Former WikiLeaks Associate and Media Partner John Robles: They Were Designed to Cover Up the CIA/MOSSAD/Rothschild 9/11 "Operation" and Promote Anglo-Saxon White Supremacy and Protect the Zionist Entity. When you slaughter 1,999 innocent people in order to commit genocide and steal someone's country, you need a pretty big disiniformation operation.


Fact of the Century: We were all LIED to by Assange and towards the end I was being warned but I did not listen and neither did many others. I am ashamed to have been manipulated lied to and used by this motherfucking son of a bitch MOSSAD operative but that is their nature. Hawkins or Assange or whatever his name is deserves a bullet to the head for taking honest, just and intelligent people fighting for truth and justice and getting them killed and destroyed by the very intelligence agencies we were all fighting against. Assange is worse than a traitor to mankind, he is a demon.

Fact of the Day: Every visitor to WikiLeaks automatically gets placed on an list. Every journalist, associate or contributor working with WL not on the USG payroll gets placed on a Red List. In all my years of working with WikiLeaks even after I asked Hrafnsson directly about these lists, no attempt was ever made to publicize or expose this targetting. Alarm bells should have gone off but Assange has a gift for making people trust and believe him. A very special gift that he has exploited. A SNAKE OIL SALESMAN OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!

Fact of the Day: Regarding the "leaks" - Wikileaks.org, its partners such as the Intercept and its infrastructure are used to post fabricated information; misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda; and to conduct perception management and influence operations designed to convey synthetic negative or supportive messages to those who view or retrieve information from the Web site. Given the embedded CIA malware that JAR2 and Anonymous/ZeroSec/LULSEC2 discovered and informed you about, it also used to target truthers and seekers of truth who are now considered the enemies of the CIA and the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.

The WikiLeaks Fairytale: Sources/Supporters Dead or Arrested
Hiding 911 Truth, Entrapping Whistleblowers and Now Being Used to Install CIA Malware on anyone's computer who downloads a doc.
This Page Curated by John Robles II (The Original WikiLeaks)

Why WikiLeaks Was Created: The Truth About JAR2


For Newcomers: Why We Are Against WikiLeaks and Paul Hawkins

(JAR2 vs WikiLeaks: The Facts)

April 09, 2019 - Second Post: Copy of police report after baseball bat meeting. See below

jar2.biz is safe. Tomorrow is my birthday so I will take the day off.

First Post:

Paul Hawkins, who you know as Julian Assange, is a fake. We have known that since day one but the global MOCKINGBIRD media has ignored all of the evidence and continues to use him and WikiLeaks as a template for what asylum, truth and whistleblowing are about. It is ALL a FAKE.

John Robles, JAR2 com and biz

Paul Hawkins, WikiLeaks

Real Political Asylum

Since 2007 With children after passport revocation on false grounds. In 1995 John tried to expose CPS fraud and child trafficking. USA said John owed child support for the same children who had lived with him in Russia since 1996. We were told to close this "fucking site" by Moscow CIA COS Joseph Moone

Since June 2012 after occupying Ecuadorian Embassy "feeling abandoned" and being charged with rape.


Since its creation JAR2 has attempted to expose the truth about the False Flag attack that occurred on September 11, 2001 plunging the world into a US/NATO endless war paradigm of imperial takeover and genocide for the New World Order and Israel. JAR2 has released thousands of documents, conducted interviews, posted thousands of evidentiary material and written investigative articles.

Hawkins (Assange) stated in 2010: "I am annoyed by false conspiracies such as 911". WikiLeaks released some cell phone records to support the LIE that cell phones worked in aircraft in 2001.


Fights for Palestinians, has exposed over 37,000 MOSSAD Agents. Connected MOSSAD to 9/11. Researched the ZIonist conspiracy and the genocide based, Rothschild state of Israel.

Run by Israel and Rothschild. Never exposed anything damaging about MOSSAD or Israel.

Agents and Operations

Exposed tens of thousands of agents and illegal operations

No agent ever exposed by WikiLeaks


John has never been charged with a crime during his entire life.

Charged with multiple rape count, failure to appear and bail jumping. Also evidence of fraud, facilitating illegal surveillance and entrapment of UK citizens, violations of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Missions, complicacy in covering up illegal State Terrorism, conspiracy to commit, coverup and obfuscate War Crimes, usurption of legitmate power, active attempts to facilitate regime change, blackmail of governments and high level officials, media manipulation and character assassination through slander, active material and informational support to facilitate Crimes Against Peace, Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide and an attempted world takeover, international fraud and manipulation of media outlets, running an extra-sovereign intelligence operation for profit, tax evasion, identity fraud, active support and complicacy in covering up the genocide in Palestine and the crimes of Israel, violations of fundamental journalistic ethics by ignoring and cherry picking information, illegally serving as an information clearing house for the CIA, participation in mass mind control and subversion, extra-territorial election meddling in third countries, covering up and facilitating pedophilia, false arrests and war crimes, illegally facilitating and cooperating in multiple cases of entrapment, renditions and assassinations, obtaining citizenship under false pretenses, money-laundering, revision of history, providing informational, tactical and other support for terrorist organizations including nazi groups in Ukraine, supporting and participating in multiple regime change operations, facilitating the international tracking and targetting of real whistleblowers, leakers and hacktivists, tampering with witnesses and evidence, racketeering, banking fraud, interfering with the asylum of others, assisting in the fabrication of evidence and targetting of journalists and investigators engaged in their professional duties, subversion of multiple state and civilian media outlets, facilitation of destabilization and terrorism by undermining legitimate governments and bodies, perpetuation of illegal operations engaged in by the rogue state of Israel and much more. NOTE: Given that WikiLeaks is an intelligence operation every leak now has to be looked at in the context of what it covers up, tries to hide or distract from and who it serves.   


John, who was born in Puerto Rico, has never received or been offered a passport after his US passport was revoked

Hawkins was granted Ecuadorian citizenship and had his Australian passport renewed.


JAR2 has published more agent names and outed more illegal operations than WikiLeaks. JAR2 has published all leaks RAW and unedited without editing or political motivations. 

Cherry picked, edited, redacted and fake leaks serving the Israeli CIA agenda

Respecting Host

JAR2 has always respected and supported the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin. John is fluent in Russian. John has never criticized the Russian Government except for Western backed and installed CIA elements who carried out the arrest of his son.

WikiLeaks and Hawkins have posted personal pictures of the bedroom of the Ecuadorian President and treat Ecuador with disrespect, not even bothering to learn the language of the country in which he is a citizen.


JAR2 is not funded by anyone except a very small number of random donors.

WikiLeaks and Hawkins are a mega money making media operation being funded to the tune of 10 million dollars a month, according to Hawkins. WikiLeaks has received not only Rothschild's support but millions form the global CIA MOCKINGBIRD media and its agents supporters and confused minions.

Media Support

Completely ignored or demonized no matter how big or serious the information it published.

The global CIA MOCKINGBIRD Zionist media, fawns over WikiLeaks and Hawkins providing instant default coverage of every miniscule event WikiLeaks promotes, regardless of its truthfulness or newsworthiness. Books, movies and endless media fawning by famous people and HASBARA operatives makes WikiLeaks a Corporate tool.


Citizenship stripped, passport revocation, arrest of son, destruction of career, raids on family, seizure of property, liquidation of media employer, destruction of family, finances and reputation, intimidation and surveillance of family and supporters. Visa, PayPal sanctioning. Complete block from all crowd funding platforms.

Temporary block from VISA (For show)



A Rothschild and every possible famous lawyer specializing in everything.


None lost, all protected, none turned over.

All arrested, murdered or destroyed after having been turned over to the relevant governments and spy agencies.


Not considered or called a journalist. Has written thousands of investigative critical and cited articles, conducted hundreds of interviews, received awards and even written books. Worked as an editor, social media manager, newsreader, head announcer, correspondent and translator for the Voice of Russia Wrold Service in English and was even a WikiLeaks media partner before the truth was known. Has been leaking agent lists and documents since 1999 and personally run his own blog and site since 2003. Has been cited for exposing Boston, Srebrenica, the TPP and more. Demonized and black listed for exposing NATO, the CIA 5th column in Russia, the Ukraine takeover and supporting Palestine against the genocide being carried out by "Israel".

Called a journalist yet writes nothing, has never conducted an interview and has never carried out a real investigation. Is called the world's greatest leaker and "exposer" and receives every award possible for publishing cherry picked documents.


Not racist. Represented the North American tribes in a bid to have Russia recognize the Two Row Wampun Treaty.

Promotes master race template and genocide of Palestinians and the narrative that all Latin American countries are banana republics not intelligent enough to rule themselves.


Supports and loves Russia

Follows Russophobic line


Personal servers located in Russia

Multiple corporate servers based in FVEY countries



CIA Malware discovered in pdf files.

Real Hackers

Support JAR2

Turned over to FBI and arrested


Healthy and loved

Sickly and neglected


Has tried to expose the truth presented evidence Snowden is a CIA Avatar installed in Russia to control and manipulate the narrative and infilitrate Russian asylum and intelligence structures.

Assists in supporting LEGEND

Social Media

Banned for life from Twitter

Never banned or blocked


Supported Russia, Occupy, Hacktivism, Truthers, some Greens, the poor, Palestinians, Serbs, American Indians, Russians in Donbass, Venezuela, Iran, repressed peoples worldwide and US third party candidates

Supports Western establishment, Israel and elites


Founded, registered and run by John Robles II (100% transparent)

Founded by Kristinn Hrafnsson, registered by John Young, run by hundreds of unknown individuals operating in secret (0% transparent)

Intelligence Operations

Exposes truth

Runs intelligence operations against UK and Western whistleblowers, hackers and leakers from the territory of the Ecuadorian State in the UK.


Helped stopped the invasion of Crimea by CIA paramilitary forces and NATO, saving millions of lives.

SIlent on Ukraine coup and all NATO operations

Google and Linkage

Almost non-existent

100% support and saturation

WikiLeaks is a FAKE

LEAKS25A 06.26 Message to Ass-ange: We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget! You Should Have Expected Us.

Dear Assange,


On April 09 2019 9/11 Truthers, Hacktivists forced into hiding and living off the grid, Black Hats, honorable White Hats, members of the Real Anonymous, LULZSEC, ZEROSEC, former WikiLeaks Associates in hiding, International Peace Activists in hiding, Whistleblowers, pro-Palestinians, Russians pissed off by the demonizing of GRU and Russia and lastly from those buried by Assange, MOSSAD and WikiLeaks, sent a message and files to the Government of Ecuador exposing the truth about WikiLeaks. The action was dedicated to the memory of Michael Ratner and all of those assassinated and/or arrested as a result of WikiLeaks provoke and entrap operation. A message from beyond the grave.

Free the WikiLeaks’s victims! We will not forgive and we will not forget. Ever. 9/11 was an inside job carried out by MOSSAD and the CIA.

Уважаемый Ассанж,


По 09 апреля 2019 9/11 Truthers, хактивистов вынуждены скрываться и жить в бегах, черных шляпах, белых шляпах, члены Аноним, LulzSec, ZEROSEC, бывший Викиликс сотрудники в бегах, международных активистов за МИРА в подполье, разоблачителей, про-Палестинцев, Россияне возмущены очернения ГРУ и России и, наконец, от тех, кто был похоронен на действия Ассанжа, Моссад, ЦРУ и "Викиликс", отправил сообщение и файлы правительству Эквадора разоблачающий сайт WikiLeaks. Акция была посвящена памяти Майкла Ратнера и всех тех, кто был убит и/или арестован в результате операции WikiLeaks. Послание из могилы.

Освободите жертв WikiLeaks! Мы не простим и не забудем. Никогда. 11 сентября было проведено ЦРУ и Моссад.

Querida Assange.,


El 09 de abril de 2019 los Hacktivistas obligados a esconderse y vivir fuera de la red, Sombreros Negros, Sombreros Blancos, reales miembros del Anonymous, LULZSEC, ZEROSEC, antiguos Socios de WikiLeaks escondidos, activistas por la Paz Internacional en la clandestinidad, Denunciantes, pro-Palestinos, Rusos enfurecidos por la demonización de GRU y Rusia y, por último, de aquellos que fueron asesinados por las acciones de Assange, MOSSAD, CIA y WikiLeaks, enviaron un mensaje y archivos al Gobierno de Ecuador exponiendo la verdad sobre WikiLeaks. La acción fue dedicada a la memoria de Michael Ratner y de todos los asesinados y/o detenidos como resultado de WikiLeaks, un operación hiso con sus motivos de provocar y atrapar gente honorables. Un mensaje que fue de los propios muertos.

¡Liberad a las víctimas de WikiLeaks! No perdonaremos y no olvidaremos. Nunca. El 11 de septiembre fue llevado a cabo por la CIA y el MOSSAD.


LAST UPDATE RUSSIAN STANDARD TIME:  11/20/2022 09:31 +0300


The Following Pages and Sections of JAR2 are Related to the WikiLeaks Operation


911 BOOM!!! JAR2 REDEEMED!!! "911 was a MOSSAD CIA False Flag used to protect the Zionist entity from any future military threat and expand the parasitic hegemony of the US and the illegitimate Tel Aviv regime throughout the world by the Zionist inspired War on Terror." (Buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6?)









SOURCE https://www.minds.com/TyrannyUnmasked


Suppressed Article and MOSSAD Admission

https://www.veteranstodayarchives gordon-duff-julian-assange-wikileaks-a-fraud-run-by-press-for-israel/

Israel Shamir is a MOSSAD Agent. From 2010


WL is a MOSSAD Op... Soros Funding? 

Wikileaks/This Machine Kills Secrets, How WikiLeakers, Cypherpunks and Hacktivists Aim to Free the World's Information - Andy Greenberg.pdf

Assange a Disinformation Agent for the Rothschilds and the Zionist Entity






The Arrest of Paul Hawkins aka Julia, Julien, Julian Assange/Hawkins/

The WikiLeaks Limited Hangout Op is Finally Over

We Were Right About Paul Hawkins: (Assange) Did Not Know How to Spell Julian (Julien) and WikiLeaks is an Entrapment Operation. Here you see evidence of Assange going after Wayne Madsen whom they suspected of leaking the NSA Post Hypnotic Scripts


4.16 Assange Complaint and FBI Affidavit


EDVA Unsealed Files Leading to Assange Indictment/Arrest


The Secret File Transfer Hub of WikiLeaks Exposed by JAR2, GRU Indictment a FAKE


Assange attempting to report hacktivists and leakers to Hillary Clinton and the US Government from his office in Norfolk Virginia USA "...I would like to speak to someone who can execute an action quickly to send someone to a location here in Norfolk" (2010?) Why so old?

CIA Malware Discovered in WikiLeaks PDFs and Other Files

December 2017 - Forensic Investigation


The Killings of WikiLeaks



The Killings of WikiLeaks - MI6 Tied to Seth Rich, Gareth Williams and Other WikiLeaks' Kills: UK Ambassador-MI6 Asset/Officer Craig Murray Met Seth Rich. There Was No Hacker



Computer Generated Audio The-Killings-of-WikiLeaks-002.mp3

February 21, 2018 - Murray continues to ignore me and refuses to comment!


January 20, 2018 - As a former WikiLeaks "Associate" who had over 60 contacts in the organization, and saw every single one of those contacts go black, it is very obvious what has happened. However to understand it all one must approach WikiLeaks not for what it pretended to be but for what it was organized and designed for from the very beginning and for what it really was. One must also re-assess the Internet itself with the understanding the World Wide Web was originally implemented as a military communications Network hidden under public infrastructure and secretly organized and implemented to allow the FVEY countries to spy on every person with a computer in the world.

I detail the origins of WikiLeaks in my book in greater detail but the short version is that the control freaks and the killers who compromise most of the so-called "Intelligence Community" and the psychotic criminal cabal that is the Rothschilds bankster mafia, who in fact control these said agencies, did not foresee the advent of the citizen reporter and whistleblower, and could in no way allow for anyone not under their control to be informing the public about their operations and crimes.

What does this have to do with Seth Rich? Bear with me a moment, as this background information is necessary in helping you to understand and see the conclusions I have reached.

The first real leak sites you have probably never heard about. Sites such as; Orlin Grabbe, Anarchadia, Cryptome, JAR2 and then later all of the thousands of 911 Truth sites that suddenly popped up in 2001 and then almost just as quickly all disappeared, could not be allowed to exist! The corrupt mass murderers and criminals in the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex, and later the architects of 911, could not allow for their operations and illegality to be exposed. They are too busy bringing about their Orwellian Luciferian New World Order, and this, to them is bigger than you and I and any little whistleblower or truth seeker. To the architects we are nothing but useless breathers whom they plan to eliminate in their plans for depopulation, and it is these Illuminati New World Order freaks who control FVEY, the Corporation of the United States and all Anglo-Saxon countries (about which you can read my research into the New World Order and any of the dozens of books on this site) and who will do anything to keep their plans secret, including the killing and false imprisonment of anyone they label a threat.

So who is the closest to the New World Order Rothschild psychopaths? Who owns the Bank of England and controls the crown? Who has the ability and the power to kill and assassinate anyone in America, and in the world for that matter? The Rothschild World Bank ASTEROIDS assassination teams? MOSSAD? Yes and no. Military Intelligence 6 has that power.

No one asks who are Clinton's assassins. No one dares to go there. No one is allowed to live to blow the whistle on the psychos in any significant way and any leak is quickly discredited because they control the media and by creating WikiLeaks they sought to control the leaks as well, but you can only kill so many people before you expose yourself for what you are. The Asteroids, MI6, MOSSAD and CIA. All involved in 911 and bringing about the New World Order! Through the their own arrogance have exposed themselves, perhaps intentionally! 

The MI6 connection has been clear to me for a long time but now is completely exposed and as clear as the photographs in front of you. Unfortunately for MI6 and himself, by not being 100% honest Craig Murray has also exposed himself as, at minimum an MI6 Asset, and most likely an MI6 Officer (Possibly one Hugh Stephen Murray Elliot). Why do I say this? The inside information I had regarding the DCCC leaks and the Podesta E-Mails, was that they were passed to Mr. Murray by Seth Rich on multiple thumb drives after Murray flew to the US with the sole and expressed purpose of meeting the "source" and met Rich in a park not far from where he was later shot and taken into custody. Murray knows there were no Russian hackers and so does WikiLeaks and the "real" Assange (if he still exists or ever existed at all) and I of course know there were no Russian hackers involved as I was also involved in releasing the same material from the WikiLeaks remote storage location where they were being uploaded and the transferred to the WL servers for publication.

So who would have informed the hit team about Rich? Murray? Or WikiLeaks? Or were they working together as I suspect.



First the host calls me an American citizen "A lie" then Michael Bohm tries to say the Vienna Conventions realte to Hacking. Finally near the end I say very loudly in English "Michael there was no hacker" What is interesting is that I was not asked back and they could have killed the Russian Hacker claims right then and there by allowing me to go on the air and explain everything I know. They did not do so. Proving the hosts are yet more Zionist/Globalist media toola. A very serious accusation since this is the most important Russian Federal channel, but one that is supported by what you see before your eyes.

After he had been shot, with a non-fatal injury, Rich was then taken to a nearby hospital and was alive and well. An MI6, Asteroids or MOSSAD team, dressed as police then appeared and Rich was interrogated and then either killed or taken to a secret prison somewhere, where I suspect the real Assange is being held and other high-value prisoners. The only way to answer that question is to examine and verify the remains of Rich if there are any.   

 I have long asserted that WikiLeaks is an entrapment operation (I can personally verify this with my own experiences), a Limited Hangout designed to cover up 911 and protect MOSSAD/MI6/CIA from real leakers and real leaks was implemented in response to sites like JAR2 and others which were not under their control. The long list of victims of WikiLeaks is a testament to their betrayal of truthers and whistleblowers.

You see what they wanted is exactly what they tried to get. A centralized source that is seen by the masses as the only legitimate place for leaks and which the media cites and supports and links to, in order to continue to mind control the masses, with the narrative and the information that THEY want you to have. We have seen a long series of such "media" outlets with the Litmus Test being Israel and 911. The Pizzagate horrors only made this clearer and proved in the minds of many that outlets like InfoWars and the Intercept and "journalists" like Glen Greenwald and Sibel Edmonds and others are nothing but Gatekeepers being used to feed those who seek alternative views and truth with a steady diet of carp while avoiding the real issues and protecting the New World Order elites and the Zionist 911 mass-murderers. The Litmus Test is 911 and the proof is that they are allowed to continue their operations facing no violent opposition with their servers and infrastructure allowed to operate unhindered in the United States and Western controlled territories.  

Gareth Williams is the key to unravelling the web of deceit and WikiLeaks', at minimum collusion, with the Illuminati killers.

As we have seen with the hundreds of Clinton kills and all of the deaths of WikiLeaks principles (I include my own poisoning here), they always leave room for doubt and speculation, which makes it clear that the deaths were not accidental or in keeping with the official findings. Like the two head shot "suicide" of Gary Webb, the unlikely  the Polonium killing of Litvinenko and thousands of others, the assassination of Gareth Williams left and almost ritual like fingerprint and warning message to anyone who might dare to expose the "Illuminati" criminals. In this regard we can thank the Clintons for doing more than any other criminal element in history for exposing the insane Illuminati elites.             

Finally if this has not laid the Russian Hacker accusations to rest, let us look at why the MIIC needs the Russian hacker myth. The Illuminati psychos want war with Russia. Russia has done nothing to warrant such, so the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex is trying to manufacture the consent of the populace by making them believe that a Cyber Attack is a reason to go to war. A Cyber Attack that is almost impossible to prove and quite easy to fabricate.

This article is dedicated to Michael Ratner, a good man who tried to do what is right, in an evil world. RIP   


DECEMBER 2016 UK Ambassador Craig Murray: “I’ve met the person who leaked them [Podesta emails], not Russian – it’s an insider”

DECEMBER 2016 Ex-British Ambassador: I Know Who Leaked DNC Emails — It Wasn't Russia

DECEMBER 2016 Craig Murray, described as a "close associate" of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, claims the leaks of DNC e-mails came from the inside.

DECEMBER 2016 INSIDE JOB? Ex-British ambassador Wikileaks envoy slams CIA theory Russia hacked Clinton sources were ‘disgusted’ members of Democratic party

DECEMBER 2016 CIA's Russia hacking claims dismissed as 'bulls***' by former UK ambassador Craig Murray

SEPTEMBER 2016 U.S. Denies Entry to Former British Ambassador Craig Murray




The above is the typical cold remorseless comment WikiLeaks makes when anyone of  their sources ends up dead. See the QANON page


Assange Given Ecuadorian Citizenship, Now What?



January 12, 2018 - Given that I am quantumly tied to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, not only due to the all of the information available here and on-line, or the fact that I was a WikiLeaks Associate, but due to the fact that it was my activities exposing 911 and the criminality of the US Government that forced them to create the WikiLeaks Operation and then the Snow Den Operation. Now also because the damage control operation and the distractions and lies of Assange have become obvious for anyone with an analytical and critical mind.

Given that WikiLeaks is a reactionary damage control media operation, I can not help but wonder if all of the work I have been doing for the last year to expose the complete and total CIA takeover has finally had an effect. For those of you well read into my involvement with WikiLeaks and the facts behind the their creation and even my hosting of WL, then it might be of interest that at the beginning of November I blocked access to jar2 from all associated WL IP addresses. This came after several releases I was about to make when WL made some huge announcements. Given one of their operational mission parameters to distract and grab attention in order to silence real leaks including those coming from JAR2, something which happened three times in the month of November, this was something I should have done years ago.

For anyone who may be new to JAR2 I would just like to reiterate our position on the WikiLeaks Operation and the Snowden Operations and what we have determined to be their primary functions and natures. There is an intelligence term for such operations which was created during Watergate, these operations are called Limited Hangouts. A Limited Hangout is basically a damage control or suppression operation which seeks to take onto itself the appearance of being the proponent of a leak of sensitive information but is in fact controlled by those holding such information, who generally only leak enough to gain credibility or may be out or burn programs or people whom they deem to be expendable or no longer needed. Thus by releasing a certain amount of what appears to be secret or sensitive information they gain the trust of the audience

In the case of WikiLeaks and the Intercept, they also served the function of being entrapment operations and have been responsible for hundreds if not thousands of deaths and secret imprisonments of whistleblowers, leakers, hackers, activists, truthers and even legal counsel, who have attempt to expose the massive illegality of the criminal cabal which took over the United States on 911 and are in fact the most horrendous war criminals history has ever known.

I will not take up more of your time with the background as I have already gone over all of this many times in the past but given that information and the fact that we are certain the real Assange was renditioned out of the Ecuadorian Embassy on October 16th 2016 and the person now posing as Assange is either a completely compromised and controlled carcass or a body double pretending to be the real thing (Again I have gone over the evidence leading to these conclusions before and most of that work is on this page.) we believe the latest move is one that will allow for the ending of the operation.

WikiLeaks' almost completely transparent attempts at installing CIA Malware on visitors computers and the bad American English of the person posing as Assange on Twitter, prove to the mental incompetence of those now running the operation and any real leaker, whistleblower or truther knows that they can not be trusted, hopefully all my work to expose them has had an effect and has save many well-intentioned whistleblowers from falling into the trap that Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond and myself had fallen into. So WikiLeaks as an entrapment operation is done and as a leak site is finished.

Ecuadorian Citizenship

The facts are as follows: on December 12th Assange was given Ecuadorian citizenship with the stated goal of it being a way to end his residency in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa stated that Ecuador had asked London to recognize Assange as an Ecuadorian Diplomat on December 20th, a move not accepted by the United Kingdom and turned down the next day, and added that that Ecuador would not be pursuing the matter further because of the "good relations we have with the United Kingdom". The idea was to have Assange recognized as a Diplomat with Diplomatic Immunity so he could leave the Embassy and finally be able to fly to Ecuador.

Is it possible to legally force the UK to recognize the status and can a country actually make such a move? The Foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom issued a statement saying Ecuador had "recently requested diplomatic status for Mr. Assange here in the UK. The UK did not grant that request, nor are we in talks with Ecuador on this matter." So Ecuador unilaterally calling Assange a diplomat may mean nothing whosoever because diplomats have to be certified and accepted by host countries BEFORE they enter them. It is unprecedented to have a wanted individual inside of a country given such status and this is not covered in the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations. It would have been easier to put Assange in a box and mark it Diplomatic Cargo to be flown out of the country than to do all of this. 

So in reality does Assange being given Ecuadorian Citizenship mean anything, especially since he can not receive recognized diplomatic immunity? Quite simple to look at it this way: "How would the UK and the US treat a common Ecuadorian citizen wanted for, at a minimum parole violations? How would Ecuador react if he is picked up given that they now value the fact that they "have such good relations with the UK"?

We must also remember, as I have written bout before, that Assange has angered the Ecuadorian Government on several occasions and has quite literally outstayed his welcome. He was publicly reprimanded for interfering in the past US Elections, which we agree was interference as it was the release of the Clinton E-mails that turned the tides and the fact that Assange, no matter how famous or well-known and no matter what he has done to "expose the truth" he is or was an Australian citizen, and unlike me he has no moral or other right to interfere in US political processes. Nor does he have the right to damage or go against Ecuador's official polices or politics as a refugee, again I remind you my political activism in Russia and with regard to Russia is always pro-Russia (not because I have to but because I believe in helping the country which has given me asylum and I agree with Russia having strong sovereignty).   

Assange believed or believes (not knowing who this person actually is and if perhaps it is a double carrying out actions to damage the image of the real Assange) that truth allows him to do whatever he wants politically.  His actions have even forced President Lenin Moreno to issue a public statement to Spain, when he used Twitter to send out messages in support of Catalonia's independence drive.
After which President Moreno responded to complaints from the Spanish government by stating: "We have reminded Mr. Assange that he has no reason to interfere in Ecuadoran politics because his status does not allow it. Nor in that of nations that are our friends. He does not have the right to do so and he has committed himself to this," Moreno said in an interview with a Spanish newspaper.

So our inside conclusion is as follows: given that MOSSAD and the Rothschilds may have already transported the real Agent Assange far away from the Embassy, now that WL is no longer useful, we are left to watch Ecuadorian citizen Assange (and it is quite a major point whether he officially had asylum to begin with, as I do, as we have never seen official asylum documents on Assange) as he will probably be remanded into the custody of the United Kingdom, given that Ecuador now strongly values "good relations" and President Correa is no longer around to defend him. Once there (Ecuadorian Assange) will no doubt be handed to the Americans to finally put a period on the era of leaks and drive it home to real whistleblowers that the criminal cabal rules.

I could be wrong but I have not been wrong so far.     



 The Murderous Clinton Crime Empire: A Devastating Expose


 WikiLeaks US Election Meddling Goes Back to 2012


 The Killings of WikiLeaks: MI6 Tied to Seth Rich, Gareth Williams and Other WikiLeaks' Kills: UK Ambassador-MI6 Asset/Officer Craig Murray Met Seth Rich. There Was No Hacker



 The Russia Reports: Real Coverage of US Meddling is Russian Elections





 Exposing and Outing the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Shadow Government in Russia


 The Technology of Vote Rigging: Installing the POTUS Since 2000


 Donald Drumpf: Understanding the US Politcal Machine and the Puppet Masters


 The New World Order: How Rothschilds and the Illuminati Plan to Rule the World


 Gyorgy Schwartz - George Soros: The Man Who Stole American Democracy


 911 the Catalyst for the New World Order


 Operation Snow Den: An Obama Ordered Limited Hangout to Hide 911 Cash Flows

The Russian Hacker Myth Was Started by Edward Greenberg (Snowden)


 The Liquidation of the VOR: How CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Silenced Russia's Loudest Voice


 WikiLeaks: A Rothschilds/MOSSAD/FVEY Global Entrapment/Disinformation Op 


 Pizzagate and the Pedo Files: The WikiLeaks Distractor Op from the DNC Leak


 The Meddling by the US into the Sovereign Affairs of the Russian Federation



The Early JAR2 - Assange E-Mails




The WikiLeaks Leak: Internal E-Mails from the First Days - Saved From Cryptome WikiLeaks was first registered by John Young





Sources Say Robert Steele Took Over the WikiLeaks Ops After October 2016

This is a fragment of an interview which I published in which he told me SHUT UP!!!


CIA Infiltrates UN to Hide Child/Human Trafficking

CIA Black Operations Dick Robert David Steele Infilitrates UN

USMC/CIA Damage Control Operative (Voice of Russia, Snow Den, WikiLeaks, Child Trafficking, Mormons, Whelan) 100% Outed LULZ (Mr. Potato Head Looks to be what they call a Cleaner)


EXCLUSIVE!! FIRST TIME MADE PUBLIC!!! Mr Expert-on-Everything Self-Destructs in Attempt to be Credible (After one of Steele's USMC boys got caught in Moscow I published)

WHELAN SPY Kerch Provocation

Never Heard Interview With CIA Officer Robert Steele (High On Putin): Founder of Marine Corps Intelligence

Never Heard Interview With CIA Officer Robert Steele (High On Putin): Founder of Marine Corps Intelligence

Paul Whelan Was Steele's Marine Corps Recruit: According to FSB Sources Whelan was Arrested After Obtaining Russian Agent List



Steele Whines: Calls Failed Venezuelan Coup a CIA/NSA Failure

Massive Intelligence Failure in Venezuela Requires Presidential Reform

The CIA and WikiLeaks Continue Eliminating Everyone Connected to the Op (Recent)

"Assange" Having His Internet Cut is Fake News. It was cut in October 2016.

Below is Also Fake News. WikiLeaks Needs to Maintain Credibility to Get New Secret Documents

Assange Indignant as He Gets Treated Like Everyone Else




Ecuador Supposedly Protects Enemy Number One but Shmoozes With US/UK


Julian Assange: Talks between UK and Ecuador over Wikileaks founder’s future break down


WikiLeaks Could Clear Lauri Love and My Son but He is the Reason for the Troubles



Assange Gets Treated Like Everyone Else




122517 Fake Assange Trying to Create Credibility

by Pretending His Fake Account Was Suspended

Israeli Russian Media Jumps Right In - (Blue Screen of Self Delete)





Wikileaks: The CIA Doomsday Virus Update

The CIA WikiLeaks Doomsday Virus 


WikiLeaks is a Pathetic Excuse for a Truth Site



Newsweek's Fake Assange Interview- Is He Dead?

Newsweek's Fake Assange Interview


Watch Assange CGI Saying Seth Rich was WL Source



We Were Right Again: Pamela Anderson Never Dated JPA


Pamela Anderson and Lady Gaga, Those Sprit Cooking Pizzagate MKULTRA Whores Continue to Lie in the Media


Fake Anon Trutherbotwhite Threatens Me on Twitter: "If you go against WikiLeaks on authentication you are going to lose."

May 20, 2017 22:36 MST GMT +3


Twitter's Notorious Censor Identified: @Jack Ass

Twitter has been warned about FAKE @julianassange. Does nothing




5th Column Rus




RAW Leaks






MADE by the NSA




Media partners creating the lies:










TWITTER and other Social Media











Curator John Anthony Robles II (Target/Victim) You should note as proof WikiLeaks and Assange are not who they say they are, that even though I was a WikiLeaks Associate, had access to WikiLeaks' files and wrote dozens of articles and conducted interviews with all WL figures, WikiLeaks never once came out in support of me and my family and in fact is withholding information which could prove targetting by the CIA and the destruction of my family. I have had real asylum since 2007 and have been leaking information since 1998 yet WikiLeaks has never shown any support for me or this site! Assange is an informant and a rat for Intel Agencies! 

John Anthony Robles II

Media Smearing Julian - Christine Assange Mother of JPL (Lied to by Son)

25 June 2012, 15:44

Exclusive interview with Christine AssangeAssange and truth: A plea from Christine Assange


John Shipton Father Chief-Executive Officer WikiLeaks Party (Participant)


Jesselyn Radack National Security and Human Rights Director - CIA Asset


Michael Ratner US Lawyer for Julian Assange and Human Rights Defender

Passed Away Unexpectedly May 11, 2016 (Victim)


Kristinn Hrafnsson WikiLeaks Co-Founder, Official Spokesperson (Participant)



Greg Barns President of Australian Lawyers Alliance (Vicitim)


Craig Murray Former UK Amb to Uzbekistan - MI6 Officer - Participant



Samantha Castro Co-Founder WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance (Vicitim)


Mary Kostakidis Inter. TV News Anchor - ASIS Asset


Andreas Fink CEO DataCell Iceland: An Inconvenient Truth (????)


Scott Ludlam Australian Senator: Australia Gave Up on Assange (Victim)


Jacob Appelbaum TOR Creator: NSA Sub-Contractor



Mark Stephens Only Copy/No Audio as it was scrubbed/CIA Connection

John Robles: This is John Robles. I am speaking with Mark Stevens, the attorney for Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

John Robles: Hello, Sir. How is Julian right now?

Mark Stevens: He is not too happy at being in jail but his spirit is as good as it can be expected in these circumstances.

John Robles: Is he being treated correctly?

Mark Stevens: Yes, of course, he is. The British authorities are very good and impartial on these issues. The one thing that is slightly frustrating is that we have another court hearing on December 14 and I’ve not been permitted a legal visit until December 13, which, of course, gives me less than 24 hours to prepare his case.

John Robles: Are you kidding? You haven’t been allowed to see him yet?

Mark Stevens: No, I haven’t spoken with him or anything else. It’s very difficult obviously to prepare the case but at the moment I don’t have details of the evidence against him yet and this is something that the prosecutor – perhaps one would even say ‘persecutor’ – from Sweden has been playing hide-and-seek with for some months now. Julian Assange sought information in August, asked about the nature of allegations against him and has this far being denied access to that information. I think he believes he could rebuff it.

John Robles: Neither he nor you even have the charges or details on the case against him in Sweden?

Mark Stevens: Well, we have the details of the charges now and that was read in court yesterday. But the allegations were made back in the middle of August and for the very first time yesterday we heard what they were in court. But Julian has a right to have it communicated to him in a language so that he understands not only the charges but the allegations because he hasn’t actually been charged.

John Robles: Is that a normal procedure just to give you one day to prepare? I mean that sounds really unreasonable to put it mildly.

Mark Stevens: Well, I think it is unfortunate. It’s fair to say that.

John Robles: How can you properly prepare a case in one day? I don’t think that’s possible.

Mark Stevens: No, neither do I. And I think, you know, we have seen Julian Assange is on the attack from a number of different courts both in terms of cyber-attacks on the sites – the fact that organizations like MasterCard and Visa have shut down their access although it is worth pointing out that these organizations are quite happy to take money from pornographers and racist organizations like the Ku-Klux-Klan and a legal organization like Wikileaks doesn’t seem to be able to garner their attention.

John Robles: And I read that Post Finance – I guess that’s the name of the Swiss bank – froze his account, his legal fund.

Mark Stevens: Yes, and this is really quite unusual because Swiss are very proud of their banking secrecy. But for some reason on this occasion they not only froze his account but they also made it public. We’re still trying to pursue and work that out. But that was quite unusual and aberrant behavior. And again you to look and ask yourself why is it that all these things are happening in the week that cables are going ahead. One can therefore conclude that the proceedings are politically motivated.

John Robles: Do you think this was a response to the cables, I mean that they did it real quick? And as far as the arrest, did Julian turn himself in or was he tricked into something? I mean, how that happened?

Mark Stevens: We didn’t expect a warrant from Sweden because he was offering to cooperate with him. So he was quite happy to come by appointments and meet with the police. But some months ago he asked me to get in touch with Scotland Yard and say that if something came from the Americans, for example, please get in touch with me and we would make arrangements for a civilized meeting by appointment, which is the usual way. But he is not on the run as he was.

John Robles: Yes, I believe if I remember correctly he offered to meet with investigators on three occasions. And then they dropped the charges completely, right?

Mark Stevens: That’s right. The Chief Prosecutor of Sweden’s said there was not a shred of evidence against him and that he didn’t need to have the case pursued and she gave him permission to leave the country. He’d stayed there for 40 days trying to resolve this and they refused to meet him and give him the evidence. Then, of course, a politician got involved and he took these women out of Stockholm to Guttenberg and on the same facts started another prosecution with another prosecutor. I know that in most countries that would be an abuse of process. It appears though that in Sweden this is what the Prosecutor is doing.

John Robles: I don’t believe that you can prosecute someone for the same crime in two different courts. That sounds really unusual.

Mark Stevens: He was never actually prosecuted. But it is unfortunate that there was (a) a long period of time and (b) that this particular prosecutor – and I would say ‘persecutor’ – is actually pursuing him in the way she is. She could quite easily get on the plane, come to London, if she really wants to talk to him. Because if you are the woman who made this complaint indeed if you are Julian Assange and you want to be vindicated ultimately, any prosecutor who is interested in truth or justice or the rule of law should be interviewing the person in the most convenient way. And the most convenient way is to get on the plane. Everybody knows where he is today. He is in prison. So get on the plane, come to the prison, bring the file and we can have a conversation.

John Robles: Sure. I can’t go too deeply in it. But the charges, I believe, involve something about not using a condom so that the women had not actually complained about being raped to begin with?

Mark Stevens: Certainly, as I understand it the women had consensual sex with him before and after these alleged incidents. But we do not know what the nature of the allegations are because beyond that what we’ve heard briefly in court, because we haven’t got the file and we haven’t got the evidence. In fact I asked the Australian High Commission in London and the Australian Embassy in Sweden to get in touch with the Swedish authorities and the British authorities and let’s have a copy of this evidence, let’s see it.

John Robles: In one of the newspapers they said that Sweden will become the laughing stock of the entire planet if they prosecute someone for rape for not using a condom. I mean is that an actual law in Sweden? Can you comment on that?

Mark Stevens: That is not a law in Sweden and I think that is going to be a problem area. So until we see the file I really can’t go too much in any detail because obviously I have to talk to my client about what to say in answer to the allegations when I see them.

John Robles: There’s one thing I want to ask you: what exactly is going to happen on the 14th? Is that going to be like a pretrial hearing or is it the actual extradition hearing or what?

Mark Stevens: No, it’ll be the hearing when the issues are identified and then once they are identified we’ll have an idea of how long the hearing will take place and the date will be scheduled, probably the end of January or the beginning of February.

John Robles: What do you think Julian’s next move will be? Can you comment on that?

Mark Stevens: I plan to visit him. That is a part of my next stage. And we’ll see where we’ll go from there.

John Robles: Can you comment on the insurance file? I am sure you know what I’m talking about.

Mark Stevens: Yes, I do. I think the insurance file has been much misrepresented. But obviously it’s public knowledge that Wikileaks have suffered enormous numbers of attacks in different sources. They are concerned that they may be at some point in the future prevented from publishing the remainder or the entirety of the file. And as the result of that what we have done is ensured that it is available for posterity, to historians and news organizations from this point in time and academics. So they place it out in the community. But, of course, that is entirely separate from these allegations against the editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief of Wikileaks currently finds himself indisposed but like any news organization when the editor’s on holiday or finds himself indisposed somebody else steps into the bridge and others carry on publishing the newspaper. And that’s what is happening with Wikileaks. They are continuing to publish today.

John Robles: Is he going to release the key to this case?

Mark Stevens: Not in relation to the proceedings in Sweden as he currently got on foot.

John Robles: I was doing some research last night, because I am doing a piece on his case right now, and I found some information on the Internet about Anna Ardin -- that she has connections with the CIA. Do you know anything about that? She was apparently working in a group called Las Damas de Blanco (The Ladies in White). It’s an anti-Castro group that has been funded by the CIA. Do you know anything about that?

Mark Stevens: I have seen these suggestions in the blogosphere. At the moment I don’t know the strength of that and I might be interested to know from anyone who has actual evidence on the subject.

John Robles: Professor Michael Celso apparently is a specialist. I can give you my email so that you can see some information. Can you go into the defense that you are planning to mount?

Mark Stevens: No, till I see the files, I can’t.

John Robles: This is terrible not to have any files to go on.

Mark Stevens: It is very frustrating for myself and for Julian and indeed for others who are following this case because until you actually know what the allegation is it’s almost impossible to respond to it.

John Robles: Thank you very much, I’ve just been told that we are out of time. We had about ten minutes. If you don’t mind I would really like to stay in touch with you and keep up on the case.

Christine "AnnSands" Nevada: FBI Anon-Harvester

Jar2 2018

NOTE: Anything reported to be by WikiLeaks or Julian Assange after October 16, 2016 is part of a CIA Limited Hangout Psychological Operation. All interviews, op-eds and releases are CIA manufactured

February 16, 2018 The fakery continues with Ecuadorian citizen Julian Shipton or Julian Hawkins or Julian Assange now being a die-hard Trumpian and Fox News Fan


Jar2  2017

NOTE: Anything reported to be by WikiLeaks or Julian Assange after October 16, 2016 is part of a CIA Limited Hangout Psychological Operation. All interviews, op-eds and releases are CIA manufactured

12-03-2017 WARNING: CIA Spyware and Malware on WL Downloaded onto Your Comp Gives the CIA Complete Access. Hence the Hive. Anonymous verifed "Malicious PDF" on WikiLeaks which can give anyone remote access or even take over your machine






WikiLeaks Registered in Russia but it is an Australian IP


11-16-17 The Penultimate Final Nail on the Legitimacy of WikiLeaks Has Been Pounded In

It was totally unexpected and unplanned and not covered by the media of course, which has been complaint in the WikiLeaks fabrication since day one, and the source of the revelation was totally unexpected but we now have confirmation of everything I have been saying for years. WikiLeaks is a criminal fraud, a fake, an entrapment operation and completely under the control of the CIA and what Americans have labeled the Deep State. The fact that they have been instrumental in the murder of dozens, if not hundreds of whistleblowers, hackers, activists, lawyers, honest intelligence officers and even their own associates makes WikiLeaks one of the most long running murder operations in history, all created and executed to protect the mass murderers behind 911, the MOSSAD and Israel and the Rothschild Illuminati New World Order psychopaths. 

The latest revelations about WikiLeaks (Think about that for a moment! Revelations and leaks about a fake operation that was supposed to have been engaged in revelations and leaks! The irony is historic!) come from none other than Donald Trump Jr. of all people. In their drive to try to create a fake Russian connection where there is none they have outed almost their entire operation. So let's look at some direct messages Mr. Trump was nice enough to share with the world, this is actually stunning!

Mr. Trump actually only sent WikiLeaks a total of three messages and his last was a question which WikiLeaks did not answer. The supposed WikiLeaks having the password to a site trying to push the Putin Trump smear even in September ties in with Snowden trying to blame Russia for hacking in the summer. It also shows WikiLeaks is just a branch of a larger command operation. In the first e-mail we see WL confessing to having the password and asking Mr. Trump to promote WL's Clinton material. In the second WL ignores Mr. Trump's question completely but tries to recruit Mr. Trump to promote WL and spread their links. There is a strange use of "it" when talking about storie(s).

The third and fourth exhibits show messages in which WL is pandering for Trump's tax returns and the stunning thing is WikiLeaks wants Trump to help them improve the perception of their impartiality. So while colluding with Trump and pandering to his camp WL seeks to boost their own credibility by creating a false leak of Trump's tax returns. This is quite stunning. In other words WL is offering to fabricate a leak for their own reputation and for the political expediency of the party they are pandering to. To talk about corruption is benign. This is worse. WL also pretends to be indignant of Clinton "slander" in calling them pro-Trump in a letter pandering to Trump's son.

Exhibits 5 and 6 are also stunning as WL attempts to control the outcome of Trump's behavior if he loses and complains about rigging an election when it is election meddling that WL is involved in. It was not Russia who interfered in US elections. It was WL and those behind it who singlehandedly destroyed the Clintons.

Exhibits 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Here WL is attempting to get Assange an Australian Ambassadorial Post by way of an American Presidential Candidate whom he is helping and WL is so sure of their own worthiness that it is actually stunning. Here we also see WL almost begging for e-mails and material to release which they claim the opponents already have, meaning WL has no expertise, hackers or anyone on the inside in the Clinton Camp? Being as WL completely devastated Anonymous this would indicate there is no one left. These four e-mails show a cold calculating WL which plans in advance on how their releases will affect public opinion and influence social and political processes. Although WL destroyed the Clinton Camp it is clear they do not have even a basic working relationship with Trump's people. Three very short messages the last of which Mr. Trump's question was not even answered and then a barrage of messages from WL seem to show that WL was actually harassing the Trump Camp in their attempt to pander for a political advantage or even Ambassadorial post. 

Exhibits 9 and 10 - Who is behind all of these DMs? Did Assange write these messages? Did Mr. Trump delete anything showing a more intimate relationship? Given they were obtained by the US authorities I doubt it. Did WL which is registered in the US and which is an intelligence op meddle in US elections? Did Assange go rogue? Does it really matter? Can Australia charge Assange with anything for attempting to receive an Ambassadorship through a US President?

What matters is that WikiLeaks is a conniving million dollar entrapment operation and at this point it is clear Assange has been replaced. All of these DMs show a WL that orchestrates leaks, has no independence in obtaining material (meaning everything they have ever released is now suspect) and one that panders to politicians and attempts to create, orchestrate and manipulate public perception and public thinking through it's "work" which you would not call journalism. A Limited Hangout created to obfuscate 911 and entrap and get rid of whistleblowers, hacktivists, hackers and as it turns out political opponents.


is actually

10-17-17 They Truly Believe We Are All Retarded

For my long time followers you all remember when I contacted Hannity about Seth Rich and offered him evidence that Seth Rich was murdered in the hospital by an Asteroids team and immediately after that Hannity within an hour stopped his Seth Rich investigation. Well now we know 100% Hannity is in on it. Again I repeat Seth Rich was shot then taken to a hospital where he was de-briefed and killed.

09162017 Conclusion: Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks Source for the Clinton/DNC Files. He passed thumb drives to Craig Murray in a park and then was assassinated. My investigation points to either the Clinton/WB/Asteroids or the CIA/MOSSAD controllers behind the WikiLeaks Operation itself or the third version that it was MI6 with the help of Murray. Reports Rich is alive were not for the strange behavior of his family could be discounted completely but if true point to his being taken into protective custody or the FBI wtiness relocation program. Only time will tell. The simple fact that Sputnik was seeking to cover the Rich assassination (although the journalistic competence of their staff is questionable which is the real cause of their problems) and Feinberg refused and was terminated and then became of very public interest to the FBI to continue their Russian "hacker" lies brings the whole affair to closure unless some new shocking proof pops out of the woodwork. Feinberg's lies about the Russian hackers proves to me that he is either a useless journalist or another USGov parrot. END

Wrong on Two Counts: True Answer Because He is Directly Involved With CIA/WIKILEAKS

Not funny anymore
It is actually stunning that the CIA does not even try to hide their involvement and takeover of WikiLeaks. It is like everything they do. They let everyone know they are doing it but they do not openly admit it. WikiLeaks would have never said "CIA operatives into 'OUR' overseas embassies"...

DDosed from France where the fake Assange Twitter account is operating

Source Sent These Files Which Show Assange Collaborated with NASA Scientist Fred Blonder, Los Alamos National Labs Scientist Michael C. Neuman 2 yrs Before his Prosecution


Julian Assange is Alive, Surprise, Surprise: Download Two Videos

Assange Alive Video One

Assange Alive Video Two

COTW Demand International Rule of Law: Released 45 Minutes Before Above

Rule of Law

Citizens of the World Demand International Rule of Law PDF

Citizens of the World Demand International Rule of Law PDF WORD JPG ZIPPED

Bradley Manning is Free/Assange Most Likely Dead


RT Continues to Help the CIA Pretend Assange is Alive


VOR: The Real Liquidation of the Voice of Russia



The CIA is not even hiding it. "Year Zero" means WikiLeaks is gone and the new CIA controlled WL is in its zero year. Vault 7 is either where Assange is being held or where his body is. They do not even hide the fact he was renditioned yet the sheep believe. Horrendous

So transparently trying desperately to continue their hysterical false war lies! Now China hacked Clinton the child eating monster! They are so sure you are all so stupid!

May 02 2017 Statement by John Robles II on the CIA Takeover of WL

Interesting New Graphic: CIA Openly Broadcasting its Takeover of WikiLeaks and Naming the Cell

What if one day you needed 911 and there was no answer? What if you were robbed or cheated or defrauded in some other way and you counted on the organs of justice and the courts to assist you but when you tried to seek justice they just ignored you or laughed at you or were simply not accessible to you? That is what I live with.

Now imagine the one place that you counted as your last defense and you believed was fighting for the truth was also gone? If the one last champion for truth, accountability and rule of law in a world gone mad was taken over by the same evil merciless murderers who were being exposed and then these murderers pretended to be the fighters for truth?  That is exactly what has occurred with WikiLeaks and this is the blackest news I have had to come to terms with since I realized who was behind the heinous acts of 911.

As a former WikiLeaks Associate, Friend of WikiLeaks, Media Partner and even the former hosting provider for WikiLeaks and the similar site Cryptome the end of WikiLeaks and the demise of Julian Assange is something that has touched me personally and in ways I can not even tell all of you.

I do not believe in coincidences and the physical taking out of my servers and the open theft of my property, my car and then the suspension of my Twitter account with 18K followers I am certain are all connected and behind it all are MI6, MOSSAD, the CIA and their Russian agents all over Moscow. 

I have lived on the sharp end of the CIA's stick since they revoked my citizenship in 2007 and I renounced said and also received asylum and they measures they have taken to take me out and silence me or "get" me are quite frankly unbelievable, until you consider what they are trying to protect.

What is it they are trying to protect by waging their endless war on the truth and everyone who would dare speak out? They are not trying to protect the United States, or "American lives" as David Webb was indoctrinated into believing in the Bourne films. They are not trying to protect the US mainland or US properties from attack or any other legitimate US "interests". It is much worse than that.

What they are trying to protect is the truth about the monstrous, horrendous and pure evil that the CIA has become and the monstrous evil that is everything they protect and represent. For the world is now ruled by the blackest most evil Zionist Luciferean Criminal Cabal that the history of mankind has ever seen. A creation beyond the wildest dreams of the Nazi founders of the OSS, the CIA, NATO and the European Union, the evil spawn of an inbred, insane Lord and his family bent on the destruction, enslavement and complete control of what is left of human kind. These are the monsters who carried out 911 and this is the family and the Cabal currently slaughtering millions in illegal land, resource and hegemony wars.

After 16 years of research Pizzagate was the final key to exposing who was behind 911 and how they got away with it and these creatures, the demons from hell will do anything and everything to dumb down and blind the people of the world in order to protect their lies and ill got gains. 

We can report now with almost certain confidence as to how the events of 911 were carried out but more importantly by whom. A Consortium of Black Ops, MOSSAD, CIA, Asteroids, Old Boys and of course the real masterminds, (CFR/Illuminati) Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brezhinsky, Milekowsky, Deep State Assets and Lucifer himself Lord Rothschild. They are the puppet masters, the Shadow Government and trough their Deep State assets like Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney they have gotten away with everything for the goal of greater Israel and the genocide of Arabs and other remaining "brown" peoples.

I digress as this is about what the CIA is currently doing with WikiLeaks, which is using it as an entrapment operation and to spread disinformation.

What about Vault 7 you ask? Well the Vault 7 exploits have already been discounted as being old ineffective fakes. The programs even require physical access to devices to plant them and they are outdated.

What about all of the Tweets? All of the Tweets are fakes as anyone who has followed WikiLeaks for some time can tell you that. They not only do not "feel right" but they are entirely focused on internal US political processes and figures and the CIA. They are also now exclusively in American English.

What about the account @julianassange? Well it was determined by me to have been a fake in 2012 I believe it was in a communication directly to Assange and is also Tweeting in very poor American English about topics and in a tone Assange never would have. The account was also based in France but has since hidden its real location.

Where is Assange and what about calls for his arrest? Well the Intel; we have is that Assange was taken from the Embassy on October 16th and flown out of the UK on the 18th. He was incapacitated by food delivered by Pamela Anderson which he placed in the refrigerator and only ate a couple days later on the 16th. Ecuador was forced to allow for his extraction because Julian violate the state sovereignty of the United States by causing interference in a foreign election. Since Julian was an Australian citizen he did not have the right to interfere in US elections. Had I or someone else released the Podesta e-mails there would have been nothing they could have done. But Assange grabbed the bait and unfortunately fell for it.

Approach WikiLeaks now with the knowledge that it is the CIA putting out everything and thus there is a lot you can now ascertain by what they Tweet and even more importantly what they do not Tweet. By knowing what they "want" you to believe you can understand where they are heading, what they are really doing and what they are trying to hide.

It is a horrendous lie to the entire world and must be stopped. Even if it is legal for the CIA to broadcast lies to the American people, it is not legal anywhere else and that is where we must all focus. Namely on finding an international body that will finally prosecute 911, put an end to the Cabal prosecute for genocide and war crimes and finally reign in the CIA and then liquidate it.  

Thanks for reading, stay with me for more inside revelations in the upcoming weeks and I wish you all the best.

Keep fighting for the truth.

John Anthony Robles II

Somewhere in the Moscow Region

04-28-2017 Everyone has been black since October. Fake Assange account being used as if it is real and being used to write "Op Eds". The CIA has gone insane with this charade. Washingtom Post under CIA control after paying Amazon $600 Million, WikiLeaks under control after rendition of Assange, now the CIA is pretending not to control both and both promoting CIA stories.

March 7 2017 Vault 7 Another CIA Psy Op!(I was right again!)

CIA Controlled WikiLeaks Released Fake Vault 7 Our Position Has Not Changed: No 911 or Other Bombshells - Crap


February 2017 CIA Connecting to Amazon AWS, Using WAPO


1st: CIA Paid $600M to Amazon AWS - WaPo


Then: WaPo Hires John Podesta As A Columnist


Does John Podesta assist CIA with Special Projects? JAR2 Concludes Progs Like MK/Finders Were Never Stopped


More Disturbing Evidence Surfaces Tying Pamela Anderson to Pizzagate Satanists

February 15, 2017

Old Fake Assange Account Made in France Activated, Old Video from October and Photoshopped Photograph Being Pushed as Proof of Life. Shamefully Amateurish!


http://theantimedia.org/julian-assange-back-dead-twitter/ Real reliable site!

If Julian had wanted to prove he was alive he could have called RT or any media!


I tweeted to the CIA or whoever the amateurs are behind the Op to have Julian and Kristinn text me. They know my number. I do not expect an answer.


I challenged them again! Still no answer.


VIDEO they are trying to release as if it is new from last January 10th.




It is disturbing that this video has only come to light for me on the 15th of February. Key phrase "when explaining how it would be difficult to produce fake video he says there is no technology for that. However he knows as well as I that the NSA and the CIA have technology that is 25 years ahead of what we have now.



February 06, 2017 Pamela Anderson and NY Post Now Spearheading Disinformation Operation. Fake outlets like Page Six and Wonderwall used to start the media lies.

NYPOST: Hide the Fact Assange is Dead or at a Black Site


What are these "Yellow Press" sites? Page Six? Wonderwall?

Page Six puts out some trash, Wonderwall picks it up and then Mirror.co.uk, then it spreads all over the net and soon it is true and no one should worry or question or ask proof that Julian is truly alive and in the Embassy.

I do not have a lot of time to research and go into this right now but I can tell you Page Six is owned by the New York Post which has 144 other domains. Page Six is a "Front Operation". As I am sure the NYPost is a front or is cooperating with the CIA. Here is Page Six's registrar information:



The CIA is taking out anyone who can possibly bring down the house of cards. David Shayler, a long time friend and someone who I have discussed all of the issues surrounding Assange and Snowden with was taken off Twitter. He believes it was because of his book but I think it was also because he openly questioned the real nature of Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks in an interview shortly before he was taken down. David knows me and what I have been through so this is very distressing to me.

When the initial takedown and rendition were taking place and I was publishing the Podesta e-mails and the Pizzagate material and before my server was fried this person showed up out of nowhere to obviously threaten me into ceasing my activities. His made it clear he is high up, in charge of droning (knows about McFarland?) and warned me that I should "be safe". Mike is the name the MI6 loves to use. Probably 80% of MI6 illegals go by Mike or Michael John.

I know Julian would have never traded himself for Manning. This is all fake and almost not worth discussing. I Tweeted my opinion then this came.

What Attorney is not clear and all of the previous real attorneys always identified themselves and were people I had spoken to. They are also all out of reach.

There was a Tweet where WikiLeaks was begging for "Secret CIA Files" which I will find later which is completely uncharacteristic of Julian and WikiLeaks. The organization had terabytes of files and information that were never published and were important and never once went around begging for submissions. The same with the above Tweet. Send them so we can. The style of the delivery like with Pamela Anderson story is so glib and flippant that there is no way it could be anyone inside WikiLeaks Tweeting this crap. The Tweets and WikiLeaks have become a parody of themselves. 

Here is another example. Just as MOSSAD tried to start a "Truth Site" and failed and the CIA tried to start getting truthers to come and download their "secret documents" and failed, CIALeaks is now trying to get people to believe that there is truth to be had on NPR, which is the most government controlled media around other than the VOA, all run by the BBG and serving the interests of the CIA and the establishment. WikiLeaks never once and would never cite the NPR or CNN or agree to talk to people like Hannity or Fox News.

During the Bush days Fox News was calling on Assassinating Assange and unfortunately either most of he people forgot that or do not care.   

Finally here is another example of what could not be WikiLeaks. Julian and WikiLeaks never played or commented on internal US politics. Never. The post is ridiculous. Even everyone in the organization who was involved in Julian's attempt to enter Australian politics never posted such rubbish. 

Finally we are supposed to believe that shy intellectual embattled and eclectic Assange is "dating" Pamela Anderson who has all the intellectual class and panache of an old and tired whore well beyond her expiration date.

It is tragic what they have done to Julian as we are sure he was executed and it is also tragic that the best the US Government can do is cover it up with such an unsophisticated, crude, poorly thought out and shoddy Operation. Julian deserves better, but if they are attempting to discredit WikiLeaks they are doing a wonderful job.

There is still, in my opinion the 5% chance that Julian is still alive and the .001% chance that he is really in the Embassy and we must be demanding proof of his safety. Unfortunately they are taking all of us out and there are not enough of us left to make noise. I want to say rest in peace Julian Paul Assange but as long as there is still a chance he is alive I should not do that and should rather concentrate on gathering resonance so proof is provided he is okay. It is the least we can do. We owe him that.

I suppose now I know how the families of kidnap victims feel, hoping for the best but knowing the worst and never being allowed closure, only now the kidnappers are the "authorities" and there is absolutely no one who we can turn to.     

STATEMENT by John Robles II on supposed release of Bradley Manning:

 UPDATE! 01-18-2017 20:59 After publishing the information below this morning which effectively blew their plan they are trying to maintain cover by now saying Assange will not agree to be extradited. They have already lost the game. I had them in check and mate and now they are playing checkers.

      01-18-2017 The bottom of the 9th promised released of Bradley Manning and the associated false statements coming out from WikiLeaks which is under the control of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, as well as corroboratory statements by CIA Officer Edward (Greenberg) Snowden are in fact part of the continuing Limited Psychological Operation being running against truth seekers and whistleblowers, personified by CIA-Snowed-In. As a former member and associate of the WikiLeaks Organization I attempted to use every channel I had to communicate with anyone there. Resulting in two secret messages one of which is shown below.

     The Intel we had was that Julian Assange was renditioned, tortured, debriefed and summarily executed and this development only changes our opinion that Assange may still be alive and they will stage a supposed operation to make it look like he was extradited to the US not illegally as he was in October but at a later date. It is up to President Trump to order Assange transferred to Ecuador and allow him to be free. We do not believe that Obama has any good intentions whatsoever. He is a treacherous murderous tyrant who does anything to manipulate public opinion to the contrary. The latest developments only reinforce our belief that Snowden is on a deep illegal cover operation and running support for the CIA/US which every statement he makes proves. We are cautiously hopeful that Mr. Bradley will be released as promised and are changing our certainty level tht Assange is dead to 80%.  

        This dry and cold third person statement as well as others and the complete lack of proof Assange is actually okay allow us to base the above conclusion. Do not believe anything coming out of the CIA or from Obama. The fact that Mr. Manning will be released when President Trump is already in power and the timing which will allow the CIA to organize their cover-up of the illegal Assange rendition and we believe assassination are all part of a multi-layered Intelligence Operation with multiple objectives. There is no reason to rejoice here. When someone is actually freed and we know Assange was NOT executed then we will change out position.  

        Assange would never agree to be extradited to free Manning. Many people have died because of WikiLeaks and Assange never once offered to "give himself up" to save their lives or to guarantee "anyone's" freedom, which is a sad fact but true. The above statement is completely and 100% a fabrication intended to cover up a rendition that already happened. At some future time Assange will be shown to be alive and in the US or his body will be shown after he dies of an exploded tumor or some other such unforeseen medical condition. Do not trust anything they say. They are desperate professional liars covering up egregious crimes, assassinations and a complete and total disregard for international law, bent on making sure the assassination of over 4,000 people on 911 by building collapse and false flag is never uncovered. 

Again as NATO is building up forces on Russia's borders and as the NWO is desperate and in dying throws do not trust anything the Obama Administration says or ANYTHING the current CIA says!

         NOTE: Yes I was an associate of WikiLeaks with access to their files and backdoor access and communications with almost all of the principals which I think is more than evidenced by all of the journalistic work I did with them which you can still find on this site even though there was a clear attempt by forces in Russia to wipe any sign of my existence. I am saying this now because I am in a horrible situation myself and may be finished very soon. Assange mad a mistake by causing any kind of influence on a US election. As an Australian he really had not foundation to do so. As a former US citizen I have the foundation for and the responsibility to expose the illegality of the US. Assange did not understand this nuance and placed Ecuador in a situation where they had no moral ground to stand on since in reality foreign interference in a country's elections is illegal under international law even though the CIA and the US do it everyday. Assange was afraid in allowing others to release the information because he saw it as his way out of his impossible situation and a little bit because of his own vanity which is unfortunate. I will continue to pray and I ask you to pray that Julian, Kristinn, Christine and all of the good and persecuted people who were really fighting for the truth and not serving as double agents for the monsters at the CIA.   


01-14-2017 JA RIP: 2 Independent Sources - 0 Contact Since Oct.

Conclusion: Julian Paul Assange has been Renditioned or is Dead 

I must underline that without physical proof or a US or Ecuadorian statement this is UNCONFIRMED

This is not WikiLeaks! Someone is Tweeting about internal US politics!






Tweeted to Pres. Trump to free John and Julian. It is all we can do.



Jar2  2016

Coded Message

Message from Julian Assange! The picture and another message I got which I can't divulge make me 100% certain now that Julian has been compromised. There is no one left at WikiLeaks who is free and there is no one free who has the keys for opening up the insurance files. Study the pictures above, the one on the top is my coded answer.

In Response to Message:

Julian Would NEVER Troll for Documents!

DON'T BELIEVE TV. USGOV has CGI which is 25 YEARS AHEAD of what we know about. Hannity-Assange was FAKE! I OFFER THEM TO PROVE IT WASN'T

Simple Example of CGI   https://vid.me/Nqtb

Strange "Proof of Life" Photo Released After Rendition

Statement: On the 25th of December 2016 my servers were taken down in a cyber attack by a western state actor. They were physically destroyed. The actually motherboards on two servers burnt out and one monitor was sent into permanent hibernation mode. These gambits exist only for government and military actors, and the IP logs showed massive attacks coming from US controlled areas and one points to the US Embassy in Argentina for some reason. I am permanently attacked from IPs in New York, Virginia and California. We need your support to restore and improve out infrastructure


December 24th/25th My Infrastructure Was Destroyed from an IP Address in Argentina. Obama was reportedly there at the time.

Evidence Pointing to an Assange Execution in Antarctica

Fake Sean Hannity Interview Aired

DECEMBER 15, 2016

November 17th Message from Last WikiLeaks Associate in the West

Deleted Video: Julian Assange has been taken & Wikileaks Compromised



Rendition Flight

Accepted Timeline


Another Message from a Reported WikiLeaks Insider on Rendition

Sounds Like a CIA Team? "WikiLeaks Task Force" Appears in October

This Photo Was Sent to Me On My Suspended Twitter Account

Remember Michael Ratner RIP



JAR3 Sent to Zone/John's Cat Died/Assange Lawyer John Jones Dead



John Jones Died in a Strange Accident


APRIL 18, 2016

I Wrote to Michael Ratner Asking Him to Help My Son



Assange 'Arbitrarily Detained' Will Probably Die In Embassy

February 04, 2016

Assange to Leave Embassy on Friday

Jar2  2015

REPOSTED: Christine Assange Pleas for her Son

07-02-2015 Assange and the Truth: A Plea by Christine Assange

Media Operations: CIA/MOSSAD Control

01-11-2015 By John Robles II Pierre Omidyar and the Subversion of States: the End is Coming Soon

CIA analyst, advisor to Ronald Reagan during the destruction of the Soviet Union and now “propagandist for the 100% Russian Government owned Sputnik/RIA Novosti/Rossiya Sevodnya/RT” Paul Craig Roberts, who now has my job and is laughing all the way to the bank as Russian taxpayers are paying him to subvert Russia, says the terrorist attack in France was a false flag and now he is supposedly a heroic whistleblower who is out of the loop exposing government crimes. Needless to say he has not called out the US for the Boston Bombing, 9-11 or the phony “War on Terror”, but France! Yes evil France. But why is Roberts blasting France. Because France is friends with Russia. Marine Intelligence content editor for RIA-Sputnik or whatever Samuel “CIA Plant” McCulloch is obviously on board on this one. The 5th column in action. Yes these are alternative media, truth seeker, outsiders! Now let me go and puke. But wait it is worse. Remember I promised a Pierre “Color Revolutions Are US” Omidyar piece, which so cozily interconnects with the 5th column here in Moscow, well read on. Another outsider.((( Anyone will tell you if you are investigating...

Fascist Sweden Continues Obeying Its US Master  

03-15-2015 Sweden Requests Assange Interview in London Before Statute of Limitations Expires  

Just as Wikileaks and Julian have been asking and offering all along. The reason Sweden has agreed now? The statute of limitations on the "crimes" he is wanted for questioning regarding will run out in August.

Jar2  2014

"We have moved closer and closer to totalitarian rule..."

November 03, 2014


Gag Order

July 30 2014 WikiLeaks Press Release on Australian Gag Order   

Part 1) When Barrels of Guns Lifted, Truth Vanishes

Part 2) Fascists are in Power in Europe Again

7 and 11 April, 2014 07:43


The US and its Allies: A Horror Show That Must Stop – John Shipton Part 1

"We will struggle with every breath and strength in our body" - John Shipton Part 2

Western Envy of Russia and Slavs Boundless John Shipton Part 3

The US and its allies: a horror show that must stop – John Shipton


Jar2  2013

Everything that could go wrong with WikiLeaks Party bid did

9 September, 2013 17:02


Obama to be Greeted in Sweden by WikiLeaks Criminal Complaint

John Anthony Robles II

By John Robles, 3 September, 2013 05:20 

From probable cause to a hunch: illegal American surveillance – Jesselyn Radack - Part One    


Pre-fascist America: We’re losing the Republic - Part Two


Published by VOR on July 17 2013

Stifling dissent, muzzling the press: WikiLeaks was just the beginning    

22 May, 2013 21:05  

WikiLeaks Special Project K: The Kissinger Cables go live

8 April, 2013 07:14

Sweden’s case against Assange is falling apart - Part 1 Samantha Castro

5 April, 16:50, 2013


Assange Supported by Swedish Justice

4 April, 2013 19:04

Assange officially files to run for Australian Senate - By John Robles II

14 February, 23:22  

Assange Running for Office May Affect his Asylum

30 January, 23:04  

Jar2   2012

Info-War adapt and regroup: WikiLeaks/Freedom of the Press Foundation

17 December 2012, 16:10   

US Right-Wing Censoring World Media - WikiLeaks    

27 November 2012, 19:30   

Gillard's Wikileaks Comments Defamatory Greg Barns President Australian Lawyers Alliance   

13 October 2012, 16:46  


WikiLeaks’s Possible Case Against Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Scott Ludlam - Senator  

12 October 2012, 14:38  


Is Assange Running for the Office of US President?

Assange Extradition Determined by the Executive Not Courts Part 1 

28 September 2012, 01:51  


Communicating with the Enemy US Attempts to Equate WikiLeaks as its Own Al Qaeda - Part 2

29 September 2012, 01:51  


WikiLeaks Reveals US Detainee Policies: Camp Delta 

26 October 2012, 19:20  

Julian Assange Calls Obama a Hypocrite Kristinn Hrafnsson  - Part 3

1 October 2012, 13:06  


President of Australian Lawyers Alliance Speaks Out in Defense of Assange Greg Barns

29 August 2012, 11:36


Assange’s Future Plans: "Right to Request Political Asylum is a Human Right" Kristinn Hrafnsson

15 August 2012, 12:29


Wikileaks and Datacell: An Inconvenient Truth? Andreas Fink

16 July 2012, 17:32


Assange and Truth: A Plea from Christine Assange

Open letter to the Australian people from Christine Assange – mother of Julian Assange

2 July 2012, 16:28

Letter to Ecuadorian President in support of Assange  Mary Kostakidis

2 July 2012, 16:28


Original Suspicions About Assange/WikiLeaks Are Assange and Wikileaks a huge disinformation operation by U.S. intelligence? By John Robles

20 June 2012, 13:33

Hello dear reader, hope you are well. Once again the (in)famous Julian Assange is making headlines and grabbing the attention of the world’s media. Not that I have a problem with this, the only thing is that the circus atmosphere and the constant media attention seems to be taking the focus away from what should be the real story with Julian. But that is the way it seems to be with him, things just don’t add up when it comes to Julian and for me that has been a fact since day one.

If you are a fan of Julian and Wikileaks and believe everything they claim about exposing secrets to bring about accountability and that government secrecy must be stopped etc. read no further.

From its inception the whole thing seemed quite strange, bizarre really. First the name “Wikileaks”, it seemed like an obvious attempt to profit off of and by proxy grant credibility by association by using a name so similar to that other famous and globally trusted “Wiki”, a source of information almost all of us uses from time to time.

For from its outset that is exactly what “Wikileaks” lacked for me, credibility. But as I am one who attempts to always be fair and keep an open mind I tried to believe. Unfortunately the attempt did not work. For starters it seems too glib, too slick, too snake oily. Here was a site asking, openly, without a wink of the eye or an obfuscation of the language for anyone, anywhere to send it the secrets of their governments and just to be even more interesting, of their corporations. And of course, anonymity was guaranteed.

There were already sites out there that were dedicated in one way or another to exposing government malfeasance, war crimes, corruption and so on and so forth, run by people living on the fringes and in fear, getting shut down, blocked, being harassed and some site owners disappearing, having strange accidents, heart failure, being suicided, being stripped of their citizenship or outright killed. Sites like this still exist but their number has dropped considerably. Yes, there were many, all trying quietly to fight for the truth and for the most part existing on meager budgets and with no funding.

During the dark ages of the Bush era and after 9-11 there were thousands which sprang up, all being dealt with one after the other. Just ask any 9-11 Truther about the tactics used by the US Government to shut down, get rid of, and in the end shut up anyone who tried to expose the lies surrounding 9-11 and the subsequent wars of aggression, Guantanamo, and torture incorporated. Behind every one of those sites there was a person, afraid but ready to fight for the truth. And then out of nowhere, BAM!!! Here comes Wikileaks, spouting off and trying to present itself as the be all, end all wholesale clearing house of secret internet information, a MegaMart of truth and secret documents. That’s right, anyone anywhere send us your proof of crimes by your government, anonymity guaranteed, they claimed.

To me and many who had contact with Assange back in the Cypherpunk days, it seemed odd. Who Assange, a hacker with an interest in cryptography, or worse, the front man for a government front seeking to put an end to as many whistleblowers as possible, once and for all? Ask Manning. Even more probable he is simply a snake oil salesman looking to make a quick buck.

This latter version is backed up by documents on the internet, in particular on the site cryptome.org, run by an often harassed and shut down John Young, which has a collection of documents from Wikileaks insiders and Assange himself. In one of the documents an anonymous source going by the code name “Wikileaks Insider” details how Assange bragged about how Wikileaks had ”…no headquarters, no office, no formal structure other than the name and the truth-seeking ideology attached to it.” Yet at the time Assange was seeking $600,000.00, yes dear reader, over half a million, for the overall budget of Wikileaks and $200,000.00 just to, as Insider put it, “keep the lights on”.

In a pledge drive mailing, dated January 7, 2007, the Wikileaks Advisory Board stated, and I quote: “We can succeed at a slower / scale limited way with under $50,000 / year & volunteers, but it is our goal to raise pledges of $5m by July.” That is a lot of money, $5 million in 6 months!

According to “Wikileaks Insider” Assange was prepared to throw Manning to the dogs to cover his own posterior as he and Manning had been planning to sell the Iraq and Afghanistan information to news and media corporations.

Another problem with Wikileaks was their guarantee of anonymity, anyone who knows a little about the internet knows that when you sit down in front of your computer, and even worse go online, there is no guarantee that you are not being watched or monitored. Again according to “Insider”: “Wikileaks is a very serious accident just waiting to happen,they convince the whistle blower that their anonymity is protected, and their data is secured. Nothing could be further from the truth.” Again ask Manning.

If we look at the information released by Wikileaks from an intelligence standpoint and do a damage control assessment using the material that is already out there, then what we see is a lot of smoke and almost no fire.

Even with all of the noise and media attention that the Iraq and Afghanistan files have raised, from an intelligence viewpoint, they exposed no real “secrets” which caused damage to the United States. Sure so and so thought the Ambassador of country “A” was a lout, but is that a state secret? The most damage was done to informants and Afghanis but I suppose they were all expendable to the U.S. and maybe even liabilities to begin with.

All of this talk about damage is irrelevant anyway, when it comes to Wikileaks, because Assange, being the “upstanding citizen” he is, apparently cleared everything with Pentagon vetters before he released anything, which made anything he released useless.

Despite this the media and world intelligence services were ties up for months sifting through everything trying to gain some piece of useful intelligence or secret. All of this pointing, once again, to some tie between Assange and the U.S. and begs the question, “Is Assange and Wikileaks a huge disinformation operation by U.S. intelligence?”

Other facts and inconsistencies in the whole affair also point to a “special” relationship between Assange and the U.S. If we compare the Victor Bout case and Assange’s many more questions arise. First and foremost for me is; if Assange is really wanted by the U.S. and really caused so much damage, why has it been so difficult for them to get him?

Victor Bout was in a third country and was wanted on circumstantial and very weak evidence and his extradition was opposed by the largest country in the world, yet they still illegally, for want of a better word “kidnapped” him and took him to the U.S. Assange is on the territory of the U.S.’ staunchest ally, walking around giving press conferences and we are supposed to believe the U.S. could not get him. The last country anyone with such issues with the U.S. would want to be is in the U.K., but here is Assange, giving press conferences when he should have been in hiding running for his life as he was apparently being hunted by U.S. intelligence services.

Therefore we can conclude that he is connected with U.S. intelligence, why not? Who else would profit from gaining the secrets of the world’s governments. Too bad we can not ask Manning.

On the other hand, if he is not a U.S. agent, asset, or in some other way operating for them, then he is a snake oil salesman who failed miserably in an attempt to sell information to the world’s media. Nobody bought it.

In the middle of all this we are also believe that Assange was set up by someone on rape charges to extradite him to the U.S. from Sweden. Why are we supposed to believe that it would be easier to get him in Sweden? If they had wanted him the best place to get him was the U.K., I am sorry, I don’t buy it.

Now Assange has asked for asylum, but from what country? China? The Russian Federation? Cuba? North Korea? No, these countries with political stances and positions often opposed by the U.S. were not on Assange’s list. Why? Perhaps because they know it is all a crock. So he went to the Ecuadorian Embassy and asked for asylum. Perhaps the intelligence services of Ecuador will believe it all.

Again, the whole thing just does not add up, too bad we can’t ask Manning.

Have a good one.

Australia Gave Up on Assange Senator Scott Ludlam

22 June 2012, 20:43


Little Chance for Fairness in Manning Case John Robles  

29 May 2012, 21:51

Jar2   2011


Jar2   2010

WikiLeaks A Psy-Op Said John Young

John Young of Cryptome, "'Internet a very large-scale spying machine' - info leaking site co-founder," RT, 29 December, 2010, at


Jar2   2009


Jar2 2008


Jar2   2007, Oops I mean 2012

 The Prima Dona of "Truth" With 24 Protection Hanging Out at an Embassy 



The HASBARA/Globalis/Zionist Controlled Media




Some of WikiLeaks' Victims in Meme Form Feel Free to Take and Use and Spread)))



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