила персоной нон грата сотрудника генконсульства Украины в Петербурге

Суд обязал зарегистрировать Митрохина кандидатом в депутаты Мосгордумы

Оппозиционеры подали заявки на шествие и митинг в центре Москвы 24 августа

Оппозиционер Янкаускас снова задержан на выходе из спецприемника в Москве

ЦИК отказался зарегистрировать Геннадия Гудкова и еще двух человек кандидатами в Мосгордуму

Верховный суд не пустил директора ФБК Жданова на выборы в Мосгордуму

ВС РФ подтвердил недопуск главы ФБК к выборам в Мосгордуму

Kremlin Sees No Political Crisis in 5th Column US Backed Protests

В Кремле не увидели в московских протестах признаков политического кризиса


Mayor's Office Refused to Sanction Bolotnaya 2.3: Bravo)))

Мэрия отказалась согласовать шествие в поддержку независимых кандидатов 17 августа

Любовь Соболь получила второй штраф на 300 тысяч рублей за призывы к протестам

Фигурант "Болотного дела" арестован за брань со сцены на митинге 10 августа

Член партии "Яблоко" Костенок арестован по "делу 27 июля"

Прокурор счел необоснованной просьбу СК об аресте оппозиционера Костенка

Глава ЦИК не нашла оснований для переноса выборов в Мосгордуму

Начальник штаба Жданова арестован на 30 суток за призыв к прогулке после митинга

Памфилова назвала несерьезными жалобы на регистрацию кандидатов в Мосгордуму

Bolotnaya 2.3 Scheduled for August 17

Оппозиционеры подали заявку на митинг 17 августа в Москве

Суд зарегистрировал заявление прокуратуры о лишении родительских прав участников акции 27 июля

08.11.19 CIA Paid 4.2 Billion for Protests

The Question I Offered Was "Why protest for unknown/unpopular "candidates" who could not gather enough signatures to get on the ballot in a local city election?" The answer of course, a psychological destabilization media operation against Mother Russia right in its heart. Here is partial proof. Unspread by the Russian foreign controlled media was a televised statement by Gennady Zugyznov that he saw documents with proof that 4.2 billion were transferred from abroad to fund the protests.   

The Mail Online is spreading lies and the demonization of Russia is clear. From the word Robocop to the number 50 thousand to the fact that Lyubov Sobol was not allowed to run because she is an unknown, with no platform, no support and who could not gather the required number of signatures from the public, everything they print is FAKE. However there were reports of signatures belonging to dead people. All fake. All an OP!

You can not believe anthing in the Western Press. Google Participating in Destabilization

Russia tells Google to block ads for 'illegal' protests

08.10.19 Bolotnaya 2.2

Moscow: US Backed Fringe Elements and Bolotnaya 2.2

Любовь Соболь освободили из отдела полиции под обязательство о явке в суд

Митинг в поддержку незарегистрированных кандидатов в Москве. Обобщение

Больше десятка несовершеннолетних были задержаны на акции в Москве

В департаменте здравоохранения Москвы не зафиксировали травм по итогам митинга

В Москве задержали 136 участников несогласованной акции

Полиция задержала участников несогласованной акции на Маросейке

Участники митинга в Москве после его завершения перекрыли Маросейку

Любовь Соболь задержали по подозрению в административном правонарушении

Полиция начала задерживать участников несанкционированной акции в Москве

08.09.19 Bolotnaya 2.0: July 27th Fallout Continues With Sanctioned Meetings on August 10th

Bolotnaya 2.0: July 27th Fallout Continues

Суд арестовал 12-го фигуранта "дела 27 июля"

Суды Москвы арестовали 113 человек и 880 оштрафовали после акций 27 июля и 3 августа

ЦИК отказал Яшину в регистрации из-за нехватки 76 подписей

Арестованный по делу "27 июля" Сергей Фомин не заметил массовых беспорядков

Суд арестовал десятого фигуранта "дела 27 июля"

Полиция Москвы предостерегла участников митинга оппозиции от несанкционированных действий

Полиция запросила у СМИ видео с митингов против строительства храма в Екатеринбурге

Число фигурантов "дела 27 июля" достигло 11 человек


Fallout Continues Over Destabilization Attempt in Moscow


Юристы ФБК остались свидетелями после допроса о финансировании фонда

Илья Яшин получил очередные 10 суток ареста

В МИД РФ назвали недопустимыми призывы Deutsche Welle к участию в протестах

В штабе Навального в Ижевске прошли обыски

Рабочая группа ЦИК рекомендовала отказать Галяминой в регистрации

Sergey Fomin Arrested (Not That One)

Разыскиваемого фигуранта "дела 27 июля" Сергея Фомина задержали

Правозащитники сообщили об обысках у троих сотрудников ФБК

08.06 Huntsman's Maidan Failure Leads to His Removal from Russia  

US ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Jr. resigns

Muscovites Negative on Protests by Imported US Backed Protestors

Москвичи оценили протестные акции

Родители, пришедшие с ребенком на акцию 27 июля, стали свидетелями по уголовному делу

Рабочая группа ЦИК рекомендовала отказать в регистрации Любови Соболь

Приставы устроили рейды и описали имущество у задержанных на акции 27 июля

Обыски прошли в доме пары, которую хотят лишить родительских прав после акции 27 июля

Посол США в России Джон Хантсман подал прошение об отставке

Рабочая группа ЦИК рекомендовала отказать в регистрации Елене Русаковой


"Candidates" Could Not Gather Enough Signatures to Get on Ballot

Председатель Мосгоризбиркома назвал истинную цель независимых кандидатов в Мосгордуму


Moscow Finally Files Official Protest Over CIA Color Revolution

Moscow to file protests to US, Germany over interference in Russia’s politics - diplomat

Man charged with injuring riot police officer at Moscow rally - source

Не будьте идиотоми и верьте в пропаганду Госдепа
Don't be an idiot and believe in State Department propaganda
Оставайтесь дома. Прочитайте книгу. Помогите пенсионерке. Дайте приют бездомной кошке. Посадите дерево. Очистите улицу или подъезд. Скажите своим близким, что вы их любите. Сходите в церковь. Посетите музей. Отправляйтесь на прогулку на природу. Сходите на концерт. Зачем разрушать свою жизнь, будучи арестованными за политические амбиции агентов Гос Деп? Они любят Россию? Они за вас переживают? Хоть каплю? Они бы пошли на протест в поддержку вас даже, если тебя убили ? Не будьте идиотами!
Мир вам всем!!!)))

CIA Color Revolution Attempts Continue in Hong-Kong and Moscow

Protesters in Hong Kong clash with police again

Russia’s Investigative Committee presses extremism charges against blogger

Over 10 foreigners detained at unauthorized rally in Moscow - source

About 600 participants in unsanctioned rally detained in Moscow

Задержан блогер, призывавший к расправам над детьми силовиков

На травмировавшего омоновца участника акции в Москве завели дело

Омоновец пострадал при стычке с футбольными фанатами в Петербурге

На акции в Москве задержали приезжего, находившегося в розыске за экстремизм

Более 50 подростков задержано на субботней акции в Москве

Число обвиняемых по "делу 27 июля" достигло девяти человек

СК завершил допрос Соболь по делу о массовых беспорядках 27 июля

Обвинение "по делу 27 июля" предъявлено ещё одному фигуранту

В СПЧ готовы обобщить претензии к полиции и Росгвардии за субботнюю акцию

Соболь везут в СКР для допроса по "делу 27 июля"

Соболь оштрафовали на 300 тысяч рублей за организацию несанкционированной акции

08.03 Bolotnaya 2.1

Задержан шестой фигурант дела о массовых беспорядках 27 июля

Точное число задержанных на акции в Москве несовершеннолетних пока не установили

CIA Election Meddling in Russia May Soon Explode!

Navalny Case: Follow the Money to Shell Company Run by the CIA

Появились подробности дела об отмывании денег против ФБК

В МВД заявили о 600 задержанных на несогласованной акции в Москве

No Violations or Use of Excess Force Registered by Observers

Член СПЧ Брод не заметил превышения полномочий полицией на акции в Москве

Наблюдатель от Общественной палаты отметил аккуратные действия полиции на акции в Москве

Moscow Mayor's Office Approves Demonstrations on 8.10 and 8.11

Мэрия Москвы согласовала проведение митингов 10 и 11 августа

В Москве на акции оппозиции задержали около 600 человек

Public Demonstrations Not Meeting Permit Deadline Fail Again

На акции оппозиции в Москве задержали четырех несовершеннолетних

Глава комиссии СПЧ Каляпин и несколько журналистов задержаны в Москве

Полиция насчитала тысячу участников акции в Петербурге

Московская полиция сообщила о 30 задержанных на акции оппозиции

На Пушкинской площади задержали десяток участников несогласованной акции

134 Military Service Dodgers Detained During "Bolotnaya 2.0"

СК нашел 134 уклониста от армии среди задержанных на митинге в Москве

Navalny/"Fund" Officially Charged With Money Laundering R1 Billion

СКР завел уголовное дело об отмывании средств фондом Навального

Sobchak 2.0 Arrested Again

Любовь Соболь задержали на выходе из ее штаба

08.03 Protests Did Not Meet Permit Deadline: No "Crackdown" Idiots

Defying crackdown, Russian opposition take to the streets

Russia launches criminal investigations as UN decries protest crackdown
Любовь Соболь задержали на выходе из ее штаба

Столичные власти не разрешили проведение пикетов в связи с нарушением сроков подачи заявки, но согласовали оба митинга 10 и 11 августа. В свою очередь, организаторы пикетов выразили намерение все равно выйти на акцию 3 августа.

Navalny and His "Fund" Officially Charged With Money Laundering

СКР завел уголовное дело об отмывании средств фондом Навального

Sobchak 2.0 Arrested Again

Любовь Соболь задержали на выходе из ее штаба


Мосгорсуд сообщил о 88 арестах и 330 штрафах для участников акции 27 июля

Прокуратура Москвы вынесла предостережение Любови Соболь в связи с будущей акцией

Оппозиция сообщила задержании соратника Гудкова по делу о массовых беспорядках


Задержаны пять организаторов несанкционированной акции в Москве

Навальный подал в СК заявление о своем отравлении в спецприемнике

Задержан новый подозреваемый в убийстве оппозиционной ЛГБТ-активистки

По делу о массовых беспорядках 27 июля предъявлено первое обвинение

07.31.2019 Leave the Kids Alone

Кузнецова призвала организаторов массовых митингов оставить детей в покое

В спецприемнике, где Навальный отбывает арест, проверят качество еды после жалоб

07.30.2019 CIA 5th Column Neutralized in Russia

Police Issue Warning Over Illegal August 3rd Actions

Полиция Москвы предупредила, что акция оппозиции 3 августа незаконна

Любовь Соболь пожаловалась в ЦИК на отказ в регистрации

Члену Либертарианской партии Светову грозит до 30 суток ареста за акцию 16 июля на Трубной

СК возбудил три дела о нападениях на полицию 27 июля в Москве

Navalny is NOT Being Released

Мосгорсуд отказался отпускать Навального из-под ареста из-за болезни

Петербуржец получил пять суток ареста за демонстрацию татуировки со свастикой

Warnings About Provocations Unheeded by 5th: Fallout Continues

Собянин заявил, что полиция адекватно применяла силу в протестах 27 июля

Полиция задержала организатора митинга 3 августа в поддержку кандидатов в Мосгордуму

Начальник спецприемника спросил суд, как исполнять решение об аресте Навального

Московские суды назначили аресты шести десяткам участников акции 27 июля

Another Court Detains Yashin

Еще один суд добавил Илье Яшину еще десять суток ареста


Директор ФБК Жданов арестован на 15 суток за участие в протестах 27 июля

Алёхину и Энтео оштрафовали за участие в протестах 27 июля

Защита Навального попросила Мосгорсуд отпустить его из-под ареста и прекратить дело

Суд арестовал участника субботней акции, бросившего урну в полицейского

Суды получили более 200 административных дел по акции 27 июля в Москве

Еще двое оппозиционеров арестованы за акцию 27 июля в Москве

Atlantic Council Banned! What About CFR, Bilderberg, Rand et al??

Минюст внес "Атлантический совет" в список нежелательных в России организаций

50 Minors Held During July 27 Protests

На акции 27 июля в Москве задержали почти полсотни несовершеннолетних


CIA "Secret" Meddling in Russia Continues at Moscow Level

Gudkov Detained 2nd Time

Оппозиционер Дмитрий Гудков вновь задержан в Москве

Более 600 нарушителей порядка в ходе акции оппозиции в столице оказались немосквичами

Looks Like CIA Color Revolution (CR) Prospects for Russia in Toilet

Gudkov Admits Attempt at Overthrowing the Government

В России заявили о попытке государственного переворота

No It is NOT Sobchak: CIA Using Sobchak Clone in CR Attempt, These are not "protests" these are orchestrated PSYOPS

Завершился допрос главреда "Дождя" в СКР

More than 1,000 People Were Detained in Moscow CR Attempt

Более тысячи человек задержали на акции оппозиции в Москве

Sobol and Zhdanov Detained 2nd Time

Соболь и Жданов задержаны в Москве второй раз за день

Court Extends Hearings on Gudkov and Zhdanov

Суд перенес заседания по делам оппозиционеров Гудкова и Жданова

Любови Соболь назначили штраф в 30 тыс. руб. за несогласованную акцию 14 июля

Editor in Chief of the CR Instrument Dozhd "Rain" Interrogated

Главред канала "Дождь" вызвана на допрос в СК

MVD Reports 3,500 5th Columnists in Illegal CR Actions

Полиция насчитала около 3,5 тыс. человек на акции оппозиции в Москве

Voice of State Dept "Rain" Under Interrogation #BadDayGosDep

Главред канала "Дождь" вызвана на допрос в СК

Суд арестовал экс-главу правительства Астраханской области Султанова

Полиция насчитала около 3,5 тыс. человек на акции оппозиции в Москве

Полиция сообщила о 295 задержанных на акции оппозиции в центре Москвы

Zhdanov Gudkov Galyamin Detained

Оппозиционеров Жданова, Гудкова и Галямину задержали

Lubov Sobol's Politcal Ambitions Self-Destruct #BadDayGosDep

Любовь Соболь задержана в Москве

Yashin's Politcal Ambitions Self-Destruct #YashinMudakArrested

Илью Яшина отправили в Троицкий районный суд


Илью Яшина отправили в Троицкий районный суд

The Demonization of Slobodan Milosevic

В МИД РФ заявили, что история с русскими шпионами в Австрии закрыта

В ФБК Навального сообщили об обыске в фонде

Military Service Dodgers Will Be Sought in Crowds

На акции оппозиции в субботу в Москве будут искать уклонистов от армии

Consider Your Street Teams, Coms and Provocateurs Warned

Police warn against calls to join illegal protests in Moscow on Saturday

После допроса в СК Соболь осталась свидетелем по делу

Координатор штаба Навального зарегистрирован кандидатом в мэры Новосибирска

5th Column Being Heavily Warned Multiple Times

Прокуратура снова предупредила о незаконности акции 27 июля в Москве

Любовь Соболь вызвали на допрос в СК утром в пятницу


CIA 5th Column Activated in Russia

Любовь Соболь отказалась брать предупреждение о незаконности митинга у мэрии Москвы

Gudkov Called in for Two More Questionings

Дмитрия Гудкова вызвали еще на два допроса

Обыски начались у кандидата от команды Гудкова Александра Соловьева

В МВД насчитали 2200 участников митинга "За честные выборы" в Петербурге

Гудкова вызвали в качестве свидетеля на допрос в московский СК

Директора ФБК Жданова везут на допрос к следователям

Search Warrant on Gudkov Yields Computer and Hard Disc Data

В ходе обысков у Гудкова изъяты материалы с компьютера и жёсткие диски

Навальный получил 30 суток ареста из-за призыва к участию в несанкционированной акции

CIA Front UPI Promoting CIA Puppet Agent Freedom

Russian activist Alekei Navalny arrested ahead of opposition rally

No Words Are Even Necessary

Is Someone Finally Paying Attention? Today is Almost a Holiday

May 22, 2018 - Lot's of news and it is all good for Russia today.

In the first event Rozman is resigning his post as Mayor of Ekaterinberg.

Alexey Navalny;s Press Secretary was arrested

Ведущий YouTube-канала "Навальный Live" арестован за акцию 5 мая в Москве

На пресс-секретаря Навального составили протокол о повторном нарушении при проведении акций

Bogatova will face penalties for using TOR

The Russian Duma passed a law on sanctions actions the US and other states.

And finally satellite imagery will be used to verify property for taxation reasons.

The Insurance Mass Panic Illuminati Arson Campaign

Пожар в московской гостинице "Измайлово" потушили

Meet Teflon-Coated Agent Free! Owner of Unlimited Get Out of Jail Card

May 06, 2018- This is getting embarrassing to report on. He is in, he is out. With endless get out of jail cards, it is the one and only Navalny!!

Navalny and Nikolai Lyaskin Arrested After Being Warned

May 05, 2018 - DUe to the active nature of the operations we are refraining from commentary at this time. However we can report that Agent Freedom will not be getting a mere slap on the wrist this time and will not be waltzing out of detention any time soon....

Оппозиционер Алексей Навальный и его соратник Николай Ляскин задержаны в центре Москвы «за организацию несогласованного публичного мероприятия», говорится в сообщении пресс-службы ГУ МВД России по Москве, поступившем в РБК.

«Они доставлены в территориальный отдел полиции для решения вопроса о привлечении их к ответственности в соответствии с законом», — отмечается в сообщении.

Ранее о задержании Навального сообщал корреспондент РБК. На этот раз оппозиционеру удалось добраться до Пушкинской площади и принять участие в акции, на прошлых митингах его задерживали почти сразу после выхода из метро. Однако спустя несколько минут после появления оппозиционера на площади к нему направились сотрудники полиции, которые его и задержали. Николая Ляскина задержали «на подходе к Тверской», написал он в своем Twitter.

Boom! Ministry of Defense Not Happy With Benedict Arnold

May 03, 2018 - The Ministry of Defense has publicly bashed the lead 5th columnist at Echo of Moscow Benedictov. Hopefully he will finally have to answer for his years and years of work against the Russian State and the Russian people in his service to the CIA!

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Минобороны России рекомендует Алексею Венедиктову сначала читать первоисточники, рассуждая на тему кто кого вводил в заблуждение относительно участия Франции в ракетном ударе по Сирии 14 апреля

«Алексею Венедиктову, рассуждая на тему кто кого вводил в заблуждение относительно участия Франции в ракетном ударе по Сирии 14 апреля, всё-таки порекомендовали бы сначала читать первоисточники, а не слухи.

Утром 14 апреля, в брифинге Минобороны России было дословно сказано: «анонсированное участие ФРАНЦУЗСКОЙ АВИАЦИИ не зафиксировано». Ни больше, ни меньше.

Это и есть правда, которая на тот момент была официально доведена общественности без каких-либо прикрас.
При этом на том же утреннем брифинге Минобороны России сообщило о 103 выпущенных по Сирии и обнаруженных крылатых ракетах. Хотя так называемая «коалиция» только к концу дня 14 апреля фактически подтвердила эту информацию, заявив о 105 выпущенных ракетах.
Куда улетели после старта эти две американские, британские или французские ракеты – неизвестно. Но погрешность в наших оценках около 1 процента говорит сама за себя.

А вот что касается эффективности ракетного удара 14 апреля, - здесь действительно имеются более чем серьезные расхождения не в пользу коалиции. И особенно Франции, честь и репутацию которой так упорно отстаивает А.Венедиктов.

Минобороны России не только заявило, но и предъявило российским и иностранным журналистам многочисленные обломки сбитых сирийскими комплексами ПВО, в том числе французских крылатых ракет с серийными номерами агрегатов.

Ничего противопоставить этим фактам не могут ни французское военное ведомство, ни их коллеги из США или Великобритании.

Более того, фактически замолчали ту презентацию реальных трофеев, уничтожившую миф об «умных и красивых» ракетах западной коалиции и на самой радиостанции «Эхо Москвы».

Впрочем, как замолчали и показания в ОЗХО живых свидетелей-сирийцев постановочного ролика «Белых Касок», якобы «пострадавших» в результате химической атаки «сирийского режима».

А ведь именно эта активно цитировавшаяся фальшивка, изготовленная мошенниками из «Белых Касок», и стала поводом для нанесения 14 апреля ракетного удара по Сирии.

Где же ваша хвалёная объективность? Хотя да, о чем это мы?»

  Boom!!! Polish Fascist Propagandist Deported and Banned from Russia for 30 Years

Польскому политологу Мацейчуку запретили въезд в Россию на 30 лет

Томаш Мацейчук Tomash Matsaichuk Matsaychuk deported from Russia and banned from Russian territory until my birthday in 2048. 30 years.))) Thanks go out to the FSB and a request to also hold those responsible who gave him a platform on the Russian media to spread his fascist hate!

Meet CIA Officer Gerald Howard Solomon - CIA Front Forest Laboratories (Captagon)





Russian Lives Matter: Russia Under Attack - By John Robles

Russian Lives Matter: Russia Under Attack

Russia Finally Says No to USAID John Robles


25 September 2012, 10:00  

The Government of the Russian Federation has been forced to take measures against US interests to protect its sovereignty and after allowing USAID to operate freely on the territory of the Russian Federation for 20 years has informed the organization that, as of October 1st, it is no longer welcome. USAID has proven that its stated objectives are not keeping with its real activities in the country, activities which have served to undermine Russia and advance US interests.

As of October 1 2012, USAID (The United States Agency for International Development) is to cease all of its operations on the territory of the Russian Federation by order of the Russian Government, ending decades of deep and far-reaching involvement in post-Soviet territory.

The Russian Government has determined that USAID has been attempting to, among other things, influence the internal political processes of the Russian Federation, this is true, clear and obvious and must not be allowed to continue. However that is only the very tip of an enormous iceberg of US involvement and meddling which goes to the very foundations of Russian society.

The organization, which has for years been listed as a CIA front, would like to paint a picture of itself as an innocent “humanitarian” group trying to advance the societal interests of the countries where it is, for all intents and purposes, buying influence.

This might have been believable in the innocent days of the 90’s when much of the world still believed that the US was interested in advancing the betterment of all mankind, but things have changed. The world has grown up, and has seen that the US is bent on a path of world domination and is willing to do everything and anything to advance its own selfish imperialistic interests.

If we take off the rose-colored-glasses and look at USAID for what it really is and accept the self-admitted pretext that US financial aid is tied to the advancement of US interests, then USAID becomes another animal entirely, a world apart from the image it attempts to portray as a guardian of humanity and democracy. For what it truly and really is, when you take away the propaganda and the spin, is a US tool to undermine, coerce, usurp and force countries to bend to the American will.

The tentacles of USAID are vast and far-reaching, are everywhere and encompass everything from day-care centers to the largest private banking institutions. There is not an area of Russian society where they have not penetrated and there is not an area that has not been in some way “touched” by the hand of USAID’s 2.6 billion dollar hand. That’s right folks, $2,600,000,000.00, let’s respect that number by printing out all the zeros.

$2.6 billion: that is a very healthy investment, and an investment it was, for the US Government would not spend that kind of money if there were no strings attached. “Strings” that they need to manipulate Russia and countries worldwide to make them pliable and “friendly” to US interests. In the recent past the US has at last repeatedly officially stated and admitted that US financial assistance and aid is tied to advancing US interests.

Back in the 1990s when the US Government was more transparent and it was possible to gain information about the inner workings of the government, it was common knowledge that USAID was under the CIA in the budgetary hierarchy. The CIA was under the DCI, the Director of Central Intelligence, as was the US State Department.

Is an organization that advances US interests, is funded by the US Intelligence apparatus and strives to gain access to critical infrastructure and the most vulnerable segments of civil society under the pretext of “advancing and assisting” the societies of its target countries, something that the world’s states really want operating on their territories? Russia’s expulsion of USAID should be a wake-up call for all countries that have allowed the organization to sink its hooks into their countries.

Slowly Russia is waking up and realizing that it is an enemy and not a friend who wants to surround us with missiles and dictate to us who our enemies should be, who our friends should be and who our rulers should be. It is an enemy who supports those who divide society, blaspheme our religion and undermine our government and our elected leaders.

Since 1992 USAID has funded organizations such as the Moscow Helsinki Group which has been used as a cover for MI-6 and refuses to register its source of income and as a “foreign agent” with the Russian Government, Transparency International’s Russian branch, an organization which has consistently denigrated and demonized Russia, the Golos organization which has directly meddled in Russian elections and attempted to sow doubt as to the legitimacy of power in the Russian Federation as well as other groups and organizations which have done little to actually strengthen and improve Russian society but which have allowed thousands of Western “operatives” to operate unhindered and advance their own agendas.

USAID has a long history of funding groups and organizations all over the world that have brought about “color revolutions” the current US Ambassador to Russia’s specialty, and served to bring about regime change and the fall of governments all over the world. The meddling in Latin America is clear, widespread and examples of such are easy to find by anyone with an internet connection.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has not only told USAID to end its operations by October 1st but to also recall more than a dozen US diplomats working in Russia for USAID. Statements by US officials are unapologetic, do not deny the accusations and are almost a direct admission to meddling which they, for the most part, say will continue.

Senior US officials have issued statements such as this one from a senior US official in Moscow: “Washington will look for new ways to achieve their ends” and US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland’s statement: “Our diplomats look forward to continuing... cooperation with Russian non-governmental organizations.”

As if to underline their wish to undermine the legitimacy of the government of Russia, and in a shameful parting shot USAID issued an ignominious statement saying they had funded some “unspecified” activities of Russia’s leading United Russia party, prompting the head of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Andrei Vorobyov, to say "This is crafty/sly information. No funds from this organization have been received and no agreements were signed."

Countries worldwide beware and take heed, you may have allowed a Trojan horse into your country, and they may be next door, waiting for the right moment to attack.


Ukraine Before and After US Democracy


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